Edward Blackthorne


Aetherian (H) / Roma
Soul Name
Marquis of Merlose, Marquis of Phandaria, Viscountess of Horizon
Order of the Crown
Personal Home, Shade's Run (w/ Wife)


Instument Playing (Violin)
Melee (Sword) & Dodge
Animal Training, Athletics, Dance (Ballroom), Instument Playing (Violin), Hunting (Dog & Falcon), Unarmed Combat, Tracking
Mount Riding, Intimidation, Schooled, Penmanship, Performance, Multitasking & Quick Learner


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Long Sword
Other Weapons
He prefers chain over plate as he is more of a dexterous fighter.
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Bright Green
Skin Tone
Warm Tan
Lean & Athletic
Hair Color
Brassy Red
Hair Style
He wears itshort and falling in soft curls around his face..
Height & Weight
6' & 185lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears very knightly attire being proud of his station, normally a doublet in shades of greys and blues, with a under shirt that matches the darker color.
He likes to wear rings and gold thin chains.
Distinguishing Marks


Edward is a family man the three woman in his life being the most important: his mother, Karidee, and Ghost. He loves his pets and is very  protective of them, seeing them like children in a way. He is a dog person but has gotten use to Mister Moon. He enjoys play the violin but for fun, reading books about other cultures, he loves the rain and hunting. He enjoys being the Knight Commander and having the responsibility of others.
He still has a major pet peeve when it comes to seeing a girl upset but has come to reign in his white knight complex now that he is married. He is a momma’s boy and hates to disappoint her in any way. He can’t stand anyone being mean to animals. Quentyn (more than anything, he feels the man is fake, and possibly even dangerous). Lazy knights, he has no problem punishing them.
He is an outgoing young man who loves the outdoors. Even in his teens he prefers to be outdoors hunting or riding horses then studying. Though much of it comes from his parents, like them he picks up his lessons quickly and gets bored easily. Edward can tend to be a bit brash young man, with everything that has been happening to him and his family he can have quite a temper especially if someone is saying something bad about him or his mother. Despite a temper problem, he is a hard worker both in his training as a knight and in school. He is quite inquisitive and has his father’s intelligence he just doesn’t believe you can solve things by just sitting around, he believes in hands on action to get things done. He no longer hates his father but their relationship will never be close. He is protective of the women in his life and works hard to prove himself to the people he looks up to. He is a man loyal to his king and will do anything that his king asks of him.
That he will fail Chestin and be the downfall of his king.
He has a supeman complex and if he sees a girl hurt or crying he will go out of his way to make them happy. He also very inquisitive and will ask questions that tend to get himself in trouble or embarrasses someone.


Father / Donor
Edan Blackthorne
Mother/ Sire
Yasnin Blackthorne
Quentyn (Half-Brother/Enemy)
Karidee (Wife)
Close Friends
Jasper, Kristee (Dead), Xiphil, Kasper, Chestin
Marlene (Aunt), Sable (Aunt & Adopted Grandmother), Fredrick (Uncle, Dead), Thomas (Uncle, Dead), Edorian (Uncle, Dead), Clive (Cousin), Varek (Cousin, Dead), Gwendolyn (Cousin, Dead), Yulie (Cousin, Dead), Reginald (Cousin, MIA), Emmalise (Cousin, MIA), Battista (Rival), Coldyn (Former Mentor), Vryce (Former Mentor, Dead), Dyson (Role Model, Dead), Christopher (Role Model & Master), Kasper (Cousin), Halina (Former Betrothed & Friend, Dead), Ashlyn (Squire), Ansel (Mentor, Dead), Chestin (Strong Loyalty)


Peregrine Falcon
Age & Sex
4 / M
Gray feathers with a black head and bright yellow beak.
He is very protective and possessive of Edward, it takes a long time to get use to others, but he has gotten used to Karidee. Whisper is a quiet and stealthy hunter and sneaks up on people and prey easily.
Falas Wolf
Hunting & Guard
Age & Sex
3 / F
A light blond colored short haired dog with white paws and white tips on the point of her eara.
Ghost is a loving and cuddly dog, she loves to be in the center of attention. Such as when she sees Edward and Kari she will squeeze her way between them.
Mister Moon
House Cat
Age & Sex
3 / M
A black tabby cat with bright yellow-orange eyes.
Mister Moon is a cuddler and the type to just invite himself into someone’s lap no matter what, most of the type being Karidee’s but she’ll accept Edward and even Ghost. He’s very inquisitive and can often get into trouble, often when trying to ‘hunt’ Whisper. Seeing as Whisper is a falcon, it's a blessing Moon has lived this long.


