Alessa Proudmoore


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Viscountess of Halconnan & Feathermoon
Anima Doctor
Proudmoore Mansion (w/Father)


First Aid (Veterinarian), Medical Knowledge (Animals)
Dancing (Ballroom), Schooled, Gardening, Knowledge of Animal Breeds, Pet Care
Tailoring, Finances, Animal Care (Dogs, Horses & Lizards), Dancing (Ballet)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Dark Blue
Skin Tone
Light Peach
Hair Color
Hair Style
She wears it in two low braids over her shoulders with flower bands.
Height & Weight
5'8" & 130lbs
Other / Other Forms
When she loses her temper her eyes turn red.
Style & Casual Clothing
She wears simple dresses in various Shade's of pink with shawls and slippers.
Distinguishing Marks


Animals (specifically she loves to design "outfits" for her pets), women who stand up for what they want, gardening (she doesn't mind getting a little dirty), time with friends, being outside (she hates being cooped up indoors), her father
Singing (she's not very good and feels she's failed as a girl somehow becuase of it), abuse to plants or animals, people much bigger (or more dangerous) than her, shouting
Alessa is almost too good to be true. She is docile, caring and very obedient. She preffers time with herself, her very close friends or animals. Strangers scare her and so do burly men/knights. She admires strong women (either in personality or literally) but will never try to become one herself ("oh nononono, I could never do that"). She has a big heart and loves both plants and animals. While her noble rank would never support it she really wants to become a veterinarian.
She is scared of being abandoned or forgotten.
It is nearly impossible to get her angry, she's far more liable to become scared, quiet or cry then to ever raise her voice at other people. 


Father / Donor
Vincent Proudmoore
Mother/ Sire
Aryanna Proudmoore (Dead)
Usha (Adopted Sister), Alaric (Half-Brother, Dead), Ine (Half-Brother)
Close Friends
Kris, Willow, Blaine, Ichiko, Hope
Nathan & Toby (Uncles, Dead), Geralt (God Father, Dead), Sally (Nanny), Kendra (Courts Mentor), Halina (Dance Mentor, Dead)


She has several pets, two cats (a female and fat arrogant persian named Whiskers and a male tuxedo cat named Mr. Gentleman) she also has three birds (two blues jays, male and female, named Sky and Sea respectively and then a robin named Crest) as well as a mouse that lives in her room that she refuses to let anyone kill named Sir Squeaker. She also has a rabbit named Mr. Fluffernut and a squirrel named Chip.


Year 1836: She is born to Aryanna and Vincent after some ten years of marriage. She is named in honor of Geralt's lost child as the man is a mutual friend of both Aryanna and Vincent.

Year 1837: Barely a year old she is kidnapped by a group hoping to turn Markavi into their personal attack dog. Aryanna rescues the child with help from Noru. Little Alessa remembers none of this.

Year 1840: Her mother tries to take her to go "find" Vincent when he leaves them behind. Lucious talks Aryanna out of this concept thankfully. Vincent return a few months later and her father is in much better spirits. She hasn't seen his alter ego, Markavi, since.

Year 1841: She is enrolled in Legacy Institute. However shortly after the school year begins her mother is attacked and supposedly killed by bandits. Her and her father greive Aryanna's loss and are support (perhaps too heavily) by Belladonna who has a keen interest in the family.

Year 1843: The capitol of Cardinal Meridian is destroyed. Vincent and several others help get her out (though not before she is saved by a fellow student's powers!). However the school house was destroyed in all the chaos as well, forcing her to take on a private tutor. Many of her dearest friends are scattered to the four winds as a result. Also worried about a female influence in her life, as well as a caretaker when he's gone, Vincent hires Sally to attend to her as a nanny.

Year 1844: Willow has a sleep over with Alessa and Hope (Hope is visiting, a rare treat hence the sleep over). The three girls get rowdy at one point and knock over an expensive vase that belongs to Fenda. The girls spend the rest of the night trying to find a way to fix or hide what they’ve done. As a result though, Alessa makes friends with Hope. Year

Year 1845: Alessa approaches Halina about learning to dance. She also meets Kendra around this time and learns her way around the courts from her.

Year 1854:  In an attempt to rekindle their childhood connection to each other, Alessa steps out of character a bit to host a party for her friends: Ichiko, Kris, Willow and Hope. Kris finds it hard not to notice the absence of the last member of their little group as children: Zaphir, which accidentally upsets Alessa.

Year 1855: The Isle of Dragon falls and Hope, Kris, Willow and Alessa go to support Ichiko.

Year 1858: Kris hosts a little drinking knight but with an important motive. He tells his friends (Fawkes, Danielle, Danx, Ichiko, Willow, Kero, Nicholas & Alessa) and the Shattered Realm (Cross, Akira,  Emeline, Marlene & I’Frit) that he intends to go back to Cardinal Meridian and kill a damned black-blooded zombie – no matter what this time. While many think this is a bad idea, Alessa, Ichiko, Fawkes and Kero agree to go with him. Kris and company arrive at Cardinal Meridian. He makes another attempt but suffers another relapse (basically he has PTSD). He breaks down, admitting he feels worthless. The others were put at risk and if not for the fact that the Shattered Realm (specifically Akira, I’Frit & Cross) had tailed them they might have been overrun. After coming home, Kris talks with Alessa about his second failure. He fears he’ll never be a real hero.