Adrian Gyrfalcon


59 (looks 30's)
Soul Name
Champion of the Araneae
Mage, Commander of the Champion's League
Champion's League
Golden Scale Resort


Melee (Pole Arm), Knowledge of Arcane
Wilderness Survival (Camping), Multiple Opponents, Dodge, Athletics, Unarmed Combat, Schooled, Child Care, Endurance (Pain Tolerance), Knowledge of Mythical Creatures
Mount Riding, First Aid, Hearth Lore, History (Wysterian, Mages), Knowledge of Culture (Aranee


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Spell Craft (Arcane)
Arcane Spells
Arcane Blast, Astral Shield, Source Call, Dispel, Arcane Explosion, Summon Familiar (Tercel)

Spell Stealer: He can steal the spell of a mage who is casting it if he can cast this spell before the other mage finishes their casting. If successful, Adrian can cast the other mage's spell instantly back at them.

Invocation: He can let Tercel posses him, doubling his spell damage and halving casting times, as well as adding more spells to his list. However, each time he does this its harder to un-merge the two.

Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
A wicked looking long spear with feathers and beads tied up near the neck.
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Warm Brown
Skin Tone
Meaty & Muscular
Hair Color
Dark Red-Brown
Hair Style
His hair is short, faintly wavy and extremely layered. He also has facial hair along his chin and lip.
Height & Weight
6'4" & 260lbs
Other / Other Forms
When he invokes Tercel his eyes go bright blue white and glow feircely. He also gains bright blue-white wings that he can use to fly.
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears gustapo-esk military attire, commonly in gray or black with highlights of gold-brown leather.
Distinguishing Marks
He has a scar that runs diagonal over his right cheek and up to the bridge of his nose.


His brother (even if he wants to beat his head in, its still his little brother), his mother (and her memory), magic, strong alcohol, sleeping in a bed (not always an option), good food (and good cooks), helping people who deserve it, children, Vanshee (his precious lover), Aros (his adorable son), Tess (she is like a sister to him)
His real father (bastard left them and now look at them!), how much his brother hates him (and that on some level he feels Crellin is right), people talking poorly of his mother (she's a saint in his mind and always will be), Savarius/Cerrin (with ever fiber of his being), being used (even with good intentions), being lied to/betrayed, the way Aether's royalty (Christopher specifically) seems to view the Araneae as just another resource, abuse of power (magical or political)
Adrian is a charming sort when you first meet him. Full of sarcastic wit, big smiles and childish antics. He has almost no shame and wears his heart on his sleeve. He's that rare breed of "hero" that does things to help strangers because he feels it is right - but he has gained some discernment as well and tends to gauge people's worth for such help before offering. He is passionate and thus he is prone to shouting when angry, laughing boisterously when pleased and loving fiercely. While he will laugh off anything (including the saddest parts of his life for the most part) he is a deeply wounded man who isn't sure how to put himself back together.
Losing his own free will, having to face his inner turmoil without humor to hide behind, being completely alone and hated, that he will lose "himself" one of the times he invokes Tercel
When it comes to saying and acting on what he feels in his heart Adrain has no shame, or limits. This means he is capable of being a vivacious lover and a vindictive enemy. He almost always reacts to negativity with sarcasm and a grin.


Father / Donor
Varden Violeteye (MIA), Jervis Gyrfalcon (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Amell Gyrfalcon (Dead)
Nina (Sister, Dead), Crellin (Brother)
Vanshee (Lover)
Aros (Adopted Son)
Close Friends
Tess (Best Friend, Dead), Satarius (Dead), Kevin (MIA), Ruben, Battista, Orianna (Like a Daughter), Blaine (Former Apprentice)
Cyslia (Cousin, Dead), Savarius/Cerrin (Enemy), Arcturus (Former Friend/Insane), Danea (Former Apprentice, Estranged)


Familiar (Pheonix)
Age & Sex
- / M
A large electric blue pheonix with a menacing stare and bright white-blue eyes.
Tercel sees the world as black and white. While he has the capacity for compassion he is far more concerned with justice and tends to think and act as a judge.


Year 1800: Amell was a lady of nobility, born of relation to the crown. However she found herself removed from the family the day she became pregnant with the child of her secret lover: Varden. Given the Violeteyes were paraihs and responible for the wraiths on several levels, the High Warlord cast her out as a whore. She remained with Varden but life was hard as there were few places that would accept either of them, particularly once they learned WHO they were. Adrain remembers little of these days given he was so young.

Year 1805: Varden leaves and Adrian never truly comprehends why. This builds a childish resentment at his father for abandoning them both that he carries into his adulthood. His mother tries to tell him his father "left to protect them" but he doesn't care.

