Janos Promathea II


Aetherian (H), Corrupted
Soul Name
Royal Duke, Viscount of Centurion, Dowager King of Aether
Diplomat, Warrior
Promathea Castle & Personal Pleasure Palace


Unarmed Combat (Claws), Knowledge of Politics (The Alliance)
Knowledge of Blighted & Dahhak, Dancing (Ballroom), Melee (Sword), Schooled, Dodge, Knowledge of Strategy Games (Chess), Knowledge of Culture (The Alliance), Finances, Knowledge of History (Aether), Mathematics, Psychology (Diplomacy),Athletics (Climb), Seneschal
Instrument Playing (Piano), Child Care, Multitasking


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Cat's Pathing, Lithe Reflexes
Favored (Asoth, Entropy), Curropted: Greater strength, speed and stamina. Enhanced passion, rage and hunger for blood/flesh. Can grow claws & fangs.
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Long Sword
An ornate long sword with a lion on the hilt.
Other Weapons
Other Accessories
Langauge Translation Talisman


Eye Color
Ice Blue
Skin Tone
Pale Beige
Janos is slim and only faintly toned with very square shoulders.
Hair Color
Dark Rust Brown
Hair Style
Its short around his face and has a natural habit of parting at the left.
Height & Weight
5'9" / 130 lbs
Other / Other Forms
When he invokes his corruption he grains long claw fingers, distinct fangs and bright glowing red eyes.
Style & Casual Clothing
He preffers darker clothing with swirl or filigree embelishments but muted Shade's. He often preffers blues and blue-violets with the occasional bit of leather thrown in.
Distinguishing Marks
He has a long deep scar just to the left of his heart.


JJ & Chestin (the only parts of his family he feels aren't fucked up at this point), tutoring others, the Keise (he finds their culture fascinating and their music very exciting), the Ryuko (their pride and honor are something he wishes his own family would emulate, particularly the women), reading (he has a particular fondness for poetry and has taken a fancy to the Ryuko’s ‘haiku’s’), adventure (he finds himself almost boyishly excited for new hunts), when something or someone is afraid of him (he gets off on it frankly), when the enemy runs
Playing chess (it reminds him of his uncle, though he plays anyways), talking about those he has lost, giving second chances to criminals (they will never be redeemed), mercenaries (they are honor-less criminals who think they can hide behind the words “he/she paid me to do it”), having to pretend to be something/someone he isn't, that he cannot seem to relate to his children, his depression fits (they make him feel so pathetic), boredom (he's grown a strong intolerance for it)
He is well spoken and rather devious. Where he used to bottle his negative feelings (hate, rage, etc) until he burst (often with consequences) he has since learned to let himself enjoy those sensations. His ability to simply feel instead of conceal has led to him being a lot more cheerful... but also darker. He has found that while being a peacemaker was best for his people, being a hunter and a killer is far better for HIM as a person. He does retain his nobility in that he will only hunt the twisted and curropt.Causally he comes across as lackadaisical and tends to act like there isn't a care in the world.
Janos fears that the control weilded over him via Kelase' and Scathe will cause him to ruin his kingdom or hurt his family. He also fears that when/if his own family learned of his choice to embrace his taint they would have him killed for it.
Janos suffers from manic depression. He has "good days" and "bad" and the latter can be so severe he won't even get out of bed in the morning. He rarely suffers from this when actively engaged in something though (such as a hunt or diplomatic trips).


Father / Donor
Kurash Promathea (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Helen Promathea (Dead)
Christopher (Half-Brother), Alyson (Sister in-Law, Dead), Kristen (Sister in-Law, Dead), Eritch (Brother in-Law, Dead), Magnus (Brother in-Law), Lilla (Sister in-Law, Dead), Tsubasa (Brother in-Law, Undead), Augustus (Brother in-Law, Dead), Kouryou "River" (Brother in-Law), Kaida Asa (Brother in-Law), Iradessa (Sister In Law)
Collector/Kelase' (Master/Lover), Tsubasa (Conceptual Lover), Mouko (Lover), Faeon (Lover)
Janos III (Son), Therese (Daughter, Dead), Jasper (Son), Chloe (Daughter, Disowned), Cloe (Adopted Daughter)
Close Friends
Marek, Karis (Seneschal & Soulmate), Scathe, Witchly, Edan, Odessa, Oswald (Dead), Leorajh, Mouko
Tina (Mother In Law), Belle-Madonna (Ex-Wife & Soul Mate, Dead), Lucien (Uncle, Dead), Chaltier (Great Uncle), Aerith (Grandmother, Dead), Chestin (Nephew/Adopted Son), Kendra (Aunt), Tsuhi (Nephew), Muramasa / Sensou (Nephew), Edorian (Honor Gaurd, Dead), Halden (Honor Gaurd, Dead), Nok (Nephew), Inara (Neice, Dead), Kurix (Secret Lover, Dead), Kouryou Taiga (Great Nephew), Nikkola (Former Romantic Interest), Vanessa (Fun to Torment)


Age & Sex


Year 1796: Janos was born as the result of recognition between Kurash and a wealthy young Countess in Merlose who has a daughter from a previous marriage. The two decided to marry after they finished the deed to provide the coming child a good family and give a proper heir to the kingdom, since Christopher’s legitimacy was in question after the fall of the former capitol.

