Hadley Dowmire


Aetherian (H)
1035 (364 Awake)
Soul Name
Witch of the Woods
Monster Hunters
Temple of the Heavenly Host


6th Sense (Psyche Eminations) & Alchemy (Potions)
Astrology, Crafting (Improvised Recycled Goods), First Aid, Herbal Lore, Keen Sense (Bullshit Radar), Knowledge of Curses & Psyche Eminations, Langauges (Ancient Elfin), Meditation, Melee (Staff)
Athletics, Child Care, Cosmetics, Dancing (Ballroom), Fine Art (Illustration), Medical Knowledge, Instrument Playing (Piano), Multitasking, Schooled


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Sense Ley Lines, Danger Sense
Backlash: Whenever Hadley uses her Curse Rituals it drains her and infects her for a time. She suffers the curse until it can be placed in containment and her blood sugar drops per casting.
Ritual Magics
Curse Rituals: She has the ability to track, contain and remove curses from others via rituals. The cost of removal requires a sacrifice of blood/money/something precious and then the curse transfers into the caster. She must then use a seperate ritual to place it containment. These rituals are very "witch" themed, involving bugs, shadows, blood and the like.


Main Weapon
Wood Staff
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Ice Blue (Clouded)
Skin Tone
Light Bronze
Hair Color
Raven Black (Natural), Silver White (Current)
Hair Style
She wears it loose, long and layered in waves.
Height & Weight
5'6'' / 120 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Simple but elegant gowns with bell sleeves and embroidered roses/thorn moteifs. She often wears a thick black cloak with silver trim that has ornate designs around the edges of the hood. She prefers neutral colors - white, gray and black.
Distinguishing Marks
She has black lightening like markings around her eyes, cheeks and hands whenever she uses Curse Rituals. Hadley is also color blind and motion sensitive.


Sweets & Sugars (curses take a lot out of her so the sugar gives her a boost of energy), pretending to be blind (people do the darndest things when they think you can't see it), her talents with Curse Rituals (you see another person who can do this? No.), helping those who truly need/deserve it, her family, truly curious/attentive people
People getting close to her (she's had no good luck with them), people she becomes attached to (because then she lets them in close and she doesn't want that), people who (ironically given her condition) see things in black and white (there is more gray in the way the world works), those quick to blame magic for the things they've brought upon themselves
Hadley is a grumpy old lady at heart. She doesn't have a lot of patience with youthful foolishness and gets frustrated with new customs or technologies that aren't familiar to her. She is very blunt and does not beat around the bush, which often makes her seem insensitive. While she won't outright admit to it, she does have a caring heart.
Stoic to a fault, she will try not to cough, hiccup or complain about a random small pain. Hadley is apt to offer people a nasty tasting potion as a cure that is more likely to either give you mild euphoria or some other minor side effect. While her potions and salves for major injuries and ailments are sound her remedies for the more frivolous symptoms are just snake oil. She is arrogant, especially when it comes to her own abilities.

She is always ready to do her best to heal a sick or hurt individual. She sees all the sick and suffering as unfortunate victims. She believes that all evil comes from corruption or curses and that she can cure them all given enough time and energy, even when she can't. Thus she sees evil people as victims that need help rather than inhuman monsters regardless of what they do. If they are someone constantly seeking her services because of their own foolish actions she will admonish them but still do what she can.
That her entire life's work of containing curses will be undone by whomever raided her chamber. (Whatever horrors these things unleash, she feels she is personally responsibe for it.)
Given her sight impediment, she is known to discern people by voice and scent - the latter makes her prone to sniffing things/people.


