Ashlyn MacCoalan


Aetherian High Born
Soul Name
Knight (Order of the Crown)
Order of the Crown Barracks


Melee (Sword)
Gardening, Pet Care (Bird), Keen Sense (Judge of Character), Herbal Lore (Remedies), Melee (Dagger), Ambidextrous
Quick Learner, House Keeping, Crafting, First Aid, Armour Upkeep


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Earth Spells
Novice: Simple Instincts, Tremor and Shape Plants
Favored of the God of Earth
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Short Sword
Other Weapons
She wears black leather armour with roses and thorns indentations for decorations.
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Light Tan
She’s tall with well defined muscles from regularly working out.
Hair Color
Hair Style
Long red hair that she wears loose or tied back in a braid when she’s working as a knight.
Height & Weight
5'10" &150lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Ashlyn stills wears skin tight pants and boots in earth tone colours of black, green and brown. She wears a black lacy shirt that can fit under her leather armour as needed.
Has a few bracelets and a necklace that she made herself. She has a necklace her mother made her while she was learning crafts, this she keeps on her. It's never off. Its a leather cord that has beads and feather on it.
Distinguishing Marks


Practicing with her fellow knights, learning new skills, sweets, her parakeet Sir Ross IV, being in her garden, dances, instrumental music, her mother’s smile.
Having to take medicine when she is ill, the winter (she can't tend to her garden and all her plants die), liars, seeing her mother upset, the thought of Jorrel/Joseph being her father , knowing that her mother lied to her about her father
Ashlyn has grown into a fierce defender of the weak and seeker of the truth. She will still give the needy the shirt off of her back and will stand up for anyone she feels is being unfairly treated. She isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes and will do everything she can to keep a promise. Slow to anger, it is possible to rouse her temper and when her temper flares the ground around her tends to tremble in response. Ashlyn is a little leery to let anyone close after the whole Jorrel/Joseph fiasco but once she lets someone in, she will stand by them through thick and thin.
Being in the dark alone, losing her mother
She has her mother's determination, no matter how bad it gets she just keeps pushing forward and keeping a attitude of it has to get better from here.


Father / Donor
Joseph Bolero (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Tabitha Basset
Close Friends
Rosaria Delacour (Grandmother, Unknown), Essence (Aunt, Unknown), Randall (Like an Uncle), Sheldon (Like an Uncle), Sally (Adopted Grandmother), Drew (Adopted Grandfather)


Sir Ross IV
Ring-Necked Parakeet
Age & Sex
9 / M
He is a solid green parrot with a red ring around his neck. He has a brown beak and ivory feet.
Pretty approachable for a parrot. He really only tolerates Ashlyn to pick him up but if she hands him off to someone else he won't nip or bite at them. Can usually be found perched on a post that she built in her garden or Ashlyn's room. His favorite phrases are some that shouldn't be mentioned as Tabitha is pretty sure he used to belong to some sailor some where because he can make even a drunk man blush.


Year 1843: Born shortly after her mother was adopted by Sally and Drew, she grew fairly content with her lot in life. Her mother saw that she never went without. When Ashlyn wasn't attached to her mother’s hip, she followed her grandmother around whenever she could.

She has known Randall and Sheldon all her life and they are like uncles to her.

Year 1848: When she was about five years old, she started to take an interest in gardening and asked her grandmother if she could start one of her own. With Sally’s help, she planted a few flowers and some vegetables and tended to them every day. It appeared the child had a natural green thumb.

Year 1850: Sally also taught her about herbs and other plants. By the time she was seven years old, Ashlyn had a plot that held tons of herbs, as well as an understanding of things that could be used to treat illnesses or make teas taste better. She even dabbled in cross breeding a few things to see what came of it.

Year 1851: For her 8th birthday she was given a ring-necked parakeet as a pet by her mother. The young herbalist had often spoke of having a pet and she had shown great responsibility in the care of her garden. She dubbed him Sir Ross IV and hasn't really been apart from him since. Although Tabitha worries about who the previous owners were since she swears that when Ashlyn isn't near by that bird has a perfectly horrible language issue.

Year 1855: Sir Ross goes missing and Ashlyn searches everywhere for the parrot. She runs into Patrick and Percy, who were testing a device again, and they agree to help her track it down. They find it in some trees but it keeps hopping tree-to-tree to get away when they climb up after it. Finally, frustrated, Ashlyn unconsciously uses her powers and a vine grows on one of the trees to snare the birds foot – allowing one of the boys to catch it for her. Ashlyn shares with Tabitha what happened.

Year 1859: Aware he cannot go right up to Tabitha without her possibly seeing through his disguise, Joseph (now using the identity Jorrel) approaches Edward and Ashlyn instead. He offers to sponsor the rest of her education as a knight.

After gaining Ashlyn’s trust, “Jorrel” convinces Ashlyn to introduce him to her mother. Because her daughter is right there, Tabitha doesn’t runaway and knows she cannot make a scene since she doesn’t want to frighten her child. Instead she sends Ashlyn to get something and begs Joseph to leave Ashlyn alone. He agrees to do no harm, provided Tabitha will marry him since he is now a noble with no blood relation to her. They can all be one “happy” family.

Packing to move into the mansion with Jorrel, Ashlyn can tell something isn’t quite right with her mother. She tries to get her to talk about this and Tabitha tries to play up how “in love” she is but she just can’t. Ashlyn tells Sheldon about it, aware he was formerly close to her mother, and says something is strange with this whole thing. While Sheldon agrees its strange, he’s burned by the idea of her walking away from him to marry some nobleman and he brushes it aside.

Tabitha, on one of her rare days out and away from Joseph (but with guards) runs into Cross. She recognizes him as the man that gave her the scarf when she was a little girl. She recognizes she might be able to get help from him again but with the guards around its hard for her to give too many details over. That night, Tabitha asks Ashlyn to deliver a message to Sheldon about who Cross is and that he can help. Ashlyn brings the message to Sheldon, and then demands to follow him to his meeting with Cross. This is her mother and she won’t let her fight alone.

Sheldon, Ashlyn and Cross come up with a plan to stop the wedding and save Tabitha. Ashlyn is to go through “Jorrel’s” things just before the wedding (since he’ll be getting suited up and dealing with last minute stuff) and find any evidence that he’s a cultist or Joseph. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Cross will attend the wedding – Cross as a quiet onlooker and Sheldon supposedly to give her away to the man she truly loves. When Ashlyn comes in with evidence to stop the wedding, Sheldon will get Tabitha and Cross will torch Joseph.