Audrey Rose


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Marquis of Sheedan
Rose Mansion


Knowledge of Fashion & Politics (Aether)
Cosmetics, Melee (Sword), Dancing (Ballroom), Tailoring, Athletics, Psychology (Manipulation), Performance (Acting)
Stealth (Concealment), Child Care, Seneschal & Finances


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Short Sword (Hidden in her Skirt)
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Baby Blue
Skin Tone
Baby Pink
Buxom & Slender
Hair Color
Strawberry Blonde
Hair Style
Her hair is full and light it cascades around her face in curls and them falls down her back from the high a-top her head ponytail she prefers to fall to roughly mid back..
Height & Weight
5'5" & 100lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
She prefers to keep on top of all the current fashions so one week she may be found wearing a bird upon her head and a huge ball gown, the next she might be in a sleek evening gown with her hair down. It all depends on what's in 'style' according to the harpies. 
Pearls with large gem stone pieces.
Distinguishing Marks
She accents her features with soft rose pink eye shadow and lipstick.


How distant she's gotten from Ine, the effect her mother’s death and actions had on Ine and herself, others telling her who to be or how to act, men who think her fliritng promises them a chance at her bedsheets, uppit servants/peasants, not being able to bathe after breaking a sweat, simpering men. Barnaby
How distant she's gotten from Ine, her mother, others telling her who to be or how to act, men who think her fliritng promises them a chance at her bedsheets, uppit servants/peasants, not being able to bathe after breaking a sweat, simpering men
Born a noble of high society, Audrey is spoiled beyond rotten. Though she is a noble woman at heart and won't stand for an injustice done in her line of sight she is bratty, brash and when angered she never hesitates to throw around threats and demands. She will never accept the world is not fair, in her mind a nobles world IS fair because they posses the power to make it so. She adores her family, particularly her little brother Ine, and is known to be a sweet heart when its just them around. Due to her mother’s death she had become more introverted, even though she tries to hide that fact as best as she can and convinces herself that nothing changed.
She fears rape, being forced into a marraige and the idea of having children (they ruin your figure and take over your whole life!).
Audrey always puts up a brave face and tries to act like she can take on the world - even when she's terrified. She is a thrill seeker. She is allergic to animal dander.


Father / Donor
Roerick Rose (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Elarea Rose (Dead)
Ine (Half-Brother), Alaric (Half-Brother, Dead)
Close Friends
Cera, Felisha, Fenda, Willow, Rylin, Rosalyn
Albrecht (Mentor & Crush, Dead), Belladonna (Former Friend/Traitor), Emeline (Former Rival), Hugh (Mentor, Dead)


Age & Sex


Year 1755: Audrey was born first to Elarea and her then husband Roderick. The apple of their eye she was spoiled to pieces. If she asked for anything she got it (Veruka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory anyone?) so she got used to issuing demands the moment she had a whim for them. Of course in return she adored her parents who so lavished her and would tolerate no one even mildly insulting them.

Year 1775: When she was 20 her father died, a simple brigand assault on his carriage during which he had tried to fight back and was killed. This strengthened her desire to be morally 'right' and she began to champion against injustices like the one that befell her beloved daddy.

Year 1795: When she was 40 her mother began seeing a new man, he was dashing, charming and rather unsettling to Audrey. Though he was nothing but the perfect lover and knight, she could never learn to like the man. Instead she found her stomach full of butterflies anytime her mother was alone with him. However, her mother wouldn't hear any of her objections since she was happily in love once more.

Year 1796: Within a year Elarea was pregnant out of recognition though and the man dashed off to never be seen again. Hurt and depressed Elarea's mind seemed to break, not in a direct manner for which you commit a person, but in a subtle one where she began to have the oddest outbursts. She had strange nervous ticks and above all else she would let no man court her little girl. Men were naught but trouble now, scoundrels with pretty words. All of them.

Ine was born healthy and almost the spitting image of his father which didn't help with Elarea's maddened mind. She cherished the boy for being so much like the man she loved and yet she hated him for it as well. Constantly she schooled the boy on how his father was a wretch, a demon in elf skin, she probably told him the story of her abandonment more times they she said Ine's name.

