Balor Pyrelight


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Viscount of Corcesa
Mage, Warlock
Shadow King Melchior


Knowledge of Demonology & Knoweldge of Arcane
Knoweldge of Strategy, Block, Psychology (Manipulation), Dancing (Ballroom), Schooled, Teaching, Languages (Ancient Elfin, Arcane, High Arcane & Abyssal)
Athletics, Multiple Opponents, Combat Casting & Reflexes


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Favored (Levian)
Hero Skills
Spell Craft (Unholy), Tame Demon
Unholy Spells

Blood Boil, Spirit Eater, Soul Stealer

Arcane - Aflliction
Agony, Amnesia, Blind, Confuse, Counter Magic, Sleep
Ritual Magics

Summon the Damned

Demonic Contracts
Ashala (Succubus, Abilities: Charm & Drain), Dasaj (Djin, Abilities: Shape Shifting & Memory Theft), Drevak (Minotaur/Behemouth, Abilities: Combat & Regeneration), Vettis (Wraith, Abilities: Portal)


Main Weapon
Staff of Absolution
Nullifies magic attacks directed at the weilder.
A solid metal rod which is topped by a likewise steel skull held by a claw like hand. When spells are directed at Balor the staff absorbs the ether they are made of and converts it into energy he can use for spells of his own.
Other Weapons
Other Accessories
"The Stone of Hell" – Used to open the gate to the Ocean Slada’sha. He has fitted it in the center of an amulet that he wears around his neck."


Eye Color
Toxic Bright Green
Skin Tone
Slim & Slightly Athletic
Hair Color
Light Red Brown
Hair Style
His hair is long, parted to the right - the longest portions fall to his chest.
Height & Weight
5'7" & 120lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears somewhat ornate mage robes in black, red and gold.
Distinguishing Marks
He has blood runes carved into his flesh all along his torso which are his uses of "demons contract". Each binds a unique demon to him which he can then summon via "summons gate". However when he summons the demons take that much more of his sanity..


Studying magic, power (he always needs more to keep what he loves safe), watching Eshana lose herself to magic (she knows she's as twisted as he is, she just wont admit it yet, once she lets go it will be so much better for both of them), Eshana (naturally he is obssesed with her, she is his mother, his sister, even his lover in a way though if he ever tried to push for that out of her it would probably break what tiny shred of sanity he has left), his master (Savarius is a powerful man that has given him everything), Fenda (He is fascinated by her acting and enjoys her kindness and sympathy. There is a danger he will become obsessed with her. ), that Savarius is missing (though he is conflicted with this due to his love/hate attitude towards the man), being Melchior’s favorite
Anyone becomming his sister's lover (None of them are good enough for her, they dont understand he like he does!), useless minions (known to destroy them outright unless they can plead a good case for survival), when others are stronger than him (if they are stronger then they can take things away from him, which is his greatest fear), losing anyone (especially Eshana, he would easily dive before a blade to save her), people who fear magic
Balor is a literal mad genius. Once a gentle and affecionate young man, he was broken by the realization that the things in his life he couldn't bear to part with could still be taken away one day. He bent his psychology around two things: Never losing what he loved EVER again and Eshana. To that end when his sister left him to his deranged fate he fixated on getting her back at his side no matter what it took - including letting his master carve runes into his flesh which allowed him contract more and more powerful demons but cost him his sanity. Each one made the same deal with him: They can have whatever of his mind they please, so long as his memories and love and Eshana remains intact. Naturally even that has become twisted and dark after so much insanity. No one can have her but him and he will never rest until she works with him under their master like before.

That said, outwardly Balor is the picture of a calm studios scholar normally. There is faintly lethal edge to the way he deal with dissapointments and he has no issues destroying a minion that fails in a particular task. He is loyal to Savarius and has no issues sacrificing to the man who taught him everything on a whim. Caution is always wise when dealing with Balor. He enjoys using his powers and contracts on others. He will inflict pain with no remorse.

Losing Eshana (everything he has done for her would be for nothing and his world would end on the spot), realizing he is STILL not strong enough (each time he finds himself weaker then an opponent he becomes that much more obssessed with finding MORE power to ensure he can protect what he loves)
Naturally his greatest quirk is he is insane, despite seeming normal on a casual basis. The lives of those not precious to him mean nothing and can be ended on his whims. While he controls his demons they also control him in many ways. Balor also barely sleeps, the demons bound to his flesh whisper in his mind at all times (typically trying to drive him to darker and darker places and using his obssession with Eshana to do so).


Father / Donor
Jarvis Pyrelight (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Delores Pyrelight (Dead)
Eshana (Sister), Dante (Brother In-Law), Adora (Sister In-Law, Dead), Etricus (Brother In-Law, Dead), Dartanian (Brother In-Law, Dead)
Close Friends
Celith (Sort of)
Savarius (Master & Enemy), Melchior (Master), Jason (Nephew), Donovan (Cousin), Kray (Charcoaled Minion), Danea (Former Minion), Fenda (Friend/ Obsession)


Age & Sex


Year 1773: Balor is born. He has a gentle disposition and many suspect he might become a scholar or preist.

Year 1787: Eshana is betrothed to a young lord, Syrin. The two get along but are never deeply connected. Balor, being young at the time, does not approve since he feels like his sister will forget him.

