Calliope Malito


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Merchant (Baker)
Emlen Mansion


Cooking & Fine Art (Painting)
Seneschal, Dancing (Ballroom), Mathematics, Politics (Aether), Mount Riding (Side-Saddle & Shows), Pet Care (Horses), Knoweldge of Recipes
Herbal Lore (Spices), Animal Trianing (Horses), Culture (Phaira), Langauge (Phairan), Finances


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Dark Blue
Skin Tone
Very Pale Peach
She is lean but healthy.
Hair Color
White Blonde
Hair Style
Her hair falls long and thick to her midback. She wears the side-locks braided back with the majority of her bangs combed over to the left in a very Disney's Ariel style.
Height & Weight
5'6" & 120lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
She wears a simple gay dress with no decorations and loose but short sleeves.
Distinguishing Marks
She has permanantly rosey cheeks even without make-up.


Horses (even to just be near them or sneak them an apple), home making (in the classic sense, dressing up a living space to bring in more light or make it feel more lived in), the Basset family (they have been very kind to her when the world was not), the more ornate desert sweets (they are like tiny works of art), painting (mostly to dress up things she already has at the moment, like painting a boring vase into something gorgeous or sprucing up cups and cabinets), sunny days, music, reading her favourite books, adding little splashes of bright colours to her life (like bright flowers or a brightly coloured pillow), saving money, fresh baked bread straight out of the oven, pleasant time with her friends
Losing money or spending it frivolously, gloomy rainy days, having to wear drab dark colours (but hey, they're cheaper!), the colour black, big scary barking dogs, arrogant high-bornes who look down on her or are cruel to lowbornes, brussel sprouts, rude people, people being cruel to animals (especially horses), her step mother, stuck up Phairan women
Calliope is easy to spot as a high-borne woman fallen on hard times because she tends to carry herself in a genteel way but quietly and without arrogance. Especially in situations where she feels out of her depth this is true. The first impression people get of her is of a gentle, sweet, lady. That is generally true but she's also a bright woman with a pragmatic side that's helped her survive, earn and save what wages she can. She likes to find little things to be happy about, as a way to keep going, even if she tends to be private about it - like putting a little vase of flowers on her table or enjoying a sunny day. She's careful and polite around high-borne people, because she remembers all too well what they can be like. She's starting to think more like low-borne people when it comes to how high-bornes are, and has over the years developed some solid friendships, such as with the Basset family.
Losing all she owns and truly becoming a homeless pauper in the gutters, being attacked by a big dog
Sunny days brighten her mood and make her feel more optimistic. But rainy, cloudy days make her feel moody and a long stretch of gloomy weather can be depressing. She also has a thing for bright colours. Not to wear, but in her life.


Father / Donor
Paris Marlito (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Ophelia Marlito (Dead), Vishka Sheibani (Step Mother)
Zayne (Son)
Close Friends
Elodie (Boss), Sally, Drew, Tabitha, Ashlyn & Clover (Distanced), Odin (Soulmate), Camellia


Domestic Pet
Age & Sex
6 / M
A dark gray wolf with blue eyes.
Hyper, loving, devoted, defensive


Year 1824: Things were mostly ideal when Callie was born. Her father had married a woman from outside the family with no real wealth to offer because he loved her. He was the last of his family and while he was still a noble he wasn't _the_ land holder. This left him with a lot of cash and very few responsabilities beyond spoiling his happy family with his attention.

Year 1829: She shows a fondness for horses and quickly takes to learning to ride and care for them.

Year 1834: Callie's happy family life starts to crumble when her mother is targeted by criminals looking to blackmail her father for a share of the profits from the mines he governed for the local Baron. While he complies they still kill his wife and he is devistated.

Little Calliope tries to support her father but she's ten and its hard on her too. To distract herself she begins doing horse shows of various sorts, learning to even train the animals a bit in the process.

Year 1838: A part of her father's duties become fostering relationships with Phaira. While he's overseas he meets and falls for the sensual and empowered Vishka.

The day she came into the house was the end of happiness in Callie's home. Her father was blinded by the gorgeous woman. He let her run things, he trusted her judgement on everything and he even forced Callie to learn more about her culture and langauge. However his daughter found less and less room for her was made. Her new mother looked at her as a foreign element in the house and merely ignored her despite multiple attempts to bond.

Year 1839 - Year 1840: When the Aetherian-Phairan War breaks out, several political hostages are taken and her father is amoung them. Vishka goes back home without a word to her, as many of the Phairan's did then, leaving her struggling with the demands of the mines and various other tasks at the age of 15.

When she was 16 though the news came in that most of the political prisoners were killed by assassins trying to spark the war further. Her father was amoung them. Worse? He left the lands to his wife before her - thinking Vishka would care for her.

Vishka came home, collected her dues, then left Callie only enough to pay one month of rent in a terrible little shack before she went back to her home nation. Her parting words were equivalently: "Don't say I never did anything for you."

Year 1843: Callie had been taking on desperate odd jobs where she could but had nothing to really show for it. Then the capitol of Cardinal Meridian broke into all out war and was consumed by darkness. Like many of the refugees this destroyed what little she had and she fled with the to Shade's Run.

However, upon arrival, Elodie hired her for help opening her new Bakery. It was the chance of a life-time and she leapt on it. She quickly learned that while she loved baking, she also adored the Basset family. They took her in like one of their own, inviting her to outtings sometimes and making her feel like she had a home again.

They even helped her find a new "home" in the city to call her own.

Year 1853: Calliope discovered a strange bag in the bakery's storeroom that filled with an odd powder that didn't look like anything the bakery used. Fearful of illegal activity going on and that it might reflect badly on the Bassets - who she knew were innocent! - , she took a small sample to the Knights, who confirmed it was a powerful - and forbidden - drug.

Kathleen Hawking agreed to help her catch the culprit by pretending to be a peasant girl newly employed at the bakery. The knight suspected the drug dealer might be an employee of the bakery. She shadowed Callie at work and eventually they both noticed another worker, Andy, acting shady. They managed to catch him in the act and Kathleen thanked Calliope for the help, although Callie felt that Kathleen did the majority of the work!

Grateful to have that dealt with without any harm to the Bassets' reputation, Calliope returned to a busy but simple life at the bakery.

Year 1854: She recognized a nobleman - and not just any nobleman...but Odin Emlen, Count of Voltaire and friend of the royal family! What's more, the count was overjoyed at the recognition and immediately doted on Calliope as the mother to be of his child. Although surprised and still adjusting to being pregnant and recognized, Calliope is taking it in stride, certain this will mean a better future.

Mid-month in Sagittarius, Calliope talked with Odin about what his being married and having a child will mean for her and her child. The next day, Odin talked to his wife about this. Although Camellia was hurt and furious about the situation, she agreed to try and make it work. A few days later, Camellia attempted to bond with Calliope. It was a small step forward for both of them. Calliope felt cautious and unsure but appreciated how difficult it was for Camellia.

Year 1855: Calliope gave birth to a son, Zayne. Odin was with her as their child is born, overjoyed to be a father. But there was a big elephant in the room nobody was talking about: Odin now had two sons to inherit - Baron, thought to be legitimate but secretly is not actually his, and Zayne, who is his son but illegitimate since Odin wasn’t married to Calliope at the time.