Soul Name
Knight, Tracker
Order of the Crown
Small Home in Shade's Run


Psychology, Tracking (People)
Ambidextrous, Bondage, Schooled, Melee (daggers/knives), Athletics
Unarmed, Stealth


Species Powers
Shape Shifting (Social and Spider), Essence Vampire, Ether Crippling Venom
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Flurry Force, Wild Strike
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Daggers x3
Has three daggers hidden on his body. One is in his sleeve, the second is hidden is in his boot, while the third last one is in plain view.
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Pure Black
Skin Tone
Neutral Dark Gray
Lean with well-defined muscles. Narrow shouldered, though, and not intimidating in any sense of the word. At least in his social form.
Hair Color
Hair Style
It is kept short and spikey.
Height & Weight
6' & 187lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Danx as most of his kind, enjoys clothes of bright colours. Especially green and blue, which his attires usually consist off. He usually wears a long coat with a loose shirt underneath. Loose breaches and sturdy shoes are usually part of his attire as well, as his duties usually include travelling distances thus comfort is important.
Has three diamond earrings on his left ear. A silver ring on his left hand middle finger.
Distinguishing Marks
Vertical scar on his neck.


Challenges, board games, solving riddles, good deeds, mages (he does not judge people based on their background or birth circumstances, thus he doesn’t hate mages who are born as such), Aether (as much as he liked his old home he likes the capitol more. Danx doesn’t have as many fond memories of it as some of the older residents and he is also grateful to the king for accepting his people)
Injustices, people who enjoy toying around with others, lies, unnecessary deaths/murders

Danx is a careful person. He is not quick to act nor is he quick to speak. He hides his emotions and usually wears a mask of neutrality. His slowness to act and speak at times led to some believe that he is rather dull minded, but that is quite false. Danx has a keen mind and before acting he likes to think of every possible solution, consequence and result. In recent years, notably after reuniting with Tess for a brief time and spending the time with Kirs, he began opening himself more. Openly joking with his friends and looking less sullen in general
His sense of justice can be seen as naïve by some but he believes in it and does not make any exceptions. This kind of view is defined by his peers as rather black and white. When Danx does speak, it usually is quick and to the point. He believes in being honest, even if it might hurt the other person or impede his investigation.)

Losing one of his senses(sight, touch, etc.), Sentencing an innocent person.
Clicking fingers, biting nails. Also has a nervous tick and shaking hands when nervous or anxious.


Father / Donor
Mother/ Sire
Close Friends
Virgil, Danielle, Tess, Kris
Zarak (Uncle), Miras (Aunt), Xanthus (Rival)


Age & Sex


Year 1829: One of the few children born on that year. Was raised by a loving family, in a tight knit community. His mother was an archivist, while his father a mage slayer. Danx’s parents expected him to follow in one of their footsteps but he chose his uncle’s profession, a tracker.

While at first his father did not enjoy that idea over time he accepted it and thought Danx how to use daggers and protect himself, while his uncle thought him how to successfully track people and notice various signs when a person is lying or hiding something. His mother taught him basic writing and reading skills, she liked to say that she didn’t care what profession Danx chose as long as he himself was happy. 

Year 1839: He has an accident with a dagger, not life threatening but leaves a scar on his neck. Tess found and helped him. Despite her being much older then him they become friends - starting with her as a role model and transiting to an equal in adulthood.

Year 1842: Volcano eruption, flees with his family to Aether. The king accepts his people and they are given their own district. 

There are talks within his community of becoming second class citizens but Danx was grateful to the king and the people of Aether for accepting them in their moment of need. Although he still disliked the fact that his patriarch became just a simple figurehead.

He becomes a knight and a tracker when the draft hits the streets. He works with many of the other knights but becomes particularly fond of Virgil. He is also assigned to work with Danielle as a partner often. This is good because he finds himself further estranged from his childhood friend Tess when she joins the Champion's League and begins to travel heavily with them.

Year 1845: Aether was suffering from their own problems, namely the Anti-Mage prosecutions. While he himself didn’t enjoy the fact that so many people were prosecuted and sentenced for simply being mages, some of his kind seemed to agree with the way that Aether was dealing with them. Danx remained mostly neutral during that time as he was still too young to change anything. His father was doing his duty as a slayer by hunting mages, during that time Danx and his father had a strained relationship at best, this still continues to present time. His uncle was much like Danx neutral, but still doing his duty of tracking dangerous personas.

Year 1850: He is assigned a case for human trafficking and learns through rumor Xanthus is involved and leads a major crime cartel. Sadly he can never find any hard proof to base his accusations on and he refuses to abuse his authority as a knight - he will catch Xanthus and he will do it the right way.

Year 1854: Danx runs into Kris on the streets and invites him for a walk and talk. After all, they worked together to help Danielle so maybe they have more in common.

Year 1856: Tess runs into Danx on the streets. The two bond over old times.

Year 1858: Kris hosts a little drinking knight but with an important motive. He tells his friends and the Shattered Realm that he intends to go back to Cardinal Meridian and kill a damned black-blooded zombie – no matter what this time. Danx does not go with him believing his skills would just impede Kris and his company.

Year 1859:  Danx hears about an investigation on Danielle and comes to talk to his friend about what’s going on. He believes her when she says she’s not a traitor and realizes someone else must have set her up.