Year 1808: His mother cannot keep them both alive and fed. They've spent the last three years between life and death as it was. She caves and marries a handsome merchant who is willing to look past the stain of her name. While she never truly loves him he is good to them both and she has no complaints. Adrian, eager for a father in his life, accepts him. Nina is born by the end of the year, making Adrain an eager and happy big brother.

Year 1810: Crellin is born.

Year 1815: Having shown a strong potential for magic, Adrian is enrolled as a mage. His father's name is omitted by his mother and thus no stigma follows him into his schooling.

Year 1818: Little Crellin begins to show his jealous nature, ever competitive with his big brother and sister. At this point the family learns Nina also has the potential for magic, which causes Crellin to begin demands for training as a warrior like a TRUE and PROUD Wysterian!

Year 1820: Jervis is killed by a burglar at his shop. The family takes the loss hard. Nina is driven into her studies, often spending time with Adrian as a result. The two become very close. However Crellin is obssessed with revenge and ten times as zealous to be a warrior and bring justice. He feels his magic weilding siblings didn't love father as much as HE did because they are just sitting around reading while he is going to actually DO something about it!

Year 1828: War comes to Wysteria. The elves of Aether fight back with their allies to assist and the force is devistating. When their small down is beseiged the family flees together. However they find themselves run into an old wood area that is only vaguely marked on maps and even then with warning symbols. Assaulted by wraiths, Nina falls to the monsters before they escape. Crellin blames Adrain for not having protected her as the senior mage and eldest child, which upsets Amell. Mother and son fight with Adrian in the middle. Crellin finally storms away and leaves the family behind. Amell is heart broken and Adrian remains with her. The two begin a life in a remote village together.

Year 1834: Amell gains a secret admirer who sends her flowers and letters of adoration. Happy for his mother he promotes her going to meet with the mystery man but when she doesn't come home that night he realizes it isn't all as it seems. Immedately he scowers the town to find her and learns she was seen leaving with a mage to a tower outside of the area limits. He runs to the rescue but upon arrival finds she is dead, cut up and used for peices in a new homonculus of the mage, Savarius. Furious he attacks the man who turns into a giant spider and lays the smack down on him instead! He wakes barely alive with Crellin in the room. His brother and several warriors were sent to bring an end to the mage who escaped because they ended up stuck protecting Adrain instead. He once more blames his brother, this time for not stopping their mother from meeting this evil man and for hampering their ability to bring justice by being in the way. The two have a very heated arguement involving fists flying before Adrain staggers out, determined to fing the mage and kill him.

Year 1835: A year later he tracks the bastard to the Aetherian continent... The result lands him in the company of (more like attacked by) Vanshee. He is thusly introduced to the Araneae when he reveals that Savarius is inside the city and he can track the mage. The two work togehter, with Tess helping on occasion, until they actually find their target. By that time Adrian and Vanshee had taken to being lovers and then suddenly Savarius pulled his puppet strings on Vanshee and used him to nearly gut poor Adrian before kidnapping him. Furious with himself, Adrian worked with Tess in an attempt to find and save Vanshee while putting an end to Savarius.

Year 1836: Vanshee finally resurfaces, but as bait which Adrian jumps for without thinking. Tess, also present, stops him just in time. Vanshee warns Adrian to “stay away”. After Adrian and Tess fight about the situation, with Tess ultimately warning Adrian that his relationship with Vanshee is not healthy. He needs to give him up, she tells him, but Adrian warns he can't. Later, Savarius uses Vanshee as a distraction while he gets into the Sacred Web by pretending to be someone who work there (shape shifting). He steals Aros’ cocoon and sets the entire web ablaze, leaving the whole kingdom frantic to put it out and unable to follow him immediately. Tess notices Adrian running after them and argues with him, ultimately she follows him instead to put an end to this once and for all. Catching up to Savarius they are placed in a bad situation. Either they can catch Savarius or they can “save” Vanshee and Aros. Naturally they choose the later as they can always catch Savarius another day.

Upon returning to the kingdom to help who they can Adrian ends up being a major player in putting out the fires and saving the mountain - not to mention its greatest treasure. When Aros awakens he bonds with Vanshee and Adrian, who almost instantly take a liking to the boy while caring for him. By the time Lemures decrees that Aros should be placed back into the web, the couple refuses. Adrian and Lemures butt heads with Tess and Vanshee in the middle (and eventually taking their own sides). Lemures demands time to think this over.

