Gavin Torrel


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Thug, Huntsman
Shattered Realm
Shade's Run, Emberlight Tavern (Private Room)


Wilderness Survival, Melee (Sword)
Keen Sense (Sight), Endurance (Pain Tolerance), Block, Dodge, Ranged (Archery), Athletics (Combat Reflexes), Willpower
Schooled, Tracking (People), Animal Care, Crafting (Fletching)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Elemental Fire Spells
Beginner: Adrenaline Rush, Flammable Objects, Handful of Flame, Sense Combat
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
A sturdy steel longsword that has seen plenty of battle and served its master well.
Other Weapons

A basic longbow meant for hunting.

A simple set of leather armor meant for the utmost mobility while still providing protection.


Eye Color
Hazel Green-Brown
Skin Tone
Sunny Warm Tan
Thick & Muscular
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Hair Style
His hair is long and straight, he pulls it back in a low ponytail that often falls over one shoulder.
Height & Weight
6'3" & 210lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears simple dark olive green or dark gray-brown tunics that are in less than perfect condition. He also has dark brown pants and knee-high boots to defend his legs while moving through thick brush.
Distinguishing Marks
He has various thick and large scars along his arms and thin sections of facial hair around his mouth.


Deborah (she was a good kid and he hopes to find her again), the idea he has a son out there somewhere (maybe a family to actually find some hope for the future in), being out in the woods (nature is fair and makes sense, unlike politics), the members of the Shattered Realm (most of the time, at least - but he butts heads with them due to his morality), following the Code of Chivalry, a good strong drink (especially after a hard day)
How cruel the Shattered Realm can be (a part of him hopes his morality might affect them in a positive way...), that he cannot find Deborah or his son, that he didn't stay with Donna, how insane his brother is (and dealing with his brother in general), having to tuck his head while dealing with other knights, situatious in which there is no right answer
Gavin is a disillusioned knight, fallen from grace but still a soldier at heart. Jaded as he is, he understands just how little his voice can mean against the march of higher powers like his former comrades and the likes of nobles. He is frustrated with his lack of ability to make a real difference, particularly when he has such a strongly seeded desire to protect others and see justice served. He is constantly struggling with his code of honor against the harsh dark realities of the world around him.
Gavin fears having to surrender his sense of honor completely.
Gavin is a defener, a protector of others, as a result he comes across as extremely dependable and others tend to rely on him because of it.


Father / Donor
Ambrose Torrel
Mother/ Sire
Jewel Torrel
Shourin Torrel (Brother)
Vindassi (Son, Unknown)
Close Friends
Vindassi (Knight Contact), Cross (Leige)


Age & Sex


Year 1773: Gavin was born the second child of the Torrel family, with his brother Shourin only two years his senior. Such closely born siblings was a very rare blessing in Aether and his family made sure to impress that upon both boys. They were a rare opportunity to be close instead of rivals.

Year 1787: Despite being younger, Gavin was taller than his brother by age fourteen. Strong, hard working, it wasn’t surprising when a knight took him on as a squire.

As for Shourin, he was studios and looking for a purpose to his existence - so the church quickly became his home. The idea he was put on the planet to enact the will of the Gods brought him a kind of confidence and conviction that Gavin could only envy.

As work is given to do, the brothers drifted apart for some years. Gavin hardly even noticed because he was so busy with his work load as a knight, now having joined the Order of the Crown.

Year 1813: His career was taking off when he was deployed to a small village to help stabilize a situation against local bandits. While there he met a young woman named Donna. She was devious, cheerful and braver than a lady needed to be in the given society. The two became lovers during his five years of stay in the village, with him being quite fond of her daughter from a previous lover: Deborah.

Year 1815: Sadly, when the job ended he second guessed his own feelings and went back to the capitol as ordered. He thinks about her for five years, always telling himself it would never have worked out and that he had done the right thing to leave.

Year 1820: Then a report comes in, five years later, that the village is being ransacked by Wysterian armies. Instantly his personal doubts vanished and he demanded to be sent with the soldiers deployed to aid the village.

Upon arrival, he found ash and bodies were what was left of most of the location. Having lived there for five years he found it heart breaking but nothing so much so as locating Donna in the debris.

He buried her, mourned the future they might have had if not for his own cowardice, and tried to move on. Though, he did hear rumors little Deborah got out of the village in the chaos...

Year 1832: Some years later, Deborah enlists in the armies as a part of the Wasp Brigade - knights specialized in archery. They reunite, though he finds something strange as they catch up on things... it appears she has a little brother? He cannot help but wonder about who the father could be.

Year 1842: Just as Deborah plans to introduce Gavin to her brother, she suddenly goes missing. He attempts to locate her, but is distracted by other happenings once again. Specifically, the anti-mage movement begins. He argues on behalf of the spell caster, pointing out they are people. Hating them for using magic is like hating knights for having swords - any weapon is dangerous in cruel hands.

His vocal opposition eventually brings into question his loyalties. When he is put on trial for being a mage sympathizer, it is his own brother who takes the stand and accuses him of heresy. This being the most ironic since the Church itself was proven to be sympathetic to the cause of the mages later on.

Furious, he brought the investigation to a halt by turning in his own tabard. He assured his commander that he wanted no part of where the Order was headed. He joined to protect people, to help them, not to dominate and oppress them for being different.

With so much choas, fallen capitols and his own loss of rank - there was little hope that Gavin could find Deborah. He took up work as a huntsman to learn how to track and, eventually, hopefully find her again. Sadly, whatever curiosities he had about his potential son were on hold as well. He couldn’t very well step up and suggest he was someone’s father while he hadn’t even the power to pay for a roof over his head.

Year 1859: Gavin meets the Shattered Realm. He was on the road when he saw people attacking a caravan. While he attempted to save the caravan he was backed up by Cross, a powerful man weilding fire. He saw that this man had a gang, which he treated as family, and a sense of justice (since he saved the caravan). Having heard of the Shattered Realm during the anti-mage madness, he realized they were revolutionaries attempting to change the twisted government. He asked to join their ranks and was accepted.

But by this point the Crown changed hands, Gavin and many of the Shattered Realm had to find a new way to direct their frustrations. They had succeeded in being a part of what brought the corruption off the throne and now they needed a new direction. Even so, he could hardly go back to his own life given the knights order would never take back someone who had quit.

Whatever came of the future, this was his home now. But at least they had moved to the capitol. If he was lucky he might even find Deborah or his son...