Eriko Karasuhebi


Soul Name
Mibushin Gumi, Dawnbringers
New Dawn


Athletics, Melee (Sword)
Etiquette, Religion, Ambidextrous, Blind fighting, Block, Combat Reflexes, Cooking, Cosmetics, Dancing (traditional), Dodge, Meditation, Multiple Opponets, Schooled, Stamina, Stealth, Unarmed Combat (MAHS), Weapon/Armor Upkeep
Climbing, Endurance, Politics, Tracking (people), Two-Weapon Fighting


Species Powers
Telepathy & Ryu-Go
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Earth (Undiscovered)
Hero Skills
Spell Craft (Chi)
Chi Spells
Healing Touch, Hunred Fists,
Focus the Mind, One Sight, Soul Blade, Steel Skin, Sword of Death, Walking on the Sword, Water Flow
Favored (Dragon of Earth)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Family Katana
Other Weapons
Najinata (strapped to her back)
She has black and green samurai armor with the designs of her clan upon it (it use to belong to her grandfather, and she had it fitted for her).
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Dark Blue
Skin Tone
Warm Gray
She has a womanly figure that is well toned and suggests that she works out quite a bit.
Hair Color
Hair Style
She has short (below the ears) curly hair with her bangs swept over to the right side.
Height & Weight
5'8" / 193lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Despite being a Samurai, she likes being a woman. In most normal, day to day activities, she wears kimonos. They all have various designs upon them, but she sticks to wearing the colors black and blue. When training or something along the lines, she wears the traditional keikogi and hakama (usually dark blue in color).
Things like rings, necklaces, and earrings tend to be a rarity for her to wear. Though, she does like to wear wide silver bracelets on both wrists. They have matching designs of crescent moons on them.
Distinguishing Marks
She has various scars along her back and mid-section.


Cooking (she thinks she’s pretty good at it), getting the chance to be a woman rather than a Samurai, relaxing and having a good time, surprising others, Religion, listening to stories, reading, Senchiro, seeing her son
Amaya & Mouko (they've tainted everything in her life that brought her joy), people who let fear or other people control them, demons and pretty much anything related to them, people who can’t think for themselves, that her son is living with Mouko, that she neglected her other son, that she doesn't feel trusted after killing one of their own while under someone's control, that she might be taking things with Senchiro too slow because she is scared

Eriko is a woman that knows what she wants. She isn’t the type to do anything to achieve her goals. She would rather not cheat, but to actually achieve her goals on her own merits. She certainly has the patience to not take short cuts. Ever since she was a young girl, she has always been rather compassionate. She doesn’t have a problem with helping others (it is just benefit if she gets paid for it). In general, she is just a good person. Some people actually seem a little surprised on how personable Eriko can be considering many Samurai can be very stern and rather stiff. Eriko is fiercely loyal to those she serves and to her clan (not realizing the corruption there). She’ll gladly lay down her life for those that she serves and/or cares about.

Finally, she is an intelligent and proper woman. She worked hard to become a Samurai, but she knows her place as a woman well enough. She shows the proper respect to royalty, elders, and so on. Also, her intelligence, calm and patience nature leads her to think thoughts through before leaping into action.

She fears that someone might find a way to control her for evil purposes. She fears swimming (as she can’t swim, and she’ll only tread lightly in shallow water). She fears what Mouko may have done to her child.
When her nails get too long, she bites them off instead of cutting them off. It is more of a nervous reaction than anything else. She is also rather competitive against those that use their rage to fuel their actions. The more angry someone gets when trying to defeat her, the more she tends to enjoy herself.


Father / Donor
Hysuke Karasuhebi (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Rena Karasuhebi (Dead)
Kosuke (Son), Mizuki (Son)
Close Friends
Hideo (Apprentice, Dead), Elizabelle (MIA), Senchiro, Raiu, Shikojiro (Dead), Yonisho (Dead)
Jundi (Rival/Enemy, Dead), Orion (Former Lover/Servant/Enemy, MIA), Amaya (Enemy), Kazuo (Grandfather, Dead), Asato (Former Husband)


Age & Sex


Year 1505: Eriko was born to Hysuke and Rena Karasuhebi. She was planned to be their first daughter with many more children on the way. As usual, things don’t always work out as planned. Hysuke, being a samurai was normally too busy to be around his little family too much. Sadly, Rena, being a courtier, was also on the busy side with politics. They barely had the time for one child, so it was safe to say that they wouldn’t have time for many more children.

That wasn’t to say that Eriko didn’t have a happy childhood. She knew she was loved, and she knew that everything that her parents did, they did for her. She found other things to do with her time, but most of the time it consisted of studying (as, at the time, she was wanting to become a Miko). She loved studying religion when she was younger as it seemed to bring her peace of mind (not that she had a lot of worries when she was a little girl).

