Blaine Amethyst-Sherbrooke


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Marquis of Argent
Champion's League
Gold Scale Resort


Schooled, Knowledge of Arcane
Athletics, Melee, Seneschal
Dancing (Ballroom), Mount Riding (Dragon), Stealth, Quick Learner


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Wind (Undiscovered)
Hero Skills
Sense Ley Lines, Spell Craft (Arcane)
Arcane Spells

Air: Impact, Soft Fall, Gale, Levitation, Ghost Form, Wind Wall

Arcane: Summon Familair (Aiya)

Favored (Rafiel)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
He is lean and well toned.
Hair Color
Hair Style
He has short hair that frames his face.
Height & Weight
5'10" & 155lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears simple black suits with purple accents.
Distinguishing Marks


His parents (he wishes them well but cannot follow them home), magic, protecting others, reading (reminds him of when he would read with his mother), spending time with Orianna, learning from Adrian
Liars, having to babysit (so beneath him), carrying the dead weight of others, being pitied/looked down on, when people pull one over on him, Aros’ seeming all powerfulness and lack of humility
Blaine combines the best and worst of his parents. He is honest, he tends to think before he acts/speeks and he is noble. He would rather talk before choosing voilence but if he must fight he will beat you till your black and blue. However he has a dark temper which tends to push him too far when he does fight and he is a bit on the bossy side. He also doesn't "empathize" well with others, taking their actions at face value instead of looking for the deeper motivations. This probably stems from his desire to internalize his own problems and refuse to talk about them.
That he will bring shame to his parents.

Blaine can’t see just how good of a life he does have and could have. Instead, he focuses on the negatives of others being stronger and more powerful than he is and lets it drive him to dark places



Father / Donor
Gareth Amethyst-Sherbooke
Mother/ Sire
Danea Amethyst-Sherbooke
Close Friends
Willow, Alessa, Kris, Orianna
Nochomas & Dyson (Uncles, Dead), Orin (Uncle, Dead), Elizabelle (Aunt), Elliot (Cousin), Draven (Uncle), Ymira (Aunt/Mentor), Noru (Cousin), Adrian (Mentor)


Familair (Siamese Cat)
Age & Sex
- / F
Appears to be a seal point siamese with dark ears, boots and tail,light coat, however, being that she is a familiar she is electric blue all over with the "seal points" a darker blue than her over all body color. She has extremely light blue (nearly white) eyes that look almost crossed when she looks directly at you.
Confidant and a little vain. However, she is very chatty even to people that can't talk back to her. She loves the sound of her own voice even when all that comes out is 'meow'. She can be friendly to the right people but has no issue using tooth and nail to let someone know she does NOT like them.


Year 1835: He is born from the recognition of Gareth and Danea, which forces his parents to marry. The two do not begin as lovers but warm up to each other slowly over time - raising a son together helps.

Year 1840: Finally old enough to go to Legacy Institute he begins his early squire work under his father as well.This leads to him bonding with Kris, Willow and Alessa.

Year 1841: In an attempt to ensure her boy is a bit more multi cultural (given he will one day be a duke) Danea has him stay over with the phairans occasionally.

Year 1842: Blaine takes an interest in his mother's magic, more so than his father's love of the sword. Feeling ashamed, since his idolizes his father, he takes a lot of time to work up asking to change professions. Thankfully his parents are supportive and he starts to learn under Adrian - though they don't get very far before the man must leave on business.

Not long after Adrian left though, he lost his mother to bandits. They were out on a trip as a family to one of their territories when they were ambushed. Blaine remembers little of this as he was knocked unconscious and badly hurt during the event. When he woke up after his father was there but his mother had been taken.

Year 1843: During the fall of Cardinal Meridian, Blaine had been at school and expected that his father would come for him. Instead though, his aunt Ymira showed up. She took him to the Tower of Storms to keep him safe and began training him there.

He eventually learned his mother seduced Vanshee, Adrian's lover, and ruined many lives while under the control of evil. While he didn't hate her for it, he found it hard to just ignore it too. When she returned home to Gareth he refused to come, staying behind in the Tower instead.

Year 1853: When Orianna joined the Champion's League on their journey to help Steelhaven he went as well.

Year 1854: Cerrin and Barnaby take a vacation at the Golden Scale resort. As a result, the trap is sprung. Battista, Blaine and Schaw try to distract Barnaby away from Cerrin as it nears its finale, Aros, Tess and Adrian hiding in the wings as the technomancy finally kicks in. By evening, Barnaby is no longer buying the bullshit and demands to know where Cerrin is from the distracting trio. Sick of it, Schaw just puts a blade to his throat and takes him hostage.

Battista reports the issue to Adrian, discovering tiny Cerrin-in-a-bottle in the process and asking what he did to Snugs. Learn that Snugs “adores” Barnaby now and see what Batty wants to do with it. Battista is upset about what he learned but runs into JJ. Due to their working together on the incident in Stonehollow, the Lord Spiritual takes a moment to assist him. He brings Battista to talk to Barnaby and informs his family member that he WILL hand back the dragon and he WILL shut up about everything that has happened here because if not JJ has the political power to ruin him. Barnaby and Sheldon have no choice but to be compliant between that and the threat of the Champion’s League itself.

Year 1858: As the Champion’s League hears about the attacks by Meteal against Wysteria, he pulls his forces from the Dawnbringer roster. He isn’t sure how he feels about the loss of his people but he does know something that powerful isn’t going to be solved while everyone is still in recovery!

Orianna and Blaine attempt to support Adrian during this emotionally confusion time.

Year 1859: Bored one afternoon, the League does a two-on-two sparring bout. Blaine teams up with Orianna against Aros. He swears he needs no sidekick and he proves to be right. Seeing just how overpowered he is, it makes Blaine realize how UNDER powered he is and he actually ends up really grouchy after.

Orianna tries to talk to Blaine about how power doesn’t matter, so much as how you use it, but he doesn’t want to hear it.