Saiya Ishia


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Royal Duke
Order of the Crown
Promathea Castle


Psychology (Manipulation & Emotions)
Aim, Unarmed Combat, Athletics, Dancing (Ballroom), Dodge, Intimation, Schooled, Ranged (Crossbow)
Melee (Sword), Torture, Bondage, Wilderness Survival


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Repeating Crossbow
Other Weapons
Only a few strategically placed pieces of plate mail that doesn’t weigh him down too much but will protect his vital areas from projectiles and a steel polished helmet shaped somewhat like a dragon’s head.
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Ice Blue
Skin Tone
Although lean and athletic, Demetri doesn’t stand as thick as many of the other fighting men in aether. 
Hair Color
Hair Style
His hair is kept short and slicked in the back with spiky bangs that part in the middle falling to his cheekbones and sweeping back towards his ears.
Height & Weight
5'11" & 195lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears stately clothing appropriate to his station. (Color scheme will be in blacks, silvers, blue and purple.)
Distinguishing Marks


The best of anything in life whether that is wine, clothing or lover, having someone love him even if he doesn’t love them back, getting revenge on someone that has dared to cross his family, Barnaby (he will always love his son even though he shows it poorly), Eshana (the woman drives him mad though), Medea (another woman that drives him mad)
Betrayal, women who think they can ‘change’ him, people who walk about with sunshine up their butt considering they live in hell, animals or rowdy children, that he will most likely have to give up on Eshana.
He relishes any luxury his world can afford for royalty, without the responsibilities of ruling. He puts on a quiet charming façade for the people but has little care for anyone outside his family. The general masses are there for soldiers and pawns. While Chestin has had open relationships, Demetri’s few conquests have been very private. He is selective about his lover’s, and has never ever given one of them his heart although it amused him when they profess their love. Most of the time Demtri is cunning and in control, and yet has a dark ruthless streak inside of him. If one crosses himself or his family, a person could expect no mercy from the Royal Duke.
He fears finding another woman that he loves the way he loved Eshana.. He fears becoming the man that he once was.
Demetri’s demeanor can flip in an instant if provoked, be good to him and he’ll be good to you, defy him and he’ll be hell bent in making your life miserable.


Father / Donor
Rhyan Collinwell (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Helen Promathea (Dead)
Alyson (Twin Sister, Dead), Eritch (Brother in Law), Christohper (Brother in Law), Janos II (Brother in Law), Caridee (Sister in Law, Dead), Kristen (Sister in Law, Dead), Belle-Madonna (Sister in Law, Dead)
Barnaby (Son)
Close Friends
Eshana (Romantic Interest), Gareth (Former Gaurd), Belladonna (One-time Lover)
Nok (Nephew), Inara (Neice, Dead), Lucien (Uncle, Dead), Chaltier (Great Uncle), Aerith (Grandmother, Dead), Therese (Neice, Dead), Chestin (Nephew), Janos III (Nephew), Kevin (Uncle), Kendra (Aunt), Cloe (Neice), Jasper (Nephew), Medea (former love interest)


Age & Sex


Year 1560: Demetri was the twin brother to Alyson but far less beloved than his precious sister. Even though his mother was Queen there was other legitimate heirs to the corwn, so Demetri was left to his own devices. He never harbored any jealousies; in fact he found merit in having the benefits of royalty without the responsibilities. Demetri grew unattached to most things in life however. He saw no need to make real friends; everybody did stuff for him just because he was a royal duke. And while it gave him satisfaction to hear that somebody loved him for the moment, soon that feeling was gone and he would remove the person from his life. His loyalty to family is built on the foundation that they were royalty. He developed the attitude from childhood that those who went against a Promathea family should be dealt with without mercy. But those who genuinely knew their place and duty deserved to deal with his charming face rather then the impassionate one he felt inside.

Year 1620: Once they were in all out war, it was decided even royalty might have to fight, Demetri was forced to take a place in line with the rest of the warriors. Being a knight of the Order of the Crown was a logical choice. He had no desire to be a mountain of muscle throwing themselves against the enemy and would rather serve his own family agenda.

