Celith Silvertone


Aetherian (H) / Wysterian
Soul Name
Mage, Warlock
Shadow King Melchior


Knoweldge of Arcane & Keen Sense (Attention to Details)
Knowledge of Demonology, Athletics, Block, Schooled, Languages ( Arcane & Abyssal)
Dancing (Ballroom), Combat Casting, Herbal Lore


Species Powers
Telepahty & Ryu-Go
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Spell Craft (Arcane & Unholy)
Arcane Spells
Arcane Blast, Astral Shield, Dispel, Arcane Explosion, Counter Magic, Summon Familiar (B'salies)
Unholy Spells
Soul Stealer, Shadow Lightning
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Metal Staff
A long thin metal rod.
Other Weapons
Other Accessories
"Stone of the Realm" - a fist sized blue glowing sound stone, that she has worked into a hairnet that .


Eye Color
Blue-Brown Hazel
Skin Tone
He has a long but slender build, more suited to being quick and light then strong and powerful. 
Hair Color
Strawberry Blonde
Hair Style
She has long hair which falls just past her butt. She has her bangs cut at nose level with it parted mostly towards the right and the side locks of her hair before her ears are to her neckline on the left and just a little past her clavicle on the right.
Height & Weight
5'6" & 120lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
She wears ornate, if not slightly gothic, mage attire. She prefers pants instead of the classic robes but her upper clothing has a black net extension which flows down around her legs like a skirt though it is parted at the front.
She wears a variety of peices but prefers silver toned metals.
Distinguishing Marks
She has pronounced canines.


Magic (it comes easily to her and gives her almost all of her self-worth), water (swimming in it, bathing in it), being seen as a person, being underestimated, dominating something (but it’s a like she tries hard to conceal), destroying her enemies (another one she hides and claims she dislikes), Eshana (a mentor she can actually put her faith in who seems as real a person as she is), spending time with Lydia, how good of a dad Sheldon is to their daughter
Talking about her past, being put into a situation where she can’t carefully consider all her options, sleeping (she has nightmares more often than not), demons (mostly because she fears she will become one and fights against it so hard), her father and mother (may they both burn), being treated as a child, being treated like a weapon – or worse a dog on a chain, working for Melchior (but her contract is not up yet), owing Balor a favour, not being able to raise her daughter
Celith is a calm woman, always attempting to school her thoughts to make the best choices out of any situation given to her. A part of this stems from having been too rash during her darker days and merely “accepted things”, which leads her to now carefully way situations for all their ramifications when she can. She is very patient and compassionate, but partly because she wants to be liked by others and realizes such actions are favored. Celith often thinks of herself as a tool for everyone around her and figures they do not care about who she actual is – which she claims suits her just fine. She hates thinking of herself as just a monster but cannot see "a way out" yet.
She fears that she is only fooling herself that she is a good person and that her darker nature is actually her “true” nature. Lastly she fears Melchior will prolong the contract somehow and she will always be at the mercy of a demon in her life. Melchoir discovering Lydia’s existence.
While she does bad things she is not a bad woman, in fact she wants more than anything to be redeemed. She sees Eshana as a sister and stays loyal to her.


Father / Donor
Inverloc Silvertone (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Svalia Silvertone (Dead)
Alexandria (Sister, Dead)
Lydia (Daughter)
Close Friends
Eshana (Mentor), Chestin (Former Boss), Elodie, Sheldon (Recognized)
Melchior (Master), Gwendolyn (Former Ally, Dead), Medan (Former Ally, Dead), Balor (Ally)


Familiar (Lynx)
Age & Sex
- / M
A white lynx with pale blue eyes, long feathery ear tuffs and scrolled markings on the brow of its head and shoulders.
B'salies is a very level headed and patient familiar. Taking what comes in strides, and rarely ever seems flustered in any situation. He's something Celith aims to be like, which is why he is the way he is. As Celith changes so will he, filling in for the parts Celith lacks until she realizes that missing trait has been in her the entire time.


