Helen Roarak


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Len, Henry Wallace
Royal Duchess, Viscountess of Centurion & Charcot
Author (Pen Name: Henry Wallace)
Roarak Mansion (w/ Husband & Children)


Authoring (Mystery & Science Fiction), Schooled
Cosmetics, Dancing (Ballroom), Finances, Mathematics, Penmanship, Keen Sense (Sight), Knowledge of Crime Scene Processing
Fine Art (Illustration), Seneschal, Knowledge of Scientific Theory


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Water (Undiscovered)
Hero Skills
Favored (Jibriel)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Dark Brown
Skin Tone
Light Peach
She has a small body frame with very little curves and so she can be easily mistaken as a boy with the right clothing.
Hair Color
Hair Style
Her hair is worn in a short choppy bob that frames her face.
Height & Weight
5’2”/100 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
She wears fashionable dresses with overly tight corsets to help her look like she has some sort of girlish figure. However, secretly, Helen will sometimes sneak out in breaches and loose shirts with a newsboy cap.
Distinguishing Marks


A good mystery or plot twist, dangerous men, getting lost in a good story, drawing up ideas for her stories, time with her family, how energetic Lucy is (she’s vowed to herself to give Lucy all the chances she was denied), that her boys are so intellectual, talking about invention ideas with Percy
Boring parties (and the gossipy girls that attend), when people see her intelligence as something not of worth having, not being respected because she's a girl and being told she can't do something because of it, the damaged rift between her and Claire
She is an intelligent young woman who has always been a little too perceptive. She has a deep interest in the workings of the criminal mind, as well as the investigative work of law enforcement Both of which she uses as fuel for her writing. She has an eye for the future and "what comes next", finding the new inventions of the world to be inspiring. She loves herself and her looks which means she doesn’t care what others say about her. But has found when not being forced to dress up by her mother she doesn't mind dressing up once in awhile for herself. She enjoys the thrill of solving a crime and adventure the dreams of working as a crime consultant, hating that it may never happen just because she is a girl.
She fears Amon abandoning her the way the rest of her family has. She also fears losing the use of her hands or eyes as she could never read or write again! Lastly, she fears losing her children (especially to one of those “I only looked away for a second” accidents)
She has no qualms with dressing as a boy if it allows her to do the things she wants and loves that she doesn’t have the body of the normal court girls so that she can get away with it.


Father / Donor
Zalderan Wade-Valenti (Step Father)
Mother/ Sire
Tina Wade-Valenti
Magnus (Half Brother), August (Half Brother, Dead), Gaelnaris (Half Brother), Lilla (Half Sister, Dead), Belle-Madonna (Half Sister, Dead)
Amon (Husband)
Percy (Son), Keita (Son), Lucy (Daughter)
Close Friends
Bianca, Virgil, Serena
Janos II (Brother In-Law), Christopher (Brother In-Law), Iradessa (Sister In-Law), Claire (Cousin), Hel (Former Crush), Virgil (Former Crush), Eriko (Cousin), Kosuke (2nd Cousin), Muramasa (Nephew), Tsuhi (Nephew), Fatine (Niece, dead), Jasper (Nephew), Cloe (Niece), Janos III (Nephew), Chestin (Nephew)


Age & Sex


Year 1823: Helen was the result of one of Tina’s many trysts with men she met on her “diplomatic” journeys. Zalderan didn’t care, he and Tina had never shared a bed since he married the woman. However, it meant that he left Tina to pretty much lord over her little girl and micromanage every aspect of her life. She hated that her daughter didn’t want to do things a proper young lady should. She was even more unhappy when Helen blossomed into her teens and never developed like the other young ladies. How was she to get her daughter married off is she was both too smart and a boyish twig?

Despite this Helen she enjoyed her life. She had her occasional moments with her father, sometimes tagging along with him to work (office only naturally), and writing became her passion. She loved hearing the stories of her father’s investigations and the warped ways of the criminal mind behind the incidents.

Year 1834: At 11 her cousin Claire came to live with her family. The young woman was reclusive and strange but Helen tried hard to make friends with her. Eventually they were close, but Claire always had a strange habit of locking herself away on certain days and refusing company. Helen decided to force the matter on one such day and Claire assured her that she was a monster. When Helen ignored this and came in close, Claire attacked her as though to bite her! Horrified, she told her father about it and Zalderan had Claire committed to a mental asylum.

Year 1836: When Helen turned 13 her mother demanded to take over her daughter’s studies. It was, after all, high time she learned how to be a proper lady! Helen was miserable, though she still found time to study mathematics, science and write but it had to be during her free time and away from her mother’s lessons.

Year 1839: When she turned 16 she decided that she wanted to be an author. She knew her mother would never allow such a thing and so she submitted her texts under a pen name: Henry Wallace. Her works were moderately popular but it was disheartening to know SHE was not truly getting the credit for them.

