Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Cloe Promathea
Demetrio Mansion


Psychology (Diplomacy)
Seneschal & Culture (Nazcan
Schooled, Dancing (Ballet & Ballroom), Instrument Playing (Piano), Politics (Aether & Nazcan), Culture (Keise), Pyschology (Concealing Emotions), Langauge (Nazcan)
Politics (Keise), Penmanship, Knowledge of the Occult


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Blood (Undiscovered)
Hero Skills
Arcane Spells
Earth: Bush Whacked, Shape Earth

Arcane: Summon Familiar (Boreas)
Favored (Zerachiel)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Pale Peach
Her build is much like a ballerina, long and slender.
Hair Color
Hair Style
Her hair is kept short with straight-cut bangs over her eyes and some feathered portions around her cheeks.
Height & Weight
5'7" & 113lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
She wears a loose peasant shirt in dark brown-gray that ties off in various locations to keep it secure to her form. Beneath is a matching but slightly darker shade of color skirt. She has no shoes.
Distinguishing Marks


Seeing children play, the thoughts of love and family, other cultures (particularly Nazcan & Keise), Vyrin, being a mage, Jasper (the only family that cares), Marek (he has been very kind towards her)
Rude and pushy men, others trying to control her life, the way the Promathea family fights, Kyshtari (for moving in on her man)
Chloe is head strong but also somber, in her own strange way. She has opinions but she isn't proud enough to force them onto others without good cause. In a lot of ways her choices in her lfe have caused her to questions choices in her future.
Chloe fears that she is becoming too dependent on Vyrin. She fears that she doesn't have much of a future.
She has anxiety issues but usually they happen before an event and usually she smooths them over after. She is extremely good at controlling her emotions. Chloe suffers from depression - much like her father.

Note: Chloe's family is actually her family as Cloe Promathea -
however all of those family connections are secret!

Father / Donor
Janos Promathea II
Mother/ Sire
Belle-Madonna Promathea (Dead)
Therese (Sister, Dead), JJ (Brother), Jasper (Twin Brother), Zoey (Sister-in-Law, Dead)
Vyrin (Lover)
Close Friends
Rhyel, Xiphil (Former Crush, Estranged), Leila, Edward (Former Betrothed), Quentyn, Taren (Former Betrothed), Mira, Shantrea
Christopher (Uncle), Magnus (Uncle), Lilla (Aunt, Dead), Fatine (Cousin, Dead), Tsubasa (Uncle), Kouryou "River" (Uncle), Kaida Asa (Uncle), Chaltier (Great-Great Uncle), Chestin (Cousin/Adopted Brother), Kendra (Great Aunt), Tsuhi (Cousin), Muramasa (Cousin), Nok (Cousin), Sable (Diplomacy Mentor)


Familiar (Otter)
Age & Sex
- / M
Boreas has a long slim body much like an otter's. His legs are short and stubby with sharp claws and webbed paws. He also has some pretty intimidating little teeth despite the fact he looks adorable. His body is a dark electric blue where as his face seems like a lighter electric blue.
Boreas is friendly, playful, and very territorial.


Year 1824: Born with her twin brother Jasper to Janos II and Belle-Madonna Promathea. She is betrothed to Edward and raised around him, making the two good friends from the start.

Year 1829: Parents enroll her into the Legacy institute. She also meets Xiphil for the first time.

Year 1830: Cloe asks to go to the darkworld and is refused by Janos. She later learns about the death of Therese from Chestin.

Year 1834: Belle-Madonna is murdered by Christopher while he is under the control of a necromancer, Janos is also severely wounded. Cloe is shaken by the loss and becomes like a cheerleader to keep her family's spirit up (mostly as a way to not think about things herself). After the loss, with Christopher back in action, Janos steps down as ruler. He restores the single thrown rulership and passes it back to his elder brother, which removed Cloe and Jasper from princesss/prince and makes them royal duchess/duke instead. This puts JJ in a worse mood then normal but Cloe has already given up on good relations with him by that point.

Year 1835: Cloe finally gets to go on an out of kingdom trip to Nazca with her father and twin brother. There she meets Xiphil's parents as well. After returning home her father springs an idea on her. What if he let her pick her husband? Instantly she freaks out, never having been given choices before. While she does apologize to her father later it does damage their relationship somewhat and it completely destroys her freindship with Xiphil & Edward who she begins avoiding. As a result she bonds closer with Quentyn.

Year 1837: Jasper leaves along with Chestin on a multi-year sea voyage. It is hard for Cloe as she has never been parted from her twin so long. Also during this year she learns from her (then woudl be sister in law) friend Leila that Edward is doing all he can to promote a young woman named Halina. Naturally she can't help being a little jealous.

Year 1842: The voyage group returns, including Jasper naturally. The twins happily catch up after so long apart. Their reunion is a short one however. Cloe breaks off her betrothal to Edward after he starts pushing to actually marry. This upsets him, but more importantly gets the attention of the King. Christopher talks with Nok and they arrange Cloe to marry William instead. Furious at being handed another betrothal when she didn't want to marry _anyone_, Cloe runs away with Xiphil to Nazca.

However, despite Xiphil's insistance that she can stay there and he'll protect her, she finds its causing a lot of issues for him. His entire nation could end up at war with Aether if they don't return her home. As a result she runs away from them as well.

