Janos Promathea III


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Lord Spiritual, Royal Duke, Viscount of Centurion & Barrely
Temple of the Heavenly Host


Schooled, Politics (Aether, tLoD)
Athletics, Dancing (Ballroom), Culture (tLoD, Keise), Seneschal, Melee (Swords), Instrument Playing (Synthesizer)
Knowledge of Composition, Melee (Daggers), Language (Wysterian, Keise, Ryuko-Go), Culture (Wysterian), Politics (Wysteria)


Species Powers
Healing (Low)
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Soul (Novice)
Hero Skills
Godsend, Read/Write Language (Holy), Spell Craft (Holy), Willpower
Elemental Soul Spells

Beginner: Aura Sight, Death Speak, Dream Swaying & Ghost Sounds

Novice: Dream Crafting, Dream Sharing, Spirit Sight & Spirit Summoning

Holy Spells

Low: Blessing, Divine Protection, Healing Touch

Medium: Divine Retribution, Exorcism, Healing Wave, Sanctify

High: Endowment, Guardian Angel, Summoning of the Higher-Self & Summoning of the Host

Favored (Ramiel)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
A small golden handled dagger he keeps in a beautiful white leather and golden trimmed sheath
Other Weapons
Dagger: Matches the sword.
He is known to wear leather shoulder and neck guards.
Other Accessories
Tiger's Whisker: Magical affects against him are nullified.


Eye Color
Ice Blue
Skin Tone
Pale Peach-Beige
He has an average height and build with smaller bones making him appear to be a slighter perso
Hair Color
Dark Red Brown
Hair Style
It grows straight. He keeps it short and somewhat uneven, finding nothing appealing with looking like a perfectly cut doll.
Height & Weight
5'9'' / 150 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears regal clothing, often embellished with gold, white, silver and blue to honor his position as the White Prince. His clothing is often in at least three layers: the under clothing which is light fabric.
He was a prince and given that he has a plethora of jewelry to his name. His left ear is pierced though his ears are quite small and thus hidden in his hair.
Distinguishing Marks


He loves being loved by animals. JJ loves to read and study on subjects he isn't well versed in. He likes learning music and considers the Kiese instruments to be ‘above’ the technology of Aether’s however he gives respect to the old arts. He loves ice, chewing it sucking on it and having it in nearly all his drinks. Despite it being odd he even puts it in his wines! T'vasha's primal verocity - despite how much JJ outwardly protests it.
He hates being corrected in public. He can be wrong, that’s all good and well, but he does not tolerate being told so before others. He doesn’t like to be interrupted when he’s deep into practicing music or studying. He can’t tolerate constant loud sounds like someone sneezing several times in a row. He nearly twitches with contempt when told to act a certain way or have a specific opinion on something. He doesn’t like dealing with sick, enfeebled, or weak people. That he has to hold Phaedria's ability to protect herself in his hands thanks to the Arcane Storm inside of her.
Janos the Third is intelligent, outspoken in a controlling and authoritative way. He makes a choice and is stubborn to the concept of changing his mind. He does not take failure of others lightly. He takes his time being spent on something very seriously. He thinks highly of himself. He does not come off as a kindly person but he is also not abjectly cruel. He has no coddling tendencies but on the other hand he ahbords extremely violent behaviors and punishments.
He is self-conscious about his eye and is afraid of the public seeing it. He fears a painful death. Death is fine, it happens but painful, torturous, death terrifies him. He fears that his being the holder of Phaedria's magic will cost her one day.
JJ will not often scream, cry or shout. He is prone to acting and knowing things that are above the common noble.


Father / Donor
Janos Promathea II
Mother/ Sire
Belle-Madonna Promathea (Dead)
Therese (Sister, Dead), Jasper (Brother), Chloe (Sister, Disowned), Cloe (Adopted Sister), Eidolon (Brother in Law)
T'vasha (Lover)
Close Friends
Draconis (Butler), Kathleen, Clive (Seneschal), Primeus (Dead), Jason, Mikayla (Like a Daughter), Xiphil, Muramasa (Now Sensou), Phaedria (Servant), Kris, Blackwater, Oseron, Leorajh
Zoey (Ex-Wife, Dead), Christopher (Uncle), Demetri (Uncle), Magnus (Uncle), Lilla (Aunt, Dead), Fatine (Cousin, Dead), Kouryou "River" (Uncle), Kaida Asa (Uncle), Chestin (Cousin/Adopted Brother), Tsuhi (Cousin), Muramasa/Sensou (Cousin), Nok (Cousin), Inara (Cousin, Dead), Taisie (Former Betrothed), Hanna (Ward)


Age & Sex


Year 1818: JJ was born as the first of two children to the White King and White Queen. He stands to inherit the title of White King some day.

