Eshana Pyrelight


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Viscountess of Corcesa
Mage, Warlock
AEGIS Dormitory


Knowledge of Demonology, Knoweldge of Arcane
Athletics, Dodge, Cosmetics, Dancing (Ballroom), Schooled , Teaching, Languages (Ancient Elfin, Arcane, High Arcane & Abyssal)
Alchemy, Multiple Opponents, Combat Casting & Reflexes, Herbal Lore


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Spell Craft (Arcane & Unholy)
Arcane Spells
Arcane Blast, Counter Magic, Farstep, Source Call, Infernal Terror, Dancing Flames, Fire Wall
Unholy Spells
Blood Sacrifice, Hell Fire, Soul Stealer, Spirit Eater
Favored (Dragon of Lightning)
Ritual Magics



Main Weapon
A small thin blade strapped to her upper right thigh, meant for self harm.
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Warm Tan
She is slender, unhealthily so.
Hair Color
Red Brown
Hair Style
She leaves the top portion out to frame her face while the lower portion that falls to her mid back is kept in several thin sections that have clasps of blackened metal along their lengths.
Height & Weight
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
She wears carefully crafted dresses with are sultry and revealing without being down right sluttish. They have a definite high-fantasy flair and tend to be in the colors red, gold and black.
Distinguishing Marks
She wears white make up for her lipstick and eye shadow. She has various minor cuts along her wrists and palms from injuring herself for her blood magic.


Studying magic, jewelry, nice clothing, her appearance (both physical and persona), well mannered people, tutoring/mentoring others, being treated with respect, ancient locations (she loves ruins, abandoned castles, things like that), her memories of her brother (but not who he is now), power (but she is well aware that her craving/addiction is unhealthy and hates herself for it), the high she gets off her magic (though she will always say she doesn't like it at all!), freedom (enough that she'll do anything to keep it), Demetri (though she acts like he annoys her)
Her brother (what he has become and what he has done to her), being anyone’s tool/doll, being treated without respect (especially based on her gender), being without control (over herself or a situation), being powerless, being filthy, those who are arrogant to the point of stupidity, that she has become as a blood mage/warlock, how intoxicating the use of her power is and how badly she craves it, that she is no hero, being lied to
Eshana is a woman who is all about control, both of herself and her environment. She is always well mannered, poised and in complete mastery of her emotions unless pushed to the brink. This is a ruse that conceals a woman who likes to live life a little too adventurously and craves any excuse to feel the ecstasy of using her magic. Since her inner nature conflicts with her constant desire for meticulous control she always pushes away things that make her feel vulnerable, she does the same with any emotion that is beyond her ability to reign in comfortably (such as lust, love or hatred). Though she can come across as a cold and unfeeling bitch, Eshana is a kind woman but she is loathe to show it openly and have others think her fragile for it. Appearances are everything to Eshana. That and self reliance are paramount. She also has a deeply sadistic nature that tends to surface when she is "riding the high" of her powers, often she regets/is revolted by this later.
Falling in love so deep she cannot hide it (particularly if she fell for someone she could not obtain), rape (she’s a woman, the idea is scary and more importantly it’s a painful experience where in you lose all control), being devoured by a magic she cannot control, the idea that one day she will just bleed to death for the pleasure of it, her brother (he isn't just curropt, he's psychotic)
Though she is such a well bred woman, Eshana has a quick wit that she has no issues using on others when the mood seems light enough. She also suffers from a complex of not wanting leadership, but seizing it the moment others prove incompetent in the role.


Father / Donor
Mark Wessington (Biological), Jarvis Pyrelight (Adopted, Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Belladonna Sanderson (Biological), Delores Pyrelight (Adopted, Dead)
Balor (Adopted Brother), Dante (Brother in Law), Adora (Sister in Law, Dead), Etricus (Brother in Law, Dead), Dartanian (Brother in Law, Dead)
Close Friends
Celith (Apprentice), Medea (Soulmate), Dante, Kevin (Rival), Janine (Estranged), Valarie (Estranged)
Syrin (Former Betrothed, Dead), Savarius/Cerrin (Former Master & Enemy), Melchior (Former Master & Enemy), Jason (Nephew), Donaovan (Cousin), James (Former Lover), Rylin (Former Apprentice)


Age & Sex


Year 1763: Eshana was born the first child of her noble parents and their pride and joy. She was smart and well mannered from a very young age; she was a perfect little “princess” for her parents and already showed the ambition that was inherent in the noble caste.

As she grows up, studying magic, she finds a constant rival in Abel Ivorysun. The two snipe cosntantly.

Year 1773: Her brother Balor is born. He has a gentle disposition and many suspect he might become a scholar or preist.

Year 1787: She is betrothed to a young lord, Syrin. The two get along but are never deeply connected. Syrin finds it easy to fall in love with Eshana but the woman's gaurded nature makes it hard for him to ever get close. Given there was no "rush" they were not set to marry until Eshana was 50 years old.