Year 1840: On her 17th birthday her mother began to try even harder to find her daughter a husband. However by this point Helen she realized that she was now a young adult and no longer needed to follow her mother’s orders so implicitly. Her father was deployed outside of the city, leaving her with no one to shadow for inspiration. So she took to the streets as a young boy (her figure and height caused her to be mistaken for a 15 year old, which she opted to play up) named Len. This role had her as an errand runner eager to make some coin by helping out around town, specifically around knights or locations they had crimes to solve.

While pulling this act she met Virgil Domace, a knight of some renown, who she slowly grew a crush on. He was every bit the man she liked, brave and with a good heart. However she is too afraid to tell him she is a woman, much less a noble, and thus their relationship stays platonic. Eventually, Helen runs into someone she has not seen since she was a child: her cousin Claire. Thought mad from the things Claire had seen, though she did feel guilty for getting her cousin sent away. With Claire was a strong, handsome and mysterious man named Hel. Instantly intrigued by him she decided to show him how she felt, only to find out that he and Claire were together. On an attempt to flirt with him, Claire barged into her home and attacked her threatening her if she ever tried to take her man again. Helen realized then that she has truly lost all chances in mending their relationship.

Year 1841: She recognizes a dark and brooding knight named Amon. Through the bond she realizes he is a damaged man looking for someone or something to believe in. What begins out of obligation quickly turns into something far more real between them. By years end their first son, Percy, is born.

Year 1843: Just before the fall of Cardinal Meridian, Helen becomes pregnant once more. As a result Amon is given special leave by his superiors to get his family out of the city instead of joining the main fight against the monster that erupted in the town center. He ushers her safely away and a few months later their second son, Keita, is born.

Year 1850: As the Crown vs Temple conflict is dying down she and Amon unexpectedly recognize a second time! They are thrilled about it of course. Their daughter, Lucy, is born that year. Having a daughter finally, Helen private vows to give her all the chances she never had.

Year 1853: With three children in the house, Amon and Helen talk about how he should stay closer to home. After a talk with his commander, he is given a post as a personal honor guard to a Promathea – which should keep him very close to home most days. He is assigned to the newest member of the family, Kyshtari.

Meanwhile, Helen looks after their three children. Percy is training to be a royal inventor, Keita is studying at A.E.G.I.S. to become a mage and little Lucy is quite the energetic handful!

Later, Virgil approaches Helen and Amon about how a known serial killer, Trinity, is back on the loose. This is important since Helen was almost his “last” victim before he was caught (thanks to trips from her as Len) and thought to be killed in the arrest. Now he’s back and chances are high he’ll come for her. After, Helen and Amon discuss what to do. She is worried even the children could be in danger. They decide the best way to protect themselves is to find the killer before he finds them, so they begin to go through her old books and notes on the killer to look for patterns/clues. Keita and Percy notice their parents are upset about something and working frantically. They try to find out what’s going on and when they find notes on the killer they confront Amon and Helen with it. Helen decides her husband is the best way to get all the gathered information to Virgil and the knights – since he is one himself. She tells him to take claim for the research and leave her name out of it. Amon brings the details on Trinity to Virgil. The result is that, combine with what the knights have, they realize where Trinity might be hiding! While Amon and Virgil attempt to hunt down Trinity they learn the location was a trap and is abandoned. While the knights are out, Helen and Lucy are ambushed by Trinity and taken hostage. Amon and Virgil get back to the house and find the girls have been taken. They speed off to the rescue to save Helen and Lucy just in the nick of time.

Year 1854: Amon laments to Helen about the death of Kyshtari mother and how he needs to right things with his mistress. Helen finds his fixation a bit curious but pushes it aside. Amon has been out late and working extra hours in an attempt to win back Kyshtari’s trust and prove himself. Kyshtari continues to treat him coldly but the two finally have a heart to heart about things. They are out on the streets when this happens and Helen sees it. She mistakes the scene for being more “romantic”.

Year 1855: Word reaches the Roarak family of the fall of the Isle of Dragons. Amon takes it hard but tries not to show it, with the children more visibly affected while Helen attempts to support them all.

Year 1856: Lucy sees some boys being mean to an animal and helps set it free from them but they catch her. To punish her they throw her into a cellar for of a nearby mansion, which is pitch black. Amon and Helen create a search party for their child. While Lucy is curled up sleeping in the cellar, terrified, Trisha happens upon her in her dreams. She comforts the child and tries to learn where she is. In the morning Trisha finds the child. Trisha brings Lucy home to her parents and siblings.

When a teacher is late to class, the students get unruly and begin fighting with one another (Patrick, Keita & NPCs). Upon returning to the chaos the teacher is furious and gives them all detention in a locked room. The children split into two groups, those who want to escape the room and those who want to wait out their punishment. The children are forced to choose sides in the conflict.  In the end, Keita blows the door off, Patrick stays to get in trouble and Keita stays with him because of it. After, they are both scolded by their parents.