Dale Schroeder


Aetherian (HB)
Soul Name
Shattered Realm
Emberlight Tavern


Instrument Playing (Violin & Voice), Athletics (Side-Step)
Music Composition (Folk), Language (Ancient Elfin), Knowledge of Folklore, Dancing (Folk), Dodge, Psychology (Counseling)
Schooled, Unarmed Combat, Melee


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Fire (Novice)
Hero Skills
As a half breed he has a natural birth defect - in his case this is asthma.
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Dark Pine Green
Skin Tone
Pale Peach
He is lean with faint hints of muscle tone.
Hair Color
Light Sandy Blonde
Hair Style
His hair is kept short, layered and feathered, with tuffs rising up here and there.
Height & Weight
5'10" & 150lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears a leather vest with dark red fur around the collar, under this is a cloth vest in off white. He has various leather belts around his waist and black pants that tuck into mid-calf high combat style boots.
Various leather and gold accessories.
Distinguishing Marks


Cross & Jean (he's known them since he was a child and they are like big brothers to him), music (he loves dancing and singing on the tavern floor), pretty girls (known to act like a fool, using the most corny of pick up lines, and have no shame about it), a good story, helping a friend, being a shoudler to cry on for others
Anyone who would dare hurt those he cares for (it is the only time he shows his truly ruthless nature beneath all his sunshine), people who only prioritize strength, women who use him and lose him (he gets overly invested in casual flings and is hurt everytime), people who damage his instruments or music sheets
He is laid-back and very friendly. Often overly optimisti, he is always happy to socialize with others - even strangers. He loves meeting new people and exploring new stories/songs. Often thought of as foolish, given he trusts easily and is always one to listen to the problems of others and offer advice when asked. He is thought of, in many ways, as the heart of the Shattered Realm and he loves everyone in it - especially the core group. He would die for them without a second thought.
He fears the people he loves ever becoming afraid of him.
For all his oozing sunshine and compassion, Dale can turn into a stone cold killer if you hurt something he loves.


Father / Donor
Karvis Schroeder (Adopted)
Mother/ Sire
Shenalia Schroader (Adopted)
Close Friends
Cross & Jean (Best Friends), Akira, Faye, Marlene, Emeline, Odette & Nikkola
Noru (Enemy), Barbara (Ex-girlfriend)


Age & Sex


Year 1812: Dale never knew his parents. His father was killed in the start of the Traitor's War and his mother was executed before it ended. He was sent to an orphanage in operation at the time, Whitestar, but he didn't remain there long.

Year 1814: Dale loses his home when the Whitestar Orphanage closes its doors, due to the matron ascending to noble culture and no one else being present to take up the mantle. He is spared from the streets by Karvis and Shenalia - two half breeds, just like him, who could never have children. While his asthma makes him far less capable then other children he always tries again and runs out for more games.

Year 1824: He meets Cross and Jean as a couple. He is trying to be a knight at the time but his skills are lacking and he's often downed due to his condition. Eventually they talk him into stepping back from the military but they remain friends regaurdless. This is hardest on him when Jean and Cross cease to get along. He ends up following Cross in his depature but has no hard feelings to Jean as he does so.

Year 1830 - Year 1834: Wandering around, doing as he pleased, Cross seemed to gather a following by accident. At first it was a woman he saved that seemed enamoured with him. Then there was a group of mercenaries who found his leadership a good replacement for a recently lost leader of their own. One by one he had followers, each of which he began to assume responsability for as they went from "followers" to friends. Slowly but surely, the Shattered Realm began to take shape.

The groups initial goal? To bring down the "zombie" King, Christopher Promathea. His reign, since his revival from the dead, becomes a legacy of tyranny and oppression. The group decides the only way to restore sanity and order to the nation is by fighting the Crown.

Year 1843: Dale is attacked by the villagers of Kingsbury (which is where the SR is stationed from in the Emberlight Tavern) and takes heavy damage. Cross, Akira and many others come to his rescue. The reason for the attack is simple: The locals are suffering from heavy crime activity and blame the local "thugs" (their group of course) for bringing it upon them.

Also, during this time, Noru joins their merry band. A former member of the Whitestar Orphanage, he is accepted by some but not completely by others (such as Akira). His reasons are solely to get revenge on the King, instead of any loyalty to Cross or the Shattered Realm, which makes many wonder when he will turn on them.

Year 1853: Noru is attacked by an assassin and barely saved by members of the Shattered Realm. When he awakens though he is different. He acts like an ass and scorns everyone around him. He sleeps with Faye and then casts her off like a cheap whore. In the end, the vilness of his actions cause him to turn on everyone and he is run out of the gang. The wound he leaves behind is never truly healed by the members.

Year 1854: The group's tavern is burned down by the angry Kingsbury locals while the members are out attending a fuenral for one of their own. This makes Cross furious and he decides that, instead of attacking the townsfolk for it, he will simply leave and let them face the fact that their situation does NOT improve when they are gone.

They opt to move to Shade's Run, the nation's capitol. As a result, Cross goes head-to-head with the King himself. The result is hardly pretty but it gets the ball rolling to actually bring the King off his throen. In the end, Christopher seems to realize something is fundamentally "broken" in him.

Year 1855: During the New Year’s celebration, Dale took a moment to talk to Odette and get to know her better. The conversation proved to him that there was a lot to like about her and he hoped that his advice helped her to consider getting to know the other girls in the group.

At the national party celebrating the new King, Dale found Emeline brooding in an empty room away from the festivities and took the chance to get to know her better. As with Odette, he left feeling like he understood her a little better and hoped that his advice helped.

By chance, late in the year, Dale met Barbara at the market and instantly was taken with her beauty. He shamelessly flirted with her and convinced her to go on a date with him. One date turned into three and before he knew it, he had a girlfriend! Dating Barbara was hard on his wallet though, with all the jewelry, gifts, and outings he lavished on her. She was used to a certain standard, after all.

Year 1859: Sadly, as he ran out of money, she ran out of interest and dumped him. Ouch.

Heartbroken, Dale moped, wrote sad songs, and leaned on sympathetic and (in some cases) unsympathetic shoulders until he worked it out of his system, which took about a month. Then another beautiful girl caught his eye, and then he was sent out on a mission, and then inspiration hit for another story and…you get the idea. Dale was back to his usual cheerful, kind-hearted self. And if he occasionally felt a pang of hurt at past breakups, he kept it to himself. After all, as one of his favourite songs went, “if my true love, she were gone, I would surely find another!”