Year 1803: Their home county is ransacked by Nazcan's. Syrin, who was also a knight, was never found after the attack and so her wedding never took place. Otherwise Eshana lost little in the assaults, beyond property and some of her more distant friends. Another marriage was never arranged, given the state of affairs at home was chaotic at best.

However, Balor had lost many good friends in the last attack and had become withdrawn. Eshana tried to comfort him, but she found her brother had become rather obsessed with her and their parents. He was terrified to lose them as well and felt he needed more power to protect them, without it he feared he might suffer further losses that he couldn’t bear. His move from adoration into obssession became uncomfortable to bear.

Year 1820: When the Wysterian war went into full swing they were unfortunate enough to be in one of the captured territories. Her and Balor was beaten down, forced in chains onto a ship and deported to Wysteria. They were enslaved under a twisted mage named Savarius.

Every day from that point was a constant struggle. Savarius was known to kill his slaves on a whim for use in magic rituals, you never knew when the next one might be you. Still, the worst came when the siblings were offered to apprentice under him. Both had a strong talent for ritual magic and Savarius could see that. He offered them power. Eshana took it, hoping to one day secure their freedom. However Balor took it and simply dove into the depths. Eager for the power, eager to ensure his precious sister never left his side. He became the warped creature their captor was and in no time Eshana was not only alone, but terrified.

By the time she had the power to be free, to escape the miseries of this slave life, Balor was lost to her. She knew he would not want to escape with her. In fact he would likely turn her in or worse. So she left on a routine errand and merely failed to come home. Using her far step to put as much distance between her and them as she could before she dared to stop.

Year 1825: She takes up work with mercenaries and anything she can to make the coin to reach her homeland. However when she did get home they saw her magic, her dark twisted magic, as evil. She was cast out from her couty, any claim to her lands was revoked, and she had no where to go.

Year 1828: On the verge of insanity she was found by Melchior. He takes her in, teaches her darker magics that will allow her to control the world around her. With nothing left she takes the bait and prays she does not become her brother in the process.

Year 1834: She and Melchior are passing by a town that is on fire. When they investigate they find two warlocks unleashing havoc. While Melchior goes to talk to them Eshana finds Celith. Seeing another good girl twisted by dark magic, she offers comfort to her and brings her into "the fold". While Melchior isn't ideal he is likely better then the hell the poor child was in before.

Year 1835: Melchior gives her marching orders. She is to sabotage, by any means possible, the teleportation ritual sites. However all hardly goes as planned. Turns out the teleport operator, Kevin, is an eclipse and talented in dimensional rifts. He traps her and Celith in one of his little "houses" for interrogation until they are sprung by Melchior.

Year 1836: Celith’s contract is up. She encourages her mistress to “escape” this life and try to live on their own. Eshana is swayed enough to give it a try but doesn’t have high hopes. She reinstates her noble status and tries to adapt to her "old life" again but finds it hard. She gets flack from harpies, has a hard time making friends and in general isn't fitting in. The entire time her and Kevin remain rivals of a kind, verbally sniping at each other since he knows now of her previous demonic affiliations.

Year 1839: James notices Eshana getting unwanted attention from Kevin in a court party and comes to her rescue out of chivalrous habit. Afterwards the two chat for a bit and work on bonding.

Later, Eshana collapses from anemia and is brought into the hospital. When James looks her over he notices she has multiple scars from cutting herself along both arms and is clearly not eating enough. She wakes up while he’s looking her over and freaks out defensively, as she does so she shows her magic (calls up fire on an automatic defense mechanism) but James doesn’t back down. He tells her she needs help, on a lot of levels. She scoffs at the idea she can be saved.

James finds where Eshana stays in the city and begins to make house visits to see that she’s at least eating properly. She and him get into a sort of bicker-banter relationship wherein she typically does end up eating (“ugh fine! If it shuts you up!”). Years of dealing with Dante have given James the stamina to handle the tantrums.

Year 1840: Eshana and Medea become soul sisters and find they have plenty in common. Eshana notices that her clothing doesn’t fit and as a woman figures she’s supposed to complain. James informs her that it means she’s healthy, not fat. Since she owes all of it to him being more stubborn then even was, she offers to take him out to dinner as thanks.

She notices Savarius lingering in the shadows and attacks him. She demands to know what he wants but he evades answering, taking the time to throw her off the topic by prodding at how dark and twisted she is and how cute it is she’s playing noblewoman. She snaps and that allows him to get away easily.

James comes over for dinner and Eshana is in a darker mood than ever. She assures him she can’t be a good woman, a decent woman, ever. She’ll always be full of hate and twisted desires and she was stupid to think she could change that. Once he calms her down she reveals that her old “master” found her. Then she tries to calm down and assure him it’ll be okay – which he recognizes is her trying to block him out of everything. He lets her for now, but decides to keep an eye on her.

