Aros Gyrfalcon


- (Looks 17)
Soul Name
10.06. -
Champion's League
Gold Scale Resort


Culture (Highone), Knowledge of Arcane (Ether)
Astronomy (Star Charts & Navigation), Athletics, Computing, Engineering, Invention, Schooled, Technology, Knowedlge of General Ancient Knoweldge (like an offline internet library for all things of his time period)
Riding (Horse), Melee (Glaive, Staff, Sword, Knife), Unarmed Combat


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Call Pack (Technomancy Executable Drones), Danger Sense (Technomancy Radar), Mythic Form (Techno-Dragon), Sense Ley Lines (Technomanic Mapping), Shield Mastery (Techomancy Barrier), Summon Ammunition (Technomancy Turrets)
Assimilation: Duplicate genetic qualities of others.
Ritual Magics
Technomancy: Can affect reality like a ritual mage but with techno flair.


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Bright Blue
Skin Tone
Pale Peach
He has a lean boyish build.
Hair Color
Hair Style
He has short layered hair cut to frame his face and most of it falls forward around it.
Height & Weight
5'3" & 100lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He prefers the blue colors contrasting with darker earth colors. He leans towards casual comfortable clothing.
Distinguishing Marks
He has glowing golden filigree like marks all over his body.


He loves to use his technocracy to make things of use, usually they are well received as they're common day to us but brilliant to those of the Victorian Era. He loves his daddies and never complains about spending time with the rest of the Champion's crew. He doesn't feel very comfortable in any one place long, preferring the open road (even if he hates walking it). He enjoys flirting with Schaw because of the keise's reactions. Bondage, but only with his lover.
Walking. He hates it. He would rather float along all day. He doesn't like riding horses for more then a few hours, either. He gets very fed up when people get lost at his terminology. He doesn't like it when he's told not to help when he could just fix the issue in a snap of reality! Edward's betrayal, it wounds him extremely deep.
Aros is a young man full of ideas he carries from his time of the ancients. It was a different out look then, far more open and on the level of the 'Heavenly Host' in many ways then it is now. His open mindedness can get him into trouble but for the most part it just makes him seen unreasonable and whimsical. He has a boy's curiosity and enjoys small day long adventures. He loves learning new things about this time period, though he feels like he went back instead of forward. He tends to use terminology that stump those around him. He gets really fed up and agitated when people he's explained his lingo to continue to go 'what?'.
Losing his abilities again. Being without his family.
He talks like a current day hacker.


Father / Donor
Adrian Gyrfalcon (Adopted)
Mother/ Sire
Vanshee (Adopted)
Schaw (Lover)
Close Friends
Xiphil, Schaw, Battista
Tess (Adopted Aunt), Satarius (Father Figure, Dead), Edward (Former Friend, Traitor)


Age & Sex


Pre-Calendar: Created with a mixture of science and magic, Aros was made to the the mind of a highone ship. Each of their ships had one such technomancer to drive, repair and general BE it. However when the ship crashed he and the others were stranded on the world. He attempted to repair the ship when they were attacked by the dahhak they landed seeking: Markavi. The battle that ensued critically damaged many of the crew, including him, and the spider race offered to preserve them and heal their wounds.

Issue is they never said WHEN or IF they would let them out again.

Year 1836: Savarius begins dropping bodies around the Araneae Mountain seeking something. His target? Aros' cocoon. Savarius uses Vanshee as a distraction for the others while he gets into the Sacred Web by pretending to be someone who work there (shape shifting). He steals Aros’ cocoon and sets the entire web ablaze, leaving the whole kingdom frantic to put it out and unable to follow him immediately. Tess notices Adrian running after them and argues with him, ultimately she follows him instead to put an end to this once and for all.

Catching up to Savarius they are placed in a bad situation. Either they can catch Savarius or they can “save” Vanshee and Aros. Naturally they choose the later as they can always catch Savarius another day.

Aros eventually awakens and bonds with Vanshee and Adrian, who almost instantly take a liking to the boy. At first, Lemures decrees that Aros should be placed back into the web, Adrian refuses. The two butt heads with Tess and Vanshee in the middle (and eventually taking their own sides). Lemures demands time to think this over. However after talks with his daughters and some creative negotiations, and official decree is made by the Patriarch. For the first time in the history of their people a human shall be made champion: Adrian. As a result he and Vanshee are allowed to keep Aros as their ward.

Year 1840: The Araneae Mountain goes volcanic after being dormant for centuries. The whole of the race must flee and finally rejoin the world. Given the nation closest to them is Aether they opt to head there. Their arrival is a tense one, full of politics and negotiations. But ultimately they begin a new life amid the elves, albiet a less then perfect one.

Year 1842: Adrian founds the "Champion's League" and begins crusading about Aether helping the people. During these escapades though the King of Aether grows increasingly wary of mages, eventually laying down many rules. One of them is that all mages must be watched by a knight, and they are assigned young Edward.

Aros immedately sees a change for a friend in the same-age knight. The two get along well, well enough that despite everyone else thinking Edward was a traitor Aros gave him the benefit of the doubt. Though he did make Edward promsie to not betray him.

