Chestin Krist Promathea


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
King of Aether, Viscount of Neylisse
Order of the Crown
Promathea Castle


Melee (Sword), Athletics
Schooled, Climbing, Stealth, Ambidextrous, Two-Weapon Fighting, Aim, Dodge, Quick Draw, Dancing (Ballroom), Mathematics, Knowledge of Politics, Mount Riding, Ranged (Thrown), Unarmed (MASS), Knowledge of Maho Magics, Combat Reflexes, Stamina, Knoweldge of Bushido, Langauge (Ryuko)
Focus, Knowledge of Culture (Ryuko & Pharian), Ranged (Archery)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Blood (Undiscovered)
Hero Skills
Charge, Cry Havoc, Shockwave & Wild Strike
Bitting Steel, Fire Within, Heart of Sword, Hollow Tempest, Spinning Blade, Way of the Wind
Favored (Zerachiel)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Emperical (Sword)
The weilder will continue to fight so long as they have a grip on the blade, no matter their damage, but once they release the blade the toll must be taken in full.
His family sword, which he wears with him even when not expecting combat. He also carries an ornate dagger whose hilt is shaped in the coiled likeness of a black dragon with amber beads for eyes.
Other Weapons

Kunai: One handful of throwing daggers, just in case.

Katana: A standard katana blade with a ryuko charm with the kanji for honor looped around the hilt

Other Accessories
Language Translation Ring


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Light Beige
He has a long but slender build, more suited to being quick and light then strong and powerful. 
Hair Color
Light Brown
Hair Style
He keeps it in layers and to his shoulders with the bulk pulled behind his ears or swept to the left or right (depending on the day).
Height & Weight
6' & 240lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears nice tunics that have a partially masked defenseive intent. Under the bulky stiff cloth portions is metal plates, where those are not there is either leather decorations or reinforced cloth. He preffers the color black with golden accents but will also do grays and light gray-browns. Often they have leather decorative portions and are belted at the waist. He has nice black or dark gay-brown slacks that fall over his nice black boots.
The Crown of Aether (not always worn)
Distinguishing Marks


Learning any form of combat (he is zealous about his desire to always improve and become stronger), Empirical, reading, listening to music boxes (something about the sad way they play their melodies actually touches him), competing with others (and winning those competitions), his family, protecting others, his close friends (which oddly seems to consist of many women), games, prodding JJ (his "brother" always acts so stoic its fun to find ways to crack it), leading on people who think they can use him, pretty women (he hits on all of them, will sleep with anyof them but he won't keep even one of them), acting as the vanguard between those he loves and harm
Being talked down to, Wysterians, Dahhak, noisy places or overly noisy people, having nothing to do, giving up (he won’t do it, ever), people who act callously towards those who loose something dear to them, heartless or needlessly cruel actions, sacrifices (there is no excuse to make them, it is one thing to have people defend something meaningful and die proudly but it is another to send them out to be slaughtered for convenience), Blighted, being weak, betrayal, women who see him as a walking throne, how neive Jasper can be, Taisie (he loved her, protected her, gave her all he could and she spit in his face), Sachiko (he failed her, he failed her people, he can never make that debt up), that he cannot somehow become strong enough to protect everyone, not being able to easily go out on "adventures" like he used to with his entourage

He is generous and gets along well with most everyone he meets, that is so long as they don’t patronize him or otherwise grate on his nerves some how (its hard to do but can happen). He smiles often and attempts to keep a positive outloook on life, if not an outright playful one. He is also quite empathetic, caring about the feelings of others, particularly he empathizes greatly with those tramatized by loss. He is a deep thinker and tends to shoulder the fate of the world on his shoulders far too easily, often over working himself without realizing how far he's taken it. He is competitive, but only with others who are competitive back (particularly those who challenge him directly or act like they can beat him easily). Chestin also feels passionately about protecting his people and gaurding others from suffering, abuse and loss. He has lost his family and when he was young he had been the target for assassinations; which made him realize that this kind of loss hurts everyone it touches and never truly heals for most of them – he doesn’t want that kind of misery visited upon others if he can do anything to stop it. It also taught him that if you are weak then you are easily removed from power, he refuses to be weak because only strong and empowered can he hope to shelter anyone.

