Fawkes Hawthorne


Aetherian (H), Phairan
Soul Name
Baron of Gresham
Legionarries Barracks


Melee (Axes), Two Weapon Fighting
Armor Upkeep, Athletics, Cooking, Culture (Phairan), Language (Phairan), Multiple Opponents, Ranged (Thrown), Schooled, Unarmed Combat
Authoring, Bondage, Dancing (Ballroom), Herbal Lore, Labor, Mounted Combat, Quick Learner


Species Powers
Immunity to Illness & Poison
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Charge, Ignore Pain
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Axe x2
A pair of golden ornate axes.
Other Weapons
Uniform with metal plating.
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
He has the body of a young warrior. He’s on the thinner side with defined arms, chest and abs, but clearly showing that there is room to grow even more toned.
Hair Color
Hair Style
His hair is in the loc style which was a trend he picked up in Phaira. He keeps it in a top knot, but the strands often fall this way and that.
Height & Weight
6'2'' / 200 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Fawkes isn’t a fan of clothing and prefers to go shirtless when he can. For society’s sake, he’ll often rock a black open shirt with no buttons and quarter sleeves. Below that he’ll wear a black skirt-like material that hangs low on the hips.
Various but nothing special to him.
Distinguishing Marks
He has an eagle that covers the right pec of his chest, as that is the family crest of his father’s side and henna designs on his upper right bicep. He has small elfin ears with golden feathered tips. A tiny combination that ends up looking more like a long bar piercing across the top of his ear from far away.


He likes the naked body on various levels, writing (in more of a chronicling vein), cooking makes him extremely happy, being complimented, practicing with his axes, he’s fascinated by different architecture, believes in ghosts and loves sex, wine and completing a mission successfully. He likes being a part of something bigger (like the Legion). Spending time with the Alvey brothers, Kime and Liam as they tend to calm him and he like his camaraderie.
People that won’t shut up and just keep babbling on, being alone (he’ll never admit it,) being talked down to, his father’s his father’s illness and failing.
Fawkes is genuine in what he says and does. He can be a tad shy which makes him seem indifferent, but he’s also sarcastic, something people often don’t expect from him and can add to a bit of social awkwardness. He’s spent his life feeling like he’s never fit in and sometimes has tried overly hard to do so (gaining the childhood nickname of cheerleader). That eagerness only shines through in spurts though, and he’s suppressed himself enough to sort of keep his head down and just get the job done.
He’s extremely allergic to milk which is in just about everything and he has to be very careful about consuming it or he could die, so he tends to avoid it.
He can’t turn down a card game...and he’s terrible at them.


Father / Donor
Ferrick Hawthorne
Mother/ Sire
Merya Hequentnara
Close Friends
Rissa, Kris, Sheldon, Kime, Liam


Age & Sex


Year 1835: Ferick Hawthorne travels to Phaira and becomes one of Merya’s favored pet lovers. He tried to make a marriage happen, it didn’t happen. He came back home with a son instead of a wife. Ferick later turned to gambling and spent quite a lot of the family fortune on his vice, leaving their barony very poor and dependent on the occasional monies from Fawkes’ mother.

Year 1850: Fawkes is allowed to visit his mother every summer and becomes versed in Phairan culture, but he enjoys the quiet days with his father, cooking with the man which was a passion of Ferick’s and is passed down to his son. With his mother, he learns to fight, be proud of his body and how to be a great lover (though not from her, or course!)

Year 1852: Fawkes’ father comes down with an illness and Fawkes needs something to bring more money in to keep up with the medications. He starts to dabble in herbology himself so he can come up with something more potent quicker, but that also needs money. He enlists in the military, as a low ranking member of the Order of the Crown, to make ends meet and finds a new love there. The structure and loyalty of the knighthood was something he didn’t know he was missing and he makes it another goal to be the best at what he does.

During his time with the Order he becomes friends with Sheldon, the two having done much training together in their youth as well.

Year 1853: Fawkes meets Rissa by chance on the street, making a pass at her since she's fair enough and Phairan. The two become friends.

Year 1854: Fawkes is secretly tested on a mission to see if he is loyal to King or Crown. During the mission he proves loyal to the Crown and is offered a starting position in the Legion a result.

He meets Kris shortly after the young Knight of the Light came to the capitol city. The two met at the Emberlight Tavern over a random game of cards and hit it off.

Fawkes is part of the army that has to defend the city from the Slada’sha. He works with the Legionaires to defend against various black blooded zombies.

Kime later has Fawkes over and they are chatting when Liam comes home. Kime spends much of his time trying to hook up Liam with Fawkes – who is amused and possibly even interested?

Liam and Kime finally take their vacation to Phaira with Fawkes along for the ride. Naturally Liam’s estranged mother is harsh with him at first, as it has been 20 years since their last encounter, but they manage to smooth things over. They let her know they are staying for a month. Fawkes visits his own mother while there. Kime is upset with Liam after the meeting because he never admitted he was family. Fawkes does his best to instigate the two to talk and they eventually settle the matter, which makes Fawkes ease into the role of being a comfortable mediator for the brothers.

Year 1855: Liam, Fawkes and Kime are on their last day in Phaira together. They talk about Kime’s tattoo and what it might mean for the fate of his mother. They only have one more day left in Phaira, do they want to look? Is it even pointful to? Fawkes pushes the matter of finding Kime’s mother but Kime refuses, positive that she is either dead or abandoned him – and either way there is no point. When Fawkes pushes too hard, Kime breaks down and Liam commits to the fact that Kime has the right to prioritize his family here and now. Fawkes finally backs down.

While Sheldon is out drinking with Fawkes, some other knights from the Order of the Crown give Sheldon flack (along the lines of: “you sure you should drink after your LAST embarrassment?” or “hope you’re not working an important murder case THIS time.”) and thus explains the situation to Fawkes after.

Year 1857: Fawkes wins the Knight Tournament!

Year 1858: Kris hosts a little drinking knight but with an important motive. He tells his friends (Fawkes, Danielle, Danx, Ichiko, Willow, Kero, Nicholas & Alessa) and the Shattered Realm (Cross, Akira, Emeline, Marlene & I’Frit) that he intends to go back to Cardinal Meridian and kill a damned black-blooded zombie – no matter what this time. While many think this is a bad idea, Fawkes is one of the ones who agree to go with him.

Kris and company arrive at Cardinal Meridian. He makes another attempt but suffers another relapse (basically he has PTSD). He breaks down, admitting he feels worthless. The others were put at risk and if not for the fact that the Shattered Realm (specifically Akira, I’Frit & Cross) had tailed them they might have been overrun.