Soul Name
Theif, Street Alchemist
Meilyr Mansion (w/ Jason)


Athletics, Alchemy
Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Larceny, Firearms, Quick Learner, Schooled, Stealth, First Aid, Weapon Smithing (Explosives/Corrosives)
Bondage, Melee (Knife), Quick Draw, Unarmed Combat, Medical Knowledge


Species Powers
Dark Vision
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Cat's Pathing, Danger Sense, Lithe Reflexes, Willpower
Favored (Asoth), Sleeping Disorder: Fatal Familiar Insomnia, as a homuculus he actually doesn't need to sleep to function but this leaves him exhausted and fighting through fatigue daily. His brain doesn't produce the chemicals for sleep but they can be medically induced via a doctor.
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Hunting Knife
Other Weapons
Keise Energy Gun: A small hang gun that has a glowing cyllinder chamber. Fires small energy pellets as bullets, doing the kind of damage one might expect from a gun but with the added effect of cauterization. This weapon requires time in the sun to recharge.
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Ice Blue
Skin Tone
Dusky Tan
Gen is average in build. He has a toned body from leading a rough and athletic life.
Hair Color
Dusky Blue-Black
Hair Style
He has short, semi-wild straight hair that has a silky texture.
Height & Weight
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He owns a cloudy-gray blue colored light jacket that has rabbit fur trimming the hood. Under that is a light blue v-neck cotton shirt tucked into a tooled leather bracer that is dark blue dyed. It has light blue leather belts and gold color buttons and buckles. His arms are protected by matching guards and softer lambskin leather fingerless hand gloves. Gen wears basic dark blue pants and a pair of dark blue leather boots. He also has a dark blue dyed leather belt, likewise tooled, with a golden belt buckle and a matching hip belt strap to hold his weapons, falling on the right side.
He has a golden earing in the left ear, it is a stud with a simple elongated teardrop hanging from it. He also has a small collection of golden jewelery he's stolen, most of it very masculine with larger chains and simple pendants.
Distinguishing Marks
He has the shape of the Cult of Asoth's Black Spiral on his lower back. It has stretched and blurred out since he was given it as a baby.


Cute animals, being of use to people he cares for, major alchemical components (can actually eat mercury and gold), has a huge thing for sodium, sleep (god he wishes he could get more of it), nice people who honestly care about others
Gross abuse of power, being the weakest link, exhaustion, getting close to people, sugar and breads make him sick, being the object of smootchie love, being seen as 'sappy', childishness (though some times it actually endears him), being left to watch children (he sucks at it), that his history is tied into the Cult
Gen takes life simply. He tries to not get attached to people since he lives a relatively dangerous life (all be it a very rewarding one). Keeping people at arm's reach only works so well for him since he does have a big heart, he just hasn't noticed it yet.
Losing his touch and starving, a pathetic death, screwing up because of exhaustion (not that he has a bit choice in the matter)
He comes off as lazy and grouchy at the same time. He eats a deadly amount of salt.


Father / Donor
Sain & Ion (Biological/Alchemic), Ryan Jole (Adopted, Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Julia Jole (Adopted)
Liberty (Half Sister), Gina (Adopted)
Jason (Lover)
Close Friends
Jason, Cross, Akira
Chloe, Shande, Shattered Realm, Marek


Age & Sex


Year 1823: Ion wanted to make a family with Sain. After the homunculus child was made (from alchemic materials mostly and some DNA from the parents) he presented it to Sain. Sain wasn't interested in being a father. Ion considered the gift a failure and simply dumped the baby out on the streets letting nature take its course. A group of thieves found him and took him in for a while. They named him Gen because the first word the baby managed was 'again' sounding like 'a gen'.

Year 1829: At six Gen's group were arrested and ran down. The boy was put into jail for a few months but the authorities didn't want to put a young child to death. He was adopted by a nice family of one of the guards. They notice the child is odd, it bearly sleeps at all.

Year 1836: When he was thirteen the guard was killed in actoin and the family lost its income. Givne he bearly sleeps, maybe an hour a day at this point, Gen joined another group of theives to bring in money for taxes and food.

Year 1839: His foster mother finds out where the food and money is coming from and disowns him for turning his back on the family honor. He has him arrested and that time he was slated to receive a full adult's punishment which would cost him a hand or more. He escapes enroute and lives on the streets. By this age he realizes there is something very wrong with him. He isn't able to sleep but a few minutes a day and it is slowly getting less and less. Soon he won'ts leep at all.

Year 1841: Gen has made a name for himself on the streets. His skills have aquired him very nice clothing and gear as well as easily sold income. Up to this point he's also stole himself a boat load of books and frequently reads them to study up on the world, having an impulse to learn like a nervous tick. He has also acculmulated himself a little chemistry set up where he can make his own explosives and corrosives to help him in his work. He learned how to do so from books and tinkering around plus his natrual aptitude for alchemy.

Year 1843: He meets Jason while he is doing a favor for the Shattered Realm. Jason is a prisoner at the time. He decides he'll get him out while he's exiting the scene of the crime. Gen has lost all ability to sleep and it is affecting him psychologically as well as physically. Though he doesn't need it to survive, he doesn't know that. What does help him is a heavy dose of mercury and salt, but at this point he hasn't really tried eating straight up mercury.

But later that year Kelase’ comes to kill Cammy since Jason doesn’t have anyone for him to steal and time is up. Gen gets in the way and when he learns the score he claims to be Jason’s lover. He is taken by Kelase’ instead. Camellia runs to tell Jason what happened. Jason resolves to go rescue Gen, despite knowing he doesn’t have the skill to do so. Kelase’ throws the fight since he’s not that much into murder anymore. Gen and Jason talk about what happened and about if they want to be an actual couple.

Year 1844: Ivy receives a missive from the clinic that there is an emergency patient waiting for her. Upon arrival she finds nothing but the receptionist suggests she check her desk for any notes left for her? When she goes in the door is closed and locked behind her and the room starts to smell strange. She attempts to get help but its late night. Thankfully Jason was staying late and as he heads out he hears the sounds of her struggle just as she collapses. He breaks in and gets her out. Gen tells him after that he has warned Ivy away from clinging to him.

Year 1854: Jason and Gen investigate the death of Jason's parents. However, the results put them on the Cult and the Legion's radar. The latter demands they cool it - but in return Jean will personally assist them in the Legion's information network. They also learn that Gen is marked with the Cult's spiral, like he was some kind of pet or product.

Year 1856: Phaedria meets with Jason and Gen. They compare notes on the situation and Jason passes a word of caution to Phaedria in searching too hard – after all his search got the Legion down his neck rather quickly.

Year 1859: Jean’s resources come up with a lead to the living location of two suspected Cult of Asoth members. Jason and Gen ask to read Phaedria into the case. Jean isn’t thrilled but he ultimately relents so long as she is of use instead of a burden. Jean, Jason and Gen acquire Phaedria and explain the situation to her. They depart to follow the lead – which is apparently a small rural far house? (Naturally Phaedria has to ask for time off from her master since it’s a few days carriage ride out.)