Father / Donor
Kavrec Dowmire (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Constance Dowmire (Dead)
Moira (Daughter, Dead), Deren (Son, Dead)
Close Friends
Tina (Granddaughter), Zalderan (Grandson), Janos II (Descendent), Lilla (Descendent), Magnus (Descendent), Helen (Descendent), Gaelnaris (Descendent), Keita (Descendent), Percy (Descendent), Lucy (Descendent), Janos III (Descendent), Jasper (Descendent), Cloe (Descendent), Prudence (Former Mentor)


Age & Sex


Year 824: She was born during the newly peaceful era brought on by Janos Promathea. Her parents fell into a wild romance that cooled into a more domestic bond afterwards. Constance was, as her name might suggest, a delicate and cautious woman who deferred often to her husband. Kavrec was the iron will and protector of the family, often dominatingly so.

Year 836: She was 12 when her mother fell prey to a sudden dark illness. The entire time there was whispers amoung the servants and other nobles that it was the Dowmire Curse. So young at the time, Hadley only asked about it once and the inquiry was met by so much wrath from her father that she didn't ask again.

But that didn't stop her from listening to the whispers. The servants spoke of how the lord of the house had wronged a warlock or witch, who then placed a curse on any family he might have without her. There was also rumors that he had hired someone to curse his wife for sleeping with another - these stories claimed Hadley wasn't his daughter.

She tried to shut it out but it became harder to ignore the way her father got more and more irritable with her after her mother's passing.

Year 840: Kavrec succumbs to the same illness. Up to the day of his death he only increased in his aggressive activity, as a result the young noblewoman naturally began to seek other places to be. She made a good friend in a young nobleman, Idris.

After her father died from the same "curse", Hadley couldn't take it anymore and tried to find a way to save herself before it came her way. Eventually her research came across the stories of a woman: Prudence, or the Witch of the Woods.

She discovered the woman's mention because she had tried to help Janos Promethea versus his own magical illness. Though Prudence wasn't successful, the fact that the royal family let her even try spoke something of her ability to Hadley. She set out to find Prudence.

Hadley was a well to do noble woman with little common sense. As such when she found Prudence, the witch was not impressed. Still Hadley did everything she was told and soon found herself as a secret apprentice to Prudence. For Hadley the experience was empowering. She no longer kept her superstitions and did not fear the fate that befell her mother and father.

Year 850: Being with a witch out in the woods was not becoming of a noble woman, and after sometime she returned to her life in the courts. There she reunited with Idris and the two fell in love. They were married within the first year.

Year 897: Idris and Hadley are blessed with a child of recognition: Moira. She has her mother's raven hair and a nose for trouble, constantly driving the maids crazy on her mischevious adventures.

Year 899: Idris and Hadley have a second child, this time without the Gods hand in it, this is their son: Deren. He is stallwart and loving, but gullible and often the subject of his big sister's jokes (she gains a hobby of telling him stories that aren't true to watch him freak out about them - often ghost stories).

Year 911: Idris begins to fall ill in the exact same manner of Hadley's parents. She uses everything Prudence taught her about potions and salves but to no avail. Finally, with no other option, she took him to Prudence personally.

Prudence informed Hadley that her husband was dying of a curse that was put on her family. While Hadley seemed oddly unaffected, her husband and children would die of it eventually. Prudence offered to save him on one condition: Hadley would take over her duties when Prudence died and that Hadley never tell anyone of this arrangement.

As a result her husband's life was spared. She brought him home, trusting he would care for their children, and then vanished without even seeing them. She was terrified she'd lose her nerve if she did. She returned to the cottage and became the new apprentice to the Witch of the Woods.

Year 920: Unknown to Hadley, her husband did not take things well. He became convinced that the Witch of the Woods had taken his wife's life to save him. He was consumed with revenge and attempted to convince the locals of the merit in his words. He wanted to burn the cottage down and end the reign of terror of their resident "warlock".

Still determined to spare her children of the curse, and completely in the dark about her husband's wrath, Hadley appeared to her children one night. She convinced them to trust her, follow her, and then brought them to the cottage to remove their curse. But her attempt to keep things quiet turned into a case of the "Witch" stealing Idris' children. When he couldn't get local support to hunt her down, he quickly hired mercenaries instead and took to the woods to kill himself a witch.

