Brynn Sunseeker


Soul Name
Knight Commander, Champion
Arcane Sanctum, Order of the Radiant Sun
Arcane Sanctum


Melee (Sword), Knowledge of Battle Tactics
Politics (Arcane Sanctum), Psychology (Diplomacy), Ambidextrous, Keen Sense (Sight), Intimidation
First Aid, Dancing (Ballroom), Innovation


Species Powers
Empathy, 6th Sense
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Willpower, Dual Two-Handed Weapons, Ignore Pain, Shaytan Affinity, Shockwave
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Dragon’s Tooth
It’s said that the sword will never break until the end of the Sunseeker line.
A scimitar style blade with a sun burst along the dull side.
Other Weapons

Moonlight: It glows in the presence of Shaytan corruption.
A bright white sword that’ shorter than Dragon’s Tooth with a black hilt.

Armor of Strength
It gives a strength boost to the wearer and has a minor healing spell worked into it that will keep the wearer alive – like a regen.
The armor is black with gold sun bursts etched into it.


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Lightly Tanned
More lean than muscular, Brynn gives the impression of a hunting cat in motion.
Hair Color
Hair Style
His hair is short, wavy and falls to just below his ears.
Height & Weight
6' & 190lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He generally wears his armor. When not in his armor, he can be found in soft leather pants and a billowy shirt.
He has a family ring of black and white stone that family legend says holds some sort of power though no one in his family knows what it is.
Distinguishing Marks
He has a scar on his neck from an orc’s arrow and another large scar on his stomach. He has many smaller scars from fighting.


The odd peace that comes over him in the middle of a battle, books, animals, the people under his command, battle planning, thinking on his feet
Insubordination (he believes that if the Order of the Radiant Sun is to stay strong everyone needs to know their place in it), death of his people, Umbralight, how the most carefully laid plans unravel during battle, disorder, Shaytan
Brynn is a person who can make the hard decisions. He doesn’t shy away from it or from the consequences of those decisions. He takes it upon himself to go see the families of the people he loses under his command whether the family member wants to scream at him or reminisce with him. He’s an island of calm in a sea of chaos and no one has ever seen him lose his temper. He can see the big picture that others sometimes miss.
Dying badly whether in battle or by accident, letting down the people under his command
When he is thinking, he can stare right through someone in an unnerving manner, he carries the guilt of the dead with him at all times (it’s a heavy load to bear)


Father / Donor
Caleb Sunseeker (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Phylia Sunseeker (Dead)
Close Friends
Regis (Dead), Baldir (Dead), Theos
Chantria (Cousin), Saren (Cousin), Mikaryn (Cousin, Revenant), Disidia (Cousin, Undead), Eliza (Aunt, Undead)


Age & Sex


Year 1559: Brynn is born after years of his parents trying to have a baby. He was the apple of his parent’s eye and they gave him the best of everything. He spends much of his formative years with Disidia, Chantria and Saren – since they are all cousins and family tends to celebrate many of the same holidays together (more so as royalty).

Year 1570: Brynn takes an interest in sword fighting and other such warrior skills of the trade. He is apprenticed under a knight.

Year 1575: Brynn becomes a knight of his nation.

Year 1723: Brynn meets Regis and Baldir when they are young. He is required to attend the royal marriage celebration for the Kingdom of Gara. Given their age difference he doesn’t pay them much attention at the time.

Year 1741: Something changes in his homeland, but while their signs are all there he has no concept of what it is until it is too late. When Disidia is brought up on charges of treason, he finds himself doubting the will of his aunt and uncle. When he tries to liberate his cousin from the gallows he finds unexpected back up in the form of a, now grown, Baldir and Regis (with Caius and Rhianna along for the ride). They attempt to stop it but fail and everyone turns to ruin.

Brynn’s parents are killed in the Summer Festival of Slaughter. Brynn believes it is one of his greatest failures that he wasn’t there to protect his parents from being killed. If he had only been able to reach them in time, he would have saved them.

While escaping the conflict he finds Moonlight on one of the bodies and uses it to defend Baldir and Caius while they drag away a grieving Regis. His loyalty and bravery earn their respect quickly.

Year 1742: When the Solarian people come to Gara for help in rebuilding their home, the nation is all too happy to assist. During this time, Brynn learns to both respect and have an affection for Regis and his strong diplomatic prowess. He also spends a lot of time working under Baldir, whom he gains a rueful friendship with – though the Garan often tests the limits of his tolerance.

Year 1763: Brynn takes an arrow to the throat while battling the Umbralight during their uprising. He is grievously wounded and wouldn’t have survived except for the healing magic oh his armor that managed to keep him alive until the healers could save him.

After his recovery he learns of the fate of King Regis and mourns his loss, adding it to the pile of lives he failed to save thus far. When Caius follows swiftly behind, due to a callous trap of the Umbralight, Brynn works with Theos to back up Baldir and take the monsters out. The grief piled upon the Garan military commander, now turned King by default, causes Brynn to extend him a lot more leeway on a personal level.

Attempting to help the people, and Baldir, allows him to grow closer to Theos – who is struggling to do much of the same.

Year 1766: During the Night of Madness, Brynn helps hold back the Shaytan during the Night of Madness and earns his Champion designation for holding off the Shaytan while wounded. Baldir is killed in the battle, something Brynn attempts to stop and falls just short of. In fact, it is during the battle that he gains the scar on his stomach.

Year 1799: Brynn boards the Arcane Sanctum to help battle the Shaytan/Slada’Sha threat. He is made the Kinght Commander.