Edan Blackthorne


Aetherian (H) / Roma
Soul Name
Dowager Duke of Merlose
Xanthus' Mafia
Blackthorne Estate, Merlose


Finances, Quick Learner
Schooled, Performance (Expression), Athletics, Dance (Folk), Mathematics, Knowledge of Merlose, Mount Riding, Seneschal, Teaching, Langauge (Roma), Penmanship, Unarmed Combat, Ranged (Thrown), Psychology (Manipulation), Stealth
Pet Care (Fish), Cosmetics, Dance (Ballroom)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Jeweled Dagger x2
Two jeweled knives that are easy to hide if need be. One knife is shorter and used for primarily for getting up close and personal to an enemy. The other is a longer, thinner, throwing knife for distance.
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Warm Tan
He is tall and thin with long arms, thin fingers and a narrow build.
Hair Color
Pale Wheat Blonde
Hair Style
He wears it long and straight to mid-back with heavy bangs that hang loosely in his eyes.
Height & Weight
5'9" & 140lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears high-colored tunics, often in the colors of Merlose with jeweled collars; the usual nobility wear.
After his accident, he carries a cane decorated with gems for walking. Even though he’s fully healed, he fakes a mild limp to distinguish himself from his regular gait when he’s undercover.
Distinguishing Marks


Reading, researching is something he does for fun, his friends which he values, impressing others with his knowledge and thus being asked for his knowledge or advice, spending time with his sons and daughter in law, spending time and working with Xanthus, going undercover, taking care of his fish, relaxing in his cabin in the woods
Any rumors about his involvement in his mother’s death so he doesn’t like to talk about it. Not understanding something right away, knights in general (Edward is an exception). He isn’t a touchy-feel person and shies away from friendly contact like hugs. The way Odessa used him (control or not). The rift he sees growing between his sons. The fact that Quentyn is drifting away from him and the fact that old friends he hasn’t seen in forever are starting to appear back in his life all at once.
Edan is slow to speak and prone to ponder. A quiet person; he tends to take an issue and analyze it from all points before coming to a final conclusion in affairs as important as the rulings of Merlose to something as mundane as what shoes to wear in the morning (although those decisions are made a bit faster.) He loves researching any and everything around him and finds solace in books since they don’t judge him like people do. He can be rather reserved, slightly haughty and always seems to have a question on his mind as to how something works or why things happen the way they do. Although he’s very closed off when it comes to his personal life, he makes sure to listen with an open ear to the occurrences happening around him, doing his best to stay abreast of the issues at all times.
He fears failing Merlose, losing his sons or Xanthus and having to one day face down his own son if he were to get caught with the mafia.
Stares someone down when he first meets them, it’s habit.


Father / Donor
Claude Blackthorne (Dead), Ash Madrid (Step-Father, Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Imani Blackthorne (Dead)
Edward (Son), Quentyn (Son)
Close Friends
Wyatt, Noru, Serena, Janos II, Miyuki (Former Lover, Dead), Fenda (Former Lover), Ki Lin (Ex-Girlfriend)
Nethaniah (Former Mentor, Dead), Kurix (Cousin, Dead), Yasnin (Ex-Wife), Xanthus (Uncle, Secret), Vryce (Soulmate, Dead), Odessa (Former Lover)


Sasha IV, Michael IV, Piglin IV, Bob IV, Gene V, Jimmy V (Edan names them in his leisure)
Age & Sex
Both / Varies
They’re all angelfish of different gold, silver and blue colors.
They generally swim around in their aquarium, happy as can be.


Year 1798: Edan has been raised by his servants and tutors since he was born, as his mom was never really cut out for parenting. On the surface, he seemed to take the slight with a grain of salt, lording over his servants though never to the point of being cruel, but simply because he could. He never met his father who was lost in a battle while he was still in the womb, so he doesn’t really exist in his mind. His mother only came around to teach him something new, and he sucks up whatever she told him since it was the only time he could get some sort of affection from her.

Year 1800: At first Edan and Janos were friends, mostly for lack of other children in the castle. However Kurix, his cousin, moved in and took his friend away as well as dominated a lot of his life. The two did not get along.

Year 1810: His mother marries Ash. The two do not see eye to eye.

Year 1813 & Year 1814: When the kingdom is taken over by Lucien it is Ash who helps him. Edan is furious but cannot take action. That is until he gets a letter from Janos. He needs Edan to do nothing while Imani and Ash are murdered. It takes him a long time to come to terms, but he does it and Edan still is haunted by the fact. After he and Janos are friends once more.