Meanwhile, Prudence was tired after centuries of obsolving curses and the toll they took on her. She was ready to pass on. Unbeknownst to Hadley she offered her life up as the blood price to cure the children and end Hadley's family curse once and for all. She tried to take her children home, but watching the rituals had terrified them and they were now scared of her as well. They fled out into the woods and she attempted to chase them down, fearful for their safety, only to see them run into a mercenary group. The group took the children home.

It was later that she'd learn her husband had hired them. She'd also learn that he'd darted after what he had thought was a witch in the woods and then vanished. Other teams looked for him but never found anything. With everything concluded, for better or worse, Hadley became the new "Witch of the Woods". She was also left with a deed, signed by Theros Promathea, to the cottage where Prudence had lived and a little land around it.

Year 921 - Year 1187: The fear that her husband had raised, plus the stories her children had told (they beleived the witch had kidnapped them), had increased an already growing anger towards this so called "Witch of the Woods." Still, for years people were willing to make a "deal with the devil" to spare themselves from various miseries. She put up with their hatred, gave them their releif (in exchange or payments) and soldiered on.

For all of those who were happy for the work she did for them, there were many that found the costs to high - be it blood or money. They began to threaten her. There were also those people had been applying the curses, and they weren't to happy with her removing them.

Year 1188: A warlock struck out at Moira in revenge. Not just one curse, but multiple and all of them powerful. Desperate to save his sister, Deren faced the one thing he'd sworn he'd never do: he went into the woods. He brought his sister to the Witch, only to realize it was his mother.

Hadley helps her daughter but something this severe requires special treatement. The curses would be to much at once, the only way for her to survive it will be if her son gave her a potion after. She would have him lock her inside her ritual vault for the containment of curses. There was a crystal coffin in there that Prudence had taught her about before - one could sleep inside it and recover but how long they slept was up to how long the crystal felt you needed to recover from the affliction. She knew that these powerful curses will put her into a deep sleep for a very long time.

She asked that her son finish the ritual to put her into the crystal after she asleep. There was a blood price. Her son required a life's worth of Aetherian blood. Who he got it from Hadley never found out but he brought it.

Hadley wasn't sure what happened after.

Year 1859: Hadley is awaken from stasis by Geralt, Rissa, and Emmalise. She finds that she has been asleep for centuries. Her home in ruin and her family long since gone. She also finds her life's work, her Vault of Curses, has been ransacked and laid bare. She is informed by Geralt that it was her son, driven mad, who absconded with her curses.

On the advice of Geralt about a potential threat to her life she leaves with the group to the village of Elidry. Along the way stop to save a family from Ignis Shades and Geralt is “mortally” wounded. He recovers along the way and informs Hadley of his family's curse. While she offers to lift it the cost of doing so is too high for Geralt. The following morning in Elidry they are accosted by knights who wish to kill Hadley. While she has grown use to this sort of fear, the reason they fear her is different than she is accustom to. They believe her afflicted with Slada'sha corruption and Emmalise is able to convince them that Hadley could actually cure it.

Emmalise tells the group about a Count Brutis Darlington who is holding a ball and during he would be selling some of Hadley's cursed items. She learns some things about modern fashion and bumps into a strange man named Medford. While dancing with him she discovers he is actually her son, Daren! He disappears before she can confront him. They are eventually able to recover he cursed items but during so they learn that Emmalise is working for the timekeeper Torus and that she knows Medford. Emmalise also reluctantly informs them that their final confrontation is on Sardor Isle.

The group eventually gets their hands on Great Hawks who manage to get them past undead skylords an onto the island. Their they discover Torus, Medford, Cosmic Creepers, Time Soldiers, and the Pillar of Fate. As Geralt steps into the pillar to confront fate, the others are attacked. Emmalise betrays them and Hadley is barely able to escape with Rissa. Safely back at the Temple, the two woman discuss their options and decide to join the Monster Hunters.