Barnaby Promathea


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Royal Duke, Marquis of Sheedan
Theater Troupe Manager
Promathea Castle


Psychology (Diplomacy) & Schooled
Keen Sense (Judge of Character), Psychology, Knowledge of Investigation, Quick Learner, Combat Reflexes, Languages (Ryuko & Phairan), Penmanship, Seneschal
Knowledge of Occult, Pet Care (Dragon), Knowledge of Theater


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Favored (Reail)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Vampiricly Creamy Pale
He is defined but not athletic.
Hair Color
Dark Blue-Black
Hair Style
He has short layered hair that frames his face.
Height & Weight
5'9" & 135lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
A strongly bondage gothic flare of royal attire.
Distinguishing Marks


Cerrin (he was like a father to him and he misses him), proving his intellect to others, when he's right (especially if someone was contesting it), people who surprise him, games of wits, control over others, things that can display "pure" love towards him (mostly animals and Snugs)
Being bored by the reactions of others, being stuck in ruts, when people can be neatly categorized with the rest of the herd, when he is wrong (especially if it was contested), people who claim he's getting "too dark" and needs saving, mercenaries & criminals (he has no sympathy or mercy for them)
Barnaby is socially capable, polite but mischievous and domineering. While he has plenty of social prowess he doesn't have a lot of connection to others (and prefers it that way). He is extremely confidant in his intellect and tends to look down on others - often without realizing it (but not always, he's prone to displays of egotism). He enjoys playing games with other people and seeing what they do in strange or off-the-wall situations.
That he really will wake up and realize he's a monster one day.
Known to do bizarre things just to mess with people and see their reactions. He is extremely egocentric.


Father / Donor
Demetri Promathea
Mother/ Sire
Sheryl Delacrois
Jean (Half Brother)
Willow (Fake Date)
Close Friends
Cerrin (Mentor), Sheldon (Agent), Jean
Christohper (Uncle), Janos II (Uncle), Iradessa (Aunt), Chestin (Cousin), Janos III (Cousin), Kendra (Great Aunt), Chloe (Cousin, Disowned), Cloe (Cousin), Jasper (Cousin), Zoey (Cousin, Dead), Phaedria (Former Betrothed), Fenrir (Former Servant/Enemy), Snugs (Former Pet), Janos III (Cousin/Pain in the Ass)


Age & Sex


Year 1833: Born as the result of a tryst between his father and his mother. Demetri forgets the whole thing, even Sheryl's face frankly. She ends up saddled with a child but is content with that as she realizes that the Promathea family seems cursed. Maybe if she conceals his birthright all the negative things won't find him?

Year 1843: A kidnapping incident causes his age-mate servant, Levi, to be taken with him. They killed the servant when they realized they had the wrong one. Barnaby barely manages to escape and return home.

Terrified and defeated, his mother called upon Demetri and told him of his hidden son. He returned to the capitol and legally claimed the child, making him a ward of the Promathea family and giving him a large escort to ward off attacks.This eventually sparked the ire of Cerrin, the royal advisor, and they began to bond.

Year 1845: Barnaby fights with Demetri over the way Cerrin is dismissing his guards and affecting his personality. After, when Kristee comes over after to watch him Barnaby laments about it to her and she takes his side. She is furious with how Demetri acts towards him. Kristee snaps, feeling only she can keep the boy safe. She abducts him from his bed at clinic and runs off with him in the night.

When he awakens in her captivity, Kristee tries to convince Barnaby that she is doing this for his sake. He plays along while getting her to send easily trackable signals (such as lighting a fire in the fire place to make smoke) to others who might be looking for him. As a result, Jean catches up to Kristee and arrests her, rescuing Barnaby. When he does he is gentler with her since he can see she meant well and loved his little brother.

Year 1853: Sheldon begins to bond with Barnaby while being apart of his guard detial. The dark nobleman tells the knight that he will only be friends with him if he proves worthy by finding the whereabouts of Marlene Madrid (since he wants to help his mentor out).

Sheldon complies and thus becomes one of Barnaby's only "friends" beyond Cerrin.

He also agrees to fake-date Willow when her lies get her in ove her head with the harpies. His terms, however, are that she obeys him at all times.

He later encounters Eidolon and his group. He takes the ring away from Eidolon by force and learns it controls the spirit of Fenrir. He manipulates both until JJ comes and forces his hand to release them.

Year 1854: In Gemini, Kristee’s funeral is held with her friends and family in attendance (Felisha, Karidee, Sable, Virgil, Wyatt – NPC, Nicholas, Iradessa, Cloe, Mikayla, Reiko, Clive, Yulie – NPC, Barnaby, Taren).

Audrey asks Rylin if he will be her “spy” and investigate Barnaby, and his intentions with Willow. He agrees, finding it a good chance to work on his performance skills. Thus, Rylin encounters Barnaby at an art show and chums up to him. He attempts to use the Promathea for funding for a new kind of theater. However, Barnaby has plans of his own…

Rylin invites Barnaby over to discuss the financing and goals of his theater. In the process of this, Barnaby talks Rylin into letting him handle writing up business contracts for the gothic troupe. Rylin focuses on getting Barnaby to bring Willow to a party event so he can see them together and get more intel.

Barnaby brings paperwork to Rylin for the contracts and but he’s got no time to waste since the Legal Prosecution closes his office in a mere half an hour. Among these papers, however, is everything Barnaby needs to take Rylin’s theater troupe away from him. The next morning, Rylin comes into work the next day at his troupe only to find it is no longer his. Barnaby now owns everything because Rylin signed it over to him – which was his plan from the very start of their ‘friendship’.

After, aa friend of Wilow's spurns her to try and talk Barnaby into giving the troupe back but he refuses.

Shortly after, Cerrin and Barnaby take a vacation at the resort the Champion’s League built. As a result, the trap is sprung. Battista, Blaine and Schaw try to distract Barnaby away from Cerrin as it nears its finale, Aros, Tess and Adrian hiding in the wings as the technomancy finally kicks in.

By evening, Barnaby is no longer buying the bullshit and demands to know where Cerrin is from the distracting trio. Sick of it, Schaw just puts a blade to his throat and takes him hostage. Battista is upset about what he learned but runs into JJ. Due to their working together on the incident in Stonehollow, the Lord Spiritual takes a moment to assist him. He brings Battista to talk to Barnaby and informs his family member that he WILL hand back the dragon and he WILL shut up about everything that has happened here because if not JJ has the political power to ruin him. Barnaby and Sheldon have no choice but to be compliant between that and the threat of the Champion’s League itself.

Barnaby brings Battista back to his dragon; they reunite though the poor beast is likely to suffer withdrawals for some time. Unexpectedly, the sincere affection the dragon shows towards having to leave Barnaby warms his heart a little - but they still part company.

Year 1855: Sheldon is in a foul mood for days. When he brings his gloom cloud to work with him, Barnaby gets fed up and demands answers. He tells Barnaby about the situation and Barnaby makes a point to him: there are two kinds of people, those who take and those who are taken from. Sheldon can let this happen, but it will just make him a loser when he could be the winner.

A month later, “Jorrel” attends a party that Barnaby and Sheldon are at (with Sheldon acting as a guard) and naturally totes along his wife-to-be. He flaunts before Sheldon his control over Tabitha but Sheldon can’t do much without evidence of who Jorrel really is.