Finally, after much consideration, an official decree is made by the Patriarch. For the first time in the history of their people a human shall be made champion: Adrian. As a result he and Vanshee are allowed to keep Aros as their ward, or as the couple preffers: their son..

Year 1837: Tess learns someone is disabling and robbing her men on patrol. Given the things stolen are typically important documents and pretty items it sounds more like an inside job. Araneae love pretty things and they have use for the intel – no one from outside would. She decides to trail the next patrol, walked by Vex, to see if she can catch the attackers. She asks Adrian along. Sure enough Vex is attacked. He holds his own well and Tess & Adrian aid him. Between them they knock out the three attackers and learn that they were put up to this by one of the guardians, a man named Eldric. He was Tess’ former teacher. Upon confronting him they learn he was jealous of being surpassed by his own student and blamed her prestige for the promotion – not her skills. He didn’t want to hurt anyone so much as make her look incompetent.

After he is arrested Tess thanks Vex for his unwitting help. After Vex leaves Adrian nudges her, noticing she might have been rather FOND of Vex. She dismisses it. However, towards the years end, Tess calls Adrian and Vanshee in to help her with something. Upon arrival she asks them for a favor, take a present to Vex. They do as told but Vex finds the present less then appealing and is confused by it. Particularly since he’s dense to Tess’ feelings. They go back to her and pokes her about liking Vex. However her idea was awful. They suggest she be like everyone else and ask him out someplace for a drink. She asks them to be there too. Then they can soften Vex up and she’ll walk in fashionably late. Vanshee and Adrian take Vex out for drinks and wait for Tess but she chickens out. After they ask her what happened and she explains she just can’t do the typical method. She’s a warrior, not so much a woman. That sparks an idea! She needs to be out in the field of battle with him! That’ll make it so much clearer! Issue? There aren’t that many threats here… so she wants Vanshee and Adrian to pretend to be attackers! When, Vex and Tess go out on patrol. For a while she makes awful small talk and hideous attempts to hit on him. When the “bad guys” attack Tess does a hideous acting job and Vex is utterly confused. Finally he realizes the attackers are Adrian and Vanshee and demands to know WHAT is happening! Tired of this, Vanshee snaps and tells Vex. Adrian backs it up with some emphasis on how much Tess cares. Vex is furious about the situation and honestly unable to compute that his leader loves him. He leaves. Tess reams Vanshee and Adrian but has to apologize since they’ve been VERY indulgent to this point. She just can’t believe how this fell apart. However later Vex confesses to her and she finds the whole situation worked out for the best after all.

Year 1840: The Araneae Mountain goes volcanic after being dormant for centuries. The whole of the race must flee and finally rejoin the world. Given the nation closest to them is Aether they opt to head there. On the way, Gaelnaris, Xalia & Constance run into the Araneae procession as it moves to Cardinal Meridian. As a result Xalia notices Adrian is a mage and instantly dislikes him.

Year 1841: Blaine begins to learn Wysterian magic from Adrian and finds it comes much more naturally to him then sword fighting. Danea meets Adrian as a result and enjoys his particular flare for magic, exploring new spells with him. It is in this year he founds and leads the Champion's League. The group is designed to travel the world doing "heroic" deeds without being held back by politics or money.

Year 1842: Adrian founds the "Champion's League" and begins crusading about Aether helping the people. During these escapades though the King of Aether grows increasingly wary of mages, eventually laying down many rules. One of them is that all mages must be watched by a knight, and they are assigned young Edward.

When the Champion's League went to visit Satarius and his hatchlings they found them under attack by Savarius. Saving them, they quickly tried to find a safe location for Satarius to recover from his wounds. Locating a tower, they found it full of escaped mages led by Kevin. Kevin allowed them to stay, particularly since their agendas weren't so very far apart.

Mysteriously one day Vanshee realizes he doesn't love Adrian anymore. He confesses he has been ignoring it for a while but that he cannot stay with him if the feelings are not there. Heart broken, Adrian is too depressed to realize until later (when Aros mentions it) that magic could be involved. That night Edward saw his chance. He attempted to murder Adrian and make it look like a suicide, but Aros had come in to check on his father. Sadly Adrian passed out before he could really see the detials of what happened after.He just knows he woke up to his son being there, that was enough for him.

Year 1843: Vanshee reappears under Savarius' control and kidnaps Aros. The Champion's League immedately takes off to rescue them both which leads to a massive clash on the Sardor Isle.Upon arrival Tess is infected by the black-blooded creatures there and almost attacks Adrian. They find a cure just time as Savarius attacks the island location. During the fight he learns from Danea herself that she seduced Vanshee. Furious he gives complete control over to Tercel, tears her down and shatters the necklace she was using to control Vanshee's feelings. He nearly kills her as well, if not for Eshana.