Year 1824: Born to Eden and Yasin Blackthorne. He is betrothed to Cloe and raised around her, making the two good friends from the start.

Year 1829: Parents enroll him into the Legacy institute. Xiphil comes on stage and takes a lot of Jasper and Cloe’s attention, swiftly turning into Edwards rival.

Year 1830: Not willing to wait until he's in classes for it, he starts his own boys club but outlaws Xiphil and isn't quite sure what to do with keise!

Year 1831: His cousins Reginald and Emmalise move in. He quickly attaches to Reginald.

Year 1832: He tries to become a squire but Edan isn't ready for his child to be a knight yet.

Year 1834: Reggie and Emma joins the family and is glad to have an older cousin that he can talk to when he needs to. Also upset about getting his father’s unwanted attention and feels that he cannot do anything right in his father’s eyes.

His mother falls and hits her head, he is worried that he will lose the one person he loves more than anything, and was relieved to know that she was not harmed. He accepts his mothers changed personality and will do anything he can to keep her safe.

While playing the violin Virgil hears him and takes him in as a mentor, glad to do something that his father would enjoy.

That is soon crushed when Quentyn came to the family out of nowhere, being a child from another woman and only a few months older then he, he is both confused and distraught over the new family member.

Year 1835: He is honored when he is able to play the Violin at the Harmonic Convergence, glad to do something to honor his father and their name.

Year 1836: He dicovers a baby dragon in the Dark Song Woods and tries to "raise" it, naming it Snugs (Snugglypoocuddlywhumps). Things are looking up until Battista follows him out. The dragon almost instantly seems more fond of this invader to their time together and Edward is furiously jealous.

The relationship between him and Cloe becomes strained as a result of things beyond his control. One day, after a trip to Nazca, she merely begins to avoid him and Xiphil. As a result him and his once rival become something like friends over the matter.

He is distracted from the fact though when another "long lost child" shows up at the door: Valarie. The supposed child between Yasnin and a man she was trapped with by her mother during an abduction years ago, Edan is furious. His hipocrisy knows no bounds and he demands a divorce. Amusingly though, he demands it from Christopher who is FAR more sympathetic to Yasnin's case. As a result he grants the divorce but helps smooth out the move for Yasnin and ensures Edward stays the heir of the duchy.

Later, Edan tries to visit with Edward but the boy is anything but receptive. He blames Edan for everything in their family falling apart.

Then, Snugs feels “abandoned” by “mommy” (aka Battista) and follows him home! Christopher & Chestin must make a call on what to do with the dragon. They opt to give it a “play pen” and make Battista its care taker. However the dragon is considered “property” of Aether in the process. After the big announcement Edward is depressed since “his” dragon was stolen.

Finally, Vryce comits suicide towards the end of the year. As a result, Edward is assigned as Coldyn’s paige. He also asks to learn falconry from his new mentor.

Year 1837: Yasnin is attacked by a shinobi assassin but unpredictably Christopher came over to discuss with Yasnin that Edwards’s knight has suggested Edward for an early knight’s test. He ends up saving her and in the process the situation lends more credit to there being something “else” about Janine and her affection for Christopher. Edward thanks Christopher, the man has done nothing but be a savoir to the family and the young man really respects him for it.

