Chantria Winterlight


Soul Name
Seraph, Tailor
Arcane Sanctum
Arcane Sanctum


Multitasking (Focus), Melee (Polearm)
Tailoring, Athletics (Combat Reflexes), Cosmetics, Dancing (Ballroom), Finances, Fine Art (Painting), Mathematics, Medical Knowledge, Meditation, Mount Riding, Penmanship, Schooled, Seneschal, Pet Care, First Aid
Crafting, Psychology (Persuasion Tactics), Multiple Opponents


Species Powers
Empathy, Arcane Aptitude
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Spell Craft (Holy)
Holy Spells
Banish Lesser Unholy, Confession, Divine Aegis, Divine Healing, Divine Protection, Healing Touch, Holy Flare, Lessen Corruption, Mend, Purify
Ritual Magics
Baptize, Cross Over, Endowment, Grace, Holy Protection, Holy Form, Exorcise, Guardian Angel, Last Rites/Funeral, Marraige, Repentance, Sanctification


Main Weapon
Staff of Rebirth
Increases the amount of healing done by the magic of the user.
A pale gold (not literally the metal) staff with a long pheonix tail swirling up to the bird topper with its wings out stretched.
Other Weapons
Robes of Sanctity
A pale beige, rose and white gown with multiple layers. It has small blue gemstones and ornate shoulders with birds on them.
Other Accessories
Waystone (Arcane Sanctum), Ring of Guises (Allows the user to appear as any race they wish.)


Eye Color
Pale Lime Green
Skin Tone
Pale Rose Peach
Hair Color
White Blonde
Hair Style
Her hair is long and layered, falling down to her mid back at its longest point. She combs it to the right.
Height & Weight
5'8'' / 120lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Most of the time she is in her armor, but when she isn't she tends to wear elegant gowns - often made by her own hand.
Distinguishing Marks
She wears dusky rose make up (lipstick, eyeshadow and nails).


Making clothing, obtaining rare or gorgeous outfits (either making or purchasing them), being damned good at her job, when others owe her something, looking her very best, a good wine (she will never drink beer or ale), dancing (so seldom has she a reason to anymore), those with good manners (such rare company), making an _actual_ difference, being free
The idea of being forced to marry (doesn't matter who they are she is resolved to hate them, despite her mocking Celisdane for doing the very same), enviroments that damage her appearance (ie: volcanic, frozen tundra, etc), people trying to control her, seeing what has become of her brother and best friend, the idea that one day she will be chained by her own rank, children (slobbering masses of snot, bile and drool)
Chantria is a two-faced kind of woman, but in the breed of those who keep the world from getting to close by putting up a brave front. On the outside she is eloquent, self-indulgent, arrogant, condescending but not without her moments of kindness or empathy. She acts every bit the archetype many would expect from a vain Solarian noble. However, beneath this she is a woman losing faith (ironic for a Seraph) as everything she cares about becomes a twisted shadow of itself or dies - and her own future becomes bleak. Because of this she tries to runaway from her life instead of facing it.
The day when she is chained to obligations, forced to marry and then demanded to have children because of her social rank.
Chantria always talks up herself as though she has all the confidence in the world. When she's putting on a fake bravado she tends to fidget with her hair somehow.


Father / Donor
Dresden Wynterlight (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Giselle Wynterlight (Dead)
Mikarin (Brother, Revenant)
Close Friends
Celisdane, Ravengale, Zanzas, Kariel, Theos
Eliza (Aunt), Disidia (Cousin), Saren (Cousin), Brynn (Cousin)


Age & Sex


Year 1721: Chantria is the second born, only a year younger then her brother Mikarin, and their parents couldn't be happier. A pretty lady to auction off in the royal market and a male heir - truly they were blessed. As children they didn't think much about what they were being groomed for. Instead they played with the other noble kids: Elizabel (who was older than them but still willing to horse around at the time), Saren, Disidia, Celisdane, and Ravengale.

Year 1733: Both children are called in by their parents to have their future laid out for them. They were never asked what they wanted to do, instead Chantria would be a seraph (for that was propper for a lady while still being powerful) and Mikarin would be a mage (because that was propper for a lord). Neither of them were thrilled at the time but since it began with training as a mage together either way they didn't voice to many complaints.

Year 1741: The Summer Festival of Slaughter destroys everything Chantria knew about her life. Her family is slaughtered, she narrowly survives thanks to her own magics and escapes to the outskirts. Her wounds are still grevious and she had run out of essence for the time being, so she collapsed. Thankfully she is rescued by others at the scene who are led by Theos.

Chantria becomes comitted to taking on a more active roll to protect others. She joins forces with Theos. However, to avoid racial and factional retribution she uses an arcane artifact the Ring of Guises. This allows her to appear as whatever race is more accepted by others and thus she can assist on any side of the conflict - though she uses a different family name depending on what side she's working for.

Year 1763: Chantria assists in raids upon places during the Invasion of the Underoot. She herself is not necessarily strong enough but she backs up those who are as a propper cleric should. She gains a love of the amazing armor and accessories.

Year 1766: She follows Theos's men often and occasionally travels with Kariel since the voidmancer compliments her healing well. The Night of Madness hits this year. She aids the group (Theos, Kariel, Ravengale and Celisdane) in pushing back the enemies. She also begins to operate with the Guild of Industry given her growing fascinating with tailoring her own outfits.

Year 1799: The Arcane Sanctum has been reactivated and all champions are requested to join it. By this time she is the Divine Lady and she must join the ship to keep the study and pratice of being a Seraph alive. Besides, all her friends are on baord.

Year 1822: Chantria begins to tag along with Zanzas, who is interoduced to her through Theos, at various dungeon zones and the two become something like friends. She often refers to him as her "shopping buddy".