Year 1803: Their home county is ransacked by Nazcan's. Syrin, who was also a knight, was lost in the attack. Balor had lost many good friends in the attack and had become withdrawn as well. Eshana tried to comfort him, but she found her brother had become rather obsessed with her and their parents. He was terrified to lose them as well and felt he needed more power to protect them, without it he feared he might suffer further losses that he couldn’t bear.

Year 1820: When the Wysterian war went into full swing they were unfortunate enough to be in one of the captured territories. Her and Balor was beaten down, forced in chains onto a ship and deported to Wysteria. They were enslaved under a twisted mage named Savarius.

Every day from that point was a constant struggle. Savarius was known to kill his slaves on a whim for use in magic rituals, you never knew when the next one might be you. Still, the worst came when the siblings were offered to apprentice under him. Both had a strong talent for ritual magic and Savarius could see that. He offered them power.

Balor took it and simply dove into the depths. Eager for the power, eager to ensure his precious sister NEVER left his side. He became the warped creature their captor was and in no time Eshana was not only alone, but terrified. By the time she had the power to be free, to escape the miseries of this slave life, Balor was lost to her. She knew he would not want to escape with her. In fact he would likely turn her in or worse.

So she left on a routine errand and merely failed to come home. Using her far step to put as much distance between her and them as she could before she dared to stop. Naturally when Balor learned of this he was heartbroken. Savarius used this pain to twist him further, offering up demon contracts carved into his flesh to give him more power to bring Eshana home and keep her there.

Year 1840: Balor learns of his sister's romance with a man named James and is furious. Some worthless would-be knight and doctor was not worth his sister. Savarius uses this, explaining that Eshana belongs with them - forever. That the best way to keep her close might be to ritualistically kill Eshana and put her soul into Balor - thus the two of them could literally never be seperate again!

He waits till after the two finish a dinner date and steps up to introduce hismelf. Balor seems deeply upset that his sister has “moved on without him” and blames James. He attacks with demonic magic and when he manages to knock Eshana back and catch James he starts to siphon his soul. Eshana begs him to stop and he suggests a deal. If she comes with him then he’ll leave James alone. She agrees and then gives her farewell to James before being teleported away. This only further cements his dislike of James, who didn't propperly fight for Eshana when he had the chance.

Dante, James & Medea reach the dark tower and they find out Savarius has beaten them to the scene and plans to make Balor siphon his own sister to take her power and “be with her forever”. The heroes dash in, save the day barely in time but Balor and Savarius escape.

After Balor decides he cannot go through with the murder of his sister. He loves her too much, he just wants her to come home. Savarius is dissapointed but plays supportive mentor/father about it, offering more contracts to fuel his desires.

Year 1842: Balor sends mecenaries to capture Eshana but they fail abyssmally. After the surviving leader, Kray, suggests he could help Balor's plans. Balor agrees to let him live becuase he resolves to destroy Eshana's connections so that she will be left as alone as he was once. Then he will step in to save her, proving to her that he was the only one ever truly there for her. Naturally, after, she will have no choice but to remain with him. Kray will be the unsuspected pawn moving things into place for him since Balor himself cannot be spotted.

While plans fall into place, Savarius is appraoched by an old contact he owes a favor to. The man has one request: Kidnap the wife of a man named Gareth who had wronged him. Curropt that wife and eventually use her to destroy Gareth. Balor is sent in person, easily bringing Danea to her knees and using his Amnesia magic on her. After he and Savarius fill her life with lies about how the whole "wife of Gareth" life was a sham. She was an assassin sent to kill him and sadly he found her out - they barely saved her. Now they are training her to be a viable warlock and weapon. With his master often busy with bigger plans, Balor sees to her needs most often.

Finally Balor manages to isolate his sister. When she is brought up for public execution by the Crown (for the crime of being a mage and attacking some knights) he shows up to rescue her. After, he guilt trips her into staying with him with the idea that if she were around maybe he could change. Naturally, his real goal was to change HER.

Year 1843: Demetri and Kevin show up to bring Eshana home. The resulting fight forces Eshana to use her blood magic to an extreme affect, ultimately passing out. When the two men take her away Balor is forced to retreat and make plans to get his sister back another day.

Year 1854: In a plot to turn the others against his sister, Balor disguises himself as a young AEGIS student, Adan. He spends the year attempting to convince the students that Eshana has been stealing and destroying familiars. His tactics are subtle but rather effective in arousing suspicion towards Eshana.

Celith approaches him with a secret: She has recognized. She wants to hide the pregnancy from their Master, Melchior. Balor agrees to help her on the condition that she is in his debt. He plans to ask a big favor of her in the future.

Year 1855: On a trip to the theatre to meet another of his Master’s minions, Balor happens to catch Fenda’s performance of a character that bears a striking resemblance to his sister. Enthralled, Balor remains for the show and speaks to Fenda afterwards. He praises her performance and wishes to meet again. Fenda agrees.

Balor meets Celith to inform her that the Master’s big plan is almost at hand. Celith is still pregnant and needs his help again. He offers her a potion to induce labor, once more reminding her that she owes him.

Balor aids Melchior in his plan to raise “The God of Death” at the underwater Temple of the Ocean Slada’sha. As a reward for his hard work, Balor receives one of the stones that was used to open the gate for the God – The stone of Hell.