Eidolon Howler


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Nethander Theranose
Viscount of Barrely
Light Company


Melee (Claymore), Athletics (Dodge & Combat Reflexes)
Keen Sense (Hearing), Ambidextrous, First Aid (Feild Dressing), Schooled, Two Weapon Fighting, Multiple Opponents
Dancing (Ballroom), Finances, Wilderness Survival (Camping), Mathematics, Knowledge of Religion (Elemental Gods), Endurance (Pain Tolerance)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Dark (Undiscovered)
Hero Skills
Favored (God of Dark)
Specimen: Eidolon has been altered by Sirius Whitelocke, the results grant him inhuman strength and speed - as well as regeneration. However these traits seem to have disasterous affects when implanted into others.
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Claymore x2
Two large pale steel claymores with "O" rings on the ends of their hands so he can grab on via that for fast combat motions.
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Light Brown
Skin Tone
Light Peach
Atheltic & Muscular
Hair Color
Pale Wheat Blonde
Hair Style
It is short and layered, its brushed slightly more to the right side with tuffs that lift up instead of falling down as they should. His bangs fall just to his eyebrows with the rest of the roughish mess varying in lengths from his eyes to just below his chin.
Height & Weight
6'2" & 250lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears a high collar white tunic/vest with white pants beneath, as well as matching boots and gloves with leather gaurds dyed to match. His attire is adorned by various belts to hold things in place. Eidolon’s only real ‘jewelry’ is the steel cross on his outfit.
Distinguishing Marks
When extremely angered his eyes seem to darken as though being eclipsed by an unseen moon.


Work (in any form, it keeps his mind off less pleasant thoughts), the wind (he is known to find high places to just sit at and think, particularly on windy days), children (but he is never sure of himself in caring for them), seeing others succeeded, good company, saving some one (it makes him feel like he’s worth something), having a purpose (he feels lost without a goal to reach in his life), people who are decisive and give him direction
Being relied upon solely for anything (he doesn’t believe he can be what people need of him and that he will fail or fall short of expectations), deep affections pointed in his direction (he doesnt like letting people down), failing to save some one, being toyed with socially, making others feel put-upon by his problems (or talking about them at all), the Wysterians (while its not a blind prejudice he is quite capable of being more cold to them over the other people's of the world)
Eidolon is tired and it shows in much of what he does to keep functioning and doing what he can for others. He’s lost most of his passion and drive, but cannot stop hoping for a reason to fight (not to mention as a hero boy he is he cannot bring himself not to help where it is needed). He is a very compassionate person, and selfless in regards to helping others, but he never takes such good care of his own needs since he’s quite the martyr. He’s not very smart so he’ll often take the most direct approach to solving problems unless some one suggests something better before he gets wherever he was going. Eidolon is very mild in his emotions, never one to shout or react strongly to anything – though he can be sardonic in good company. He has a hardened heart against the Wysterian people (though he’s not prejudice enough to hate them all blindly) and has tapped a bit into his inner rage thanks to their kind ‘treatment’ of him over the years. He has a hard time overcomming his own past sins, often blaming himself and carrying the cross of each one.
Eidolon fears being unable to protect some one he cares for and watching them die. He also fears losing his sense of self or finding out that he is the source of all the miseries he's encountered in his life.
Eidolon is soft spoken, since he doesn’t raise his voice this can make him hard to hear at times. He also has a very slow gate to his walk, as though he’s never in a hurry to get anywhere – this of course changes when he’s in a fight or the situation is urgent. Lastly, Eidolon is always ready and willing to tack himself to a cross if something can be viewed as ‘his fault’ and he’ll never give up these ‘list of sins’ for as long as he lives if he’s allowed to shoulder them without rebuking.


Father / Donor
Victor Theranose
Mother/ Sire
Evelyn Theranose
Zoey (Adopted Sister, Dead)
Cynthia (Daughter, Dead)
Close Friends
Marina (Former Lover), Helen (Handmaiden, Dead), Lilla (Former Betrothed, Dead), Emily (Dead), Cadence (Dead), Fenrir (Servant)
J.J. (Brother In-law), Sirius Whitelocke (Enemey, Undead), Keiran (Cousin), Zayden (Cousin, Dead), Yasmine (Aunt), Kirin (Enemy), Bale (Ex-Lover, Dead)


Age & Sex


Year 1660: Eidolon Howler was actually born with the name Nethander Therranose and was the viscount of Barrely, a large county in Argent that bordered the Forest of Mirrors and the Duchy of Merlose.