While so much of his personality has an extreme gravitas he tends to come across and lacking in seriousness about things if your not looking deeply in his actions or choice of words. He plays around, he drops formality with friends quickly and often seems quite immature so long as it isn't a court or royal function. He also likes to play up the notion of arrogance with friends and family, but doesn't actually have that big of an ego.

Chestin fears that he will be a poor King. He fears losing more of his family. Lastly he fears his family (or even friends) turning on each other and forcing him to pick sides.
He is very emotional and noble hearted, he will jump into situations because he feels it is “right” and then never back down. He has a strong sense of humor and tries to get others to laugh. He is also a playboy.


Father / Donor
Christopher Promathea
Mother/ Sire
Kristen Promathea (Dead), Iradessa Promathea (Step Mother)
Close Friends
Cain, J.J., Tsuhi, Kohana (Dead), Sachiko (Love of his Life, Dead), Sasuke, Akuchi (Mentor), Clover, Keiran, Fenda, Odessa (Former Lover), Violet (Former Lover), Akiha (Former Lover), Bianca (Former Betrothed), Akihiko, Arcadian, Edward (Cousin), Sera & Ishtana (Personal Servants / Lovers), Tyler
Caridee (Aunt/Mentor, Dead), Janos II (Uncle), Magnus (Uncle), Kouryou "River" (Uncle), Lilla (Aunt, Dead), Fatine (Cousin, Dead), Janos III (Cousin), Tsuhi (Cousin), Muramasa / Sensou(Cousin), Nok (Cousin), Chaltier (Great-Great Uncle), Miranda (Handmaiden, Dead), Jasper (Cousin), Cloe (Cousin), Chloe (Cousin, Disowned), Kristee (Cousin, Dead), Karidee (Cousin), Trisha (Former Lover / Handmaiden), Celith (Former Handmaiden), Taisie (Former Freind / Ward)


Age & Sex


Year 1814: Chestin was born during the take over of the kingdom from Lucien by his father and uncle. For the most part he had the classic happy life “until” scenario. His mother and father got along well and were a happy couple, both were knights and Chestin was already set up to do the same. He was also very close to his personal handmaiden, Miranda, a spazmatic but adoring woman who was both loving and hilariously fun to freak out whenever the boy got bored.

Year 1818: When he was five his parents hoped to enroll him in Wilhelm Academy for Aristocratic Youth, a prestigious school for nobles. However around the same time a plot to brainwash Chestin was uncovered and the school was taken down for its crimes. Because of this and the need for a new prestigious school that was easier for the royals to watch closely, a new school was built in Cardinal Meridian and Chestin began attending there instead.

Year 1819: A year later his parents drew up marriage agreements with Thomas and Sulina for the daughter they had just had to become his future bride (Bianca).

Year 1820: When he was seven his parents died attempting to help the Elemental King Unicorn in the Forest of Mirrors. Struck hard by the suddenly loss of his parents, the boy tried to take it “like a man” and not be a burden to others. He watched how devastated his Uncle was by the loss and it showed him just how fragile peoples hearts are when it comes to loss. He decided that instead of looking to others to rely upon he would be reliable for others and that he would keep his life as positive as possible to fight back against the gloom that was threatening the family. He became top student in his classes and he asked to squired under Caridee (partially to become a knight as he desires and partially to have a connection to some one related to his mother).

Year 1821: The betrothal to Bianca is annuled when her family's reptuation goes down the hole after it is revealed that Sulina is a drug addict and Thomas drove her to it.

Year 1824: He was kidnapped by Keiran and his mercenaries along with Cain. The two barely escaped and after Chestin asked Cain to take him secretly to the Land of Dragons. In Aether they thought he was dead and meanwhile he traine abroad. This is when he first meets Sachiko and Kohana.

Year 1827: Chestin returns in full glory, though his family takes much time to forgive him for the lies and the pain they suffered.