Year 1517: During this growing up period, she met an older boy who was training briefly under her grandfather (she visited her grandfather every day to hear his fantastical stories about his many adventures). The older boy’s name was Orion. From the moment she looked upon him though, she was in love (or so she kept telling her mother). Everything she did was an attempt to impress him, but it never seemed to work the way she wanted it to. If anything, her attempts to impress him only achieved annoyance. The most she could get out of him was friendship, but it certainly didn’t stop her from trying to get him to notice her.

Year 1520: A couple of years before Eriko was to be considered a full Miko, her parents were murdered. This left her with her grandfather as her only family member, so she was forced to live with him (not that she minded considering how fond she was of her grandfather). Sadly, despite she had someone to comfort her during her time of loss, she fell into a deep depression. She dropped her Miko training, and she basically didn’t leave her home unless she absolutely needed to.

Oddly, it was Orion that brought Eriko out of her depressed state. He didn’t much like the fact that she was depressed, so he took it upon himself to cheer her up. Of course, being that he was horrible with emotions, he tried to teach her how to be a samurai since he was training to be one. It helped her quite a bit, and she soon became extremely interested in becoming one (it was a way to protect people from what her parents just went through).

It took a couple of months of trying to convince her grandfather to teach her, but he finally gave in. She showed the potential, so it was easy to teach her. Plus, with Orion near by, she felt challenged (she had to beat him at one point in her life).

Year 1522: It was during her training that Eriko started to learn a little bit more about Orion himself. As they were normal sparing parents when training with Eriko’s grandfather, she learned more of Orion’s uncle. She knew that Orion looked up to him a great deal because of his father’s death, but she didn’t really start to notice the change in him until she started her training. The more she heard about his uncle, the more that she realized that his uncle was the controlling type. It lead down some very nasty arguments (about Orion learning how to make his own decisions, and not always doing what his uncle told him to do).

In the end, her long time crush on him subsided because of this. If the man couldn’t think on his own, then he wasn’t good for her. Sadly, it was when her crush subsided that Orion’s crush was just beginning.

Year 1525: A few more years past, and Eriko finally became a samurai. It was one of the proudest moments in her life, but it was a bittersweet moment. Her grandfather lived long enough to see her become something she tried so hard for, and then he died. It wasn’t as dramatic as her parents being murdered, but as he was a huge part of her life (especially towards the end there), his death still hurt and put her through another fit of depression.

This left Eriko without a family (but with a good family name). It was up to her to bring her family honor, and the person that actually realized that was Orion. He knew that he had to snap her out of her depression, so he tried something new (as the whole training thing wasn’t going to work this time around). He simply tried to be a good friend. Eriko took comfort from Orion, and from that moment on they became on and off again lovers.

Year 1600: Eriko and Orion being on and off again lovers lasted for a few years, but the same arguments would come up. Eriko knew he wasn’t good for her when he was still taking orders from his uncle, so it was her that broke it off for good. Orion let her go, but he never really got over her which lead to bitter feelings towards one another.

Year 1822: Eriko took on a separate life from that point on. She took on her own missions mostly be bring honor to her name. It was one such mission that got the attention of the Daimyo Amaya. It wasn’t a mission that was suppose to get her attention, it just happened. Eriko caught a glance of a little girl running away from something. At first, she just assumed the girl was being chased by some friends. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye she saw steel and she heard a scream from the little girl. Without thinking, she ran to the rescue, and after a short battle, saved the little girl’s life. Upon returning to her clan with the little girl in tow, she learned that she was Amaya’s daughter. Obviously, she was extremely grateful for having her daughter saved.

While this didn’t earn Eriko the title of royal samurai, but it did bring her a good deal of respect.

Year 1824: Shortly after Eriko’s heroics, Asato put out an ad for help. She applied, and considering her recent fame she got the job. Of course, another person that got the job was a blast from her past, Orion. That didn’t really make her all that happy, but Asato made up for any displeasure she might have with working with Orion (she sort of transferred her old crush from Orion to Asato).

Year 1828: The Land of Dragons falls to the A'dalis. She evacuates to Aether with Asato and Orion. While their feelings arise between her and Asato. She is also kidnapped by Amaya, who tells her a viscious truth: That daughter of hers that she saved and returned home? Amaya had been the one trying to kill her! Needless to say the child is dead now.

Year 1830: Asato hits on her while drunk and she rejects him. Humiliated Asato distances himself from her and she goes back to Orion.

Year 1834: Eriko learns Orion's uncle Yuu is in fact Amaya! She tries to tell him but he doesn't beleive her. Then they learn Asato's new wife, Jundi, is curropted and she attacks/infects Eriko! The trio travel to the Land of Dragons for a cure and find it, but just in time to lose Orion to his dark side when Amaya tempts him too far. She writes Orion off at this point, giving up on him. She also takes up two apprentices while in Aether: Hideo & Karidee.

Year 1835: Asato begins talk of a relationship with her but puts it on hold when his soulbrother Shikojiro ends up curropted as Eriko was and they have to take another trip home to find him a cure. Sadly this costs the life of Hideo.

