Celisdane Starfire


Soul Name
Arcane Sanctum
Arcane Sanctum


Stealth, Aim
Ranged (Archery), Anatomy (Vital Points), Athletics (Combat Reflexes), Dancing (Ballroom), Cosmetics, Dodge, Hunting, Innovation, Mounted Combat, Mount Riding, Pet Care, Quick Draw, Schooled
Tracking, Unarmed Combat, Wilderness Survival, Cooking, Larceny


Species Powers
Sending, 6th Sense
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Elemental Ammunition, Poison Shot, Sharpshooter, Tri-Shot, Summon Ammunition
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Duskfall Bow
A steel and crimson wood bow with a vibrant read pull chord. Its very wicked in metallic design, akin to a Klingon Batleth.
Other Weapons
Duskfall Armor Set (Mail)
A red, maroon and gray armor set with a mixtuer of plate and scale mail. It comes with a large cloak that has a deep hood for concealing the wearers face.
Other Accessories
Waystone (Set to: Arcane Sanctum), Pet Tag (Summons/Dissmisses Combat Pets)


Eye Color
Forest Green
Skin Tone
Pale Pink
Slender & Athletic
Hair Color
Auburn Red
Hair Style
She has straight hair with only a few layers to it, it falls to her upper back but she keeps it in a mid-high ponytail. The bangs and some side locks are left out to frame her face; they are combed to the left.
Height & Weight
5'8" & 180lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
She is very proud of her armor and wears it often. However, in the event she must dress casually she tends to wear a maroon colored halter style top with laces up the arms instead of the front or back. The shirt is off the shoulder but doesn't cut down into her clevage indecently. She has matching breeches that lace up the sides and some black thigh high boots. She wears short black gloves with no fingers.
Her ears are peirced up high but she doesn't tend to wear more then studs or small hoops in them. 
Distinguishing Marks


Animals (they listen and never judge), she claims to like alone time but the truth is she likes company more (so long as she feels its positive company), enchanting (its a gift from her that no one slanders), wounded souls (living or dead, they are one of the few things she can empathize with), people who can read her (she's yet to find them though), compliments, proving others wrong (and herself right), doing what someone said she couldn't, feeling as though she has a sense of purpose or is needed
Seraph who go around banishing shit (one: she has her own ghosts and she will kill anyone who banishes them, two: try some therapy first!), short cuts, cheating, traitors, people talking about her behind her back, two-faced people, being looked down on, feeling that she contributes nothing worthwhile to society, being hand-held or coddled, when her feelings are dismissed by others, being ignored, indian giving, being forced to act or lie (because she is well aware she sucks at it), failing (especially if she was trying to prove something), losing (again, especially if she was trying to prove herself), nicknames (she always assumes they are insults), people telling her how to feel, her feelings for Ravengale (and how little they matter), how Shaynessa always absorbs all the good things in her life
Celisdane is a bizzare dichotomy in that she acts with confidence at all times (and the utmost of it) but in truth doubts (or has zero faith) in anything she is actually doing. She acts mature, bold, proud and as though no ones opinions matter to her. Instead, she is childish, obstinate and cosntantly worried about people either not liking or her thinkging she isn't good enough. Her desire to demand approval from others, instead of asking for it, lends to her being extermely determined - sometimes to the point of absurdity. She does not empathize well with others and thus makes for a poor liar/actress.
She fears Ravengale was the only person on the planet insane enough to put up with her and that by rebuking him she will spend her life alone. She also fears her family has always been right: She's worthless and a waste of time.
Celisdane is controlled by her emotions and extremely willfull, she will not apologize for acting on those feelings either.


Father / Donor
Kendric Starfire
Mother/ Sire
Lystrasia Starfire
Shaynessa (Sister), Ravengale (Brother In-Law), Open (Brother)
Close Friends
Illyria, Zanzas, Kariel, Theos
Saren ( Former Leader & Role Model), Kaleth (Former Mentor), Ravengale (Former Betrothed)


Dire Procupine (Spirit)
Age & Sex
- / M
A red luminscent ghost of a dire porcupine, it is the size of a wildcat with extremely long quills and sharp fangs.
Stoic, defiant, anti-social


Year 1721: Celisdane was the middle child in her family and her parents were keen to let her know it. She had an older brother who was everything they needed to uphold the family name through marraige and take over the title when they passed. As a result there was little need for Celisdane. The upside was they also paid little attention to her and she often snuck out to have fun elsewhere.

Her favorite way of getting attention as a child was to sneak up behind people and shock them with a loud "boo!". The result was that her parents were always annoyed with her lack of maturity and tomboyish antics. Meanwhile her sibglings took to jokingly calling her "boo".