Year 1820: His aunt (Black King / Queen) were killed by the humans when they answered the Unicorn’s Call to the Forest of Mirrors. His cousin Chestin was thus nearly formally adopted into the family and as ever since felt like his older brother less like a cousin.

Year 1824: The second more dramatic moment in his life was when he sustained an injury to his eye. As a five-year-old child he toddled around with boundless energy. One of his toddling expeditions landed him a full fall down one of the staircases. He was lucky nothing was broken but his eye had been cut nearly open by a sharp corner of a bust podium made of marble. He was two when this happened. He was lucky that it didn’t cut open his eye itself but it did blacken and bruise it destroying clear sight. It also gave him a nice scar from a bit under his eye up to his eye bow. He covers it with an eye patch now. Despite his family trying to heal it, the Gods did not permit them to. This only leads some to believe his injured eye may hold another purpose just as his little ears do. He is kidnapped by mercenaries but saved by Draconis, a shadow cat which can look like anything. It chooses the form a bulter to remain at his side.

Year 1828: His sister, Therese, dies while visiting the Dark World. He is attacked by a Blighted during a keise demonstration. He is also kidnapped by humans who think HE is human thanks to his small ears. He bonds with the Imperial Warlord Primeus. Eventually he is rescued by Eidolon and Tobias (with Arashi who is taken prisoner). Janos proposes to Kathleen in this year but is turned down as she wants to only be a knight.

Year 1831: Wysteria falls and JJ spends much of his time preaching a gentle hand and rights for their people. He loses much favor with his family and the people as a result.

Year 1834: JJ has a very busy chaotic year at this point. First his mother is murdered by his supposedly dead uncle Christopher. Then shortly after he falls into another world (literally named Otherworld) where he, Taisie, Jason and Odin are asked to save the land from destruction. In the end he is specifically named hero and is warned he will be "brought back sometime". When he returned home he learns his father has given up the throne to Chris and JJ is no longer heir of anything. Furious he begins to be extremely moody, pushing away and eventually breaking off his betrothal with Taisie.

Year 1835: The Harmonic Convergence shows JJ a collabrative world that he is deeply enthralled with and he begins to take up politics in such a direction. He also finds a woman who can actually stand his personality: Zoey. He immedately asks her to be his future bride and she accepts.

Year 1836: The wedding arrives and everything is perfect - until Taisie decides to perform a strip dance on the ballroom floor with a phairan (Lel'Eyon). Everyone is furious, Zoey is heart broken and JJ finally realizes how much damage his rejection really did to Taisie. He and Zoey also help Ivy and the group get into Halina's birthday party so they can stop the betrothal of Jarius.

Year 1839: Christopher commissions an archeological team (headed up by Braiden on behalf of the Wind Company) to investigate the holy ground. For the teams “safety” he sends a troop of soldiers and the phairan’s take this as (what it is) a subtle attempt as hostile takeover of the sacred place. The troops are assaulted, the land is claimed by phairan warriors and the peace between Phaira and Aether falls apart. Braiden and the survivors of the attack are taken as prisoners of war. Nochomas was assigned with Braiden’s group by royal order. In the skirmish he is captured and the threat is leveled “anyone who resists will be killed without remose”. Realizing he is a weapon against his own family he intentionally resists and is killed.

The moment news reaches the capitol of what has happened Christopher declares that all phairans in the county of Aether are now prisoners of war. Knights are sent to their homes to seize them. JJ, Janos & Christopher discuss the incident and JJ blows up on Christopher about it. If they hadn’t been digging up and taking apart the HOLY SITE then this would never have happened!

Months of negotiations later, the prisoners kept by phaira are slaughtered, seemingly by phairan soldiers. Lel’Eyon rescues Braiden & Palden before the join their fellow team mates and he brings them to the throne room in aether (via teleportation). However in response Christopher orders Lel’Eyon arrested and JJ completely loses his cool about it. As a result Lel’Eyon teleports to safety and poor JJ is thrown in the dungeon for insubordination.

The phairan prisoners of war are finally released but war is declared in response to the slaughter of the captured aetherians. They are sent home via teleportation and then the teleport to phaira is removed. The Phairan-Aetherian War begins.

