Ivy Hastings


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Lady of Briar
Nurse (The Clinic)
Hastings Mansion (w/ Husband & Children)


Athletics (Balance) & Dance (Ballet)
Cosmetics, Mount Riding (Horse), Schooled, Dancing (Folk & Ballroom), Cooking, House Keeping, Child Care, First Aid
Quick Learner, Medical Knowledge


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Honey Brown
Skin Tone
Pale Peach
While she is slender she is not unhealthy looking.
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Hair Style
Her hair is long and wavy falling to her chest in various layers. She typically wears it held back from her face with a circlet.
Height & Weight
5'7'' / 130 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
She preffers nice but simple off the shoulder gowns with tight corsets and skirts that hang loose rather then poof out.
Distinguishing Marks


Camellia (her most cherished friend), knight types (she often reads romance novels when she thinks no one is watching and has always yearned for a romance with the white kinght stereotype), reading romance novels (but she is embarassed of the fact), good food (girl can eat like a horse and not gain a pound), ballet (it is her greatest passion, she is sad she cannot go pro), her family (they literally gave up everything for her and she worries about them constantly), children, helping people who cannot help themselves, Elizabelle (her idol), being a nurse, Jason (he's always there for her)
Bullies, spoiled brats (no matter the age), seeing those she cares for cry, betrayal (especially from those she trusts), embarassing herself, being a burden or anchor to those she cares for, when some one she loves is suffering and there is nothing she can do to help, being the cause of suffering in others, the way Jarius' parents try to ruin their relationship at every turn
Raised around peasants, and born to a lineage which already has such prodominently peasant minded girls as Elizabelle, she tends to act less a noble and more of the class around which she was fostered. She is stubborn, prideful, quick to anger but at the same time she is compassionate, loyal and never gives up on her dreams or loves. When faced with hardships she tends to suck it up and stride forward with her head held high. She hates to be a burden to those around her, often hiding her problems from them and putting on a smile, but her will is not limitless and sometimes when it becomes to much she tends to break down. She cannot stand to watch injustice or suffering and will act to stop it whenever she sees it. While she is a fearless woman who will stand up to others she is not STUPID - this means she would not tell off the Queen for being a bully, but she will tell off some spoiled rich mans son.
Ivy fears that she will never be able to form a strong bond with her daughter like she has with her son. Ivy fears that Jarius, despite that he seems totally committed, that he will try to go back to his family for his title.
Ivy does not bow down before injustice and sees herself as the defender of her friends and family. She has a back injury just under her shoulder blade from protecting Jarius from a blow, it causes her pain if she carries too much or stretches to far with her arms.


Father / Donor
Ebon Hastings
Mother/ Sire
Celia Hastings
Cerec (Brother)
Jarius (Husband)
Patrick (Son), Grace (Daughter)
Close Friends
Camellia (Best Friend), Jason (Ex-Lover), Odin, Zoey (Dead), Braiden (Dead), Cera, Talia (Dead), Gen (quasi-friend), William
Galleon (Father in Law, Disowned), Dhalia (Mother in Law, Disowned), Talia (Sister in Law, Disowned & Dead), Decon (Brother in Law, Disowned), Halina (Neice, Disowned & Dead)


Age & Sex


Year 1816: Born to a baron and baroness, Ivy was their first child but she was hardly born to luxury. Her father had a large debt from an addiction to horse gambling and her mother was a loving but neurotic mess. Often she found herself acting the adult around them, causing her to mature early in life.

She also hears much about Elizabelle and comes to idolize the woman as the idea of what she would want to be: Strong. Independant, willing to go against the norms of society and make her own path.

Growing up she is often teased for having the name of a "weed" plant. However she turns this into a positive by looking up ivy and learning that as a weed it is nigh impossible to kill (in their day and age). Therefore she tells those that tease her that she is just as resilent and take it as compliment instead.

Year 1819: Cerec is born, putting more stress on the family but finally providing them with an heir.

Year 1820: Ivy meets Camellia at a ball held by Ivy's family. The two hit it off and a best friends within the month.

Year 1826: Ivy finds the ring she now wears around her neck in a river while playing with Camellia. Its so pretty she keeps it as a good luck charm.

Year 1829: Camellia's family opts to focus all their attention on their thriving resturuant in the capitol: The Jade Garden. As a result Camelllia is forced to move with them and say good bye to Ivy except as a pen-pal. Before Camellia leaves the two exchange soul names, becomming soul sisters.

Year 1831: Ivy's parents, without talking to her, opt to sell nearly everything they have in order to muster enough money to pay their debts and send Ivy to Legacy Institute.

Despite her protests they pack what little she can take and send her to stay with the Yarrows while they go to make money in the feilds of their own barony and hopefully rebuild their wealth some. While Ivy is, of course, thrilled to live with her best friend she ends up constantly worried about her family and what will become of them. The fact is only made worse when her parents tell her that they've done this because they want her to marry the richest man she can find so that she can become rich and bail out the family.

