Fenda Penrose


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Lady of Seltzer
Penrose Mansion


Performance (Acting)
Performance (Acting), Knoweldge of Theatre
Schooled, Dancing (Ballroom), Instrument Playing (Voice, Violin, Cello, Piano & Flute)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Water (Undiscovered)
Hero Skills
Favored (Jibriel, Bael)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Dark Green
Skin Tone
Light Peach
Her build is quite average for her age; she isn't too thin and not fat either.
Hair Color
Hair Style
Fenda has wavy hair that is a bit longer than shoulder length and is somewhat wavy.
Height & Weight
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Fenda prefers wearing fairly simple dresses because she doesn't like drawing attention. Her favorite color is green, but she will also wear white or blue dresses.
She wears a silver chain about her right wrist, though only for occasions when she knows she's not going to play any instruments.
Distinguishing Marks
She has slight calluses on her fingers from playing her instruments.


Music! Listening to music, playing instruments, music theory... everything about it. She also likes learning (music, most of all), though she's usually slow at it; she likes her family, helping others, watching others do things she can't - watching people drawing fascinates her most - and rainy days. She also spends a lot of her free time reading, preferably fairytales. What she likes best, maybe even a bit more than music, is making others smile.
Violence, quarrels, people shouting, others being sad. she also dislikes ugly things like dirt, insects (though she doesn't mind spiders) and rude words. Being told she's useless or stupid, because she will easily believe it and it makes her feel bad. She doesn't like being asked to play music to someone in fear she might get mocked, though she'll still usually do it.
Fenda is a well-mannered girl and always aims to behave as she is expected to. She is fairly shy around others, but she enjoys helping whenever she can and she isn't shy at all when it comes to that. Though she isn't really good at anything except music. It's her only talent and she personally doesn't think she's really talented. She is at best average at everything else, though she is trying hard to do things well. Sometimes she's a bit slow and usually the last one to understand jokes.
Disappointing anyone, especially her parents; something happening to her that would make her unable to listen or to make music; if she's alone in the dark she will get scared by noises she can't identify.
She will start humming, tapping rhythms or singing when she thinks she's alone.


Father / Donor
Edward Penrose (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Isabella Penrose (Dead)
Emilia (Sister), Adrian (Brother)
Willow (Adopted Daughter)
Close Friends
Desdemona, Rosalyn, Rylin, Phoebe (Dead), Chestin, Edan (Former Lover), Logan (Former Romantic Interest), Violet, Gillean (Former Crush), Audrey
Elen (Aunt), Karis (Cousin), Tansy (Cousin, Dead), Inara (Cousin/Care Taker, Dead), Nok (Cousin), Charlotte (Cousin), Alan (Cousin, Dead), Weylin (Fromer Husband, Dead), Balor (Acting Enthusiast)


Age & Sex


Year 1815: Fenda was born out of recognition to her parents Isabella and Edward. She was their third child; her brother would be her parents' heir and her sister was the one that was supposed to represent the family as the well-mannered, polite girl to be married off for political reasons sooner or later. Fenda was rather unnecessary in any of those respects, but her parents still loved her. They did feel at a loss when they realized Fenda didn't have any real talents besides music. They didn't appreciate music very much, but they still tried to support her in it, providing her with instrument lessons.

Year 1821: When she was six her father decided she had to acquire some other skills, or at least get far better on the field of music, so she was sent to the capitol to attend the Legacy Institute.

Year 1828: Despite failing to find her "shinning skill" in music and other hobbies she does learn she is an AMAZING actress. Her, Rylin & Rosalyn begin a threatre troupe together.

Year 1834: She agrees to a political betrothal with Weylin. Around this time she also begins to have stalker issues. Logan helps her with them at first but then vanishes.

Year 1836: Fenda is being stalked again, this time on the way back home. Trying to find help she goes to the nearest house, which is Edan’s mansion. He has a servant send for a knight to escort her home but the two chat while they wait for one to arrive. Despite his desire to be isolated, Edan eventually offers that she can come to his mansion for some peace and quiet if she’d like.

Over the next few weeks Weylin is getting embittered by the way Fenda is always distracted and elsewhere. While he signed on for a marriage knowing they were not in love he did not sign on to never BE loved. Fenda begins avoiding home and as such goes to Edan’s again. She brings some of her plays she needs to rehearse with her and the two bond over a love of literature – albeit with a preference for very different forms.

Edan and Fenda have been spending a lot of time together. The two begin to realize their romantic chemistry. After a brief moment of romance (a kiss or what not, up to you two) they discuss how they would even DO this if they were going to. They’d have to be discreet given she’s married but with how shut in Edan has been that won’t be hard..

After a few weeks the fire in the romance between Edan and Fenda is starting to cool and Edan finds the constant differences between them make him feel like he’s not REALLY connecting with her. Weylin finds out about Fenda’s liaisons to Edan’s because of Harpy rumors and is FURIOUS. She has put their reputations on the line and insulted him on ever level possible. He demands she stop seeing Edan or he will take her to the courts as an adulteress – the punishment for which is death. Edan is served a letter from Fenda cutting off their relationship.

Year 1842: Fenda talks to Rosalyn about the Theatre Troupe letting children take on small parts in their performances.

At the same time, Desdemona is called away for important business and doesn't want to take Willow from schooling. As a result she passes the girl over to Fenda as a ward. Fenda works hard to be a decent mother to the girl, which is made all the more difficult by Weylin's death. Worse is that he left a large gambling debt on their shoulders which she struggles to balance out.

This leads to her calling upon the services of Gillean to help consolidate and organize her estate effectively. His help isn't the only thing she likes about him, quickly getting an infatuation with the elegant man. However he seems elusive about her attempts to get closer to him.

Later in the year Desdemona resurfaces, though the two only get a bit of time to bond before the end of the year comes and...

Year 1843: The capitol falls, throwing everyone's life into madness. Desdemona ends up joining the Temple while Fenda remains loyal to the Crown.

Year 1854: Fenda lands the lead, Florea, in the play “Fences for Florea” which is a comedic romance piece. Her character is a fiery tempered woman who refuses to be tamed by men. It was a captivating roll for Fenda who grew attached to the character during her research portion of preparing for the roll. Unfortunately, the male lead and romantic interest, in the play kept getting killed off due to accidents during rehearsal. All the accidents started to take their toll on the entire crew, especially Fenda who was always near the lead when death found them.

It didn’t take long before Fenda put her foot down and demanded authorities be brought in to determine if the show was simply haunted/cursed, or if a flesh-and-blood person was behind the horrors. Saria and Taren are assigned to the mystery. They bring Marek in to “play” the lead role, bait to see if there is a killer near stage. Just before Fenda and Marek kiss, Saria and Taren catch someone in monk robes loosening some of the screws in the scaffolding. The three run after the monk but loose him. It confirms that this is an act of man, not ghost.

After the latest scare the Director himself, Harold White, offers to take up the roll. Which doesn’t go unnoticed by Saria and Taren. The pair talks to Fenda privately about the Director. When they are certain he’s the culprit, they ask her to write a letter inviting the Director to the theater late at night for a “love confession”. That night they set it up so that the Director thinks he sees Fenda kissing Taren (it’s a female Legion member wearing a wig) and when the Director snaps Sarias blocks his exit. They arrest the culprit.

Year 1855: With the drama dealt with the show was finally able to “GO ON!” After one of the showing Fenda is greeted by a new comer to the play house, a man named Balor. Who was captivated by her performance. He shows curiosity about Fenda’s performance and acting in general. Fenda offers to have a private chat later, where neither would feel rushed as they did on the street where they met.