Ichiko Kurokodairu


Soul Name
Order of the Crown
Kuorkodairu Mansion


Melee (Bushido), Unarmed Combat (MAHS)
Athletics, Schooled, Knowledge of Etiquette (Ryuko), Politics (Ryuko), Combat Reflexes
Multiple Opponents, Dancing (Traditional), Strategy Games (Go)


Species Powers
Telepathy & Ryu-Go
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Biting Steel, Heavenly Judgement, Hallow Tempest, One Sword, Soul Blade
Favored (Dragon of Metal)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Kurkodairu Family Daisho
Other Weapons
Other Accessories
Language Translation Talisman


Eye Color
Pale Green
Skin Tone
Light Gray
He has tight muscles honed by years of martial arts training.
Hair Color
Sky Blue
Hair Style
Ichiko's hair is kept short and layered down to his neck with the bangs pushed back from his face.
Height & Weight
6'3'' /330 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears a black yakuta over a white and gray mandarin top and pants. A white serpent slithers up the lower right side of the yakuta.
Distinguishing Marks


Hope (she is charming, pretty and needs him to protect her), protecting others (he often envied Kris for having such heroic tendencies naturally, where he often feels he has to force it), is father and his memory, the code of bushido, bringing honor to his family, being near his friends again
Being weak (he will not cry or show any manner of weakness to others), his rage, when Hope doesn't need him (she is the one person he can reliably protect and be a hero to!), people to whom being a hero comes naturally (its not a dislike so much as a silent jealousy), doing anything to bring shame onto his family or clan (his father is watching from Tengoku and he will not disappoint him), his mother (she was a traitor all along, he will never forgive her), Reiko (he knows now that she wasn't the one to ruin his family but his resentment wasraised into him), he never really got to prove himself before the country was lost, when he snaps at people
Ichiko comes across as slightly two-faced, though he doesn't mean to be. The issue is that his true self is a young man with a lot of rage and loss he's yet to face. He's worked so hard to be mature for his age, even in the face of a death father and a mother gone evil, that he has never let himself resolve any of it. This makes him prone to snapping on people over little things, often without him realizing why it even set him off. However, such occurrences are not common. Most of the time he is devoting 100% of his personality into trying to become just like his father. He wants to be in control, commanding, yet a protector and generous. He attempts to live as the perfect samurai, for he believes his father was one and he works hard to make his spirit proud.
He also fears angering his father in Tengoku with shameful actions.
He tugs on his earlobe when he's nervous. He acts noble but typically its rehearsed instead of sincere – he just tries to fake it till he makes it.


Father / Donor
Arashi Kurokodairu (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Chou (Half-Sister)
Close Friends
Kris, Willow, Alessa, Hope (Best Friend & Ward)
Kouryou Taiga/River (2nd Cousin), Kaida Asa (2nd Cousin & Master), Kogashimasu/Magnus (2nd Cousin), Reiko (Aunt)


Age & Sex


Year 1836: Ichiko is born to his father's concubine. Yoshino and Arashi are thrilled to have a boy and an heir. It puts a strain on the triad relationship between Yoshino, Reiko and Arashi though. Mostly because it usurps Reiko's daughter, Chou, in Arashi's heart. Now he has a son and heir, after all.

Sadly the boy's companion dragon doesn't live long either, killed during a particularly cold winter that same year.

Ichiko is doted on by Yoshino, who is happy to have a child of her own, and she does her best to shield him from the tension in their family. Once he is old enough to understand that something isn’t quiet right he puts the pieces together that his family is in turmoil over his existence.

Year 1842: He is enrolled in Legacy Institute and makes many Aetherian friends over the 6 or so months he stays there. He becomes very close to Kris, Willow, Hope and Alessa specifically. Kris' natural hero-boy charm is something Ichiko comes to look up and yet be jealous of – especially when the girls tend to adore him for it.

Sadly, towards the years end, his family issues cause him to constantly be pulled this and that way.

This ultimately culminates in an incident where in Yoshino is revealed to be a minion of Mouko. When Arashi starts staying away from home to fight in “the war” to reclaim the ryuko people's lost home nation, the Land of Dragons, it makes Yoshino angry and impatient. People begin to question her dark trips out at night and her own time away. Particularly when she attempts to frame her sister, Reiko, for poisoning her!

At this point he is moved back to the Isle of Dragons and put into Kaida Asa's care. His mother attempts to abduct him in the night shortly after his arrival, but he rebels and she curses Kaida Asa for the fact. She vows to one day return for her son and get revenge on Kaida Asa.

Year 1843: Ichiko notices Hope at his school in the Isle of Dragons! He is shocked but pleased. More so because she is being bullied and it gives him a chance to act the part of the hero. He vows to protect her at school and keep people from hurting her, which she gratefully accepts. The two become best friends over the passing years after this.

Year 1850: He becomes a samurai in his own right after completing his genpukku under his master, Kaida Asa. The two never form a father-son relationship, despite Kaida Asa taking up the rest of his raising, but they form a mutual respect as student and master. Ichiko is always eternally greatful to the man for taking the tine to teach him to survive and become the man he wanted to be. A man like his father. Upon his genpukku he is given the right of Daimyo, something that he inherited from his mother's side of the family.

Year 1853: One day Hope tells him that her family has decided to split living between Aether and Ryuguu. He isn't happy about it, despite telling her that it's fine, since it means she's growing further away from him in a way. However she quickly assures him that she'd like him to come with her on future trips. While he doesn't know if work would allow it, he finds the notion tempting since he could see his old Aetherian friends again.

Year 1854: Chestin, Ichiko, Arcadian & Tyler arrive home after losing Sachiko. Ichiko remains in the capitol as a diplomat for the time being. When it is all over, Ichiko returns to the Isle of Dragons.

Year 1855: A mass funeral event is held for the Isle of Dragons. King Chestin also declares the 14th of Virgo a national “holiday”, the Ryuko Requiem.

Hope, Kris, Willow and Alessa go to support Ichiko after the fall of the Isle of Dragons.

Year 1858: Kris hosts a little drinking knight but with an important motive. He tells his friends (Fawkes, Danielle, Danx, Ichiko, Willow, Kero, Nicholas & Alessa) and the Shattered Realm (Cross, Akira, Emeline, Marlene & I’Frit) that he intends to go back to Cardinal Meridian and kill a damned black-blooded zombie – no matter what this time. While many think this is a bad idea, Alessa, Ichiko, Fawkes and Kero agree to go with him. Kris and company arrive at Cardinal Meridian. He makes another attempt but suffers another relapse (basically he has PTSD). He breaks down, admitting he feels worthless. The others were put at risk and if not for the fact that the Shattered Realm (specifically Akira, I’Frit & Cross) had tailed them they might have been overrun.