Just as James thought she goes after her old master and gets in over her head. The battle weakens the ground beneath their feet and James and Eshana fall through. The cave in handles them to Savarius’ satisfaction and he leaves. Upon awakening Eshana finds James is buried and hurt badly. She yells at him for following her. Once they have their quasi fight about why they are both doing what they are doing, she admits she doesn’t want to lose him. It’s as close as her pride will let her come to saying she may love him without actually saying it. James recognizes this.

Thankfully knights in the area (along with Medea) find them and they are rescued. When James is brought into the hospital, Dante is both concerned and furious. He demands to know what happened, why his best friend is so badly injured, etc. Medea tries to pry out of Eshana what happened as well.

Once he’s healed James asks Eshana to keep up her promise of a dinner date and the two and bond/discuss events. As they leave the dinner they run into a strange young man calling Eshana sister. Balor seems deeply upset that his sister has “moved on without him” and blames James. He attacks with demonic magic and when he manages to knock Eshana back and catch James he starts to siphon his soul. Eshana begs him to stop and he suggests a deal. If she comes with him then he’ll leave James alone. She agrees and then gives her farewell to James before being teleported away.

Dante, James & Medea reach the dark tower and they find out Savarius was only ever looking for Eshana to find Balor and get his favorite apprentice back. He has beaten them to the scene and plans to make Balor siphon his own sister to take her power and “be with her forever”. The heroes dash in, save the day barely in time but Balor and Savarius escape. Eshana can’t believe her luck and is as grateful as she’s willing to show. Though the fight damaged the only lift to the tower top and they now have to find a really creative way down. After they get home Medea badgers Eshana about what James is to her exactly.

Year 1841: Arcturus has a run in with Eshana while she is practicing her fire magic. Since they are alone he decides to get to know a fellow mage better.

Year 1842: Demetri is assigned to Eshana as per the "each mage must be watched by a knight" law put down by the Crown. The two get along, in a "I like to hate you" fashion, constantly quipping back and forth at one another with mutual respect.

Shortly after a woman named Belladonna shows up at her door step insisting she's her mother. Eshana has never heard anything about being adopted and rejects the woman as a liar. Though she is amused later, when talking to Demetri, to learn that he and Belladonna were once lovers. By years end they've become something like friends at the very least.

When Celith is arrested for a crime she didn't comit Eshana leaps in the middle to defend her, despite Demetri's protests. She is arrested and both her and Celith are scheduled for execution. Demetri comes to visit her in her cell and learns about her guilt in failing to save Balor, and how she sees Celith as her chance to "get it right". While he doesn't agree he can't stop her either.

That night Melchior shows up and offers her and Celith one shot: They can take a life-long contract with him and he will save their lives. Eshana refuses, unwilling to go back to that, but she pushes Celith to take it and survive. When the morning comes though she is spared from death when Balor shows up and takes her away. While with her brother she tries to talk sense into him but gains little ground. He snares her with a line about how if she was there he might change. She resolves to stay with him and see if that is true.

Year 1843: Kevin and Demetri find Eshana. They attempt to save her and she uses her own powers to force and end to the situation and make Balor leave. Kevin gets himself, Demetri and Eshana to the Tower quickly. After, with little choice, Eshana joins the Tower of Storms.

Shortly after though, Demetri leaves when he gets a mysterious letter. He won't tale about it, except to say that his family back home needs him, and she clearly feels abandoned when he goes.

Year 1846: Eshana confronts Demetri and he is anything but sympathetic to her rage. In the end he asks her to give up everything to help him take care of Barnaby and she refuses.

Year 1854: Cerrin attacks the Magic School and Tower of Storms reducing the school to rubble and with the Tower being sent away by Shantrea. This forces the student body to relocate (Shantrea, Vyrin, Mira, Medea, Eshana, “Carol”, Eira, Leila & Erinas). They are effectively cut off as ‘back up’ for the Champion’s League.

After, Shantrea talks to the mages, apologizing for her incompetence, and says they should go to the Temple. Eshana admits she can’t go since she’s a warlock, but she decides she can adventure with her soul sister for a time. Sadly that doesn't last long as they are cornered by Cerrin on the road. He has Arcturus and will only release him if Eshana becomes his slave. She agrees and is seperated from Medea once more - with Arcturus released into her care.

She is sent to test if Jean is a God of Water or not, the result of which lands her in the Legion dungeon - as she hoped. She explains tha threat to Jean's life but he finds her unstable mage nature more threatening at the moment. He agrees to release her on one condition: She attends and graduates AEGIS while living under constant guard. She accepts.

Later that year, Mira and Phaedria talk to Eshana but she has bad news for them: her familiar was not taken and it was not extactly destroyed – or more to say SHE destroyed it. She assures them that she’s the monster that consumed her own familiar and she cannot help them.

Year 1856: Eshana graduates AEGIS.