Year 1828: He is coronated Black King. He also finds himself in the middle of a love triangle with Kohana and Sachiko but cannot have either - despite honest feelings for Sachiko. He takes up being a playboy to distract himself from that fact. This is also when he meets Clover, the two are good friends after. It is in this year he also meets the Pharian people while out on his first military tour. He brings them back and they begin talks with their people.

Year 1830: Chestin and Belle-Madonna plot the fall of Wysteria together, despite JJ protesting. Him and JJ drift apart somewhat as a result.

Year 1831: His mother also has him bond with Arcadia, who he finds odd but useful. Chestin also received Sera and Ishtana as slaves/servants/gifts from Shekina, amoung other pleasureable passtimes.

Year 1832: First Chestin deals with Keiran's desire to play dead. While he doesn't like it he can see the merit so he agrees but only if "Drake" stays close to him so he can catch Kajal. Then he has to admit to Kohana (and by proxy her soul sister Sachiko) that he can never actually be with either of them.

Next he meets Louis by accident, saving the man's life and nursing him to health.

Year 1833: Chestin helps Louis hunt for Halja but it results in a lot of hit and miss. Finally the two split ways since Chestin is needed in the capitol.

Year 1834: He meets and bonds with Fenda. Christopher comes back as a zombie "puppet" of a necromancer and kills Belle, nearly killing Janos as well, Chestin fights his father down and Maelstrom manages to sever the connection. After, emotionally broken, Janos steps down from the throne and gives it back to Christopher, making Chestin the prince instead of a King.

Year 1836: A literal dragon appears in the capitol, but its only a baby and attached to a nobleman named Battista. Christopher & Chestin must make a call on what to do with the dragon. They opt to give it a “play pen” and make Battista its care taker. However the dragon is considered “property” of Aether in the process. Celith runs into Chestin, who is sympathetic to her job plight. He offers to be his new handmaid, given he prefers the people around him skilled if he has the choice!

Year 1837: Chestin flirts with the cute woman in charge of the stables (Janine), who is apparently having a rough patch with her husband. Being of the superior moral standing he completely ignores that she is married. Two weeks of flirting eventually pays off, Chestin and Janine sleep together. However, shortly after, Janine catches Chestin flirting with one of the stable hand girls under her employ. When she confronts him he assures her that what they had was nothing serious. Christopher walks into the tail end of this conversation. After Chestin leaves he offers her some consolation for his play boy son.

While years of planning finally begin to lead up to the first voyage of a world exploring ship that Chestin will captain, he takes a moment to consider the home front he is leaving behind. Chestin talks with Oswald about how he’s worried for Taisie while he’s gone. Oswald offers to look out for her.

Chestin’s world exploration group departs on the AS Ambassador. She is the largest military ship made by any nation and is designed with a cargo hold full of several months of long staying food. The crew is huge, including the following characters: Chestin (captain), Gowan, Shikojiro, Akiha, Rylin, Sachiko & Jasper.

While on the voyage, Chestin flirts/bonds with Akiha. Sachiko breaks them up and is upset with Chestin about it but he essentially tells her “what did you expect?”. Ultimately Chestin sleeps with Akiha. Given it’s a ship, even a large one, the “noise” they make doesn’t go unnoticed by the crew. Chestin brags about it while Akiha is embarrassed. Sachiko is upset but Chestin refuses to comfort her. Later, Chestin breaks down when he thinks he’s alone but Gowan notices.

Year 1838: Death tolls begin to pile up on the voyage. Jasper is sick among others but is not as bad off as some. Chestin spends some time at his bedside trying to cheer him up.

Year 1839: Upon reaching land they immediately organize into scouting groups to set up a base camp. The groups discover the same thing: Old small tribal ruins that are destroyed and haven’t be used in ages. Signs of animals but very skittish and sparse. They are then separated into two parties, one setting up base camp (can gossip about what was seen). (Chestin, Sachiko, Jasper & Gowan) while the others are sent to hunt carefully so that the crew can recover from their sickness. (Shikojiro, Akiha & Rylin) Hunters find a dead body in the woods. Its large, standing easily eight feet, with patchwork leather and animal fur. It has an animal’s skull as a helm as well. It’s too decomposed to figure out what it originally looked like.

