Soul Name
Knight (Templar of Darkness), Inventor
Dawnbringer, Consortium
New Dawn


Ambidextrous, Athletics, Computing, Engineering, Schooled (Modern Era Equivalent), Technology
Anatomy (Dahhak), Bondage, Combat Reflexes, Fine Arts (Schematics), Knowledge of the Dahhak, Knowledge of History (Before Recorded Time), Mathematics, Navigation, Melee (Sword, Dagger)
Astronomy, Alchemy, Aviation, First Aid, Language (Dahhak), Leather Working, Mounted Combat, Multiple Opponents, Multitasking, Ranged, Teaching, Unarmed Combat, Wilderness Survival


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
He is cursed to have muted reactions and emotions just as his body lacks the ability to feel pain, pleasure and temperature. The more he opens up to someone and they open up to him the more alive his emotions become and his body gains sensation again.
Hero Skills
Ignore Pain, Spell Craft (Death)
Death Grip, Frost Imbuement, Winter's Bite
Glacierization: The environment becomes frosted and chilled 1 yard per second from his point of location, this frosts the environment, not harms the living without prolonged exposure.

Frost Grip: Casts a layer of painful and encasing ice on an object or living thing, minus 1 from their rolls and movement. This grows over the object from the point of touch and spreads 1-foot radius per second so long as the touch remains. Does not instantly revert when touch is removed.

Ice: He can create ice on and around his person. He cannot throw ice shards, but the ice extends from his person and is solid.

Presence of Death: Creates an area effect of 1 mile in radius where in the emotion of fear and apprehension are heightened making it unlikely for animals and people to venture far within the area.
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Being cut with this weapon will siphon the energy out of a person. It will silence mages and dahhak and any other form of caster.
This is a long sword, decorated with the cross guard resembling feathers fanning out from a crow-skull over the blade. The blade is curved slightly and shaped with a semi feather feel.
Other Weapons

Ravenskull Dagger-Shield
He also has one punch dagger that is a large metal crow-skull, his hand goes inside the skull and the beak is sharpened to be the blade. It doubles as a small shield given it is about two and half feet long and about a foot wide. The weapons are freezing to the touch, and energy. They also absorbs heat, conductivity and electricity.

Vestments of the Frozen Stormcrow
The metal of his armor is an energy siphon; it absorbs the dahhak’s energy as well as heat, conductivity and electricity.

His attire is made up of a cotton black undershirt and pair of black leather pants protected with metal gunmetal studs along the legs. He has black worn leather calf high boots decorated with thin tarnished silver chain wrapped around them crossing at the front over the shins and holding metal crow-skull shin guards on them.

The second layer is a scale mail sleeveless turtleneck in style clasped closed with a thick metal collar. Decorated with a glowing blue hexagon gem. His tunic has a front split skirt and falls to his calves, covered by part of the third layer.

The third layer is a velvet long over vest. It has a split skirt that covers the scale mail tunic and comes up over the chest like a vest with one set of short sleeves trimmed with darker gray and silver-blue stripes. The chest of the vest also has the silver blue embellishments. From the shorter sleeves come darker longer bell shaped ones that have been ripped as though raked along barbed wire.

Over that is the fourth and final layer. It is a thick velvet dark gray-blue cloak with a large hood and trimmed with black, the inner layer also being black. It is also torn and shredded about the rump level. It is held together both at the hood and at the shoulders by black strips that match the over coat. Small crow-skulls are at each end of the larger one spread across the chest with black silk tassels falling a few inches down his chest. He has a dusky brown belt that has another crow skull for the clasp. Over the ‘A’ like split that the chain mail and velvet over coat make in the front is plated metal and over that is a chain belt that wraps around his body with a huge metal crow’s skull hooked onto it.