Given her families rank she also grew up friends with other nobles, such as Chantria and Prince Saren and the Crowned Prince Disidia.

Year 1733: She shows a strong aptitude to work as an archer, especially given how she loved to sneak around and hide places for attention. When an instuctor in the art pointed this out, at Celisdane's insistance since she knew her parents would never lsiten to her, they were furious. They refused and sent the man, Kaleth, packing.

That night she snuck out of her room and chased him down. He wasn't thrilled about her running away from home to be taught by him but he could also see she lacked for options. He ultimately agreed to teach her. Most of her survival was due to the fact that both she and Kaleth were stealth and sniper fighters which kept them out of the thick of any major battles.

Year 1735: Her love of what she was doing would eventually be her undoing. She obtained her wild companion when she encountered the lonely and seething spirit of a dire procupine. It was the spirit of a felled Marksman that wanted revenge for its master and she empathized with the lonely creature. She offered to let it fight with her and if they ever found the one who killed his master she would stop at nothing to help him obtain his revenge. She renamed the creature to Malefiic.

The issue was Malefic was no dog. He was not to be told to sit or stay. So he crawled right alongside her everywhere she went and when her family's men did find her and drag her home the procupine was snipping at them defensively. Naturally her parents were disgusted. No propper and self respecting Solarian was going to be a filthy mud loving wild ranger! She refused to quit and demanded her right to do as she pleased.

Her mentor came at the last moment to back her up and vouche for her as a gaurdian until she was 16. They threw up their hands and told her not to come home until she was ready to be a LADY. She assured them she would NEVER come home.

Year 1738: Time proves to Celisdane's parents that she is sticking to her guns and not returning home. However they are given a family merger proposition too good to pass up so they betroth her, without her even present, to Ravengale. A good man, and a paladin, he took off to protect his wife in the feild. It went without saying that she was NOT happy to see him.

Celisdane took to trying to ditch him, insulting him and generally being wicked to the poor man. The worst part was, in the quiet of the night when no one was there to know it, she knew he was a good man. He might even be a great husband. She just coudln't accept someone who wanted to shelter her like a court flower and marry her without knowing her.

Year 1740: Celisdane received a letter from the Crowned Prince Disidia. The prince worried something was not right with his family and wanted the help of someone good at stealth - naturally his childhood friend "boo" came to mind. When she met with him to talk about it, she was impressed that he didn't bring up or seem to care she was an Arcane Archer. Instead he treated her like anyone else and went right to business. It was a small gesture from him that earned a lifetime of loyalty from her.

Year 1741: The Summer Festival of Slaughter takes place. Despite her hard work, any warnings Celisdane's investigations could have made were too little too late. Like a video game heroine, she got word and ran home with it but found everything enacted when she arrived. She managed to escape the corruption because she was so far outside the central area when it hit.

Year 1746: She signs on as a Marksman to the Radiant Sun alliance between the Solarians and Gara.

Year 1755: She meets Theos who is giving out missions and coordinating efforts to push back the Shaytan. He adds her to his team to go and try to plotically negoaite peace between the Radian Sun, the Umbralight and the Underoot (specifically an action of non-hostility from the Underoot). It goes poorely and she aids the mage in getting out of harms way and back to Divinity Peak. The others in the group were Kariel, Chantria and Ravengale. The latter she says very little to.

Year 1799: She joins the Marksman who are going on the Arcane Sanctum. She wants to stay close to her friends, even if she wants to pretend to want distance from Ravengale.

Year 1817: She is assigned on jobs with Zanzas, who is often antagonized/followed around by Kaija. She sympathizes with his having an unwanted suitor and the two bond, becoming friends. As a result she eventually is reconnected with Chantria(though the two never get along well given Chantriais far more the traditional/ideal Solarian) and Kariel (who constantly tries to wingman for Ravengale with her).

Year 1840: Celisdane's little sister, Shaynessa, is born. The girl proves to become the bane of her existence because she is everything the family every wanted for a daughter. She is bubble, gorgeous and obedient. Better yet, she is sparkly eyed about the prospect of a future husband and family.

Year 1855: Celisdane and Ravengale disucss their situation, as he doesn't plan to dodge his social obligation forever but she does. To her surprise, Celisdane finds that the years of Ravengale following her have caused her to fall for him. However, he couldn't care less about her beyond serving his people by marrying her (that is how she took the convorsation anyways). She is heart broken and bitter as the two go different ways.

The matter is only made worse when he informs her parents and accepts a redirect to her little sister, only 16 at the time, and the two are happily wed within the year!

Year 1856: Her sanity in the realm of Ravengale and Shyanessa only worsen after she is the last person to hear about Shaynessa's preganacy. She feels that Ravengale should have taken the moment to tell her in person rather than her hearing about it from gossipers in the local tavern.