Camellia Emlen


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Viscountess of Voltaire
Merchant (Jade Garden Resturuant)
Emlen Mansion (w/ Husband)


Seneschal (Buisness), Keen Sense (Judge of Character)
Cosmetics, Mount Riding (Horse), Schooled, Intrument Playing (Grand Harp), Dancing (Folk & Ballroom), Knowledge of Politics (Aether), Cooking, House Keeping, Finances
Fine Art, Child Care, Penmanship


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Dark Blue
Skin Tone
Pale Cream Peach
She is slender and feminine.
Hair Color
Wheat Brown
Hair Style
She has long hair with which falls to her chest level. She typically wears it up in a high ponytail when working and down in two over the shoulder pigtails casually.
Height & Weight
5'7" & 120lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
She wears double layered summer dresses that are long to her ankles but are sleeveless. All of her dresses are airy and flow easily as she likes the feeling of free movement.
Distinguishing Marks


How brave Ivy can be, dancing, making meals for others (and watching them enjoy it), art (but she's rarely had the reason to take it up seriously), playing music at the Jade Garden, the romantic notion of "True Love" (which is to say somewhere out there is ONE person meant to be the love of your life), when Odin gives her his undivided attention, Baron (he is truly her heart), she loves Zayne as though he is her own child and doesn't blame him for the situation surrounding his birth
When Ivy acts weak (she's the strongest of them both and needs to stay strong!), people who mistreat others, being treated like a side of meat by others, being outright ignored, rude customers, others touching her harp (it's very delicate), seeing friends or loved ones sad, when business goes bad (rarely has lately though!). That Baron is not Odin’s son and she can’t seem to have a child with Odin. Baron leaving and being so far away. She doesn’t hate Calliope or Zayne but she is jealous of the attention Odin gives to his second family. When Zayne pulls the your not my mom card on her.
Camellia is a woman who tends to linger in the shadows more then she should. She is bright, insightful and optomistic, not to mention more determined then even she gives herself credit for. A loyal friend, she will drop everything to help those she cares about. She is not a floormat though, more then willing to tell you when you've crossed the line, though her lines are typically harder to cross then others. She has a very gentle heart, allowing her a lot of room for compassion towards others and she typically sees the best in them even if they cannot see it themselves. She is a devoted and loving mother, Baron is her everything but she worried at times if she is doing the right thing. She allows Odin to smother their son, in hopes that he will never resent to boy. With the death of her parents she has vowed to honor them by being the daughter they wanted her to be. Along with this she has thrown herself into trying to please her husband, not wanting to lose him to.
That she will lose Odin and not be the wife he deserves. That someday Odin's resentment may cause him to hate her and Baron, and end things between them
When Camellia puts her mind completely to a task she will not stop until she has finished it - this includes sleeping or eating unless sternly reminded.


Father / Donor
Daryl Yarrow (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Daryl Yarrow (Dead)
Odin (Husband)
Baron (Son), Zayne (Adopted Son)
Close Friends
Ivy (Best Friend & Soulmate), Zoey (Dead), Jason, Jarius, Cera, Hadyn, Ki Lin (Teacher), Tyler (Soulmate)
Carlos (Ex-Boyfriend), Calliope (Mother of Odin's Son)


Age & Sex


Year 1816: Born to a happy couple who had the choice to marry for love instead of money, Camellia's young life is dream like to many.

Year 1820: Camellia meets Ivy at a ball held by Ivy's family. The two hit it off and a best friends within the month.

Year 1829: Daryl and Janet opt to focus all their attention on their thriving resturuant in the capitol: The Jade Garden. Given the high population thanks to the ryuko influx the place needs more of their time then ever. As a result Camelllia is forced to move with them and say good bye to Ivy except as a pen-pal. Given how close they were they both opted to share soulnames to become soul sisters before Camellia finally departed.

Year 1831: Word comes that Ivy's parents are sending her to study at Legacy Institute. The money they've poured into her has nearly bankrupted them and they cannot afford dorm fees or to come with her in the move so she stayed with the Yarrow family. The friends are reunited.

Year 1832: Camellia meets what she thinks might be the love of her life: Carlos. He's sauve, charming and energetic. However after a month of dating he begins to avoid her completely. She leaves letters at his house constantly and is concerned he's in trouble... that is until Ivy and her run into him at a ball for a Viscountess' birthday. Turns out he's been seeing this woman for a week now and he acts like he doesn't even KNOW Camellia ("Why would I know some peasant like her?"). Broken hearted, she takes some comfort in the way Ivy tells him off but has yet to really recover from being used like that.

