Cloe Promathea


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Royal Duchess
Xanthus' Mafia
Promathea Castle


Keen Sense (Judge of Character), Larceny (Theif & Con Artist)
Athletics, Dancing (Folk, Ballroom), Knowledge of Streetwise, Penmanship (Forgery), Politics (Aether), Mount Riding, Knowledge of Mimickry (Voice)
Schooled (Read & Writing), Labor, Unarmed Combat (Street Fighting), Dancing (Ballet), Politics (Nazca), Diplomacy, Knowledge of Culture (Phaira)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Dagger she straps it under her dress with a dagger belt.
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Pale Peach
Her build is much like a gymnist, long and slender.
Hair Color
Hair Style
Long straight hair, with bangs and often accompanied with varying headpieces and accessories. She'll wear her hair up when the mood strikes her or the occasion calls for it.
Height & Weight
5'7" & 113lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Cloe loves soft colors, and will wear most colors as long as they are soft and light. Mostly she prefers soft greens, lavenders and pinks. She also enjoys small and intricate detailing. The styles of her dresses may vary, but the one thing she is specific on is the fabric being used. She prefers soft and light fabrics so she can easily move about the room as if walking on air.
Her jewelry can vary from day to day and can be in either gold, silver or white gold. She loves her accessories but does her best not to overdue it as she does not want to feel heavy or impede her graceful steps.
Distinguishing Marks


Family, being outside in the fresh air, pleasant conversations, being active. She likes to help out her family and travel to different places. She likes bad boys (she has a strong attraction to them and trying to reform them), getting angry (its fun sometimes). The thrill of being a part of the Mafia, at first she had to be a part but she got use to the fun of it. Having a scapegoat, if she gets into trouble she can always say she is Chloe. That the royal family chose her to be their Cloe.
Tea time, social events (your every move is being scrutinized), the way most of Cloe's close relations can see right through her, rumors. People using their status to hurt or oppress others (she's been on the street, her sympathies are always with the underdog). When people don't appreciate what they have (Chloe being the worse of them and she got what she deserved.
Cloe does her best to be the perfect little lady in the courts, she knows everyone is watching her behavior. She loves her family more than anything, working hard for their approval. She mostly focuses on self-preservation, acting the way people want her to and trying to keep her head low. She has a strong set of moral values, particularly reguarding children, friends and family. She can also be unexpectedly wild or devious in heat of the moment.
That the royal family will find out she is a part of the Mafia.
Cloe is eager to please the royal family and increase her social circles. When extremely angry she sometimes gains a faint southern accent.

Note: Cloe's family is actually her family as Carol -
however all of those family connections are secret
and people THINK she is the relative of the Promathea family.

Father / Donor
Mother/ Sire
Mary Ann (Dead)
Close Friends
Corbis, Danu, Xiphil, Xalia, Xavier (Mentor)
Shande (Former Boss), Ansel (Quasi Father Figure, Dead)


Age & Sex


Year 1824: She was born to a teen mother who was an orphan herself – she was a part of a small crime ring run by Shande and had been sexually assaulted by a man. She survived but ended up pregnant. A few months later Carol was born and had been part of the crime ring her who life.

Year 1832: Carol meets Corbis who teaches her how to steal on the streets propperly. He brings her under his wing and even introduces her to Danu - who consequently teaches the girl to read and write. 

Year 1836: Her mother became sick and died being only twelve she was old enough to do more for the crime ring and they took notice that the girl was talented in mimicking and they started training her in forgery. She also became very good add coning; being able to act like an innocent lost girl while someone else swiped a purse, and many other various acts. But what she longed for most was a real family, she would see other children playing in the streets with their siblings, holding onto their parents hand and she had none of that.

Year 1837 - Year 1839: Working with the crime ring full time puts her on the streets working and gets her caught by knights now and then. She has an odd luck that each time she gets the attention of Ansel. The older noble sees that she is not an evil girl, just out of choices and struggling to survive. He lets her off with warnings and tries to scold her into bettering herself. As a result he gains an almost fatherly role her in psychology.

Year 1841: Carol realizes she wants so much more then working as a criminal, but she has no family except them and the small stores around the area won't give the young woman a break. She struggls trying to find a way to get out of the streets and become something better.

