Amon Roarak


Ryuko / Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Royal Duke, Viscount of Centurion & Charcot
Knight, Personal Honor Gaurd (Kyshtari)
Order of the Crown
Roarak Mansion (w/ Wife & Children)


Seneschal & Melee (Sword)
Finances, Knowledge of Law, Melee (Polearm, Dagger, Whip), Athletics, Combat Reflexes, Multiple Opponents, Dodge, Fine Art (Painting), Schooled
Unarmed Combat (MAHS), Fine Art (Sculpture), Teaching, Keen Sense (Hearing), Block


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Long Sword
Other Weapons
He has a mostly black leather set with portions of inset plate mail placed over vital locations – allowing movement with the maximum protection he can afford.
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Yellow-Green Hazel
Skin Tone
Strong & Fit
Hair Color
Hair Style
His hair is long in the front and shorter in the back. The front falls to his mid-chest level with some of it in his face unless pulled back while working/fighting. However, the back is merely shoulder length.
Height & Weight
6'2" & 230lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears a black silk shirts with long sleeves which that lace up the front and have silver trims. He also has black leather britches and boots, the latter comes up to his mid-calf.
He wears a silver torque that coils around his neck and cradles a green stone at the center of his clavicle.
Distinguishing Marks
A black tribal tattoo going down the left side of his neck and wrapping his shoulder.


Protecting others, upholding justice, darker colors, people watching, eavesdropping, red wines, sating his curiosity, honestly good people
Sluts, nobles who like to play mind games, people who abuse justice in favor of self-service, overly cheerful people (he is extremely uncomfortable with them, especially if they try to pull him out of his shell), “beer” (tastes sour to him), a puzzle/mystery he cannot solve, failing in his duties (particularly since they involve saving lives), Nikkola having such a big influence over his wife
On the outside, Amon appears cold and uncaring. He is very strict and comes off as a jerk who is a little bit arrogant – even when he forces himself to be social. He is dark and tends to stick to the shadows, listening to everything around him. He is actually a very emotional and passionate man, but because of this he finds it hard to be around more than a few people at a time. He always tries to hides this weaknesses. He believes strongly in what he thinks to be the right thing, and is not quick to give up on his beliefs.
He fears betrayal by his wife or children since they are so dear to him. He fears failing to protect his wife or children, and thus losing them forever. Letting down Helen and/or the children. Failing to save someone the way he failed Kyshtari's mother. Lastly, he fears being tempted into adultrey and thus being the one to betray them instead.
If he is uncomfortable around someone he’ll stand with them on the side where his hair is long and thick so that they can’t see his face as. When Amon is about to get serious/down to work he pulls his hair back.


Father / Donor
Logaine Roarak (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Seiko Roarak (Dead), Adora Roarak (Step Mother, Dead)
Magnus (Brother In-Law), August (Brother In-Law, Dead), Gaelnaris (Brother In-Law), Matius (Brother In-Law), Lilla (Sister In-Law, Dead), Belle-Madonna (Sister In-Law, Dead), Janos II (Brother In-Law), Christopher (Brother In-Law), Iradessa (Sister In-Law)
Helen (Wife)
Lucy (Daughter), Percy (Son), Keita (Son)
Close Friends
Danielle, Ansel (Dead), Virgil
Moana (Once-Love, Dead), Kyshtari (Ward), Claire (Cousin), Eriko (Cousin), Kosuke (2nd Cousin), Muramasa (Nephew), Tsuhi (Nephew), Fatine (Niece, Dead), Jasper (Nephew), Cloe (Nephew), Janos III (Nephew), Chestin (Nephew)


Age & Sex


Year 1813: Amon’s father fell in love with a ryuko the moment their culture was introduced to Aether. The two married after Logaine all but chased the woman down and cornered her for it, but they were actually very happy regardless. When Seiko became pregnant they took it as a sign from the Gods/Dragons that their union was blessed.

That was until she started having fainting spells and losing energy. She barely survived to give birth, and even then only thanks t healers from her country being on hand. They could not sustain her life though as it slipped away. They told him that such an energy drain was a sign the Dragons had called her “home”. Logaine did not see it that way. The long he starred at the babe in the crib the more he convinced himself this baby had sucked the life out of Seiko. He wasn’t a child, he was a monster.