Year 1832: Ivy is with Camellia when Carlos ignores her for some viscountess he was cheating with. Pissed, Ivy slugs him and gets her reputation for her viscious right hook as a result. Sadly this doesn't seem to completely heal Camellia's heart towards what happened.

The girls meet Odin, Jason and Jarius by chance when Carlos makes a big show of things at the Jade Garden and the boys run him off. While Camellia hits it off with Odin, Ivy finds herself drawn to Jason but also entangled with Jarius.

Year 1834: Ivy begins dating Jarius but is confessed to by Jason. In a moment of passion Jason kisses her and Jarius sees it. He denounces them both and tries to get them kicked out of the school. However Talia steps in, mediating for a comeptition between the boys - if Jason wins he and Ivy stay in school. If Jarius wins they both leave.

In the end Jarius technically wins but has bonded with Jason enough to "let him have her". However by that point Ivy realizes she loves Jarius more and Jason sees that, letting her go.

Shortly after though Dhalia begins to socially cripple the Jade Garden.

Year 1835: Dhalia demands that the only way she'll back off from the Jade Garden is if Ivy stops seeing her son for two weeks. She agrees and naturally during this time Dhalia gets him a betrothal to Zoey. This puts a strong strain on their freinship until the betrothal is suddenly made moot when JJ Promathea swoops Zoey away instead!

Then, towards the end of the year, Jarius' father dies. Reminded of how short life can be, Jarius asks Ivy to elope with him and marry him. She agrees but they don't get far before mercenaries who hate Jarius' mother catch them. They beat him savagely and when it seems he might take a fatal blow Ivy throws herself in the way.

Thankfully the two are rescued by Jason and Odin - but Jarius is quickly escorted home by his mother's men while Ivy is left behind to recover. When she gets back to the capitol though Jarius avoids her. It takes help from JJ and Jason to pin him down, and when she does he dumps her - claiming he has to do what is right for his family. As a result she toys with the idea of resuming her relationship with Jason but never goes through with that.

Year 1836: Ivy begins to have regular shoulder pains where she took the blow for Jarius. Jason takes her to his uncle and they learn she has damaged nerves and muscles. She will never do ballet again.

Jason comforts her through this crushing realization. Jason has a fight with Jarius and reveals that Ivy lost her ability to do ballet to save Jarius! Shocked, Jarius immediately seeks out Ivy. Ivy confirms the fact and Jarius is enraged (“why did you protect me, you idiot!”) and apologetic (“it’s all my fault”).

Then suddenly, two days later, Jarius goes to Ivy first thing in the morning (not having slept at all that night) and apologizes for all of it. He reveals his mother lied to him about his father's "death". The two become a couple again.

Once again he proposes, but this time he swears he won’t let his mother intimidate him anymore. He’s done, he’s his own man, this time he’ll marry her the way a lady deserves and take care of her!

Later, when Ivy is depressed about not being able to do ballet. Jason suggests that, if she has an interest, she could do medicine. She agrees to the idea. Ivy presents herself to Dante as an intern at the hospital as well with Jason’ s voucher. While he’s not keen on it he agrees since they need all the help they can get.

Then there is a fluke accident, while the “boys” (Odin, Jarius & Jason) are out on the town for Jarius’ bachelor party, an out of control carriage nearly hits Jason. Without thinking Jarius reacts and takes the blow in his place, taking severe damage all over his body and coming very close to death. It is four days before Jarius awakens.

The support group has been taking turns at his bedside and the person with him at the time he wakes up is Odin. Things are good except something about Jarius isn’t quite right and Odin can’t place what it is until a messenger sent to retrieve the others brings in Ivy and Camellia at last (them being the last to get to the scene) and Jarius has no idea who the girls are. His memories seemingly end just weeks before he ever met them. Dante enters in and assures them memory loss is fairly normal with head injury and the loss of blood – however there is nothing to say when or IF his memory will return. Too hurt for words, Ivy has to leave the room and Jason comforts her.

Jarius is discharged from the hospital a day early. When Ivy and Jason look into why they find he was intentionally removed by his mother. Upon going to the residence they are stonewalled by Dhalia. She plans to use his memory loss to set “right” the wrong of their relationship and will not allow Ivy to see Jarius under _any_ circumstance.

Shortly after she learns Dhalia has arranged a very quick “marriage” for her son to a random noble girl. For Aetherians its almost a shot gun wedding as it will happen in only a month! Talia warns Ivy, Odin, Camellia & Jason. All of them are “banned” from the house though.