The hunters bring back the intel. Chestin says once everyone is healthy again they’ll scout further for these creatures and signs of life. After a month with no sign of hostiles Chestin talks with the others and decides whatever happened here happened centuries ago likely. This land is lifeless and full of resources which Aether can use. They will, essentially, plant a flag and bring more ships to claim this terrain. However they have to hunt and scrounge for sufficient supplies to refill the ship and be able to survive what was a 9 month journey to get here.

Year 1840: On the return voyage Akiha asks Chestin what will become of their little tryst. Chestin assures her its old news once they hit ground. Nothing personal, but if he was going to be with a ryuko woman long term he’d have married Sachiko years ago.

Year 1841: Chestin’s voyage group is off on trajectory and land at the upper part of the continent between Nazca and the Forest of Mirrors. Rather than press on with limited supplies they hunt and replenish the stock before moving on.

Year 1842: Chestin’s voyage group returns home COMPLETELY exhausted. They don’t share much of their voyage with anyone so much as crash in their beds content to be home.

After some time to get rest in though he learns of the family divide taking place and tries to do what he can to put out the fires with no success. The issue is he is too estranged from his father to have much sway but only slightly closer to the ever-logical JJ. As a result of his lack of use in the family politics, he focuses on his tours of duty around the kingdom as a knight.

He meets Arcadia for the second time, but as Arcadian! Apparently she changed genders in the time they'd been apart. He adds her to his contingent of men and takes off. While out they learn about the undead on the Sardor Isle and set their rescources there to help, working with Lucious as a result. He attempts to get more men for the isle but Christopher refuses to divert forces since he wants to attack the Temple - which JJ now leads. So he goes to JJ to warn him, but as a result JJ offers him some of his Temple knights.

Year 1850: Upon arrival in a town while on "tour", Chestin’s group finds a mostly empty village. In one of the houses the “core group” (Clover, Chestin, Tyler & Arcadian) finds a man trying to kill a young woman. They kill the man to save her and find she is extremely shaken up. She updates them on what she knows of the situation: Mercenaries settled in the area and started attacking/extorting the locals, as well as capturing passersby. She begs them to come with her to check her family house, since the men raided it and she was dragged out here after that (she heavily implies the man had dirty thoughts before she put up a struggle). However, upon arrival at the house they are ambushed by the girl's family and captured/knocked out.

They learn about the girl’s family and how they have been attacking/killing everyone. They are deranged and obsessed with making people do whatever they say until they get bored of it and kill them. Clover is locked down in the basement with another woman that was being held against someone else. They bond and the woman tells Clover about what these bastards have been doing. They plot to break out. Meanwhile the men are put into fetish attire and made to slave around the house and demean themselves – otherwise they will kill the hostage. In the end the girls break out and attack to free the boys. However the girl Clover worked with learns the man she came out to save is already dead and freezes up long enough to take a deadly blow. The others put down the evil family.

Year 1853: Shekina comes to him about how Mikhael has over written Lel'Eyon. He hurries with the others to help save their friend. While they managed to do so, Lel'Eyon loses all memories of his time in Aether and returns home to Phaira - making it still seem like a death to many.

Later, Chestin's Entourage runs into an old flame from Tyler's past named Sophia. Arcadian finds everything about the woman's story suspect and never trusts her. Sadly, Chestin is blinded by how cute and useful she is (she's a doctor and they lack one) so he ignores it.

Members of Chestin’s Entourage start getting sick from what can only be described as an energy deficiency. Sonja tries to help them but is broken up about her failures, which naturally Tyler supports her through. Arcadian is unconvinced though.