Year 1842: JJ takes control of the holy site personally and forces Aether and Phaira to make a truce if they want access. This puts him at further odds with Christopher. Tensions continue to rise when Christopher begins making various anti-mage legislation that strips them of their rights.

When Trisha tells him about people coming to the Temple for sanctuary from the Crown's prejudice, he begins to smuggle them out of the country. This becomes the last straw the King needs to officially decide JJ is comiting treason.

Towards the years end Chestin comes by and mentions that Christopher will not help him take back Sardor Isle, which is overrun with undead. JJ offers his own men from the brotherhood of fire, which Chestin is reluctant to accept since he knows Christopher plans an assault soon.

Year 1843: Christopher officially wages war across his own castle lawn and religion. During the attack Mouko attempts to stir up trouble and sends assassins to kill Mikayla, but they only succeed in killing her gaurdians. When she breaks down and unleashes her goddess nature she lifts the Temple into the clouds and prepared to scorch the earth. JJ talks her down and she returns to being Mikayla, but the Temple stays airborne.

He meets Xiphil eventually, inviting him to stay at the Temple as a show that JJ has no ill will to Nazca despite Nazca being aligned to the Crown. The two actually hit it off well and become friends.

He meets T'vasha when Xiphil introduces them. He finds the Nazcan man's prowess fascinating and is given a tour with him as the guide. Before long they are made to stay together as a ploy of Xiphil's to get them together - which works flawlessly.

Year 1853: Mouko attacks the nations of the world all at once. Zoey dies to protect Mikayla and while JJ could have healed her he realizes fate won't let him. After, he begins to suspect Mikayla might be in the right to try and avoid connecting with others...

JJ learns of Mikayla’s abduction and assembles a team to save her: Kathleen, August & Disadi. While it takes some doing they bring her home safely.

Later, Nayeli attempts to get to know JJ, having learned he is the love of T’vasha’s life. After, JJ talks with T’vasha about how long he can put off this marriage – if at all.

He also works with Forint, who is eager to help her neice Karidee. He suggests Karidee _could_ become a Knight of the Temple but only if she joins for the right reasons. Later, Forint and Karidee are brought before Kathleen (the Brotherhood’s commander since the split of Crown vs Temple) and the Lord Spiritual himself. JJ determines if Karidee is joining for the right reasons before he will give his blessing. Thankfully she is accepted, after a fact. Kathleen requires that Karidee spend a solid year as an acolyte under Forint before she is accepted so that she can find her place in their faith.

A month later, when Xiphil runs into marriage issues as well, he offers his help. Xiphil and August set up a meeting with Khana, T’vasha and JJ to see how to deal with the fact that Xiphil and August are lovers and may not want a wife in the middle.

Year 1854: Marlene introduces the Shattered Realm’s situation to JJ and the Lord Spiritual actually agrees to help finance their new Emberlight Tavern in the city. Cross is suspicious of why he’d help, given their agenda is against the crown.

A month later, Kristee goes to Clive and tells him that she still loves him. She even learned ritual magic to be more useful to him! Clive tells JJ about it, idly curious as to how he attracts so many unstable obsessive women. JJ confronts Kristee about Clive. She tells him that she tried to stay away and isn't happy that way. So if she suffers while being with Clive then it's what she rather do! When she shows she won't back off, JJ forces her into a betrothal to Chester and sets a wedding date at the start of the next month.

Kristee kills herself just before the wedding.

Later, Karidee meets with Kathleen and JJ, since the church reclaimed Divinity after the attack, to talk about her vision of Uriel. She feels she is meant to help redeem the blade and yet she is afraid of being too weak to accomplish the task – just like her mother.

After, Felisha talks with JJ about how the Harmonic Convergence should be a yearly event to remind people of what it means to come together. Show she has a list of supporters – including Taisie Theramoore and the Council of AEGIS. They agree to implement the holiday and host it in varying nations.

Then, Xiphil talks JJ into a double date weekend at the new resort in Merlose (the Champion’s League one). While he agrees, he is side tracked by an urgent request from Ki Lin Suppon. Apparently a village on the edge of the Dark Forest is in trouble. Werewolves and Aetherians are threatening war if someone does not intervene.