Year 1844 - Year 1852: The Champion's League backs the Tower of Storms during teh conflict with the crown. As a result they spend a lot of time getting to know those in the Tower and living with them. During this time, Adrian becomes close with Battista.

Year 1853: The Champion's League accepts a job in a small city called Steelhaven. However, when they clear out the issues the locals all but beg them to stay and provide order until the Iron Core sends help.

They spend the entire year fighting off various situations where the church attempts to peg them as dangerous heathens to turn the populace against them.

This eventually leads to a near burning at the stake for his friend Ruben. Adrian later hears about the attack and confronts him on hiding it. He explains that the church would have made it an all out war between them and they’d have put the citizens right in the middle.

Year 1854: A team is sent down in the caverns under Steelhaven, made of Vanshee, Adrian, Gaelnaris and Karlee. (The idea being warriors with some stamina on them who MAY be inclined to magic.) However during the descent they are knocked apart by a falling floor and tunnels. Karlee and Adrian attempt to find the others and realize this cavern net work is vast. It may go under the entire city.

In Cancer, The Champion’s League actually takes a break from patrolling Steelhaven to go to the Isle of Dragons. Why? For Gaelnaris and Matius wedding of course! While they leave a small contingent in the city to oversee things, Adrian, Vanshee, Aros, Schaw, Orianna, Blaine, Gaelnaris, Matius, Karlee, Battista, Arcturus and Snugs all go!

Upon the Champion’s League returning, they learn children go missing in the city and the church claims that mages are carting them off for ritual sacrifices. Naturally the mages are furious and the two parties start fighting. Adrian, Battista, Vanshee & Orianna step in and agree to find the culprit and settle the matter.

When an investigation reveals the mages are doing it to start a war, Adrian feels deeply betrayed on the matter when Battista reports it, since he stood up for the tower against the church.

In Virgo, Cerrin attacks the Champion’s League to steal Snugs and Arcturus. Cerrin steals Arcturus from Adrian by setting Vanshee against him once more while he teleports the araneae away with him. Ruben is present and tries to help run damage control.

In an attempt to set a trap to capture Cerrin and find those they have lost, the Champion's League create a resort - the Golden Scale. The idea being to lure Cerrin into it and while he is lulled Aros can shrink him. When Cerrin and Barnaby take a vacation at the resort the Champion’s League built the trap is sprung. Battista, Blaine and Schaw try to distract Barnaby away from Cerrin as it nears its finale, Aros, Tess and Adrian hiding in the wings as the technomancy finally kicks in.

Gaelnaris explains to the Champion’s League his situation with Athane and what he was told by the guardian of the Akashic Record about redeeming the Epitaphs. Aros uses the blade’s wave length and does a scan, he admits it’s possible. Orianna is furious, unwilling to see any fate but death for the man that killed her father.

The test is a success, Cerrin is purified and even becomes golden like his brother was. Before they can react, he flies out of the building. Adrian is furious – more so because he must explain it to Orianna.

After, Battista returns to the Champion’s League. When the young man explains how his journey went and his reservations about wanting to help his people, Adrian is extremely sympathetic. He suggests that Battista stay with them long enough to get Snugs through his withdrawals and then take time off to go be a diplomat and find himself. The Champion’s League isn’t (hopefully) going anywhere and he can return when he’s done.

Then, during some foreplay, Schaw’s darker nature shows up and he gets viscious on Aros (biting, grabbing hard, being aggressive). When Aros gets scared and runs for it, the spiral goes south as it spills into the hallway and Karlee is there to see it. Naturally she runs to help save Aros and Schaw’s taint is no longer much of a secret. Karlee explains the incident to Adrian. After they leave, Adrian talks to Vanshee about how many time bombs are in the Champion’s League at this point.

Year 1855: The Champion’s League comes to Dawnbringer Fortress to lend a hand. After learning what they can about Torus and “Fate”, the Consortium members find a way to implode the Time Steam Gates. The devices must be planted at the various gate locations and will close the portals and release the energy back into its proper balance. There are 9 gates in total and thus 5 teams are sent. Adrian, Vanshee and Aros are sent to destroy one.

Year 1858: As the Champion’s League hears about the attacks by Meteal against Wysteria, he pulls his forces from the Dawnbringer roster. He isn’t sure how he feels about the loss of his people but he does know something that powerful isn’t going to be solved while everyone is still in recovery! Orianna and Blaine attempt to support Adrian during this emotionally confusion time.