Eye Color
He has ice ghost blue eyes that lack a pupil and would seemingly be blind by appearance. They glow softly, and do not project light father then his immediate face in the dark.
Skin Tone
He has very pale peach skin that verges on white. It is frost cold to the touch.
His body is that of a non-combative teenager. He has a gentle structure to his face with large eyes and small nose and lips. His physique is slender very slightly defined with long thin limbs and long feminine fingers.
Hair Color
Snow-white, light blue tint
Hair Style
It is fluffy and falls around his face with somewhat curling waves. A tuff on either side of his head over his ears fall to tapered wavy ends just before his collar line.
Height & Weight
5'9'' & 120 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He is almost always in the Vestments of the Frozen Stormcrow. When he isn't he is wearing dark blue or black cotton shirts and pants with boots.
He wears three rings, one is a solid turquoise band, another is a blackened silver band and lastly he has a silver crow-skull ring that he keeps on his right hand, middle finger.
Distinguishing Marks
He is deathly white with blue veins, like a frosty corpse.


The Consortium, Chester (he amuses him), having access to resources and money to build things, exploration, time alone and his personal space, bright colors, specifically in his environment (not on his person), overcast or rainy, snowy days brings out the colors brighter, the arts (though lacks the passion to really become a frustrated artist himself. He just captures images as they come to him and gives little care how they turn out... oddly this improves his productivity), cute animals, the zen of combat
Trivial issues, politics, gossip, pointless conversation, being asked for advice or to teach (but he will do it if its the right people for the right reason), having his creations called 'inventions' (he is just recreating stuff that already existed but was forgotten)
He is calloused to destruction and death, but he does not revel in it or seek it out to stave off boredom. For the most part he is unattached to situations and people. Deeeeeeeep in the far back of his mentality he realizes he’s no longer a Solarian (or Aetherian) and thus doesn’t attempt to rejoin his previous race. Despite his appearance he is quite a stalwart warrior. Though his emotions are deluded somewhat he still retains preferences and opinions. He has an issue with the current state of the world as he feels a sense of betrayal from time itself, destroying all the advancements of his people. He is not particularly excited with Aetherians, seeing them as a reversion backwards, evolutionarily speaking. His only solace is working to bring back technology, and he is grateful he has the background to do just that. With friends he puts up with them as a sign of endearment.
Never achieving the level of creature comforts and technology that he enjoyed in his past.
He treats people with no emotional warmth and his signs of endearment are at times difficult to spot.


Father / Donor
Mother/ Sire
Close Friends
Arcadian, Percy (Consortium Co-Workers), Vincent, Louis, Halja & Aryanna (Former Traveling Companions)


Age & Sex


Before Recorded Time : Detridon was aboard the ship housing the Aetherian’s ancestors (their high ones). He is in fact a ‘mostly dead’ high one himself. He is trapped in the form of what people perceive as Aetherian because he, like the others of his generation altered their appearances to mimic the life forms around them. Unfortunately for him when one of their kind dies they lose their magical ability cutting of self shaping and sending.

Before he was undead, before he made official contract with the Spirit of Darkness, he was little more then an engineer aboard the great prison ship that housed the dahhak. When they crashed on the planet he ended up taking up arms against the dahhak. His comrades fell one after the other. With a mixture of hate for the dahhak and fear of dying by them he beseeched the any spirit or god of the world they were on, any power that be, to grant him the power to defeat and survive the onslaught.

The Spirit of Darkness responded, as a request from the God of Death. With an almost sadistic like payment demanded Detridon was transformed into a not quite dead but surely not living being. His magic was stripped from him and in its place came new power that Darkness bestowed. The absence of energy and heat, the chill of frost and the instinct to fight, kill then move on took the place of his normal nature. He became unkillable by conventional means, unstoppable by most measures and beyond all else uncomfortable to live with.

After the dahhak were subdued, their leader Markavi was imprisoned and banished as a body hopper, he found himself restless. He could not just ‘move on’ like all the others. He was not a creature they could understand and less felt comfortable around him. Finally he agreed to being put into cryostats for a time. That would give them time to rebuild their societies and give the unsleeping, undead solider some reprieve form his endlessness.

Over a thousand years went by, the cry chamber itself, due to the ship’s environmental adaptation A.I turned from a high science fiction lab into a forgotten tomb. His equipment, placed out along the racks became relics scattered in homage to an unknown warrior on stone pedestals. Still in the chamber, content in his educed mock-sleep, he had no idea the world around him had changed so drastically (and backwards!).

Year 000: tba