Year 1818: Marries Yasnin.

Year 1823: While in an emotionally raw and delusional state her and Edan also had a romantic night. It was while Edan was struggling with his mother's death, and while Odessa was living in the shadows knowingly hurting her own mother, that the two found comfort together. It wasn't a good idea, but at the time it had seemed right. Though he doesn't know it at the time, she becomes pregnant with Quentyn.

Year 1824: Edward, his son, is born.

The plague, however, kills Kurix and he loses Odessa when she runs away with Marek. The upside is that Edward is betrothed to Cloe on an offer from Janos, trying Edan's family to the royals.

Year 1834: His wife falls down the stairs and suffers a bad head injury which alters her personality. Next, Edan’s history came walking back up to him when his son out of wedlock came knocking on his door. His earlier discretions with Odessa found out, Edan had no choice but to take Quentyn in with open arms.

Much to his surprise, Odessa returned soon after, sparking up feelings he thought he’d long since buried. With his wife still suffering from a different personality, he finds his feelings hard to place.

Year 1835: Yasnin's unwanted tryst with a man her mother forced upon had reuslted in a child: Valarie. Edan learns of this and is furious, demanding a divorce. The King grants it, but in Yasnin's favor. He even leaves Edward heir instead of allowing Edan to pass it to Quentyn instead.

Year 1836: Vryce is found dead in his chambers. Signs point to suicide and a note is left for Serena. It basically details how he didn’t want to sully her honor with their love now that her husband has returned but he couldn’t live without her either.

After the incident Edan moves out into a mansion of his own and becomes a shut in noble, running his duchy not no longer attending events or socializing greatly.

Fenda is being stalked again, this time on the way back home. Trying to find help she goes to the nearest house, which is Edan’s mansion. He has a servant send for a knight to escort her home but the two chat while they wait for one to arrive. Despite his desire to be isolated, Edan eventually offers that she can come to his mansion for some peace and quiet if she’d like.

Over the next few weeks Weylin is getting embittered by the way Fenda is always distracted and elsewhere. While he signed on for a marriage knowing they were not in love he did not sign on to never BE loved. Fenda begins avoiding home and as such goes to Edan’s again. She brings some of her plays she needs to rehearse with her and the two bond over a love of literature – albeit with a preference for very different forms.

Edan and Fenda have been spending a lot of time together. The two begin to realize their romantic chemistry. After a brief moment of romance (a kiss or what not, up to you two) they discuss how they would even DO this if they were going to. They’d have to be discreet given she’s married but with how shut in Edan has been that won’t be hard..

After a few weeks the fire in the romance between Edan and Fenda is starting to cool and Edan finds the constant differences between them make him feel like he’s not REALLY connecting with her. Weylin finds out about Fenda’s liaisons to Edan’s because of Harpy rumors and is FURIOUS. She has put their reputations on the line and insulted him on ever level possible. He demands she stop seeing Edan or he will take her to the courts as an adulteress – the punishment for which is death. Edan is served a letter from Fenda cutting off their relationship.

Year 1837: Odessa is attacked by Kajal and bound. She is forced to be the spy in Edan’s life. Edan, unaware of the nefarious reasons behind it, enjoys time with Odessa as his old feelings for her rekindle. Edan finally begins to come back out of his shell.

Later, Edward tests to become a knight, his test is at the same time as Jaspers and the two end up competing the whole way through! They both pass but Edward is just a little bit “better” than Jasper which causes the royal duke (who is already not exactly thrilled with Edward) to become more passionate about rivaling Edward in the future. Edward gets congrats from Coldyn, Yasnin, Dyson but when Edan shows up Edward doesn’t want to see him and storms away.

Edan is depressed after and since Virgil was watching he offers some condolences as another man who has a child uneager for his attention.

After Edan begins writing several letters to Edward but none of them are opened. Once the binding on her is "switched", Odessa confesses the truth to a very shocked Edan who thought her attention was the spark of their old flame. Odessa suddenly feels all of the loss and pain from Edan as her Soul ability awakens.

Edan confides in Janos about how heart breaking it is to now her attention was false. Janos begins to realize the parallels between this situation and his with Nikkola but keeps it private.

Edan receives an injury falling from a ladder. The muscle pain can’t be treated by a healer so they suggest he try the acupuncturist Ki Lin. Edan and Ki Lin are becoming fond of each other through their patient-doctor relationship. Ki Lin eventually asks Edan if he wants to date, half out of interest and half out of an attempt to avoid Odin.