Year 1836: Eriko begins to show "signs" of curroption but they couldn't pin point it. This caused some extreme concern for her and Asato, naturally. A lead points them towards the obvious: Mouko. Asato and Shikojiro finally get an appointment with the monster and they learn that he set up Eriko’s little “taint” as a joke when Asato came by last time. Once they are done being tormented/teased they leave with the knowledge they came for and head back home.

Year 1841: Eriko begins researching Amaya with some help from Yonisho. She learns that Amaya is a master of stealing identities, she can look, act like and basically become anyone. She is also capable of controlling others as she desires. She was supposedly blind from birth but Eriko can tell from how the woman fights and acts she can’t possibly be blind! The biggest mention of her in books is that when her parents died she went with a team to find them and the team ran into an Akuma. Supposedly she felled it in battle and thus became a hero as she ascended to daimyo.

Year 1842: Eriko talks with Asato about the possibility of children. In return he talks with her about the possibility of marriage. She has her egg but it is a short lived celebration.

Asato is killed defending Orion (who was trying to kill Asato at the time) from Mouko (who was trying to save Asato!) by getting in the way of the death blow. Mouko takes Asato's dying body and leaves the heavenly sword with Orion to tell Eriko what has happened to her husband.

Not too long later Mouko returns and takes Kosuke's egg right in front of her while she is laid up in bed. When Eriko comes to rescue the child she learns of Asato's fate as a servant of Mouko, but she is given back their child. She returns home with little Kosuke.

Year 1853: When Mouko attacks the capitol he has Chimarie Chikara agents "protecting" Eriko and her boy by holding them hostage. After the dust settles, Muramasa demands to know WHY. Naturally she has no choice but to confess the truth: That Mouko created a copy of her child and gave her back one but seems interested in BOTH.

Muramasa tells her to leave the family and not come back. Not because he hates her, but because if others learned of this they would want her son dead. This is the best way to protect her secret.

Year 1854: Eriko has been pushing herself to hard for months in an attempt to prove to herself and to the gumi. She wants to show she is fully capable of pulling her own weight. Kosuke spars with her but worries about it. She brushes it off.

For Kosuke to show his displeased he is with his mother. This leaves Eriko in the bizarre situation of being outraged at her son’s prank and yet guilty at how it worked out. Kosuke attempts to help her understand Mouko since he won’t give up on uniting his family.

Raiu talks with Eriko and Kosuke, admitting he knows the boy’s relationship to Mouko and won’t tell anyone. However, he’d like to get a message to Mouko is possible. This prompts Kosuke to confront his mother one wanting to move to Moukos Isle of Entropy. He wants his family to be whole! However, when she is upset about it he accuses her of getting too close to Senchiro and THAT’S why she has cold feet. He takes the letter for her and decides to go stay in the Palace of Entropy himself.

Eriko tells Senchiro about how her son has left her.

Year 1855: Keita asks to go to the Isle of Dragons and visit his father’s cousin, Eriko, since he’s so curious about the culture. Helen and Amon discuss it and agreed to let him go. Keita writes a letter to let Eriko know he’s coming to stay with her for a week.

Word comes back from Eriko that Keita can come visit. He is sent via a teleport site since boats are dangerous and they don’t want Keita out of school to long. The family say their good byes for now and wish him well. Upon arrival, Eriko meets with Keita. He wants to meet Kosuke but she regrettably informs him Kosuke has left. Eriko introduces him to some of the Mibushin Gumi, with Erisuke, Chisu and Yuki on hand for chatting with since the samurai were sparring while Yuki relaxed with some tea. Keita is mesmerized by bushido. When he mentions he’s looking to become a mage, Yuki suggests he should check out the local mahotsukai school to see how their magic works – though he can’t train there due to the laws around it.

It’s the last breakfast between Keita and Eriko before he goes home. He thanks her for having him over.

Erisuke & Senchiro attempt to figure out Aetherian “beds” when the shipment of them comes in. Eriko sees this and tries to help, thus the trio bond over their lost homeland.

A mass funeral event is held for the Isle of Dragons. King Chestin also declares the 14th of Virgo a national “holiday”, the Ryuko Requiem.

The Mibushin Gumi observe the funeral for their dead. During this time Toru can’t bring himself to participate so Saiya tries to talk to him. Naturally he’s upset over everything – especially Inuzu. Sensou (Muramasa) drinks himself into a stupor. Ansel comes to see him, having talked to his family and learned of his decision. He tries and pull him out of it but it doesn’t work. Karidee runs into Eriko in the crowd and offers her support.

Year 1856: After learning what they can about Torus and “Fate”, the Consortium members find a way to implode the Time Steam Gates. The devices must be planted at the various gate locations and will close the portals and release the energy back into its proper balance. There are 9 gates in total and thus 5 teams are sent. Team 5 arrives at their Time Steam Gate and must deal with enemies coming out of it while they reach it to destroy it. Erisuke takes a fatal blow from a spell-charmed Eriko.