Year 1834: Cammy will always remember that day at the Jade Garden when Carlos came and would be loss in what to do if it was not for Odin and his friends. The trip to Phairia was amazing and she soon realized that she truly cared for Odin. Only problem was once they returned home she realized Odin was not ready to settle, and was a womanizer. But Cammy saw that there was more to Odin and she kept trying to gain his full attention.

That attention was given but not for the best, when her parents tried to help her with Odin and instead insulted him. With anger and frustration at the way Odin was treating her in front of everyone she slapped him, and that was the last she saw of him, or so she thought. Odin had disappeared and no one knew what had happened to him, she felt bad that the last time she may have ever seen him was with being angry at him.

At the same time Ivy fell in love with Jarius, Jarius was then betrothed to Zoey, and everything was falling apart.

Months later Odin returned with Jason and she was happy, nervous and angry all at the same time. It did not help as he too was avoiding her. After the tournament between Jarius and Jason, it seemed like Odin was finally going to open up. Though they are now talking and even flirting and Cammy realized that Odin is that true love, now only to get him to see it.

Year 1835: She learns that Ki Lin, her sculpture class teacher, is an old flame of Odin's and doesn't feel she can "compete" with her.

Year 1836: She hires a nobleman desperate for employement: Hadyn. However he is lazy and arrogant, hardly the ideal worker. She leans heavily on a fellow employee, Cera, for help with him. Eventually, Hadyn is literally left with no choice but to taste bitter humility and ask Camellia and Cera for help on how to actually work. Odin sees this and thinks Camellia may be “flirting” with Hadyn! Replaced him even! He picks her up after work and starts a fight. This time Camellia doesn’t back down, barking back as good as she gets. The passion incites Odin to kiss her and the two become passionate but Camellia puts down the breaks and reminds him she’s not some floozy. If he isn’t serious then they need to stop.

Later, in a fluke accident, while the “boys” (Odin, Jarius & Jason) are out on the town for Jarius’ bachelor party, an out of control carriage nearly hits Jason. Without thinking Jarius reacts and takes the blow in his place, taking severe damage all over his body and coming very close to death. It is four days before Jarius awakens. The support group has been taking turns at his bedside and the person with him at the time he wakes up is Odin. Things are good except something about Jarius isn’t quite right and Odin can’t place what it is until a messenger sent to retrieve the others brings in Ivy and Camellia at last (them being the last to get to the scene) and Jarius has no idea who the girls are. His memories seemingly end just weeks before he ever met them. Dante enters in and assures them memory loss is fairly normal with head injury and the loss of blood – however there is nothing to say when or IF his memory will return. Dhalia having jumped on this chance, Talia warns Ivy, Odin, Camellia & Jason. All of them are “banned” from the house though. That’s when Zoey and JJ show up with an offer to FORCE them into the party happening on the 19th for Halina’s birthday.

Halina’s birthday party becomes the site of a major show down. The royal duke and duchess walk into the party with everyone Dhalia has refused and between them and Halina (who likes Odin & Jason just fine) she is overridden about it. However, to her pleasure, Jarius immediately assumes that his friends merely “brought a date” and that Ivy is Jason’s girl. A fight breaks out between Jarius’ to be wife and Ivy, the former pushing the later into the pool the location is held around. Jason makes to jump in after her – aware that Ivy’s injury may prevent her from getting to the surface fast enough – but Jarius suddenly remembers. He remembers wanting to save her and being frozen, unable to reach her. In a moment he snaps and dives in after her. The two reunite and Jarius calls off the wedding. He then asks Ivy if she’s up for a third “take” on their marriage.

Year 1837: Camellia, Jason, Ivy, Jarius and even Ki Lin hold an intervention on Odin’s drinking issues. They suggest he go to Rylin’s AA group for help.

Year 1839: Odin offers an ultimatum to Camellia. He cannot truly tell if she is his true love unless she lets him sleep with her, at least once. The two become lovers.

After sleeping with Odin she believes she is pregnant and tells him. Everything seems fairy tale perfect as Odin was more than pleased to be a father. But after a few months and not showing she finds out from Jason that she had only the stomach flu and wasn’t really pregnant. Both are disappointed by it but he shows her that he is serious about their relationship when he shows her that he had bought a ring for her. She is happy that he finally wants to be in a serious relationship.