Less than a week later Odin literally invites himself into one of their dates (with two other girls on his arms) and interrogates Edan to figure out how “serious” he is about Ki Lin. After Edan asks to know what that was about and Ki Lin explains the situation.

Year 1838: After a month of dating Ki Lin still has not become intimate with Edan and he calls it off, realizing the girl has too many issues going on in her life and not enough interest in him. She apologizes for the way she is but agrees to it.

Year 1840: After years of working under Xanthus, Fallenmoon is given a “job” by him. If she performs well, he assures her, he’ll start trusting her with bigger fish. All she has to do is deliver a letter INTO the castle to Edan Blackthorne. She threatens his life, gives him the note and vanishes before he can call the guards on her. The note tells Edan that Xyle wasn’t the only one who knows about his “tainted blood” and that if he doesn’t want the whole WORLD to know he will wait for further instructions and carry them out flawlessly.

Year 1841: Janos talks to Edan and suggests he come along on the ambassadorial trip. While it is a last minute choice Edan agrees, it’s not like he has other plans!

Miyuki meets Edan, the two are able to bond right off the bat. When she’s discussing some aspects of her native culture she mentions tea ceremony and Edan has never seen one. She suggests he come by the following day to her home and she’ll show him one. She does a tea ceremony for Edan. As she explains it she also explains it is something wives typically do for husbands. The two find the romantic chemistry between them is almost instant.

At the end of the trip Edan says his farewells to Miyuki. They manage a kiss and when she notices Edan’s sadness about leaving she assures him that she makes plenty of diplomatic trips to Aether. This won’t be the last time they see each other.

Sure enough Miyuki comes to see Edan at his home this time. After the time apart and longing the chemistry is very strong and Edan asks to court her.

Later that year Edan had almost forgotten about the blackmail when another letter shows up. This one orders him to start “casing” the mansion (ie: take note of valuables and security measures) of nobles not living in the castle and then bring him the details personally at the Velvet Secret. He is to tell no one. He chooses Dante & James, who are people he doesn’t know to feel bad about hurting in whatever manner will befall them. He comes over for random conversation and spends the time casing the home.

Edan reports his findings to Xanthus personally, who makes it clear he likes having him dance on a leash. At this point Edan threatens to let him reveal whatever it is he wants because it “can’t be worth this” and Xanthus explains exactly HOW bad it is (that Xanthus is his uncle and he and Imani were the children of a lowborn making Edan a second gen halfbreed).

After months of dating Edan wants to become more serious. However Miyuki hates to admit that she is a daimyo – far too restricted by her peoples need of her. Edan, meanwhile, is a duke and likewise cannot be away from his home often. The best they could hope for was living month to month in different countries and the teleport fees are not cheap enough for instant transport even! Ultimately they realize that while they do care for each other this relationship cannot end in marriage. They break it off but remain close friends.

Year 1842: Edan becomes fascinated when his uncle offers him a place in the mafia crime group he runs. Xanthus has very little family and doesn't mind actually including Edan in it, isntead of blackmailing him. Curious as ever, he accepts.

Year 1854: Only a few minor events happened to Edan in the past year. He continued to quietly work with Xanthus and learned that he still hesitates when it comes to outright murder. He’s replaced most of his servants with Roma or the Family. He’s come to the understanding of why Edward should be the heir, even if Quentyn is far better suited for the job. The only odd occurrence was the finding of demons’ blood in a sample Xanthus gave to him. He’s not quite sure what to make of that.

Year 1855: Serena invites Edan out to dinner and they reconnect. Edan receives a letter that blackmails him into going dowager. If he refuses, his blood and criminal ties will be made public, destroying his and his son’s reputations. With no choice, he claims being a Duke is too much trouble. His sons protest but he can’t be talked out of it. At the same time, word comes that the people of Merlose want Quentyn to inherit Merlose instead of Edward! Edward talks about giving up being a knight but Edan assures him it would be for nothing, that it’s already too late and the people have chosen. Quentyn inherits the duchy. Edan goes dowager and moves to a cabin-like estate near a river in Merlose, where he rather enjoys a release from the pressures of the court.

Edward later tells Edan that he’s going to propose to Karidee and Edan offers up a family heirloom ring to use. They hold a small party to tell Quentyn that Karidee accepted Edward’s proposal, who reacts oddly but doesn’t say why. Later, Edan meets up with Quentyn and Yasnin at a party where she says she hopes they won’t do anything to destroy the wedding day. Edan assures her they won’t and wins her over.