Year 1798: Janos’ mother died when he was two years old, she had been a woman of compassion constantly trying to help with medical aid in Sheedan and died when a Nazcan raid hit the camp. He remembers nothing of her to miss her, but he knows the stuffy he adored in his childhood (a lion he named “Leon”) had been made by her before his birth.

Year 1801: His father died when he was five, having attempted to bring peace between the Nazcans and Aetherians by leading a campaign of men out to meet their leaders. He and his men were set on pikes near the border for their trouble. Still too young to really grasp death the boy was often known to refer to his father as though he was still alive and simply out on duties somewhere.

After his father’s passing his uncle took up the role of parent and mentor to Janos, the child already felt abandoned and attached to him like a barnacle. This proved a poor choice since his uncle set to controlling the kingdom through his blind adoration. Christopher noticed this and tried several times to pull Janos from him but the dependant child would simply become angry with him. Not wanting to damage his relationship with his little brother the prince relented and focused on supporting Janos’ independence instead of directly attacking his attachment to Lucien.

He bonds closely with Kurix at this time.

Year 1808: He first meets Belle when Tina asks him to teach her horseback riding.

Year 1810: He is abducted (along with Kurix) by mercenaries. He bargains with them to take him home by using money as leverage. His uncle is NOT happy, saying such a thing shows weakness and one should never negotiate with theives. This is also the year he first meets the keise and makes open alliance talks with them.

Year 1812: His precious uncle Lucien is murderd by the same mercenaries Janos let walk away. He has them killed for the act and gains a "no second chances" policy with mercenaries.The letters of patent come back and prove Christopher is rightful heir.

However instead of taking his throne Chris opts to split the throne into Black (military) and White (politics). Janos becomes white. During this time Janos talks with River and forges the begining of the alliances with the ryuko.

Year 1813 & Year 1814: Lucien's death was a lie and he resurfaces with an army to take the capitol. Janos is nearly killed but is saved by the emergance of his Elemental Heritage and his brother's quick actions. They regroup and find the paladin armies, eventually retaking the capitol. When they do Janos kills Lucien himself.

Year 1818: Marries Belle-Madonna who has their first child, Janos Jr..

Year 1820: Christopher is killed by the first human encounter.

Year 1821: His second child, Therese, is born.

Year 1824: Therese is killed while visiting the Dark World. Later that year the twins, Jasper and Cloe are born.

Year 1828: Chestin brings home the Pharian people, Janos begins negotiations for their alliance.

Year 1830: A HUGE fight breaks out between Belle and Janos over who wears the pants in the family. The loss of his temper causes Janos to even banish her to the dungeon for a time. He apologizes later and the two work on his social image next to her dominating personality.

Year 1831: Interested in a supposed child of God, Janos has Mikayla fostered into the Ravencrest family.

Wysteria falls and Janos extends special conditions to the two humans that made it possible: Katrina & Duran. He makes them representitives with full noble entitlement and special family names.

Year 1834: Christopher comes "back to life" under the control of a Wysterian necromancer looking for revenge on Aether. His initial attack has him badly wounding Janos and killing Belle-Madonna outright.

After Janos is in no condition to rule and the newly freed Chris helps his son Chestin carry the kingdom's weight. Especially as months later JJ goes missing! By the time Janos cannot get out of bed emotionally and literally Chris suggests he give up being King. Janos agrees and this does not go over well with JJ, who was raised to be the heir of a King, not just another royal duke.

He begins work as a royal diplomat instead, taking care of what he really loves: The Alliance.

Year 1837: After three years miserable, Janos begins to think he has feelings for Nikkola. The two spend plenty of time together as friends, she shares many of his political interested, things are looking up!

During this year he also learns Odessa was bound to Kajal. He helps her get around it and explains he was also bound in a similiar way so he understands her situation. It makes him wonder how many other people Kajal is "infecting".

However after he learns Kajal's "orders" were for Odessa to seduce Edan. When he realizes this he begins to suspect the oh-so-perfect moments he's been having with Nikkola.

Year 1838: Nikkola suddenly packs up and leaves as his suspiscions grow stronger. Realizing this action is probably one of guilt, Janos prepares counter measures for when she returns.

Year 1839: Nikkola returns and Janos corners her with the Collector, freeing her from her bonds. However a certain amount of trust is broken, despite Nikkola professing that her feelings were sincere.

Then came the Phairan-Aetherian War. Given how much the Alliance and peace meant to Janos he was not pleased to see what unfolded and found he was not pleased with how Christopher handled it all (though he couldn't say much since he'd given up his position in a moment of weakness). The whole political affair put JJ and odds with Christopher, leaving Janos in a very unpleasant spot.

Year 1840: A new species appears, the Araneae. Janos works hard to keep things with them civil given the war taking place and how "gentle" Christopher has proven to be.