While on the streets though she runs into her exact look-a-like, Carol. The two realize they have everything the other wants (Carol wants family and a husband, Cloe wants freedom to be herself). They train up a bit as each other and then swap places.

"Carol" takes up work under Hawking Enterprises as their front desk clerk.

Year 1843: “Carol” goes to the Velvet Secret, thinking it would be a good place to learn about sensuality since she has no experience (and it seems like Xiphil is very into that sort of thing). Realize right when she’s about to commit to the “act” that she cannot go through with it and apologize before taking off.

“Carol” runs into Edward as she’s leaving. Learns who she is and demands to know what she was doing. When she explains it all to him he admits he had no experience either. The two sleep together.

However, after “Carol” slept with Edward she finds him acting overbearing and protective. Finally, he sees her with Xiphil and gets jealous about it so she snaps on him. She had not planned to DATE him, it was an experiment! When Xiphil learns about what Carol did though he slap her. He condemns them both: Carol for using Edward while knowing the young man was in love with her and Edward for taking her up on it knowing she never loved him back. Carol finally realizes her and Xiphil can never be as a result and is heart broken.

Year 1844: Xalia encounters “Carol” and the two bond. She suggests that “Carol” come with her to Nazca. They do much together, Xalia looks up her old family in Nazca and “Carol” backs her up, “Carol” pays her respects to Yunta in his coma and encounters Khana, and while “Carol” gets a tattoo while in Nazca and Xalia supports her. After, “Carol” talks about wanting to go to Wysteria instead of back home because she wants to start a new life there… as a mage!

Year 1853: “Carol” asks to join the Arcane Academy and is accepted.

Vyrin’s father, Richard, shows up and demands Emoeyn. “Carol” happens upon this and stands between Richard and Emoeyn. Shantrea puts a halt to everyone, not wanting fighting in the Tower and guarantees the woman’s safety while she is in the Tower – but that is as far as she can go for her. Richard storms out promising to get even.~ Chestin is gagged and tied up pretty tightly. Danielle is hanging by the ceiling by some chains. Gunter explains that he didn't expect any less from Gregory's daughter, and is out to extract his revenge (since Gregory is dead) upon Danielle for her father taking his eye and putting him on the run. He tortures her and makes Chestin watch just to be a sick bastard. Vyrin thanks “Carol" for what she did. She confesses her feelings and it forces Vyrin to realize he’s been doing to her what Shantrea has been doing to him. Maybe its time to move past his old fiancée?

Year 1854: Vyrin approaches “Carol” to see if they can start something together, which she is open to.

Cerrin attacks the Magic School and Tower of Storms reducing the school to rubble and with the Tower being sent away by Shantrea. This forces the student body to relocate (Shantrea, Vyrin, Mira, Medea, Eshana, “Carol”, Eira, Leila & Erinas). They are effectively cut off as ‘back up’ for the Champion’s League.

Adan (Balor in disguise) talks to some of the other mages in his class (Mira, Ymira & Chloe) about how strange it is that Eshana has no familiar. He poses the notion that typically one does not just lose a familiar, either they are stolen away or destroyed – which was she?

Mira talks to Ymira, Chloe, Monnique (who is with her mentor at the time) and Adan (Balor) about her findings. Adan wonders if Eshana isn’t devouring OTHER familairs to sate that vampire like hunger everyone says she has – she hasn’t attacked anyone in weeks, right? Maybe there is a reason.

Vyrin talks with Chloe about how he’s quitting AEGIS. He doesn’t want to do magic, he wants to do medicine

Chloe hears about the refugees flooding their way from Nazca and seeks out Xiphil. She isn’t sure what to say, she just wants to show her support for a dear friend.

Year 1856: Chloe and Eshana graduate AEGIS’s accelerated course for adults.

Year 1859: Emoeyn talks with Vyrin about how he’s been with Chloe for a long time, and that is sweet, but he can never marry her. Isn’t it time he stopped playing around and found a wife? Vyrin learns that Kyshtari isn’t just looking for a date to the upcoming Valentine’s Day ball, but a possible suitor as well! Nervous, after his talk with his mother, he offers to go with her on impulse. Chloe is naturally hurt by this but Vyrin swears to her that its nothing like that – it’s just a ball that requires partners and Chloe isn’t allowed to attend it as a peasant.

At the ball Vyrin and Kyshtari have a great time, both getting a bit tipsy, and realize there is a definite “spark” between them still. Marek, Emoeyn, Chloe & Vyrin have breakfast and naturally Vyrin is asked how things went. When he says they went good, Emoeyn jumps on the idea that the two should court since Kyshtari needs a husband just as badly as Vyrin needs a wife. Naturally Chloe is upset, since its known her and Vyrin are a couple, but Emoeyn reminds Chloe that a mistress is really the best a girl of her stature will be able to be – and that’s not even her being mean, that’s just society! Vyrin and Chloe talk about it after and he tries to get her to understand the pressures of nobility and the courts. As a runaway Princess who refused to marry and lost everything, Chloe sympathizes and yet can’t stand the idea. The issue is, she is also powerless to stop any of this from happening around her unless she wants to walk away from the only good thing in her life since she left her family behind. Vyrin asks Kyshtari if they can be engaged, at the very least to keep the courts away from them, though Kyshtari clearly knows there is more to it. She reminds Vyrin of how much fire still remains between them and Vyrin has to admit she isn’t wrong.