Feeling bad about how her brother was treated, Audrey took to doting over him as her parents had doted over her, which of course lent to his being as spoiled as she is.

Year 1808: In her early 52nd year her mother hired the Guild of the Dawn, a mercenary group, to escort them into Cardinal Meridian from their estate in Argent. In the process, her and Ine's shinning personalites rubbed the captains, Cassandra and Albrecht, the very wrong way. So the mercs insulted the family in various gruff quips. Because of this, Audrey became determined to get revenge for her family's honor.

Seeking her revenge led to an unexpected problem: The more she was around him, the more she was falling for the grouchy Albrecht! She began to make up reasons to complain or see him, just to be in his company. 

Year 1810: One such incident, when she was 54, led to him challenging/offering to teach her sword play if she wanted to be around him so much. She took it up and began learning in secret with him as her private tutor.

Shortly after, however, she realized her love was doomed. The leader of the Guild of the Dawn, Alaric, was revealed to be half-brother to Ine and herself. The man, whom she had trusted so little with her mother, was Vincent - the father of Alaric as well. This would have been fine, excpet Alaric was showing signs of being manipulative and malacious - intent on slowly making his way to the throne of the nation by any means necessary.

Eventually this led to him showing his true colors, he was half dahhak (and thus, so was Ine since it was from Vincent's side of the family). He turned on everyone and Albretch stepped up to put him down - but both men killed each other in the battle. Audrey's heart was broken upon learning the fate of the man she had loved.

Perhaps her mother was right.

In an attempt to heal their wounds and take in what they now knew, Ine and Audrey moved back to the family estate in the duchy of Sheedan.

Year 1812 - 1813: The Traitors War takes place as Lucien takes over the throne. Lucien demands all nobles make a pilgrimage to the capitol, Carindal Meridian, to vow loyalty to him. Those who dn not will be hunted as traitors. Audrey is for making the vow, albiet as a lie to save their lives, but Ine is not. The two have it out and Ine leaves, it was the last time she would see him for years.

Audrey makes the trip, joining her mother along the way, and they swear fealty until the war's end. Thankfully, within a year the rightful Kings reclaim their thrones and Lucien is executed.

Year 1830: Audrey begins to study Finances under a man named Hugh. As a result, she meets his two lovely daughters: Cera & Felisha Silvestri. Cera is courageous but generous, the two find a lot of common ground in their desire to be strong women in a society where such a thing isn't popular. However, she also befreinds Felisha as the two love shopping and scoping out cute guys.

Year 1835: Hugh dies and before his body is even cold, his shrewd wife is already dividing the estate and getting on with her life. A part of her "moving on" is to cast Cera out of the family, which Audrey learns about from a sorrowful Felisha and can do nothing to change. She gains a strong dislike of Mia (the mother) however.

Year 1836: A year later, Cera's missing little brother actually finds her! Audrey learns about it when the Duke of Argent officially adopts Cera into their family. The public announcement doesn't escape her and she rushes to reunite with her old friend. She cannot shake the fact that something about Cera is off - she's clearly hiding something - but she counts her blessings to have her friend close by again.

Year 1842: Audrey makes a new friend when she joins the Theater Troupe run by Ryling and Rosalyn Marche. The star actress in the group is Fenda Penrose and the two hit it off quickly. As a result, she is around when Fenda ends up taking in a young, but bright and affectionate, Willow. In many ways, Audrey becomes like an aunt to the young fashionista.

Shortly after, Cera and Felisha stop speaking to each other. She refuses to pick sides, remaining friends with the both of them, and as a result she learns both sides of the torrid affair: Felisha was in love with a nobleman named Hadyn Desmarius - who was in love with Cera. As a result, Felisha was doing everything she could to poison that relationship so that, hopefully, Hadyn would finally love her.

She doesn't approve of the whole scenario, finding it silly the girls are rivaling over a stupid man. However, the issue becomes eclipsed by the death of the Duke and Duchess of Argent - which leaves Cera scrambling to become Duchess! Audrey puts her all into helping with the paperwork where she can.