That’s when Zoey and JJ show up with an offer to FORCE them into the party happening on the 19th for Halina’s birthday. Halina’s birthday party becomes the site of a major show down. The royal duke and duchess walk into the party with everyone Dhalia has refused and between them and Halina (who likes Odin & Jason just fine) she is overridden about it. However, to her pleasure, Jarius immediately assumes that his friends merely “brought a date” and that Ivy is Jason’s girl.

A fight breaks out between Jarius’ to be wife and Ivy, the former pushing the later into the pool the location is held around. Jason makes to jump in after her – aware that Ivy’s injury may prevent her from getting to the surface fast enough – but Jarius suddenly remembers. He remembers wanting to save her and being frozen, unable to reach her. In a moment he snaps and dives in after her. The two reunite and Jarius calls off the wedding.

He then asks Ivy if she’s up for a third “take” on their marriage. Dhalia gives up, putting her time into caring for her husband and goes dowager. She moves out of the mansion to a smaller place in the country side with her husband hoping for his recovery and washing her hands of the Ivy/Jarius situation. Near the end of the year Jarius and Ivy finally are married.

Year 1837: Camellia, Jason, Ivy, Jarius and even Ki Lin hold an intervention on Odin’s drinking issues. They suggest he go to Rylin’s AA group for help.

Year 1841: Dante assembles his team for the front lines: James, Ivy, Jason & Doria. Desdemona suggests coming but her condition makes that suicide. Dante’s little medical team has to make some tough choices while on the front lines. One thing is very clear: This battle is one of attrition. Both sides are fiercely matched, aether lacks the numbers and magic of phaira, the land of dragons has only sent what they MUST to help in the war, nazca doesn’t have much population to help and the keise are a peaceful people. There front line unit is over run, James and Dante help hold the line long enough Ivy and Jason to evacuate the injured and barely make out in time. The go back home to recover after.

Year 1842: Jarius learns his father is alive and well. Furious he goes to see him only to learn his mother hid this at his father's request. It isn't long after that his father awakens, but his first act is to denounce Ivy and demand his son either break it off with her or walk away from the family. Jarius becomes torn.

Year 1843: When the capitol falls Ivy was working under Jason at the clinic. They offered aid to all sides in the devistation and as a result the King nearly had them executed for treason. Jason negotiated their survival by swearing fealty to the Crown only.

Ivy and Jarius part in an angry fit. She packs up to stay with Jason as a result, but a few months later learns she is pregnant. She says nothing until Jason finally convinces Jarius to make up with her. When she confeses though Jarius is sure the child is Jason's and renounces her, storming out of her life instead.

Year 1844: Ivy gives birth to her and Jarius’ son, Patrick.

Ivy receives a missive from the clinic that there is an emergency patient waiting for her. Upon arrival she finds nothing but the receptionist suggests she check her desk for any notes left for her? When she goes in the door is closed and locked behind her and the room starts to smell strange. She attempts to get help but its late night. Thankfully Jason was staying late and as he heads out he hears the sounds of her struggle just as she collapses. He breaks in and gets her out.

Ivy wakes up at his place. He takes care of her and Gen is irked by how much Jason dotes over her. Gen confronts Ivy on how she depends on Jason too much, especially since she knows Jason is in love with her.

Year 1851: A beggar brings his daughter into the clinic for help but has no money to pay. The clinic is funded by the royal family, despite being owned by Jason, and payment is typically required. When she mentions this, the father snaps and takes her hostage! One of the nurses informs Jason and he and Ivy both have to talk the father down from doing something stupid.

Year 1853: Jarius takes Patrick away from Ivy per orders of his father.

Year 1854: Calliope talks with Odin about what his being married and having a child will mean for her and her child. Odin tries to smooth things over with Camellia, who is naturally hurt and furious with him. Despite her feelings, Camellia agrees to try and make this work. Camellia tells Ivy about the situation, Ivy tries not to be amused about the ironic twist of fate after Camellia told HER to accept back Jarius. By the end of their talk, Ivy decides she needs to talk to Odin. Ivy and Odin have a rather passionate talk about his hiding everything from Camellia.

Year 1855: Grace is born to Ivy and Jarius. After the labor is over, father and son (Patrick) come in to check on Ivy and the new addition to the family.

Jarius arrives in the family mansion (which is in their duchy) and demands answers from his father. In the end the two have a huge fight and as a result Galleon disowns him, much to Dhalia’s horror. Jarius had already set up his merchant business and still had noble title thanks to Ivy, so he shrugs it off and points at that his father was a great noble and a lousy father. He promsies to be a better father to his own children.

Cloe goes to the clinic and talks to Jason and Ivy about Dante. She learns he can be difficult, even with family, but that his efforts are usually for the good of the people. Ivy highlights his work in counter the plague that followed the magic loss in Aether.

Jarius returns home to explain the situation to Ivy and Patrick. The two are shocked but back up their father’s desire to focus on this family instead of his old one. However, they can no longer used their old family name (Gideon) and thus must use Ivy’s family name: Hastings.