Year 1842: Having joined Corbis on a few "adventures" the two have a big fight during one of them that causes them to split ways. Carol feels hurt, betrayed and doesn't want to talk to him which leaves her feeling more isolated and desperate then ever.

While on the streets though she runs into her exact look-a-like, Cloe. The two realize they have everything the other wants (Carol wants family and a husband, Cloe wants freedom to be herself). They train up a bit as each other and then swap places.

Sadly Carol proves to be lacking in her ability to convince as Cloe. This works out though as the royal family doesn't care if she stays as Cloe, so long as the truth does not get out and the real Cloe is happy. they let her in and even cover for any of her mistakes. Others who learn the truth quickly are Xiphil (he uses a false nickname and catches her because of it) and Jasper (who knows his twin far too well).

Year 1844: Taren talks with “Cloe” about the betrothal that is still hanging over their heads. She suddenly isn’t opposed and even talks about setting a date which baffles him. He ultimately refuses to marry her.

Year 1846: “Cloe” talks with Janos about what she can do to give back to the family. He tells her the sad truth, as a woman her best bet is to just find a good husband to bring into the Promathea family.

Year 1853: In a stoke of rotten luck, she runs into Xanthus while on the street. A former employer, he realizes who he's dealing with and blackmails her with being revealed to the public - forcing her to be his secret agent in the courts.

Year 1854: Eager to prove her worth to the courts, “Cloe” talks with Ansel about how to go about that. He suggests she go more international but she needs to focus on one culture to ingratiate herself with. She picks Phaira and wonders if Janos would go with her. “Cloe” asks Christopher for permission to go her on her trip to Phaira. “Cloe” asks Janos if he will join her. He accepts since his lovers can follow him easily enough. During their trip “Cloe” and Janos are taken hostage for ransom by thugs. However a mysterious Syrian saves them (Lel'Eyon). He ultimately leaves them to their own devices though. They are found hours later by Phairan warriors and brought home.

Chestin gathers a diplomatic envoy to explore the “new found land” for cultures this time – instead of a merely exploration trip. He brings with him his usual group: Tyler, Arcadian, Akuchi and Akihiko. He also brings Cloe, Bianca, Xiphil & August. . The diplomatic envoy lands. Chestin debriefs everyone on his this will go down, including the fact that royals are not royals right now as that would make them targets. Cloe is merely a Duchess – no royal – and he is merely Captain of the AS Ambassador. In many ways he will be letting Cloe do the talking because of this.

Chestin pays the way for two emergency diplomats to go to the other nations and get military support: Bianca & Cloe.  Cloe is sent to talk to Shekina and Varna about getting support troops to help reclaim Nazca and stop the invasion. This also shows her years of working to build Phairan political prowess.

Xanthus gets a visit from Asoth. Given the trouble his family is in, and the lack of ability to fight back, he’s in the perfect spot to be offered a devil’s deal for power. He takes it, this allying the mafia with Asoth directly. Xanthus explains his new ties to the family individually, mostly to see if any of them will turn traitor because of the new arrangement. He meets with: Usha, Noru, Odette (no post), Nicholas, William & Cloe.

Year 1855: Cloe is looking for a husband; since that is something the royal family needs from her at this point, so she tries Quentyn. However, while she doesn’t pick up on his “evil” she does spot a fellow con artist when she sees it. She opts not to go there.

Cloe is invited to a masquerade party by Dante’s mother in an attempt to hook their useless son up with a former princess. She doesn’t dislike the man and decides to do a bit of research. Cloe and Dante have a “date” at a seedy tavern together. They get to know each other better. Cloe goes to Dante’s lab, however her timing couldn’t be worse as it is raided for a new chemical weapon that Dante invented. The two get out, but Dante must lay low for a while. Cloe goes to the clinic and talks to Jason and Ivy about Dante. She learns he can be difficult, even with family, but that his efforts are usually for the good of the people. Ivy highlights his work in counter the plague that followed the magic loss in Aether. Cloe talks with Taisie about how she might consider Dante for a husband down the road.

Cloe reconnects with her brother, letting him know that she wants to become close.