Year 1817: Celith was born of a union that had no right existing and had born the scars on her back as long as she could remember. Her father was an elf possessed by a demon which was summoned by the human mage Svalia. Svalia had a daughter already at the time, but the moment little Celith was born Alex might as well have vanished from existence. A fact that left the older girl very embittered towards her younger sibling.

As a child Celith tried to please others. She wanted her mother and father’s attention and obeyed them implicitly. She attempted to do the same with her sister but Alex had become so bitter by that point she was just shy of murdering Celith and the girl eventually realized any kind of sisterly affection between them had been dead before she’d ever had a chance at it. Eventually Alex left for parts unknown to the family, and truthfully it seemed only Celith was ever concerned about that.

The years after that were filled with her parent’s complete adoration of her growing skills with magic. Both of them were excited by the prospect of the power their offspring might have given what they could do and often treated her more like a pet project then a child.

Year 1831: She was all of fourteen when things became very dark in her life. Secret trips out to a private sanctum the couple shared were common place but now they were getting scary. Where once it had been that fun place Celith had practiced her magic and gotten her parents glowing approval, now it was the place where they were hurting animals, then hurting people… creating monsters that were clearly not a good thing. But it was what she’d been raised around, these were her family, and she didn’t know a way to refuse them or that she even had the right to complain.

Then they began to include her in experiments of their own. Terrified, hurt repeatedly, having moments where she blacked out and lost control, she resisted these trips now. She would try to conjure reasons not to go and each time her parents would offer her little choice on the matter.

Year 1834: Finally, when she was 15, she was “tested”. Her parents and her made their move against a town near their little sanctum and that is all she truly knew. After that she remembers killing people, a lot of people, and loving it. She remembers using her magic to create suffering and yet each time she should have been horrified she was instead laughing along with her parents like it was a trip to the park together. The woman she was then scares her even now.

She isn’t sure what caused her to break out of that state but when she had understanding and control (for whatever reasons) she took off running for her life. She was scared, she wasn’t sure what to do, or if there was anything she COULD do! Then she ran into a mage woman, Eshana. She was a good man, she knows this much because Eshana could not bring herself to end her life as she should have. Instead she let her cry like the child she was and took her away from the town.

When Eshana brought her to Melchior Celith was afraid. She didn't want from one demon to another. Melchior was very business like though, he made her a very careful offer. She would serve him for one year. When that year was up she was free to go, but during that year she would follow his instruction. She agreed, but with one provison: Eshana would be her mentor. She would follow orders from him but through Eshana. He agreed.

In that same year her mother and father attempted to “spring” her from “jail” in the night. She betrayed them both to the warlocks, instead of helping them. It cost her mother her life and her father took off in the night but with one threat/promise to her: He would come back for her and bring her “home”. She had not been born this way on accident; there were “plans” for her.

Year 1835: Melchior gives her marching orders. She is to sabotage, by any means possible, the teleportation ritual sites. As a result her and her master end up in a tug-o-war with Kevin for a bit.

Year 1836: Celith’s contract is up. She encourages her mistress to “escape” this life and try to live on their own. Eshana is swayed enough to give it a try but doesn’t have high hopes. Her first act is to go get her first “job” at Elodie’s bakery. While eager to impress she knows nothing about what she’s doing.

Its just before the end of the year when Alexandria comes to the bakery and notices Celith. The two “reunite” but Alexandria is poisonously pleasant at best and leaves the cautionary note to Elodie that she should not hire such “dangerous people”. The Bakery burns down, Celith barely saves an unconscious Elodie and runs into her sister outside who is just “oh so sorry” it happened like this. She then assures her sister she won’t rest until Celith has suffered.

Elodie awakens in the hospital two days later. Celith apologizes, claiming its all her fault. Elodie doesn’t want to but asks Celith not to work at the “next” shop since she can’t afford to keep having them burn down.

