Dante Ashcroft


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Viscount of Exudos & Halconnan (Restricted)
Apartment in Shade's Run


Medical Knowledge
Medical Knowledge, Invention
Anatomy, Alchemy, Authoring, First Aid, Herbal Lore, Innovation, Languages (Ryuko, Ancient Elvin), Mathematics, Multitasking, Schooled, Psychology, Unarmed Combat (First-a-Cuffs), Knowledge of the Undead
Athletics, Fine Arts (Illustration), Mathematics, Melee


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Dagger x2
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Ice Blue-Gray
Skin Tone
Pale Cream Ochre
Slim and lean, he is well toned but not overly muscular.
Hair Color
Bronzed Gold
Hair Style
His hair is short with a hint of curls if he bothered to grow it out. Also because he hardly worried about his appearance since he doesn’t go to court his hair is often carelessly tousled.
Height & Weight
6'6" & 260lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
A cream shirt, often the sleeves are rolled to his elbows when he works, along with a simple black vest. Plain black boots and comfortable black pants. All of good quality and still somewhat a Victorian gentlemen.
A ring with the family crest.
Distinguishing Marks


Testing his medical inventions as well as inventing medical tools, learning about new diseases, intelligent conversations, nice clean clothes, satisfaction of healing without magic, card games (particularly poker), gambling(rarely), Marlene (a smart intelligent Lady without a Disney complex!), James (let’s face he’s the only guy that get him and one of the few people the actually believed in him), chewing Coca leaves(best stimulant ever), Cloe (She is certainly interesting! Not at all what had expected)
Being made a fool of, patients lying (therefore throwing off his diagnosis), incompetent or stupid people, loud sudden or repetitive noise while working, people who can’t take criticism (surprising that’s a lot of people), James harping about him chewing coca leaves(When James stops smoking!), how furious Marlene is at him and that he feels he will never be able to make
Dante is a brilliant man who is cunning with a biting intellect. He enjoys picking people apart, and correctly deciphering there motives and histories from aspects of their personality and appearance. Unlike most doctors he has a need to "solve the puzzle” over the typical “need to save” attitude. Although he has become jaded after being exposed to the world he will help anyone who asks for it seeing it a learning experience in non magical treatment. He is seemingly always in a bad mood from the constant stresses of near poverty as such he maintain a snarky attitude about things enjoying the playful if not at times rough banter with James. Unlike most nobles he has no passion or want for power or glory wishing rather to simply be left alone to his work. Dante sometimes had an ego that at times borders on arrogant, albeit with justification; he draws pleasure from baffling others with his superior deductions. As loner and does not strive to make friends. He attributes his solitary ways to his particular interests and his mopey disposition.
Never getting the chance to make amends with Marlene, being hurt or maimed in a way that greatly impends his work.
The more upset he gets the more snarky he becomes sometime being out right mean (which is bad because he can really cut a person down). He is also very obsessive forgetting to eat and sleep when working intensely on a project.


Father / Donor
Leopold Pertel (Dead), Jarvis Pyrelight (Father In-Law)
Mother/ Sire
Anna Mari Ashcroft-Pyrelight
Etricus (Brother, Dead), Darian (Brother In-Law, Dead), Adora (Sister In-Law, Dead), Dartanion (Brother In-Law, Dead), Eshana (Step Sister), Balor (Step Brother)
Cloe (Betrothed)
Close Friends
James (Assistant & BFF), Doria (Dead), Desdemona (MIA), Ivy, Gareth (Mentor), Don, Xalia
Rhiannon (Neice), Valyns (Nephew, MIA), Essence (Neice), Geralt (Great Nephew, Dead), Ashton (Nephew), Leorajh (Great Nephew), Clive (Nephew), Edan (Nephew), Quentyn (Great Nephew), Edward (Great Nephew), Jason (Nephew), Donaovan (Nephew), Marlene (Former Betrothed)


Year 1704 : Dante was the third child born, thou the only one thru recognition, to Leopold Pertel and Anna Mari Ashcroft. His older brother was already a knight and his sister a talent for court, this left Dante largely ignored by his father. 

Being largely raised by his mother he was nothing short of a genus easily out pacing his age group. Dante found court boring and wasn’t nearly as talented with the sword as he was with books. Even so, his antics to try to emulate his brother “to be a man” were fairly humorous bonding the brothers as Etricus tried to help Dante find direction in his life. 

