Entity of Fire
- (Looks 20's)
Soul Name
Merchant (Owner & Bartender of Emberlight Tavern), Warrior
Shattered Realm
Emberlight Tavern


Knowledge of Bar Tending & Mixology, Combat Reflexes
Aerial Combat (Self Flight), Athletics (Focus in Endurance), Cooking, Dodge, Intimidation, Keen Sense (Judge of Character), Knowledge of the Elemental Planes and Spirits, Larceny (Premeditation and Strategy), Melee (Knives & Claws), Psychology (Manipulation), Ranged (Gun/Dagger), Seneschal
Ambidextrous, Dancing (Tribal/Expressive), Mount Riding, Stealth, Torture, Tracking (People), two Weapon Fighting


Species Powers
6th Sense (Darkness Within)
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Fire (Adept)
Hero Skills
Charge, Cry Havoc, Dual Two-Handed Weapons, Flurry of Force, Sense Ley Lines, Shaytan Affinity, Spell Craft (Elemental Fire)
Elemental Fire Spells

Beginner: Adrenaline Rush, Flammable Objects, Handful of Flame, Sense Combat

Novice: Body of Flame, Immolate, Insight Emotion, Resist Fire

Adept: Create Wall, Flame Immunity, Increase Aptitude, Temporary Insanity

Bound to the God of Fire (Cross)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Hunting Daggers x2
Other Weapons
Flint Lock Pistol
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Light Green
Skin Tone
His build is tall and strong. Most of his muscle bulk is leaned out by his body proportions but he is by no means only 'athletic'. He is a body fighter and it shows when the shirts are off. 
Hair Color
Hair Style
His hair is short, choppy and often very messy as he doesn't do anything with it.
Height & Weight
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He tends to wear nicer clothing in the form of black simple suits and ties.
A silver thick chained bracket that serves as an artifact to bind his form and most of his power. This is called his limiter. The only one who can remove it is Cross. To remove the limiter's restraint Cross only needs to give verbal permission. He does not have to be near by or even in audible range.
Distinguishing Marks
There are two horns coming from his head that are ivory in color and tipped with gold caps decorated with flames. They are curved forward like twisted bull horns that are close to his head. When he's in his full form he is a large anthropomorphic creature that is a mix of a fiery canine with a tail, claws and mane of a lion.


The thrill of a hunt, adrenaline, power over others (even though he doesn't try to actively look for it), Cross who is his Lord and creator, dogs and cats, warm weather, being allowed to use his full power, piecing puzzles together, investigations, drinking and mixing new and unique drinks, people watching, meeting people who are unphased by the harsher side of life but aren't so damn sunny that it seems like a defense mechanism, he loves to smoke, happy helpers
His unstable curiosity in human nature, being in sub-zero temperatures (he can heat himself but with his limiter on he has trouble doing it to a comfortable level), when society's systems (he gets specifically irritated when the systems break down and the loop holes are very evident), his limiter, Xanthus' Mafia

I'Frit isn't shy about who or what he is. His opinions are solid and not for sale. He speaks his mind without concern of other's and willingly rocks the boat. He is an odd mix of detective and bar tender. He loves to watch and listen to the people at the bar and in the area because it helps him sharpen his understanding of mortals - as well as lets him learn to profile them. He figures once he's got a good cataloging of basic mortal habits and mannerisms he'll be able to pretend to be more like them; though he is afraid he'll become so like them he will lose his true self.

To him his true self isn't concerned about what is 'right and wrong' on a moral scale. It's what is ordered, what was demanded and what is needed to be done. Most of these decisions are based on what Cross needs or what the group needs. The more like mortals he becomes the more he sees an artificial value to their single lives.

Losing his cool and not regaining it. Incinerating something or someone that is irreplaceable. Going so deep into the minds of mortals that he loses himself (which is already happening).
He tends to come off as a very deep and difficult person to understand. He seems both a good person and a horrible one at the same time.


Father / Donor
Mother/ Sire
Marlene (Lover)
Close Friends
Cross (Master), Akira, Faye, Marlene (Ward), Dale, Roman, Emeline, Odette, Nikkola
Shattered Realm (Like Family), Noru (Former Friend)


Age & Sex


Year 1834: I'Frit uses his steals the money to buy a tavern which a nice bar and many bedrooms. His theft occurred in Phaira so no one can really find him and point him out. After buying it he associated himself to Cross' group of misfits and mercenaries. He offered them his joint to live in and operate out of since it's in Kingsbury and not directly next door to the Crown (which seems to be the enemy).

Year 1838 - Year 1840: When Cross walked in with Akira and Kibo he could see the latter was not mentally stable. He attempted to understand Kibo and thus learned more and more about how mortals obsessed over the simply pointless aspects of life. The way that Kibo is in love and possessive about Akira ends up being a point of interest for him. Rather then trying to aid the situation he sat back and let it corrode. After all was said and done he realized that a 'mortal part' of him regretted not helping. Maybe Kibo and Akira would still be friends.

Year 1841: Kibo finally betrays them and admits it. Akria's mental state basically shatters and he becomes obsesses with 'punishing' Kibo for the grief. The whole thing hits I'Frit hard, though he hid it, since he'd grown attached to the crazy ryuko and tengu. Their relationship was one of the more wholesome and loving even if it was on a downward spiral.