Celith runs into Chestin, who is sympathetic to her job plight. He offers to be his new handmaid, given he prefers the people around him skilled if he has the choice! She accepts.

Year 1837: Celith goes to answer the door at Chestin’s chambers and finds Alexandria on the other side! The two tensely deal with one another, trying not to reveal their relation or dislike with Chestin in the middle.

Year 1839: Desdemona sets Celith up on a "blind date" with Braiden. This time Desdemona comes along personally to assist and things go well. Braiden watches as he finally has a chance with one of the girls lined up for him and realizes he doesn’t feel any joy about it. Instead his eyes keep drifting to Desdemona. So this time he’s the one to call the meeting over early and thank Celith for her time, then he asks to talk to Desdemona alone. He confesses his growing feelings for her.

Year 1842: Celith is framed for a spell cast on Clover and indicated as a warlock (she had already been under heavy suspiscion thanks to various rumors). She is put up for death and her master Eshana ends up with her. At the last moment Melchior shows up with a deal: If she signs on with him for life then he'll save her. Eshana pushes the girl to take it, acting like she's only ever been a hinderance to her anyways. Celith agrees.

Year 1843: Celith is ordered to dupe Eshana and drugs her. Then, under the watchful eye of Melchior, she is forced to carve a spell into her flesh which seeps in and causes insatiable hunger for arcane energy.

Year 1854: Celith goes to speak with Tabitha, as per Phaedria’s advice, but runs into Sheldon. The two recognize! This is bad because Celith is under Melchior’s contract – if she doesn’t find a way to cover this up then her child will be raised a demon’s plaything! Sheldon agrees to help however he can – however Tabitha sees them through the shop window and immediately assumes Sheldon has “moved on” after she voiced her issues with Barnaby.

Celith still talks to Tabitha, as intended, but finds it hard to get intel from the woman she’s sort of scorned by recognizing her could-be-boyfriend. That night, Celith approaches Balor about helping her hide the pregnancy. She won’t complete the recognition until she’s sure the child will be safe. Balor agrees, in return for a major favor at a later date – what he’s not sure yet. She agrees and as such Balor promises to claim she’s on some long errand for him until she child is born.

elith goes back to Phaedria with whatever meager amount of information she could get. Since she has little to bring to the table at this point the two don’t make a lot of headway because Phaedria has no reason to make herself vulnerable before this other woman.

Celith returns to Sheldon and agrees to complete the recognition. However, they need a place to hide her so she isn’t noticed by other minions of her master. Thankfully Barnaby is wealthy and has estates all over Aether.

Year 1855: Celith receives word from Balor that the masters “big plan” happens next month. She is out of time. He gives her something to induce labor and reminds her that she owes him AGAIN now.

Before taking the potion, Celith talks with Sheldon about how badly she wishes she could raise her baby. Sheldon promises that she can visit in secret – she needn’t stay away from them. Celith gives birth, slightly ahead of schedule, to a daughter named Lydia. The child is immediately given to Sheldon for care (his mother’s work as a handmaiden means she knows plenty of wet nurses from the Clinic to help with immediate needs).

Celith returns to Melchior (Balor is present) and he brushes off her absence for the most part. He’s far too focused on his world-destroying plan finally coming to fruition. They learn he is working with someone named Torus, the Time Keeper. Melchior, Celith, Kaali and Balor arrive in Phaira at the appointed location. There, Melchior calls upon Akasha while he explains what he is up to so his minions understand. Then he kills Akasha and lets her blood activate the door. They all step into a glowing gate that will take them to the underwater Temple of the Ocean Slada’sha.

As the “God of Death” rises, Melchior prepares them to leave the Temple before it is completely destroyed. As a reward for their good work in the summoning (since they’d been at it for DAYS) he gives each one of the stones that opened the gate. Celith receives Realm, Balor receives Hell and Kaali receives Heaven.