Akira Tengu


31 (Appears Late Teens)
Soul Name
Scout & Thief
Shattered Realm
Emberlight Tavern


Martial Arts (Tripping), Multiple Opponents
Aim (Yo-Yo), Athletics (Combat Reflexes), Dance, Flight, Language (Aetherian), Larceny
Language (Phairan), Cooking, Stealth


Species Powers
Natural Immunity to Illness & Poison
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Cat's Pathing, Charge, Lithe Reflexes, Mythic Form (Tengu), Shockwave (Compressed Air Firy Twister), Wild Strike
Elemental Fire Spells

Beginner: Adrenaline Rush, Flammable Objects, Handful of Flame, Sense Combat

Novice: Body of Flame, Immolate, Insight Emotion, Resist Fire

Adept: Create Wall, Flame Immunity, Increase Aptitude, Temporary Insanity

Courage's Lead, Honorable Ground, Wings of the Crane (Air pressure slices that he turns into small projectile explosions), Flight (Spawn wings over arms), Tomoshibi (Light), Tsuihou Yokai (Exile the Harmful Spirit)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Fan of Gales
Creates gusts of air, he often ignites this wind and can grow up to three feet tall.
It is a large folding fan made of white wood like material and tipped with golden paint on the ends.
Other Weapons

Yo-Yo x2
He has metal, wrist supported, yo-yos made for garroting, snatching and pulling down enemies.

Basic Leather, Partial
He also has matching gloves without fingers and leather bracers to hold them on. He has matching upper arm bracers.


Eye Color
Bright Yellow, Bird-Like
Skin Tone
Light Beige
Small but athletic with a boyish softness to his tone.
Hair Color
Autumn Orange-Brown
Hair Style
His hair is short, spiky with a feather-like stiffness to the texture.
Height & Weight
5'3" & 110lbs
Other / Other Forms
He can transform into a bird-boy with a beak, wings for arms and clawed feet. He can still walk upright in this form but it is easier for him to fly than walk. His voice takes on a croaking-caw like sound to it. He is a rust red little bird, more adorable then terrifying.
Style & Casual Clothing
Light cotton sleeveless shirt with a leather hood. He also has a belt with a strap that holds his fan on his side. He has a pair of dark brown canvas shorts and other wise he runs around barefoot.
He always have his 'puffs' on, they are a sign of his heritage and mark him as a tengu to the Ryuko people as well as other yokai.
Distinguishing Marks
Talons for nails, bird eyes, can have black-red raven feathered wings appear over his arms and back which allows him to fly. He has bird like bones when he is in his Tengu form.


Spicy foods, seeds, Keise music, dancing, sliding around on wind, birds, weather shifting, high winds, lightning, Ross' imp (he was a pretty cool guy)
Noru (traitor will die), smug assholes, Legioniarres, Xanthus' Mafia (they start shit and he finishes it), the Cult of Asoth (though its more of a discomfort/creep factor), new members of Shattered Realms (he takes time to warm up to them as they prove themselves)
Akira is extremely territorial and expressive as well as hyper reactive. He is suspicous of new people and can be outright leathally hostile. He is also very sensitive, being quick to take offense and deeply letting it affect him. He is proudo f his tengu heritiage but has no problems pretending to be a Phairan since he knows their linaige connects them. Though secretive about his Tengu background and what is part of that culture, he is open hearted with all his friends. He has a habit of cutting people down playfully which can lead to hurt feelings. He loves mixing air and fire together since it makes a very combustive display and the wind can carry, and intensify, the fire. His a loyal little thing, willing to give his life and even the lives of his comrades for the greater good. He talks to birds and is infaturated with the weather. He loves to dance is working hard to make the equivlant of break dancing based off of his 'tripping' (mixing martial arts with the momentum of spins and jumps).
Failing Cross, being exiled from the Emberlight Tavern, finding out Kibo was playing his heart-strings, losing control over his body, corruption via Mouko and Entropic Magics
Akira affiliates to lightning as he is a child of air and he is loyal to fire. He also has come to realize that he strikes down into people's day and leaves them a little burn, shaken and frazzled.


Father / Donor
Yibi Tengu
Mother/ Sire
Rika Tengu (Dead)
Kibo (Lover)
Close Friends
Marlene, Kris, Faye, I'Frit, Dale, Emeline, Nikkola, Odette, Roman, Mikayla
Kibo (Also his best enemy), Ross (ex-captor), Abel (ex-captor), Noru (hates him)


Age & Sex


Year 1828: An adorable little tengu was hatched out of a single golden egg. It's first action was to jump up and down over and over again, spinning around, as though it couldn't wait to fly.