Growing up it had originally been his intention to enlist in the Order of the Crown and be an ideal little knight on top of his duties as viscount. To this end he was trained by a genius swordsman of the Order who had since gone freelance: Sirius Whitelocke. Sirius as well as, Nethander’s governess, Helen Saintel had the greatest influence on him growing up.

Year 1672: When he was twelve Sirius agreed to take him as a squire but the boy was the weakest of the batch and constantly lacked in skills. The master of the order for their county advised the boy stick to being a noble and quit ‘playing with swords’. Broken hearted he was about to give it all up when Sirius came to him and offered him a ‘treatment’ that would boost his strength and put him back ‘in with his class’. The affects of these treatments were as promised, he was stronger and recovered from the bruises that he once lingered. Then he began to have severe headaches, black out periods and memory loss.

Year 1678: Helen began to worry for her young master and investigated what Sirius was up to. She learned that he was actually an evangelistic scientist using his knowledge and earth heritage magic to shape elves to his own desires. The viscount, among others Sirus had conned or kidnapped and stowed away in private locations, were being turned into a new race entirely as a part of some delusion of grandeur the knight had about becoming a God. He had done this before in several other counties and earned the nickname Nephilim (a name for mythical children of gods and elves) for his tampering with the very fabric of what made elves.

She went to Eidolon and told him the truth only to find Sirius had followed her home! He revealed then that a part of his alterations to Eidolon was creating a kind of ‘puppet’ system in his mind through which he could hopefully reproduce the effects of binding and control Eidolon at will (this part of the experiment was the source of his ailing health).

He attempted to use Eidolon to kill Helen but Eidolon manage the strength of will to refuse, but it cost him so much of his will that he passed out and upon waking he found Helen impaled on his blade. A parchment left behind said simply: You will always belong to me.

When his family discovered the situation they found him readying to chase after this fiend and stopped him. When he fought back they locked him in the local prisons for six months so he would cool down and see reason. While trapped he realized just how silly chasing the man down was, he would possibly be controlled, what was the point of that? Not only that but he was no master swordsman and Sirius was a genius with a blade.

Year 1679 - Year 1700: Upon his release though he found he had no passion for being a noble anymore, their petty concerns seemed exactly that to him: petty. He could not save a woman who’d been like a mother to him, how would he support an entire county? It was now that he took up a new name: Eidolon Howler (Eidolon meaning a shade of a living man or a phantom, and Howler being rather obvious).

Under this name he enlisted with for a freelance license as a knight and with his newly made ‘genetics’ he was top of the class instead of the bottom as he had been. Of course he tried to put these skills and himself to good uses where he could. Taking up odd jobs at low prices to help those who needed it most.

His family never understood and constantly sent out guards to locate their wayward heir and pull him home. They would contain him to his room and yell at the tops of their lungs of his responsibilities only to have him leave again. Each time they asked him why he would say: “I cannot help a county of people, only one person... and sometimes not even that. I’m no Count.”

Year 1715: During one such outing he met Emily. He had agreed to help with lifting and labor around her father’s work at almost no pay because the man needed it. During one of his days of work though the guards found him per the normal and dragged him out, telling the family who it was that had been serving them. Once he got free again he apologized to them for lying but clearly could not remain with them anymore since the guards would look there.

Year 1770: He was ten or so years into his first century when he met Marina in Veridian. He was passing through looking for work when he met her. The two got to know one another and ended up lovers, although Eidolon often kept a wall up with her and truthfully he was uncomfortable being in a relationship at all. However she affectionate and very strong willed and he liked watching her have enough energy in their relationship for the both of them.

At one time she showed him her sketches for what she called a ‘Travel Ship’ which was a fishing boat capable of sailing for months with cargo bays big enough to do so and housing inside. The concept was foreign but had a lot of merit and her plans were very feasible (that he could tell).

Year 1772: One day she seemed to be in a strangely ‘off’ mood, almost insecure and fragile. While on one of their dates she asked him if he would marry her, backwards as it was for the lady to ask, and Eidolon immediately backed off from her. The prospect of marriage was bone chilling to him, he was not a ‘safe’ person to be around and if he married her and his family ever came back into play her life would be turned upside down – not to mention family was a responsibility he wasn’t sure he was up to the challenge for.