Year 1724 : It wasn’t until the Nazacan reached home that he found his calling as a field medic. Though it didn’t seem enough as he could only do so much and if a healer couldn’t get to him in time the person in his care would die. So he began to try to actually save the wounded becoming a field surgeon.

This eventually snowball into an obsession in learn to heal without magic. In the field healer were could be difficult to get to and with any wounded there is only so many people that could healed. By minimizing what needed to be magical, personnel could be more available for emergencies.

It was then he meet James a former soldier. The two became fast friends, James fascinated with Dante’s intellect and Dante had meet a person who’s inquisitive and inventive nature that matched his own. It was during the tail end of the war he receive new of his beloved brother had died on the battle field. It was all Dante could do but keep moving forward so the grief wouldn’t consume him.

Year 1812 : While Danted techniques prove useful during war while earth priests and priestess where spread thin when the war finally came to it’s conclusion his talents was all but forgotten. 

He was told the ideas quaint and novel but not there was not need now that healers where readily available. Dante argued and debated his techniques usefulness but it fell on deaf ears and was banned from the earth temple. It was then he realized who his friends where as James was the only one who followed him out.

Not long after he had a falling out with his father when he refused to recant his ways and make amends with the head priest and was forced out of his own home. While he expected his mother and sister so convince him to at least try to make amends with his father he was surprised. Both of them simply commented on how much he was like his brother and that he had to find his own way. It was blessed relief to be told that solidifying his loyalty to his mother and sister.

With some money in pocket, little his mother sunk to him and well and Jams insisting that he wanted to help write (what he think will be) one day medical history , they rented his own place and started an apothecary. Ever since things have been running smoothly . . . sorta . . .

Year 1824: Everything was going well, money and catapulted him from struggling to beyond well off. He was recognized as pretty much the only real doctor around being he brought Aether quickly out of the dark ages of medicine since there was no longer any magic. James however believed there was still much work to be done and Dante agreed. Then he received a very disturbing, a new contagious diseases just broke out it was being contained but it was. Anyone making contact with the infected in including James would soon contract the viruses dubbed “Small Pox”.  James needed him there; he was getting to ill to continue working. It was probably the first time Dante ever acted without thinking as he was gone the next day. If wasn’t contained now, it could be the beginning of another epidemic. Dante ran on as little as a couple hours of sleep as he worked round the clock sparing no expense to save the life of his only friend. Only then realizing Marlene was friend. A friend that now had no idea where the hell he went. Great. Another thing to worry about. Needless to say with James at deaths door he had to stay focused. James spent almost two year in recovery before Dante deemed him cured and another crisis had averted with minimal deaths. Dante finally collapsed in shear exhausted his friend carting him home to rest recuperate.

Year 1832: Both jilted and angry Dante left with is work finding something better and more productive than chasing a women as bull headed as he was who being overtly(to him) courted by some married man! Of all things! Haveing very little experience with women and Dante being Dante both he and Marlene left on bad terms.

Year 1834: While Dante’s reputation and career exploded (the good kind) the guilt of how badly things ended between him and possibly the only women in world who could put up his bullshit persisted. He coped as he always did by burying himself in work. However he could write all the books and dissertations he wanted discover and cure the craziest and deadly of diseases but all it did was make him more cranky and mopey.

Year 1835: James, sadly his only friend, finally done with Dante getting melancholy over the issue (whether he wanted to admit it or not) pretty much slapped him in the back of head and told him to stop avoiding going back and by proxy Marlene. There was work to be done and he was desperately in needed back at the capitol and to get his act together! Dante went back as told, in possibly the most childish manner possibly like child being sent to his room.

Upon forcing Dante and Marlene to meet though, James managed to get the two to not only admit their issues but their affections. Shortly after Dante and Marlene began to court and by years end they were officially lovers.

Year 1836:Jason approaches his uncle Dante about letting him intern at the hospital. He thought being a knight was his true calling but the more he cares for Ivy and his friends the more he realizes caring for people is more fulfilling to him. Shortly after Ivy presents herself to Dante as an intern at the hospital as well with Jason’ s voucher. While he’s not keen on it he agrees since they need all the help they can get.

Jason is working himself extra hard and its starting to show. Dante comes to send him home and the two end up talking. Jason finally gets the chance to do something he always wanted to: Apologize for his parents.