Year 1831: Akira met Kibo when his family took the stray ryuko in. They became best friend quickly, getting into trouble all the time. Kibo enjoyed the art of swordsmanship and martial arts while Akira preferred the friction and aggressive style of the fan and yo-yos. Like wise Akira was raw passion and brute strength in his martial arts where Kibo was always skirting the edge of that while retaining just enough control to look talented.

Year 1838: He talked Kibo into leaving the Island of Dragons to find awesome new places to make trouble. Sadly they only manged to get themselves in serious trouble. They were runaway children in a strange land. They had nothing and knew no one. Luck shined on them a week in while they were relying on one another. They met Cross and started following him out of curiosity and sheer charisma. They became his loyal followers and he took care of them (more or less not going to throw displaced kids back into the streets).

Year 1841: Him and Kibo were well established in the organized crime ring that Cross lead, Shattered Realm. Akira was enamored with their leader and their mission - to stand up against the Crown! However he was to focused. He never noticed that Kibo was in love with him. Worse, he couldn't understand (not that Kibo did a lot of explaining or justification) when later that year Kibo betrayed them and joined the Legionaries. He claimed to have been an insider for the Legionaries for a few months now and it was time they were 'pulling him out'. This started the never ending hatred between the two and explained how and why the Legionaries were getting the upper hand as of late.

Year 1853: Kibo is sent to escort a high priority shipment thanks to all the Shattered Realm raids. He does plenty of damage but is brought down by I’Frit & Faye who take him prisoner. Many of the gang members want revenge and to kill him, but many others remember when he was a beloved ally and aren’t so sure.

A few days later, I’Frit sets up a situation where he gets Akira to verbally confess his feelings for Kibo while the ryuko is listening in. When I’Frit hits on Akira, Kibo rushes in to save him and confesses his feelings. The two become a couple.

Year 1854: The funeral for the member is held and all of the Shattered Realm are in attendance… until they notice fires in the direction of their inn! They find citizens fleeing the scene and the Emberlight Tavern is burned beyond repair. Outraged, Cross decides he’s had enough of this city and its bullshit. Let them deal with their own crime and stupidity. He’s packing the group up to move to the capitol so they can deal with the King’s bullshit more directly.

With the help of the Temple they re-open the Emberlight Tavern in Shade's Run.

Marlene asks Akira to help her “test” something AEGIS gave her to protect her from fire. When he asks her why she is naturally a bit bashful about saying “for sexy times with I’Frit”.

During the assault on Shade's Run, two captains of the black-blooded zombies arrive but the Shattered Realm (Akira, Marlene, Emeline, I’Frit & Cross) and the Legionaries (Taren, Sarias, Kibo, Jean, Fawkes & Marek) show up to take one each.

Later, Akira hears about Kibo and his “son” and flips out on them without thinking about it. Kibo has to calm him down and explain the situation. After, Akira, Mizuki and Kibo spend a day together like a little family.

Year 1855: Cross talks with Akira, I’Frit, Marlene and Emeline about how the old anarchy motivation is put to bed. It’s a new year, they need a new cause for the Shattered Realm to become devoted to.

Year 1857: Marlene and Emeline are out with Akira and Danielle when they are attacked by Ross and Abel – who are after Emeline. When Abel and Akira’s fire go head to head, Abel decides to take him because he’s like the child him and Ross never had! Danielle is left to get an injured Marlene and targeted Emeline out of dodge and tell the others.

Abel tries to endear Ross to the idea of keeping their own adopted bird boy (Akira). While Abel and Ross are out, their succubus attempts to seduce Akira in exchange for setting him free. While he pretends to agree to the terms, he and the imp bond instead and conspire to drug her until the assassins return.

The Shattered Realm get to Ross and Able’s dwarf sheep farm to rescue Akira. However, when Cross tries to unleash his powers on the proceedings he is stopped by Asoth. God versus God, the two end up at an impasse. Cross is forced to back off for the sake of his people’s safety but they get Akira back.

Year 1858: Kris hosts a little drinking knight but with an important motive. He tells his friends (Fawkes, Danielle, Danx, Ichiko, Willow, Kero, Nicholas & Alessa) and the Shattered Realm (Cross, Akira,  Emeline, Marlene & I’Frit) that he intends to go back to Cardinal Meridian and kill a damned black-blooded zombie – no matter what this time. He’s tried of feeling weak and scared. (Naturally the question of why he’s hung up on this could arise, since he’s never told his childhood friends what became of Zaphir.) See if anyone wants to come with him.

Kris and company (Ichiko, Kero, Fawkes, Alessa) arrive at Cardinal Meridian. He makes another attempt but suffers another relapse (which could be interesting if any of his childhood friends come along). He breaks down, admitting he feels worthless. First he was haunted by Zaphir’s face before death, now he can add his father’s lack of respect to his trauma. Akira, Cross and many of the Shattered Realm tail him to be sure he was okay but kept out of sight - at least until it is obvious they need to jump in and save the day.