When Chestin is brought in to see Sonja, suffering from the same condition all hell breaks loose. Unwilling to look the other way while his friend is dying, Tyler hides to observe how Sonja treats him and finds Akuchi has done the same – likewise suspicious now. While they watch, Arcadian comes by and demands to know what Sonja has done to Chestin. Since no one else is seemingly around, Sonja attacks and reveals she is a succubus – literally. She murdered the real Sonja YEARS ago. Furious, Tyler steps in (Akuchi backing him) to bring her down and save Arcadian & Chestin.

Year 1854: Chestin is abducted by a man named Gunter. He is made to watch as this man tortures a knight namd Daneille. Eventually Chestin's friends (Tyler, Arcadian, Akuchi, etc) finally find them to rescue the prince. They find Gunter's hideout and basically cause enough of a distraction for Danielle to get a chance to get a hit on Gunter.

In Leo, Chestin gathers a diplomatic envoy to explore the “new found land” for cultures this time – instead of a merely exploration trip. He brings with him his usual group: Tyler, Arcadian, Akuchi and Akihiko. He also brings Cloe, Bianca, Xiphil & August.

The diplomatic envoy lands. Chestin debriefs everyone on his this will go down, including the fact that royals are not royals right now as that would make them targets. Cloe is merely a Duchess – no royal – and he is merely Captain of the AS Ambassador. In many ways he will be letting Cloe do the talking because of this.

Shortly after this, word comes that Sachiko has gone missing. Chestin sends Tyler and Arcadian to investigate and they learn she was last seen going towards a dangerous place in the Isle of Dragons. They also bring with them a local, Ichiko, who has been searching for her. The four team up to bring her home.

When they arrive in the village, however, it is cursed. Sachiko allows herself to become the sacrifice to liberate the territory, mostly because she has fallen in love with the former guardian through shared dreams together. Chestin tries with all his might to save her, even endangering his friends, but fails. In the end, all they can do is bring her body back for burial.

Chestin, Ichiko, Arcadian & Tyler arrive home after losing Sachiko. Many of his friends attempt to cheer him up, including Leorajh and Danielle. Even Taisie comes to see him, hoping to help and bury the hatchet in the process, but he cautions her it will take more then a show of sympathy to heal the damage between them.

A month later there is a full assault on Shade's Run by Slada'sha creatures from Cardinal Meridian. Just as the wall network is finished the armies show up on the horizon. They must do everything they can to defend the city while the grid goes online. Leorajh, Chestin, Oseron and Astera protect the central location where Oseron is powering the gate up.

Then, since problems come in waves, the diplomatic envoy sent out to make friends of the new continent (Vykrul) come back in a panic. Far from making friends, monsterous giants have been sicked on their land instead! Chestin and JJ talk with the Aetherian’s of the diplomatic team about what happened. They talk about sending forces to help their people reach Aether safely but it seems the nation of Nazca has lost its home for now. He does promise to contact Wysteria and Phaira about naval military maneuvers to reclaim the territory when they can.

When the Juton warships hit the coast of Nazca first. They slaughter many in the nation, others are forced to flee and as a whole they take heavy losses. Many of their nobility are able to flee through the capitol’s portal and then close off the gate’s rune on the other side – but many others are left behind to find their own way across the Epitaph Sands or be eaten by the invaders. Chestin holds a Duchy Council meeting to divert resources to help Nazca.

Shortly after, Chestin pays the way for two emergency diplomats to go to the other nations and get military support: Bianca & Cloe.

Year 1855: With the threat of the Slada’sha rising, the powers that rule the nations/factions come together (Chestin, JJ, Scathe, Chester, Xiphil, Muramasa, Kaidan, Oseron, Kallista, Leorajh) to discuss how they should handle it. They agree to assemble teams to investigate various issues. One team will look into the catacombs under Cardinal Meridian for more clues, since a Slada’sha had slumbered there. Another will investigate the strange calling from the ocean and where exactly it is. A third will look into Sardor Isle and see just how asleep the Slada’sha there is now. The last will look into the ruins of Aether’s ancient capitol in what is now Nazca and see if there are any artifacts that may have been stored for use against these creatures.