Doria’s ERA group happens upon Emiho while she is sabotaging the delivery to ryuko. To ensure no one reports what Mouko is up to the archer kill them but Doria barely survives (left for dead but manages to be salvaged when found). She is shipped to Dante’s for care when she is stable enough.

Later, Dante, having enjoyed fighting and now having rage to burn, take up a combat mentor: Gareth. Marlene comes by to check on him per James’ request after his first “lesson” and freaks out over his injuries. Dante passes them off as an attack by thugs but Marlene is wiser than that.

Year 1837: Marlene is increasingly concerned about the nights Dante is coming home battered and when she finds out James shares this the two decide to sneak out and follow Dante where ever it is he goes. They find it’s an underground cage match. Furious they accost him after the fight and demand he stop this!

Year 1839 & Year 1840: James becomes entangled in a relationship with Eshana. Dante is dubious about this, more so when James shows up injured from an attack by some human mage named Savarius. However he ultimatley accepts that this is what James wants and even helps rescue Eshana when she is kidnapped by not only this Savarius character but apparently a derranged Balor!

Year 1841: Dante talks with Marlene about how he wants to go to the front lines to fight. The two argue but ultimately make their peace with the notion. Dante assembles his team for the front lines: James, Ivy, Jason & Doria. Desdemona suggests coming but her condition makes that suicide.

Dante’s little medical team has to make some tough choices while on the front lines. One thing is very clear: This battle is one of attrition. Both sides are fiercely matched, aether lacks the numbers and magic of phaira, the land of dragons has only sent what they MUST to help in the war, nazca doesn’t have much population to help and the keise are a peaceful people.

There front line unit is over run, James and Dante help hold the line long enough Ivy and Jason to evacuate the injured and barely make out in time. The go back home to recover after.

Year 1842: While Dante is working on an experiment with Don and James, they accidentally invent mustard gas. The group suffer minor burns and are tended to by healers. One healer mentions the fact to Christopher who is interested in this as a weapon and sends Coldyn to investigate. Coldyn demands the mixture for mustard gas but the trio claim it was destroyed in the accident that damaged them. That night they meet to burn it for real, deciding none of them want to help produce more ways to hurt people in the war.

Year 1843: When Cardinal Meridian falls Dante and James are lost in the shuffle of residents. Dante becomes distracted by the fascinating properties of the undead that seem to arise from the area, which were clearly caused by the monster that destroyed the city, and he begins to research it instead of going to Shade's Run.

Year 1854: Dante's mother and step father cut him off from his funds, meaning he can do no more research until he negotiates having them back or makes money on his own. He returns to Shade's Run to see to his finances while James remains behind to pack things.

Dante in attempt to find works joins a voyage across the sea to a new land and new people. After a thrilling boat right, a mutiny and some sort of sickness James brought on board they make it to the new land alive in and in one piece. Dante learned plenty Vykrul and it fluffy animal hybrid people. Like never tick off Klaus who has had a zero tolerance for some mob boss. He expressed this lack of tolerance via decapitation. Later that very same evening Dante is kidnapped by the Juton along with Klause who attempted to rescue him. James, Himistsu, her keeper and the Princess herself (along with lots soldiers) came to the rescue. It didn’t go EXACTLY as planed with there being a dragon smack dab in the middle. Either way he was rescued just in time to attend the ball. Much to joy he made a fantastic deal for a future job. Sadly his joy was short lived when the ugly truth came out that the Princess bunny sold them put as an alternative food source.  From there it was a speedy escape to race back home to warn there people of the coming invasion. Then realizing to his dismay, he had gain and lost his fabulous new job in one fell swoop.

Upon his return he pays a visit to his nephew, the meeting goes terribly, mostly with Dante taking offence to being called a voodoo doctor. He also learns he can no longer practice medicine. Finally defeated he goes and visits his parents. He comes to find that they were vexed with him for mucking up his betrothal with Marlene they hold him over a barrel about getting married and having kids. They come to an agreement. He must attend all parties his parents throw and make an effort to get to know the ladies of the court; he cannot leave Shade’s Run.

Year 1855: As a result he meets Cloe, who is acts and carries herself in a completely unexpected manner. They keep running into each other and slowly become friends. Shortly after Dante causes and explosion in his lab and runs into Marlene. It is a less than pleasant meeting.

Dante starts working as an alchemist at a local apothecary. He also starts heavily playing with chemicals.

Year 1859: Dante is called to his parent to find he is betrothed to Cloe! His parents are thrill and Dante was shocked beyond belief.