The anti-mage legislation goes into place. All of the Shatter Realm start focusing on saving mages and dampening the effectiveness of the knights.

Year 1843: A huge fight breaks out in the city causing a large fire. I'Frit uses his abilities to absorb the fames before they take down the town. In the end the limiter can't take the increase and he becomes very sick as his body and spirit are being compressed by the pressure. Cross tells him to 'let some of it out' and his horns become visible. This equalizes the pressure for the limiter and it he recovers.

Year 1853: Noru is out on a job with I’Frit and lays into the man they were after harshly. I’Frit has to stop him from killing him (since the point was only to intimidate) and hauls him back. Upon arrival Cross gets upset with him but Noru throws in his face how worthless and cowardly he thinks the realm is. Noru takes a beating and is cast out of the Shattered Realm.

Later, Kibo is sent to escort a high priority shipment thanks to all the Shattered Realm raids. He does plenty of damage but is brought down by I’Frit & Faye who take him prisoner. Many of the gang members want revenge and to kill him, but many others remember when he was a beloved ally and aren’t so sure.

I’Frit talks with Kibo. He asks for his feelings on Akira and learns he actually loves him, but figures Akira will always be to weak to reciprocate. I’Frit decides he can get Akira to admit the same thing.

I’Frit sets up a situation where he gets Akira to verbally confess his feelings for Kibo while the ryuko is listening in. When I’Frit hits on Akira, Kibo rushes in to save him and confesses his feelings. The two become a couple.

Year 1854: The funeral for the member is held and all of the Shattered Realm are in attendance… until they notice fires in the direction of their inn! They find citizens fleeing the scene and the Emberlight Tavern is burned beyond repair. Outraged, Cross decides he’s had enough of this city and its bullshit. Let them deal with their own crime and stupidity. He’s packing the group up to move to the capitol so they can deal with the King’s bullshit more directly. Marlene expresses to I’Frit that she’s nervous given her situation with Cerrin.

Eventually I'Frit reaches his limit with the romantic tension between himself and Marlene. He makes his feelings clear but warns her that his passion comes at a cost - his fire, specifically. He cannot promise he won't burn her to death. She assures him she can find a way around that.

Marlene asks Akira to help her “test” something AEGIS gave her to protect her from fire. When he asks her why she is naturally a bit bashful about saying “for sexy times with I’Frit”. With the item proven to be working, Marlene goes to I’Frit and the two consummate their relationship.

When Shade's Run is assaulted by Slada'sha armies from Cardinal Meridian, Cross has no choice but to grant this fighting alongside him the power of fire. He also releases I'Frit's bonds to let him go wild in the battle. Two captains of the black-blooded zombies arrive but the Shattered Realm (Akira, Marlene, Emeline, I’Frit & Cross) and the Legionaries (Taren, Sarias, Kibo, Jean, Fawkes & Marek) show up to take one each.

Later, Belladonna corners Emeline outside of the Emberlight Tavern with I’Frit and demands to know why she hasn’t come back yet. Sain’s job for her should have been done ages ago. Emeline tells Belladonna she’s gives up on that life – all of it – she loses and Belladonna “wins”. Out of respect for their soul bond, she asks I’Frit to let the cultist go this once but next time they are enemies.

Year 1855: Cross talks with Akira, I’Frit, Marlene and Emeline about how the old anarchy motivation is put to bed. It’s a new year, they need a new cause for the Shattered Realm to become devoted to.

Year 1857: Marlene and Emeline are out with Akira and Danielle when they are attacked by Ross and Abel – who are after Emeline. When Abel and Akira’s fire go head to head, Abel decides to take him because he’s like the child him and Ross never had! Danielle is left to get an injured Marlene and targeted Emeline out of dodge and tell the others.

When the girls tell Cross and I’Frit what happened, it’s Emeline who explains that to rescue Akira would require a trip to Vox Diablos. The cult’s church is in a pocket dimension of the Dark World though. They’d need a Keise, or A’dalis, to get there. Cross looks to I’Frit and asks if he, as an entity of Fire, can pass into otherworldly realms. When he learns he can, he decides anything his minions can do HE can to.

The Shattered Realm get to Ross and Able’s dwarf sheep farm to rescue Akira. However, when Cross tries to unleash his powers on the proceedings he is stopped by Asoth. God versus God, the two end up at an impasse. Cross is forced to back off for the sake of his people’s safety but they get Akira back.

Year 1858: Kris hosts a little drinking knight but with an important motive. He tells his friends (Fawkes, Danielle, Danx, Ichiko, Willow, Kero, Nicholas & Alessa) and the Shattered Realm (Cross, Akira,  Emeline, Marlene & I’Frit) that he intends to go back to Cardinal Meridian and kill a damned black-blooded zombie – no matter what this time. He’s tried of feeling weak and scared. (Naturally the question of why he’s hung up on this could arise, since he’s never told his childhood friends what became of Zaphir.) See if anyone wants to come with him.

Kris and company (Ichiko, Kero, Fawkes, Alessa) arrive at Cardinal Meridian. He makes another attempt but suffers another relapse (which could be interesting if any of his childhood friends come along). He breaks down, admitting he feels worthless. First he was haunted by Zaphir’s face before death, now he can add his father’s lack of respect to his trauma. Akira, Cross and many of the Shattered Realm tail him to be sure he was okay but kept out of sight - at least until it is obvious they need to jump in and save the day.