Emeline Cousland


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Marquis of Sheedan
Shattered Realm
Emberlight Tavern


Politics (Blackmail & Bribery) & Acting (Subterfudge & Misdirection)
Empathy (Manipulation), Eidetic Memory, Stealth (Concealment), Intimidation (Social Power), Knowledge of Fashion, House Keeping, Seneschal, Labor
Tailoring, Keen Sense (Judge of Character & Sense of Direction), Cooking (Badly)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Favored (Bael)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories
Control Talisman: Andrew has given her a magical pendant artifact that allows someone to be controlled as long as a piece of their hair, skin, tears or something is kept tucked safely away inside. Whoever wears the pendant makes the rules. (Currently it can control Cloe.)


Eye Color
Bright Green
Skin Tone
Cream Peach
He has a long but slender build, more suited to being quick and light then strong and powerful. 
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Hair Style
It is worn long in a myriad of loose, wavy curls, often pushed over one shoulder in a ponytail.
Height & Weight
5'5" & 120lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
She wears various dresses that she’s sewn herself, often with corsets and strategic openings for her breasts and shoulders.
She no longer wears jewelry besides one necklace, although she would love to. She often wears chokers as well, but that’s more often to cover up a ‘present’ given to her from Essence when she visits.
Distinguishing Marks


When things go her way, finding out what others try to hide, knowing secrets, spending time with the Shattered Realm, having a family, having the upper hand, female lovers (after disliking it for so long, she finds they fit her more than men ever did), being useful.
She misses having power over people, misses having the most expensive of everything, hates that she sometimes misses court life, Belladonna (always will), being completely useless in her current situation, people who mistreats servants (especially since she is that status again), blood (the sight of it makes her faint), the Cult still chasing her, fish (to this day the smell makes her ill) and cooking (it doesn’t make sense! It should be easy, but it’s not).
Emeline’s personality had to turn all the way back to her roots after she gave up her nobility and ran from the Cult. She gave up the personality she’d hid behind, sweet, quiet with tiny well-aimed barbs. Now, she’s the same person she was as a teen, full of heart, earnest but switching between nosy and a feeling of she could care less. She still talks like a noble, still looks down at people she no longer has no reason to do so, but is finding herself day by day. Which means one day you’ll get sweet as pie Eme, other days you’ll get a biting, sarcastic flower.
The Cult finding her and murdering her. The Shattered Realm giving up on her.
Emeline loves verbal barbs and bringing up nasty little secrets in public settings without actually coming out and say it. I.E. ‘Oh Duchess! It’s so nice to see you got your figure back after that... little incident’.


Father / Donor
James Thatcher
Mother/ Sire
Crystal Thatcher
Essence (Occasional Lover)
Close Friends
Idaline (Dead), Phoebe (Dead), Alexandria (Soulmate, Dead), Marlene
Robert (Former Master/Enemy, Dead), Belladonna (Soulsibling, Former Master/Enemy), Walter (Ex-Husband, Dead), Andru (Cousin), Ansel (Former Lover), Ansel (dead), Cross, Akira, Dale, Roman, Odette, I’Frit


Age & Sex


Year 1701: Emeline is born to a poor fisherman and his wife in a tiny sea-side shack. Her only real memories of that life is the stink of rotting fish.

Year 1705: At four years old Emeline is sold to a nobleman's family to pay off her father's gambling debt. Her final memory is her mother crying and hugging to her as she was sent away. However after she was dressed pretty, taken to a huge mansion and made to be Belladonna's handmaiden. Ironically she was HAPPY about this because she was in the nicest clothing she'd ever owned, living in what felt like a castle, eating gormet food and no where near stinky fish!

Year 1714: At the age of fourteen her mistress blossomed into woman hood, which led to her sleeping with older man and blackmailing them after. Emeline was always relied upon to cover up things to ensure her mistress was innocent. This led to many other affairs like it. It also led to Emeline learning blackmail herself and how to both cover it up and protect yourself from it. It was at this time Emeline became bitter about her "mistress". She was SMARTER than Belladonna but had to cow-tow for her at every turn. Something she was getting tired of.

Year 1716: Belladonna's family begins applying pressure for her to marry and have an heir. During this period Bella is all goo-goo eyes for a nobleman lover of the "time" named Mark. She begs Emeline to cover for her while she and him sneak out to have sex during a Winter Veil celebration. Like any good doting handmaiden she gave her word. Then, sick of it, she went about setting up a trail for Bella's father to find them both during the act. The rage, the tears, oh it was all priceless. Emeline, naturally, played the afraid little loyal handmaiden but she drank it all up. It was the final proof that Bella was her lesser in every possible way.

6 months later Belladonna found she was pregnant. Emeline helped her hide it. Oh Bella thought she was kissing up after being a "bad lookout" but the truth was it was another HUGE secret to hang over her mistress one day. So, she arranged for Belladonna to go abraod for schooling to "repent" in the eyes of her father and in reality they went to an old nursemaid Emeline knew. The woman kept the secret as the little girl was born and then promptly hid it. Emeline helped the old woman hide the child, as a result she does know WHERE it is but she has never told her mistress as much.

Year 1720: Emeline is a late bloomer but as she becomes a lovely woman she thus is pressured by Belladonna, who had an interest in the lovely figure of ALL genders. Realizing its another way to make her foolish mistress co-dependant on her (and thus give her power) she "falls" for the seduction and the two become lovers. She resents it but like so much of her life she bears the burden because it will all "pay off".