Edward tests to become a knight, his test is at the same time as Jaspers and the two end up competing the whole way through! They both pass but Edward is just a little bit “better” than Jasper which causes the royal duke (who is already not exactly thrilled with Edward) to become more passionate about rivaling Edward in the future. Edward gets congrats from Coldyn, Yasnin, Dyson but when Edan shows up Edward doesn’t want to see him and storms away. Coldyn chases him down and imparts a small bit of wisdom to the effect of: “A real man doesn’t run from his own emotions. A real knight realizes at anytime anyone can die, so how petty is it worth being?”

It is at this point Edan begins sending his son letters. Each one is never opened, instead Edward tucks it away in a box in his chambers.

Next, Edward gets help from Dyson and Yasnin for Halina, wanting to somehow get her “talent” more known to the world! With their help, Halina does her first solo show and Edward is very proud.

Year 1839: Halina tries to impress her crush, Edward. While he picks up on her feelings he has to reject her because he still loves Cloe. The two remain friends.

Year 1842: Edward pushes for marriage between him and Cloe now that they are “adults”. Cloe isn’t ready and freaks out, eventually going to her father to break the betrothal. Edward is furious about the break up and the consequent move-in by Quentyn, Edward attacks his brother.

Dyson talks with Edward about perhaps there was something between him and Halina and that he should try to move on. Seeing his friend is being forced to marry someone she doesn’t want to he asks the king to break of the betrothal so they can marry. Instead Cloe is placed as the new bride for William and Edward and Halina become betrothed.

Christopher begins to place strong laws on mages and Edward is given the important task to watch the Champions League and if it comes down to it, he will have to kill them if they become dangerous to the kingdom.

During the knights tournament he finds Karidee freaking out from it, and as he sees her nervous he kisses her and realizes that he is extremely attracted to her confused at to what he should do not wanting to hurt either girl in the process.

Afterwards, Edward is sent out with the Champion's League. They go to visit someone named Satarius, Upon arrival he finds Satarius is a dragon, and his hatchlings are under attack by Savarius! Saving them, they quickly tried to find a safe location for Satarius to recover from his wounds. Locating a tower, they found it full of escaped mages led by Kevin. Kevin allowed them to stay, particularly since their agendas weren't so very far apart.

However the Champion's League shows strong signs of aligning with the Tower of Storms, enemies of the Crown. Edward knows what he must do. Despite this, when Aros asks him to never betray him, Edward promises he won't.

That night Edward saw his chance when Vanshee's leaving put Adrian into a state of heart break. He attempted to murder Adrian and make it look like a suicide, but Aros had come in to check on his father. Seeing the whole situation, Aros suddenly gave into his Avatar state which was a dragonic monster and attacked Edward. He only escaped with his life because of Kevin, and thenonly if he gave Christopher a message. The message placed Christopher into a coma, but he was saved from it quickly enough.

After he was also able to warn the King about the mage hideout, and that mages where coming together to build an army.

Year 1843: “Carol” runs into Edward as she’s leaving the Velvet Secret. Learns who she is and demands to know what she was doing. When she explains it all to him he admits he had no experience either. The two sleep together.

However, after “Carol” slept with Edward she finds him acting overbearing and protective. Finally, he sees her with Xiphil and gets jealous about it so she snaps on him. She had not planned to DATE him, it was an experiment! When Xiphil learns about what Carol did though he slap her. He condemns them both: Carol for using Edward while knowing the young man was in love with her and Edward for taking her up on it knowing she never loved him back.

Year 1853: Edward tells Tabitha about wanting to become Ashlyn’s mentor/knight, he wants to be sure she is okay with it. Edward consults Ansel about how he thinks Quentyn is winning the favor of his duchy to steal it from him. Ansel suggests he get more training in the ways of the courts and thinks Emeline could help. Ansel introduces Edward to Emeline for court training. Emeline trains Edward but finds him too good and boring to ACTUALLY want to help. So begins to sabotage him instead, since Quentyn is secretly working with the Cult anyways. When Edward makes a fool of himself at court, Ansel steps in to save the day. When he learns that Edward was acting on Emeline’s advice though he’s not happy about it. Ansel confronts Emeline, who admits Edward could never learn the courts given what a white knight he is. Its better he learn in a blaze of glory.