JJ arrives and is given the lay of the situation by a distressed Baroness, Hanna Goodwin. He is sent to talk to the werewolves but ambushed by monsters instead. The werewolves explain the attacks the villagers accuse them of are actually these monsters but the issue is the werewolves suspect a villager is the mage summoning them. They will attack and kill the village to save their people the next night - that is, if JJ cannot find who it is and stop them first. JJ teams up with Battista and Nikkola to get the job done.

In the end he learns the summoner is a witch, Hanna Goodwin herself - the last of the Sisters of the Raven. He has her captured and brought back to the Temple. In return for letting him handle her punishment, he agrees to help the chief of the werewolves - Blackwater - claim the forest as the land of his people. He does this by helping them make it into a new duchy.

He sorts the issue out just in time to go on vacation with his friend as promised. Xiphil, August, JJ and T’vasha arrive at the resort and run into Aros while enjoying the facilities. Excited, Xiphil suggests they do a three way date dinner after he learns Aros is now dating someone too. Amusingly an unspoken rivalry is born between Aros and JJ as they try to assert themselves as Xiphil's "best friend" the entire time.

While there, Battista is upset about what he learned but runs into JJ. Due to their working together on the incident in Stonehollow, the Lord Spiritual takes a moment to assist him. He brings Battista to talk to Barnaby and informs his family member that he WILL hand back the dragon and he WILL shut up about everything that has happened here because if not JJ has the political power to ruin him. Barnaby and Sheldon have no choice but to be compliant between that and the threat of the Champion’s League itself.

Shortly after his return home, Nayeli tells JJ and T’vasha about her father’s stance on the marriage contract. While her father demands the wedding take place, JJ promises it will never happen - and he will use his considerable power to ensure that fact.

A month later, Phaedria agrees to help Mira with a demonstration of magic that involves them both dueling. However, things go astray when Phaedria’s magic begins to spark out of control and hit people in the stands (students in play can dive for cover or be hit). JJ had been visiting to talk with Iradessa about something when they hear the chaos and come running in. JJ has to use his connection with the Heavenly Host, while Iradessa literally uses binding magic, to keep Phaedria contained. As a result, Phaedria learns that the arcane energy inside of her is fighting to get out and the more she uses it the more it will become primed to explode. Unsure of how to stop it, Iradessa suggests she focus on her artificing skills (since she is aware Phaedria has them thanks to them both being AEGIS graduates).

Year 1855: With the threat of the Slada’sha rising, the powers that rule the nations/factions come together (Chestin, JJ, Scathe, Chester, Xiphil, Muramasa, Kaidan, Oseron, Kallista, Leorajh) to discuss how they should handle it. They agree to assemble teams to investigate various issues. One team will look into the catacombs under Cardinal Meridian for more clues, since a Slada’sha had slumbered there. Another will investigate the strange calling from the ocean and where exactly it is. A third will look into Sardor Isle and see just how asleep the Slada’sha there is now. The last will look into the ruins of Aether’s ancient capitol in what is now Nazca and see if there are any artifacts that may have been stored for use against these creatures.

Later, the Forging of Dawnbringer’s Pact: Oseron takes the information and holds a meeting with JJ, Chestin, Scathe, Chester, Xiphil, Muramasa, Kaidan & Leorajh. They realize that the other Slada’sha are stirring because of the big one waking up, someone the emanations are waking others. Mouko invites himself into the meeting, declaring that previously waking them required his power so he isn’t sure how this is happening. Realizing this is a world threatening issue, they create a group that will be considered unallied to any one nation but which will defend all nations from the threat of the Slada’sha. Due to Mouko’s inclusion, Muramasa pulls all ryuko support from this group and leaves the meeting – returning home. The group is called Dawnbringer and all present sign a pact to support its operations.

Year 1856: JJ and Clive are having tea. JJ drugs Clive, having conspired with Taren, so that he literally cannot save Yulie this time. Her death is made to look like a suicide – after all, the ladies in love with Clive seem prone to it. Upon waking and realizing the truth, Clive is devastated. He wanted Yulie put out of her misery and yet his heart misses her and hates himself for failing her. He is grateful and yet at the same time he cannot forgive them or himself.

Year 1858: Xiphil and JJ are having an evening talk when they are both struck with a living-vision (meaning they are inside the vision, not watching it). They witness Fate awakening Serpa at the Serpent Spirit’s Plateau and it attacking the Juton. Serpa wipes the area of Juton life and then turns its attention towards Wysteria (to awaken Meteal).

For Winter Solstice, T'vasha has an enchanted set of restraints maid that enhance the pleasure of the wearer. JJ is flustered beyond all reason and yet flatered.