Year 1842: Odessa comes to Janos with joyful news: She nows how to rid him of the taint! As the choosen of an angel he can pray to them and be healed of it! Given the choice to liberate himself from the curroption Janos realizes he doesn't actually want to get rid of it. Instead he speaks with Kelase' about learning to embrace it.

As Janos continues to have excursions out the the Darkworld to hunt monsters he becomes more and more open, more and more happy, and even makes a new friend: Tsubasa. Together the trio hunt down leads and eventually learn about the Slada'sha sleeping under Cardinal Meridian. Sadly their attempt to alert the King fails, since there isn't much the King can do despite knowing.

That night though, Janos is seduced by Kelase' and Tsubasa, the three become a strange love triangle. This prompts Janos to involve them both in his pland to reunite Tsubasa with his secret lover, Mouko. As a result him and Mouko reunite and become closer than ever.

Year 1843: Kendra resurfaces (with the help of Marek) and asks to be let back into the family after playing dead so long. Janos agrees to help her easily enough, though it takes more badgering to convince Christopher to accept her then he originally suspected.

He is also attacked by Vanessa. She attempts to assassinate him but finds herself completely taken by surprise when he not only proves capable of protecting himself, but enjoys hunting her instead! She becomes terrified of him as a result.

Year 1853: After bonding close with Mouko, and even getting Janos his own floating island for his private harem, the lovers seem content. However, word comes to Tsubasa, via a creepy old man named Torus, that something is up and Miki is in danger from Takeshi. The lovers work together to find out what is going on. They go to where "the Gods touched the earth" and find a pillar of light that calls itself "Fate". It claims Takeshi thinks himself a world saving messiah, but that the job actually falls to Tsubasa instead. Tsubasa is extremely suspiscious of this though and they are sent through time to stop his uncle.

First they end up in the past of the Isle of Dragons, where Janos reassures a child Mouko that help will come. Then they encounter Himitsu in the future. He tells them about how the Slada’sha erupted from the ocean as the result of Takeshi’s actions. He meddled with powers beyond comprehension in an attempt to destroy the Isle of Dragons and he succeeded – but it killed so many, including Miki, in the process. He tells them of a seer who knew of a pathway back to the time they could use to stop it all and has an escort help them their.

They travel the future timeline looking for Mouko in Janos’ sky palace but find no sign of him. They are ultimately forced to give up.

Upon return to their normal time, Janos finds himself dealing with more domestic issues. First, Janos offers Eidolon a poison (courtesy of Mouko) to give to Kirin. The idea being to knock the villain down a peg and make him negotiate for the cure.

Then, Demetri sends word to Janos II that he may have insulted the Imperial War Lord and needs some diplomatic back up from a third party to help with a public apology. When Janos arrives and first speaks with Demetri about why he’s even here, what is the situation and how did he insult anyone with it? When he learns Demetri made all the political shit up to reach a woman in Wysteria that is exactly what he tells Renee' and then ushers Demetri off to find Eshana.

Year 1854: Eager to prove her worth to the courts, “Cloe” talks with Ansel about how to go about that. He suggests she go more international but she needs to focus on one culture to ingratiate herself with. She picks phaira and wonders if Janos would go with her. “Cloe” asks Janos if he will join her. He accepts since his lovers can follow him easily enough.

Upon in arrival in Phaira, “Cloe” and Janos are taken hostage for ransom by thugs. However a mysterious Syrian saves them (Shanti). He ultimately leaves them to their own devices though.

Later that year, the real Cloe showed up and tried to ask for the right to "switch back" with the fake. The royal family did not take it well, in the end the real Cloe was renamed Chloe by Christopher - and promptly disowned. The fake Cloe, Carol, was adopted officially into the family and all the Promatheas agreed to accept her as the princess.

Leorajh meets with Janos II to see if his keise connections could help with the needed supplies. As a result he is introduced to a guest of JJ’s, Oseron.

Year 1855: Mouko becomes a protective shield around the awakened Ocean Slada'sha. As a result, until the power to defeat it can be found, Janos' friend and lover is trapped there.

Year 1856: Leorajh brings Takeshi and Miki with him to convince Tsubasa to join their cause – at least long enough to catch Torus. Naturally Janos and Kelase’ are present. After they convince him, the whole group work together to snare the Time Keeper. They spring a trap and capture the bastard - killing him to have Mizuki ressurect him.

Year 1858: Janos II wants to surprise Mouko with a gift wrapped Kajal. He brainstorms how with Tsubasa & Kelase about how to catch his prey .Janos II (with his lovers) approaches Scathe about it. He asks if he thinks he could handle running the A’dalis if the position were to somehow fall into his lap.

Using Scathe as bait, they lure Kajal from hiding and catch him. Janos II is obviously very eager for the kill but holds himself back since this is a gift for Mouko. Once Janos II presents Kajal, he admits he wouldn’t mind killing the creature FOR Mouko and offers to devour him. However, his attempt to devour him is stopped by Mouko and the others. They realize Kajal might be more corruption then they want in the deviant former King. They like Janos as he is. Either way, Kajal’s fate is sealed for double-crossing Mouko.