A day later he told her: “I’m sorry, this was a mistake. I’m no good for anyone, it’s not your fault... but mine.” Then he left.

Year 1805: After leaving he entered the capitol doing odd jobs there under his new name. When he was 145 he was accosted by a free lance knight who had been hired by his family to bring him home, he beat the man but demanded to know why his parents would go to such lengths to have him back after all this time. The man explained to him that he’d been betrothed to the viscountess of Centurion, Lilla Valenti.

When they journeyed to the Forest of Mirrors they encountered the Unicorn within and it advised them not to chase Lilla’s brothers on foot, but instead to be their saving grace on their return journey by picking them up over the sea and ferrying them home.

Such a thing was inconceivable normally, but Eidolon’s mind turned to Marina (and her Travel Boat) and he bit the bullet to lead the others back to her in the hopes that she would assist them. Of course his return was anything but well received. In the years that had passed after he’d left her Marina had become a rather bitter drunkard and bonded well with twig of a man who was just as deeply lost in a sea of bitch-piss-and-booze. Tacking himself on the cross in regards to her situation, he still soldiered forth and asked for her help.

After a time (and a lot of negotiations run mostly by Bale) she agreed but explained that they still needed the funds. Unable to think of anywhere else to get it from Eidolon faced the second part of his past he wasn’t keen on dealing with: His family.

Understandably his parents were displeased to hear he’d come back just to ask for a large amount of money to fund a ship, though they were somewhat sated that he’d returned with his intended (and their fires were somewhat dimmed by it being a request for HER desires). Bale put his negotiation skills to use once more and haggled the boats funding while also creating an amusing back story about how Eidolon had actually run off to join the clergy (so he couldn’t possibly marry Lilla!) and that Eidolon was his lover!

While this occurred a rather furious Marina stormed out right into Sirus clutches, when they tried to find her there was of course no signs of where she had gone and everyone become worried. They didn’t worry long though as Louis showed up with a message that Sirus had taken her and wanted Eidolon to meet him elsewhere.

The martyr boy dashed off to the rescue and was nearly killed by Louis (who was Sirus new favorite pet) when Emily showed up with a ‘summons’ of the Darkness: Fenrir. The dark spirit creature saved him and took them both from the fight. After they reunited with the others, Marina included, but discovered Cadence had been killed in the process. Eidolon still blames himself, he invited the minstrel along and it was his past that took Cadence’s life.

Year 1812: He and all the paladin companies were sent to take out the leader of the Nazcans and free the God of Light. In the process he learned about Lucious’ chain necklace and ultimate theoretical fate. During the subjugation of the Nazcans a great battle broke out and Eidolon and many others helped free the God of Light.

However during that assault Bale was taken by the Nazcans and though Eidolon managed to chase them down and free his friend/lover he was lost in the wilds by that point and they couldn’t find their way back. While wandering they came upon the beachside and the humans of Wysteria, they were captured and hauled back to the kingdom. This was the last Eidolon saw of Bale, the two were sold off separately.

Year 1818: While he is away his family take in little Zoey and claim her as their own.

Year 1820: Furious and wanting to find his friend, Eidolon became like a hellion trying to free himself from them, escaping many times to search for Bale, each time they eventually found and recaptured Eidolon and he never found a sign of Bale in the process. Finally he was put under lock and key in a prison while they ruled on whether or not to kill him, he was an impressive fighter but they weren’t sure he was worth the trouble.

Year 1824: He broke out a last time, giving up on Bale was the hardest thing he'd ever done but this time he didn't look for him. Instead he stowed away on a ship and returned back to Aetherian lands. Emily found him at the battle that cost the lives of the Black royalty and she nursed him to health. Upon waking though he knew he could not stay, particularly since Emily wanted to help him with his future plans. He refused to be responsible for the life of anyone anymore, not after his multiple failures. He fled her in the night.

Shortly after he encoutnered Marina. He brought her up to speed, particularly on the fate of Bale. She offered to let him stay and while he refused at first she cornered him with the logic that she would need his advice on how to design the future ships to be effective against human attacks.