A short time later, the Forging of the Dawnbringers' Pact takes place. Oseron takes the information and holds a meeting with JJ, Chestin, Scathe, Chester, Xiphil, Muramasa, Kaidan & Leorajh. They realize that the other Slada’sha are stirring because of the big one waking up, someone the emanations are waking others. Mouko invites himself into the meeting, declaring that previously waking them required his power so he isn’t sure how this is happening. Realizing this is a world threatening issue, they create a group that will be considered unallied to any one nation but which will defend all nations from the threat of the Slada’sha. Every major power will have a representative within this neutral party. The representatives are: Oseron (as the Leader), Leorajh (as the Field Commander), Scathe (Shadow Hunters), Chester (Consortium), Virgil (Knights of the Crown), Astera (Temple), Mouko (Entropy), Xiphil (Nazca), August (Wysteria), Syria (Dark World) and Kallista (Phaira). Due to Mouko’s inclusion, Muramasa pulls all ryuko support from this group and leaves the meeting – returning home. The group is called Dawnbringer and all present sign a pact to support its operations.

The the month of Leo, Iradessa and Christopher officially go dowager from the throne. Chestin Promathea becomes King of Aether. A major ball is held in honor of this change of the ruler ship. During the event Chestin dances with many women: Danielle (because he needs someone who gets how silly this ‘dance with the ladies’ charade is), Fenda (about how he looks forward to her big play), Audrey (bond and get to know each other)

Shortly after, Clover teleports to Chestin’s, testing her new artifact and letting him in on the situation. She gets more then she planned on when she appears in some of his bedroom games but ultimately they do talk and he offers to help her. He suggests he can assign a mage to live with her and study her situation to find a way to save her.

Chestin talks one of the less “attached” mages of the school of AEGIS, Ymira, to see if she is willing to move in with Clover and help resolve her situation. Ymira agrees to it.

A week later, the Ocean Slada'sha awakens and the Isle of Dragons is destroyed in the process. A mass funeral event is held for the Isle of Dragons. King Chestin also declares the 14th of Virgo a national “holiday”, the Ryuko Requiem. During the event Karidee reaches out to him in an attempt to help.

A few months later, a Edan Blackthorne steps down as Duke of Merlose. Normally this would be a simple affair, but his people want one of his sons to rule (Quentyn) while the birthright officially falls to his first born (Edward). The result creates a political circus. Ultimately, a royal hearing for the Duchy of Merlose and its ruler is held. Chestin and Christopher both preside over it, since Chestin is starting to take a more active role in events. Edan and his sons are both present as well. In the end, the people persuade the Crown to allow Quentyn to inherit the Duchy.

Shortly after, Jasper has dinner with his father and Chestin. They talk about Edward’s engagement, but before Jasper can mention he’s dating Leila his family talks about how good it is that he’s NOT with her given the currently political climate. As a result he keeps it to himself instead.

Year 1856: Given all the upheavals and kingdoms falling, Edward offers his services in any way he can. Chestin admits that Vindassi’s attention has been with the Dawnbringers so much that he needs a new City Commander – which Edward happily agrees to take up.

That same year, Virgil and Shanti are commissioned by Chestin to locate his parents and make sure they are alright. Multiple groups have been sent out and even the Arcane Sanctum has trouble “scrying” for them.

Year 1857: Tyler, in an attempt to help resolve issues and bring some relief to Chestin’s stress, agrees to lead a small army into Tenochitititlan to hold the ground the Dawnbringer’s have now claimed. However, since his long term agenda is to help reclaim the capitol his stay there becomes longer then intended.

The Ocean Slada’sha is Defeated: The signal is given, the cannons are activated and the fight against the Slada’sha takes place. Leorajh alone keeps its focus until the weapons can be unleashed at full power but in the end they are victorious in putting the monster down for good!

Year 1858: Xiphil introduces Chestin to Theos and the two explain what has happened in Wysteria. At the same time Theos admits his intentions for saving Xiphil and August weren’t entirely ultraistic, he is looking for a dear friend’s son named Adrian Violeteye. The man should be a mage and in his mid-fifties.