When the Champion's League went to visit Satarius and his hatchlings they found them under attack by Savarius. Saving them, they quickly tried to find a safe location for Satarius to recover from his wounds. Locating a tower, they found it full of escaped mages led by Kevin. Kevin allowed them to stay, particularly since their agendas weren't so very far apart.

On the night that Vanshee walked away from Adrian the knight saw his chance. He attempted to murder Adrian and make it look like a suicide, but Aros had come in to check on his father. Instantly Aros shows his "other side", an Avatar manifestation with immense power that nearly killed Edward. Kevin stopped the whole insane affair, though it was only so he could use Edward to get at the real heart of the matter: King Christopher.

Meanwhile Aros and Adrian supported one another in the recent loss of loved ones.

Year 1843: Vanshee reappears under Savarius' control and kidnaps Aros. The Champion's League immedately takes off to rescue them both which leads to a massive clash on the Sardor Isle. In the ensuing chaos Aros was trapped in a nightmare realm fighting his own Avatar. When he awoke though he was back with Vanshee and Adrian, his family whole again.

Year 1847: Aros runs into Edward again and snaps on him. In the end he has to decide what kind of person he is: Does he want to kill Edward or not? He ultimately lets him go but finds himself questioning why he didn't "go through with it".

After he talks to Xiphil about his issues and decides he feels weak for letting Edward go. He needs to fix this weakness! So he catches up to Edward again and tries once more to kill him – but still fails. Aros grimly he that deep down he wants his friend back, despite everything that happened. He walks away from Edward in disgust.

Year 1853: Schaw joins the Champion's League after borderline holding up Aros and Orianna. Aros flirts with the keise to fuck with him and finds his reactions halarious so he keeps it up.

Year 1854: In Cancer, The Champion’s League actually takes a break from patrolling Steelhaven to go to the Isle of Dragons. Why? For Gaelnaris and Matius wedding of course! While they leave a small contingent in the city to oversee things, Adrian, Vanshee, Aros, Schaw, Orianna, Blaine, Gaelnaris, Matius, Karlee, Battista, Arcturus and Snugs all go!

But upon the Champion’s League returning, they learn children go missing in the city and the church claims that mages are carting them off for ritual sacrifices. Naturally the mages are furious and the two parties start fighting. Adrian, Battista, Vanshee & Orianna step in and agree to find the culprit and settle the matter.

Investigation by Orianna, Aros and Battista seems to point to the church at first, but Aros can detect magic at one of the scenes and that leaves him suspicious that the mages really might be involved.

In Virgo, Cerrin attacks the Champion’s League to steal Snugs and Arcturus. Schaw and Aros are with Orianna and Blaine during the assault and sees just how furious and scared Orianna is when she sees Cerrin’s dragonic form – her father’s form! Schaw and Blaine try to stop her and she injures them both badly. Aros knocks her down a peg as a result and she comes to realize how much her bottled up rage is capable of hurting others.

In an attempt to set a trap to capture Cerrin and find those they have lost, the Champion's League create a resort - the Golden Scale. The idea being to lure Cerrin into it and while he is lulled Aros can shrink him.

In the meanwhile, Xiphil, August, JJ and T’vasha arrive at the resort and run into Aros while enjoying the facilities. Excited, Xiphil suggests they do a three way date dinner after he learns Aros is now dating someone too. During the date night, Aros and JJ enter into an unspoken rivalry for who is Xiphil’s “best friend”.

When Cerrin and Barnaby take a vacation at the resort the Champion’s League built the trap is sprung. Battista, Blaine and Schaw try to distract Barnaby away from Cerrin as it nears its finale, Aros, Tess and Adrian hiding in the wings as the technomancy finally kicks in.

Gaelnaris explains to the Champion’s League his situation with Athane and what he was told by the guardian of the Akashic Record about redeeming the Epitaphs. Aros uses the blade’s wave length and does a scan, he admits it’s possible. Orianna is furious, unwilling to see any fate but death for the man that killed her father.

The test is a success, Cerrin is purified and even becomes golden like his brother was. Before they can react, he flies out of the building. Adrian is furious – more so because he must explain it to Orianna.

Aros and Tess discuss the issue with Adrian and Tercel merging. Tess also learns some of the sombering facts about Aros’ previous “home” and exactly how much worth he carried to his people.

Later, during some foreplay, Schaw’s darker nature shows up and he gets viscious on Aros (biting, grabbing hard, being aggressive). When Aros gets scared and runs for it, the spiral goes south as it spills into the hallway and Karlee is there to see it. Naturally she runs to help save Aros and Schaw’s taint is no longer much of a secret.

After, Aros tries to mend things with Schaw by bringing him some S & M stuff he made. He wants to show Schaw that he’s willing to accept his way of “loving” him.

Year 1859: Bored one afternoon, the League does a two-on-two sparring bout. Blaine teams up with Orianna against Aros. He swears he needs no sidekick and he proves to be right. Seeing just how overpowered he is, it makes Blaine realize how UNDER powered he is and he actually ends up really grouchy after.