Andrew Seminar


Aetherian (L)
Soul Name
High Priest of Asoth
Cult of Asoth
Vox Diablos


Knowledge of Religion (Asoth) & Psychology
Politics (Aether & A'dalis), Knowledge of Farming, Herbal Lore, Cooking, Performance (Oratory), Innovation, Etiquette
Child Care, Gardening, Stealth, Seneschal, Schoole


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Favored (Asoth), Curse Magic
Ritual Magics
Manifestation of Will


Main Weapon
Ritual Dagger
An ornate dagger meant more for adding in magic and sacrifices then combat.
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
He is not well muscled like a warrior but clearly he'd done a descent amount of hard labor over the years.
Hair Color
Hair Style
His hair is framing his face and down his neck, with shorter bangs curling away from the middle of his face.
Height & Weight
5'11" & 140lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears extremely ornate suits in layers with long flowing capes over them.
Distinguishing Marks
He has a black spiral tatoo under his left eye.


Asoth (almost everything he does in his life is to please his beloved god), useful tools within his cult, performing his sacrifices, gaining new members (preferably who are not idiots), praise from his "god"
The normal religious orders, failures within the cult, when sacrifices escape, traitors, the A'dalis (he is more then happy to help Mouko take them out so his cult can be free of their rulership)
Andrew is the master of serenity and fatherly tones. He has never once lost control though he has been known to get 'annoyed' at which point his calm and parental demeanor slips a bit to reveal a rather harsh death glare or clenched-toothed word for the recipient. Most of the time though he is the epitome of the charismatic priest, understanding of the problems of others, sincere in his desire to reconcile your tragedies and possessing a soft voice through which to soothe the broken hearted.
He fears losing any favor with his beloved Asoth.
Andrew is a zealot's zealot, he would do anything for his faith and do so with a big smile.


Father / Donor
Carmen Semnar (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Barbara Semnar (Dead)
Close Friends
Hadrian (Dead), Vanessa, Ion, Sain, Ross, Abel, Belladonna, Emeline, Alexandria (Dead), Monnique, Daminous
Scathe (Master), Asoth (Beloved God), Mouko (Ally)


Age & Sex


Year 1492 - 1795: Andrew has briefly mentioned that he was born to the legacy of a simple farm hand, but some how he felt the 'calling' of Asoth and began to have visions for the Cult's beginnings after his parents death. He has since been its guiding light and primary priest, gathering numbers from the down trodden, morally bereft or those who simply needed something else to believe in and a place to feel wanted. It is known that to this day his 'visions' guide the cult's actions.

Year 1796: Andrew takes in two workers who become his first faithful: Lexington and Lawrence. Later that year he gains the attention of Sain and Ion, which leads into his obtaining Xavier as a faithful and Laura. He gains a stalker who becomes a faithful, Rose.

Year 1797: Abel is given a job to kill Andrew, who instead converts him to the faith by freeing Ross from his hideous family.

Year 1800: It was Andrew who forsaw the birth of Bezel and Neph as the flesh of Asoth. He talked Vanessa into caring for the children and assigned Hadrian as their babysitter.

Year 1810: Blighted invaded Vox Diablos, in their state they couldn't fight the creatures when they asked to join and therefore Andrew has set up what rules he can to keep the choas down and hopes for the best.

Year 1813: The living icons of his beloved God were brought into the fold for their own protection when Penelope's warlock fearing reign dominated the church. He bonded with the boys as well as their mother.

Year 1814: A year later they implimented a ploy to help the dislodged royals take back their thrown and look like victims of the religious zealouts in the process. As a reasult, when the Kings regained their throne, they were recognized as a wholesome and good religion, even given space in the Temple of the Elemental Cross.

Year 1822: Control of the Blighted shifted to a new master: Scathe. The deal cut by this new master was far more tolerable then the previous and even included protection for their members so long as they were good little servants.

Year 1836: The Cult begins to move once again, making plots in the world of the "Light" from their comfortably protected shadows. Andrew is more than content, however, to let Vanessa do most of that plotting.

Year 1853: Alexandria accidentally encounters and befreinds the Queen of Aether. Andrew hears about this and decides this is a good replacement for the Chestin issue. She can befriend Iradessa and control her instead! Alexandria starts to get annoyed; it’s as though her every BREATH and action has to be for Asoth!

When she later betrays them to the crown, Andrew allows Belladonna to borrow Abel to assassinate her before she can give away too much.

Year 1854: After, Alexandria’s coming out and subsequent death, Ansel wants to save Emeline from her own darkness. Realizing this, Belladonna sees a chance for the ultimate “revenge” for back when Emeline stole the love of HER life. She approaches Ansel with a supposed “deal” to get Emeline out of the cult: He trades himself in for her. The condition is that Ansel takes a potion that makes him completely forget everything about Emeline. since it is for Emeline's sake, he agrees.

Belladonna introduces her new pawn, Ansel, to Andrew. The potion didn’t just remove Emeline though; it convinced him he’s a happy little cult member. After, Andrew warns Belladonna that if he EVER remembers the truth he will have to kill Ansel since he’d be a liability.

Later, Emeline realizes Ansel isn’t coming to see her and seeks him out. When she does so she quickly realizes he knows nothing about her! Thinking that magic of some kind is involved; she goes back to the cult for help. Andrew happily tells her the situation but refuses to undo what has been done since Ansel is now a valuable agent. However, he grants her a talisman to try and gain a more valuable pawn - because if she can then _maybe_ he'll help her with Ansel.

Emeline ultimately betrayed the Cult despite all it has done for her. As a result, Andrew orders her execution by any means necessary. Shortly after, Belladonna finds herself the winner of their rivalry when Monnique is adopted into the royal family at last!

At the years end, Xanthus gets a visit from Asoth. Given the trouble his family is in, and the lack of ability to fight back, he’s in the perfect spot to be offered a devil’s deal for power. He takes it, this allying the mafia with Asoth directly.