However, her tune changed after the death of her children to the plague. Eidolon, blaming himself in many ways as some kind of courrier of bad luck, walked out and she finally lacked the strength to stop him. He began hunting for where Bale was.

Year 1825: Bale resurfaces when many of the slaves are released. Eidolon hears of this and immedately goes to care for him, weighed down by the guilt of having to give up on him the years before. Worse, when he meets him again he learns the slave masters poured scalding oil down his throat - the naturally sassy and all "mouth" Bale is forever mute and extremely tortured by his days as a slave. Eidolon gives up everything to care for him out of penance and love.

In an attempt to help his lover recover and feel more comfortable he moves back to Veridian. Naturally this means dealing with Marina again, but she seems content to ignore the issue and hesitant to get in the middle of Bale's healing.

Year 1828: Bale finally shows strong signs of recovery. However, the good news is countered by the sad news of Emily's demise - which Eidolon learns about when he discovers the ring of Fenrir. The dark entity also directs him to helping save a young prince JJ from Wysterians.

Year 1832: Eidolon's family sends word that Keiran is dead, however Fenrir assures him its a lie. He doesn't understand the reason for the mishap, though it does remind him that "death" isn't something always accurately reported to the people in Aether.

Year 1835: Zoey comes to visit and Eidolon decides he doesn't want to continue his parent's lies. He tells her the truth, she isn't his sister and was adopted. She rejects this and storms out - it is the only interaction he's ever had with his so-called sister.

Year 1842: Eidolon and Bale agree to ferry an investigation team over to Sardor Isle at a time when all other ships counted it as off limits (it had become too risky, many boats never came back). Using Fenrir, he learns that the isle is covered in undead monsters and helps direct the team to where the living are - but he and Bale refrain from deeper involvement.

Year 1843 - Year 1853: Kirin assaults Viridian and slaughters everyone in it. Eidolon attempts to fight him but loses terribly, even his weapons are destroyed. Then he loses control to Sirius within him. After, he becomes determined to stop Kirin, who is on a quest to slaughter more towns.

Eidolon, Bale and Marina chase Kirin across the Kingdom of Aether to bring a stop to his slaughter streak.

Then, Janos offers Eidolon a poison (courtesy of Mouko) to give to Kirin. The idea being to knock the villain down a peg and make him negotiate for the cure.

After, Eidolon’s group get wind of the fact Kirin is going to be crossing the ocean to plant a seed on the Isle of Dragons as he promised Geralt he would. However the only boat going out right now, thanks to a rash of mysterious sinking ships off the coast, is a pirate one! They must pretend to be pirates to blend in and get hired.

While on the boat the captain realizes who Marina is and tries to in prison her to make him a whole FLEET. The others go to rescue her that night. That night they find most of the crew slaughtered instead as Kirin is on the ship as well. He confronts the group, having been waiting for them with Marina. Eidolon “poisons” Kirin only to learn it’s a love potion instead! Kirin gets all passionate on him and Fenrir has the spirit them off to his world in order to save them. Sadly he cannot get them out for a while as he used too much energy and time passes different in this pocket dimension so who knows how long before they get home…

Year 1854: Marina realizes that she is mostly holding Eidolon and the others back. She leaves quietly in the night and goes to the capitol to think about her life. Eidolon cannot blame her but figures she left because of something _he_ did.

Eidolon & Company finally find Kirin and attempt to get the “potion” into him. Kirin realizes what they are up to and allows it to happen so he can play at having a sudden change of heart. He uses it to convince them he’s on their side now.

After about a week together, Kirin bonds with Eidolon while out gathering firewood (Bale working on dinner). In the process he learns from Eidolon that Fenrir lives in the ring on his finger. That night, Kirin attempts to steal the ring but Bale notices. The others try to stop Kirin from stealing Fenrir but Kirin kills them both – which means that while Eidolon’s regeneration will revive him it leaves Bale dead.

Shortly after, Marina notices Eidolon barely holding together on the streets and takes him in. She learns about the fates of Fenrir and Bale in the process.

A little more than a week later, Kirin attempts to return Fenrir to Eidolon, as per Mouko’s demands, and has the added complication of Marina being the one caring for the grieving knight. While he does give the ring back to Eidolon, the resulting discussion does little but reveal to Eidolon that Bale tried to kill Kirin first.