Soon after she approaches her parents about retiring and letting her take over the business feeling it is time for them to finally rest after doing everything to insure she had a happy childhood. They agree to on one condition is Odin was alright with it, not wanting their little girl to mess up a relationship that could raise her status. He agreed to it if and only if it was changed to the Emeline name and ran the way they decided it to be ran.

Year 1842: Thinking everything was turning out perfect, running the Garden knowing Odin would soon propose she didn’t think anything could go wrong that was until she found out the girl she took in to work in the Garden was opening a rival company near the Garden. She felt angry and betrayed by Cera vowing to be the better restaurant. Soon after Odin finally proposed to her and she was more than happy to accept it.

Soon after she was able to meet Odin’s brother glad to meet a new family member she also came to realize Jason was her only friend not happily in love and her new mission was to find him someone special. Not realizing that soon after her life depended on finding him that someone special or she would be the Collector's next victim.

Year 1843: During the fall of the capitol her live broke around her as she watched bother her mother and father die crushed by the Jade Garden being destroyed, the only person keeping her together being Odin.

Camellia appraoches Odin about rebuilding the Jade Garden better than ever before and he agrees to help her. Camellia recognized Tyler, Odin's elder brother! Their whole life flies into a tail spin. Odin isn't sure he can touch the woman who slept with his brother or raise a child that isn't his. Their marraige plans go on hold and for a time it seems like they might be lost forever.

Kelase’ comes to kill Cammy since Jason doesn’t have anyone for him to steal and time is up. Gen gets in the way and when he learns the score he claims to be Jason’s lover. He is taken by Kelase’ instead. Camellia runs to tell Jason what happened. Jason resolves to go rescue Gen, despite knowing he doesn’t have the skill to do so. Thankfully, Kelase’ throws the fight since he’s not that much into murder anymore. After the incident Odin and Camellia reconnect. Cammy is unwilling to lose the man she loves and her stubborness eventually erodes Odin's drama. They begin again.

Year 1844: Camellia gives birth to her and Tyler’s son, Baron. A month later they marry. Odin takes to spoiling the boy rotten.

Year 1853: Camellia wants to increase the cultural fusion of her business - it had been her parents that had lived and traveled to the Land of Dragons that made the Jade Garden. Now she would like to visit places of her own to get ideas. She talks with Odin about a family vacation to a foreign nation which is he okay with. A parent-teacher night is held at the Legacy Institute. Camellia is busy with a wedding event at the Jade Garden, which leaves him at his father’s mercy. Odin decides the best thing EVER would be to show up in matching outfits! Baron tries to dissuade him but cannot bring himself to refuse his father when he sees how excited he is about this.

Year 1854: Calliope talks with Odin about what his being married and having a child will mean for her and her child. Odin tries to smooth things over with Camellia, who is naturally hurt and furious with him. Despite her feelings, Camellia agrees to try and make this work. Camellia tells Ivy about the situation, Ivy tries not to be amused about the ironic twist of fate after Camellia told HER to accept back Jarius. By the end of their talk, Ivy decides she needs to talk to Odin. Ivy and Odin have a rather passionate talk about his hiding everything from Camellia. Camellia goes to the Temple confession to look for guidance on why the Gods would do this to her family (Forint is the priestess working the confession booth at the time). Camellia attempts to bond with Calliope, trying to get her help at the restaurant with a catering party that could use some baked goods. Camellia talks with Baron to see if he’s excited about a future sibling or not. Instead, Baron tells her he is signing up for a school in Phandaria because he cannot stand to stay here. After Baron takes off, Camellia breaks the news to Odin that their eldest has left to live elsewhere because of the situation at home.

Year 1855: Calliope gives birth to a son, Zayne. Odin is with her as their child is born and everyone tries not to think of the elephant in the room: Odin now has two sons to inherit. One is actually not his (Baron) but everyone thinks it is. The other is actually his (Zayne) but the boy will be illegitimate since Odin wasn’t married to the mother at the time.

Cammy sponces Larisa in her art studio.

Year 1859: A thief broke into Larisa’s shop the night before, she’s devastated of course and Danielle is the knight given the task of looking into her case and trying to find the lost art pieces. Sadly though, most cases like this one go unsolved and Danielle knows that. The worst part is that the portrait of Jasper has been stolen too!