Year 1843: The capitol city of Cardinal Meridian is engulfed in the flames of war when the King unleashes knights against the Lord Spiritual. The city's masses are caught in the middle. Worse, the catastrophe awakens an ancient evil, called a Slada'sha, from beneath the city. Its awakening destroys whatever was left, covering the capitol's ruins in monsters of its creation. Everyone is forced to flee in terror.

Eventually all citizens are relocated to a new capitol in Shade's Run.

Year 1853: Willow begins to date a young Promathea, named Barnaby. He's a dark, yet charming, sort and she immedately doesn't like him. Something about him reminds of her the man her mother fell so head over heels for. However, before she can truly push the matter with Willow things take a turn for the worse in Felisha's life.

Felisha, having finally moved on past Hadyn and started dating a whimsical noble named Sascha, is abandoned by said lover. The man literally vanishes on her one day and leaves Felisha in tears. Audrey goes to assist her in picking up the peices.

Thankfully, after a month or so, Felisha begins to regain herself. She puts her attention into a new shop idea she had, the Paradise Day Spa. Much to Audrey's surprise, Felisha hires Willow as her personal designer for some things to be sold in the shop as well! As a result, both of Audrey's friendship circles end up becoming one.

Year 1854: When Cera shows up to assist in the grand opening of the spa, the two sister's finally bury the hatchet and agree to talk to onea nother again. This takes a lot of stress off Audrey, since she no longer has to worry about feeling like she's betraying either of them by staying friends with both sides.

Audrey asks Rylin if he will be her “spy” and investigate Barnaby, and his intentions with Willow. He agrees, finding it a good chance to work on his performance skills. Rylin goes to Audrey to give her a report, and rant his ass off, about Barnaby. Audrey tells Willow about how Barnaby stole Rylin’s theater group out from under him. Willow defends Barnaby and instead comes down on Audrey for having vilified and targeted Barnaby. Audrey is shocked and furious by the turn of play.

Fenda talks to Audrey about how shocked she was to learn the Director was behind it all. She seems to attract a lot of stalkers. Audrey suggests her friend may want to take up some kind of self defense.

Cera and Audrey go out for a mani-pedi at Felisha’s spa. While they are there, Audrey lets slip that she was friends with Felisha the entire time Cera and Felisha were fighting. While Cera is initially betrayed by the notion she realizes the situation it put Audrey in. The two become closer friends instead.

Year 1855: During the ball, held in honor of the coronation of the new king, Audrey talks and gets to bond with Chestin Promethea

Year 1856:
 Audrey’s mother snaps one day. She drugs and abducts Ine in her loneliness. A report reaches Audrey about what her mother has done. She is with Felisha and Taisie at the time (with Wilson acting as a guard). Felisha offers to help, Taisie sends Wilson along with them to ensure they come home. Arriving at the mansion her mother stayed at, Audrey and the others interrogate the servants and case the place. They learn of an old estate that was the place her mother was wooed by Alaric in her youth. The place has been abandoned for years though and would make the ideal hiding spot.

Audrey, Wilson and Felisha arrive at the estate to save Ine. They split up and Audrey finds her mother first, she tries to talk her down. However, her mother is acting utterly deranged by this point (Slada’sha corruption of the mind) and attacks. Audrey is forced to kill her own mother.On the way to taking the unconscious Ine back home, Felisha offers what condolences she can.

Year 1857: Felisha is out with Audrey, Cera and Taisie and mentions she has started dating again – Ashton Rudiger! She’s thrilled about it because it means she’s finally over how Sasha walked out on her. However, Taisie isn’t so certain and points out that this could be denial. Felisha dismisses the concern.

Cera mentions her concerns for Felisha to Audrey, who says she will try to talk sense into Felisha.Felisha and Audrey go out shopping. Audrey tries to talk Felisha down but Felisha is adamant this is love and it’s the best thing ever. That is until she sees Jarius from behind while he is out with Ivy. Excited, she rushes over to what she thinks is Sasha only to find she is wrong and breaks down crying.

Year 1859: Audrey has been doing everything she can to find a way to distract Willow from Barnaby but to no avail. She meets Kendra by chance at a party where she was trying to find an eligible young man to interest Willow in. When Kendra picks up on what she’s doing, she learns why and the two women bond over wanting to redirect Willow’s focus for her own sake.