Year 1854: Just as the defensive energy network for Shade’s Run is finished, the armies of the Cardinal Meridian Slada’sha show up on the horizon. They must do everything they can to defend the city while the grid goes online.  Vindassi, Ymira, Edward & Kime hold the front gate of the city. Kime finds a strong appreciation for the typically feared power that comes with mages.

Year 1855: After she leaves in a furious storm, Usha encounters Edward and he comforts her while trying to dry her tears. Usha toys with Edward, seemingly trying to seduce him even, but gives it up at the last moment. She admits she’s been using a fake name (Aria) and that she needs to stop this.

Edward buys an ornate dagger for Karidee while Quentyn is with them, in an attempt to see if Quentyn will make a move because of it. Instead though, Edward ends up admitting his feelings while Quentyn is trapped being an audience to it all. Edward and Karidee have dinner that night. They become a couple.

Edan is blackmailed by a letter to go dowager. If he refuses then his muddled blood and criminal ties to the mafia will be made public – which will also destroy his children’s reputations. With no choice, Edan goes dowager and claims that being a Duke is too much trouble on a recluse like him. His sons naturally protest (with Quentyn faking it since he sent the letter) but he cannot be talked out of it. Word comes to Edan and his sons that Edward’s rightful inheritance has been asked to enter the royal court system! The people of Merlose want Quentyn to inherit instead of Edward and are literally appealing to the King for it. Edward talks to his father about giving up being a knight to show the people he’d do anything for them. Edan talks him out of it. The royal hearing for the Duchy of Merlose and its ruler is held. Chestin and Christopher both preside over it, since Chestin is starting to take a more active role in events. Edan and his sons are both present as well. In the end, the people persuade the Crown to allow Quentyn to inherit the Duchy.

Edward is devastated afterwards and talks to Jasper about it. A part of him feels like he’s actually insane/wrong when it comes to Quentyn. Even the Duchy thinks highly of him, is he truly paranoid for no reason? That night Edward goes to spend time with Karidee. The two do a horrible job of flirting before having a short talk about his feelings on the matter. She reassures him and the two take comfort in one another.

While celebrating Edward’s birthday together, Edward ends up blurting out a proposal to Karidee. He asks her to wait though so that he can get her father’s permission first! Edward asks Virgil for the right to marry Karidee. Virgil agrees but threatens the younger knight’s life, promising no one will find the body if Edward dares to break his daughter’s heart. Edward tells his father, Edan, about how he’s going to marry Karidee. Edward officially proposed to Karidee, who happily accepts. Edward and Karidee tell Edan and Quentyn about their being engaged. Edward goes to tell his mother, Yasnin, that he’s engaged to Karidee. Yasnin spot Edan and Quentyn at a party. She goes out of her way to talk to them and make it clear she will not tolerate anything fucking up her boy’s special day – especially not the man who keeps destroying his life (Edan) and the man who stole his birthright (Quentyn). Edward asks Jasper to be his Best Man while Karidee asks Forint to be her Maid of Honor. Karidee asks Virgil to give her away at the wedding.

Karidee and Edward discuss wedding planning, covering a wide range of topics from Karidee’s old “relationship” with the now best man Jasper to Edward’s issues with Quentyn. They also discuss needing to find a home to start their family in.

Year 1856: Edward brings home a puppy his mother gave him but Karidee is not thrilled – mostly because she brought home a cat! The two have their first couples fight over it. Edward and Karidee find their bedroom time invaded by their new “children” in the house.

Given all the upheavals and kingdoms falling, Edward offers his services in any way he can. Chestin admits that Vindassi’s attention has been with the Dawnbringers so much that he needs a new City Commander – which Edward happily agrees to take up.

Edward attempts to negotiate his knights into the Duchy of Dark Forest but is rejected by Blackwater.

Libra 3 – Karidee and Edward are married.

Year 1858: Edward wins the knight tournament.

Year 1859: Aetherian Holiday: Knight Tournament Edward wins for the second year in a row.
Though in the final round he and Forint initially tied and had to hold second tiebreaker round before Edward was victorious.