Year 1810: Robert comes into the picture. A pussy-whipped moron who is completely at Belladonna's every whim. It turns Emeline's stomach to see a MAN with all the power his gender entitles him to eagerly beg to be subjugated by her moronic master.

Year 1833: Emeline finally gets the chance and marries herself a nobleman: Walter. He's a lonely older type, hungry for young seductive woman and she has no issues being used for that after years under Belladonna's sensual whims. She does not tell her mistress anything, just one day she was attending to her mistress like normal and the next her things were gone and she could not be found.

When next Bella saw her she was a pretty thing on her husband arm with power and no need for Bella. No reason to lie anymore, she made it very clear she'd hated being in her shadow and now that she was "free" she would ruin her precious little mistress. Belladonna and her have been viscious court rivals since.

Year 1834: Walter was a man of dark fetishes but was never the smartest. He crosses the wrong "dealer" of one of his vices (with some help from Emeline planting evidence mind you) and is assassinated. The widow role suits her well as it gains her instant sympathy from everyone around her. It also frees her up to find a man she can actually ENJOY for once.

Year 1835: At Idaline's behest she takes on Cera as a protege.

Year 1839: Belladonna and Emeline meet while Cera is being trained in ballet (mostly because Emeline realizes the girl needs more “feminine” skills!). The two competing women rival via how wonderful their respective apprentices are in different fields. After Emeline cracks down on Cera needing to be better so she can beat “harlots” like Lynette. Just before the years end Emeline gets a visit from Vanessa while she is out visiting her home mansion. She is swayed to join the Cult of Asoth but not told Belladonna is involved.

Year 1842: Emeline taunts Belladonna with the worst thing possible: She knows where her daughter is! Now the question is how will Bella get the details from her without succumbing to this power play and begging for it? Before years end Belladonna finally gets her daughter's identity from her: Eshana! Emeline sat back and watched Belladonna danced like a fish on a hook as she tried to get Eshana's attention. Then she walked in a month or so later and assured Eshana that Bella was using her as a tool/status buff just to ruin things further between them.

Year 1843: Emeline is asked to a meeting with Ansel, who is looking for a prospective bride. The two getting along eerily well.

Year 1847: Belladonna is revealed to be a member of the Cult of Asoth. Emeline is elated at watching her rival sink further and further in life.

Year 1843: Ansel introduced Edward to Emeline for court training. Emeline agrees, thinking it would be fun to train someone so young to her side. She later realizes it’s anything but. Edward is simply too GOOD to be of any use in court games. She sabotages him instead, and mildly apologizes when Ansel later confronts her about it.

Alexandria confesses her cult involvement to the King! Assuming this would not go as smoothly as the first time her involvement was discovered, Emeline goes to Alexandria with a warning dressed in promises of future death. But of course, Emeline can’t through with any of her threats, not with the soulsister she actually cares about. She leaves, content that Alexandria won’t turn on her, but then the news reaches her that Alexandria is killed! The blow is hard and it takes a lot of leaning on Ansel for Emeline to recover.

Year 1854: Afterwards, Emeline realizes that Ansel is coming to see her less and less, and then not at all! When she sees him, she quickly realizes he doesn’t remember a thing about her. Angered, hurt and curiously intrigued, she tries to seduce him on the spot but he’s not interested. She goes to Andrew for help, and he tells her of Alexandria’s involvement but refuses to undo it. Defeated, Emeline asks if there’s anything she can do for revenge. Andrew gives her an amulet and tells her to do what Bella could not: get a foothold in the royal family.

Bella comes to gloat and Emeline takes the royal beating, not wanting to give up the hint that she has a new chess piece in her game. As for Ansel, she is still debating on re-seducing him. A sneaky thought has entered her head that perhaps he left her because he wanted to…and not to protect her after all.

Emeline escapes from the Cult and finds herself at the Shattered Realm, during a spy mission given to her from Sain. Instead of completing her mission, she opts to leave the Cult and simply stay there, giving up everything in her old noble life without a second thought. This leads to one (of many) ambushes of the Cult coming after her to kill her, the first one with Marlene but Danielle saves them. Bella comes looking for her, but Emeline tells her the truth, she’s done with her, she’s “won”, and the Cult and I’Frit tells Bella that if she comes back, she’ll be dead.

Year 1855: Cross talks with Akira, I’Frit, Marlene and Emeline about how the old anarchy motivation is put to bed. It’s a new year, they need a new cause for the Shattered Realm to become devoted to.
Essence picks Emeline as a quick-and-easy bite and Emeline has to scramble to get away and get help from those in the Emberlight Tavern. Although later, instead of being horrified, she’s actually seduced and agrees to feed (and sleep) with her. Emeline is unsure of where she stands with Essence so she seeks her out to get a solid answer. Essence assures her that she doesn’t want any strings, but they can definitely have fun whenever she’s around.
Later, while the world is partying in favor of their new King, Dale takes the moment to bring a drink to Emeline and get to know her better, while she laments not being invited.

Year 1857: Marlene and Emeline are out with Akira and Danielle when they are attacked by Ross and Abel – who are after Emeline. When Abel and Akira’s fire go head to head, Abel decides to take him because he’s like the child him and Ross never had! Danielle is left to get an injured Marlene and targeted Emeline out of dodge and tell the others. When the girls tell Cross and I’Frit what happened, it’s Emeline who explains that to rescue Akira would require a trip to Vox Diablos. The cult’s church is in a pocket dimension of the Dark World though. They’d need a Keise, or A’dalis, to get there. Cross looks to I’Frit and asks if he, as an entity of Fire, can pass into otherworldly realms. When he learns he can, he decides anything his minions can do HE can to.