Year 1824: Alyson comits suicide. Oddly Demetri finds it hard to care given how over dramatic and yet constantly adored his twin was. Year 1835: Several groups of human based or human sympathizing insurgents plot against the crown. Demetri, being the manipulator and charmer of the family, is asked to look into possible spies within their own kingdom. His first assignment is to look into a fellow knight of the Order: Medea. In the process of the investigation he learns two thigns: 1. She is connected to the insurection group. 2. He might be falling in love with her.

Before years end she puts her life on the line to save him from an anti-crown assassin and exposes her true colors once and for all as a result. Given the circumstances Demetri uses his weight as a Promathea to push for her inprisonment instead of execution. The terms being that if she offers them information on the group she might even be pardoned, but until they she will rot in a cell for life.

He also learns the reasons for her anti-crown sentiments: Janos II stole her baby girl from her. That little girl is now Mikayla Ravencrest.

Year 1839: Demetri comes to comfort his friend Belladonna after the death of her husband. He finds she is quite tipsy with alchol and feeling a desperate need to be “a woman” right about now. They sleep together but after Demetri is not sure this is a good idea, particularly given he still has feelings for Medea.

After a day of feeling dirty about his thing with Belladonna, Demetri seeks out Medea to convince her one last time to finally help the royals and provide information on the treasonist group. She finally relents, but as a “ploy” to get out. After all, if she doesn’t give them SOMETHING then she’ll never be out of prison, right? Not long after public word is made that Medea if providing information (which is actually false information but the public doesn’t know that) an assassin is sent to kill Medea, its none other then Reil! She learns the hard way that Sion always saw her as expendable and he was just playing on her being a soft hearted girl with a great big crush. Demetri comes in with the guards for her rescue to find Reil dead and her very upset.

A deal is struck. Medea is allowed out of the dungeon on a kind of “parole” but the terms are that she must provide all she can on the treasonous group and she must live with Demetri – who will act as her voucher and parole officer. Demetri and Medea deal with the first day of awkward living together, at least until Gowan shows up and exuberantly distracts them both. Eventually, Medea asks Demetri to help her scout/investigate for Sion periodically, wanting revenge but unable to go places without him at her side for now.

Year 1840: Medea is finally given the freedom to leave and move as she pleases. Demetri comes home one day and she is simply not there and no letter is left to explain it.

Year 1842: Demetri is assigned to Eshana as per the "each mage must be watched by a knight" law put down by the Crown. The two get along, in a "I like to hate you" fashion, constantly quipping back and forth at one another with mutual respect.

By years end they've become something like friends at the very least. When Celith is arrested for a crime she didn't comit Eshana leaps in the middle to defend her, despite Demetri's protests. She is arrested and both her and Celith are scheduled for execution.

Demetri comes to visit her in her cell and learns about her guilt in failing to save Balor, and how she sees Celith as her chance to "get it right". While he doesn't agree he can't stop her either. When the morning comes though she is spared from death when Balor shows up and takes her away. Instantly, Demetri runs to find her help since he now knows what kind of psycho Balor is. He has no choice but to seek out Kevin.

Year 1843: Kevin and Demetri find Eshana with her brother. They attempt to save her and she uses her own powers to force and end to the situation and make Balor leave. Kevin gets himself, Demetri and Eshana to the Tower quickly.

Shortly after, Demetri leaves her after getting a letter from an old fling that he has a son, Barnaby. He returns to the capitol to protect and raise the boy who is being targetted by brigands.

Year 1846: Eshana confronts Demetri and he is anything but sympathetic to her rage. In the end he asks her to give up everything to help him take care of Barnaby and she refuses.

Year 1854: Demetri notices the Champion’s League runs a city named Steelhaven on the books. The League were allies of the Tower so he hopes to seek them out for where Eshana is currently.

Celith takes the location of the Tower to Demetri so he can reach Eshana hopefully.

Cerrin attacks the Champion’s League to steal Snugs and Arcturus. In the fight Cerrin siphon’s Matius’ powers to keep him from assisting. Gaelnaris’ sword cuts that connection, freeing Matius who is now weakened but alive and still a mage. Cerrin steals Snugs from a helpless Battista (teleports him away). Demetri is with Battista when it happens but can’t do much. However, in the process, he learns how truly evil the Royal Adviser is.

Sadly Demetri gets to the Tower just after Cerrin’s first attack and the Tower is now gone. Without any idea what happened, Demetri seeks out the League again.