Year 1814 – Year 1838: Though his young life his father wanted nothing to do with him or expressed his hatred in the form of punishments over the littlest of things. Amon tried to be a good son, to earn his angry father’s respect if not his love. It always fell flat before Logaine’s rage.

Year 1839: Logaine remarries to Adora. At first, Amon has some sliver of hope this will soothe his father’s wounded heart and let them become a family. However, his hopes don’t last long. He begins to notice his new step mother likes to spend time with him. She likes to ask him questions at dinner. Then the shrewd woman begins to switch back and forth between leading him on and pushing him away from her.

Naturally what snippets his father saw of such interactions did nothing to heal the pain between father and son. In fact, it almost seemed like Logaine solely blamed him for Adora's interest! Unable to keep up with all the emotional strife and confusion, Amon finally enlisted in the Order of the Crown and moved to the capitol (at the time, Cardinal Meridian).

While working he found it hard to want to connect with any of his fellow knights. He worked, he went home to his quarters and he talked with no one. He grew distant, never allowing others to break through his carefully crafted walls.

It was later that same year that he learned that his step mother had killed his father! He returned home for the funeral but found the home crushed by anger and neglect, just as he had been. There was nothing for him there and now there never would be.

Year 1840: He found himself in love with a young woman, Moana Sealight. The two grew close, and the future for the young Atherien Highborn began to look bright. She approached him one day as he prepared to ask her hand in marriage, and she broke things off unexpectedly. Thrown into despair, Amon ignored his country for a time being, cast lonely and cold into depression. Later, when he found she had broken their relationship due to a terrible disease, he searched the territory for her. When he found out she had died before he had the chance to forgive her or even save her, the province heard a terrible roar, as Amon plunged into an even deep depression.

Year 1841: He recognizes a quiet young woman who was down on her luck: Helen Winters. Through the bond he realizes this is a woman who has been hurt, betrayed and yet works her hardest to follow her dreams. What begins out of obligation quickly turns into something far more real between them. By years end their first son, Percy, is born.

Year 1843: Just before the fall of Cardinal Meridian, Helen becomes pregnant once more. As a result he is given special leave by his superiors to get his family out of the city instead of joining the main fight against the monster that erupted in the town center. He ushers her safely away and a few months later their second son, Keita, is born.

Year 1850: As the Crown vs Temple conflict is dying down he and his wife unexpectedly recognize a second time! They are thrilled about it, but Amon has to wonder what he’s done to earn all this good luck… and when the other shoe will drop! Their daughter, Lucy, is born that year.

Year 1853: Amon has three children and cannot afford to be sent to far away lands on missions. After a talk with his commander, he is given a post as a personal honor guard to a Promathea – which should keep him very close to home most days. He is assigned to the newest member of the family, Kyshtari.

He finds this favorable since Percy is training to be a royal inventor, Keita is studying at A.E.G.I.S. to become a mage and little Lucy is quite the energetic handful!

Year 1854: Failing to save Kyshtari's mother from an attack set Amon's mood back and he started to work harder to win back Kyshtari's favor. Helen sees this as something more and approaches him about it. While everything for the time seems to be settled he fears her suspensions aren't completely resolved.

Year 1855: Keita asks to go to the Isle of Dragons and visit his father’s cousin, Eriko, since he’s so curious about the culture. Helen and Amon discuss it and agreed to let him go.

Word reaches the Roarak family of the fall of the Isle of Dragons. Amon takes it hard but tries not to show it, with the children more visibly affected while Helen attempts to support them all.

Year 1856: Wins the Knights Tournament

Lucy sees some boys being mean to an animal and helps set it free from them but they catch her. To punish her they throw her into a cellar for of a nearby mansion, which is pitch black. Amon and Helen create a search party for their child. While Lucy is curled up sleeping in the cellar, terrified, Trisha happens upon her in her dreams. She comforts the child and tries to learn where she is. In the morning Trisha finds the child. Trisha brings Lucy home to her parents and siblings.

Year 1857: Percy meets Hope while at a bookstore. He gets a crush on her but fumbles over his words and can’t get much out.
Percy talks with Chester about his new crush, since the man was married once. However, the advice he gets is hardly useful given the man is an angry drunk these days. Percy tries talking to Amon about it, since he and his mother seem so happy together.