Jarius Hastings


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Lord of Briar
Merchant (Owner of Sterling Excellence)
Hastings Mansion (w/ Wife & Children)


Schooled & Seneschal (Buisness)
Mount Riding (Horse), Dancing (Ballroom), Psychology (Diplomacy), Langauge (Ryuko, Nazcan & Keise), Finances, Hunting (Sport), Intimidation, Knowledge of Politics (Aether & Ryuko), Ranged (Archery)
Astonomy, Unarmed Combat, Ranged (Gun)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
A standrd hunting crossbow.
Other Weapons
Flint Lock Rifle
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Pale Peach
He is thick but not muscular.
Hair Color
Hair Style
Keeping his look professional, Jarius has trimmed his youthful locks so that the layers frame his face. His hair is still parted to the left and he sweeps these layers back, so that his clear, sharp and critical gaze is not obstructed.
Height & Weight
5'11'' / 160 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Jarius always dresses to impress and spares no expense when it comes to clothes. His button up suits are tailor fitted and often have finer details such as hand embroidered designs that run along his collars and cuffs. His clothes are always made of rare and fine fabrics. He also enjoys intricate patterns on items like vests, which he wears with a deep blue shirt under his suit. He only wears material dyed in a deep blue or purple, as they are costly to make and bring out his bright and sharp gaze.
Jarius wears a ring on his left hand, a while gold band with fine swirling vine engravings. Its centerpiece is a tiger’s eye gemstone (He designed the ring himself after finding a gemstone that reminded him of Ivy’s eyes)
Distinguishing Marks


Odin & Jason (his brothers, basically), being the center of attention, having the BEST of anything, being waited on hand and foot, power over others, bullying low ranking people when bored, good food, company (he doesnt like being alone), hunting (he's good at it), impressing others, honesty, loyalty, Ivy, spending time with Patrick at the symphony, showing off his daughter, business success, his family (he is happiest with them), schedules and organization
Being alone, being bored, swimming (see history), betrayal, being stood up to (at the same time no one ever has to it kind of endears him in a strange way), being controlled, not being able to protect something he cares about, when he screws up big time, having to lower his pride for any reason, that Jason may have always been a better option for Ivy, being disowned (He held great pride in being a Gideon and misses the renown), that he has trouble relating to Patrick, when things do not go according to plan

A self-centered egotist who thinks that because he has money he can buy anyone and anything. Jarius has had precious little people interaction despite his noble role in society and this causes him to beleive in a world based on the servants in his house hold: Which is to say he can have whatever he wants with a snap of his fingers and that everyone lives (and loves) to serve him. Given he has everything he wants in life he tends to get bored with things easily and as such he finds enjoyment in bullying other people since they have to take it and do nothing back to him because of his high rank. He values his friends, particularly Odin and Jason who he thinks of as brothers.

Beneath all of his callous exterior he is still a man desperate for approval and affection. As a result he tends to be very sincere and earnest when he loves something, the kind of sincere type that buys gifts for others (usually while trying to act cool "aren't you excited to get a gift from a man like me?" or act like it means nothing to him "i found it lying around so I guess you might as well have it). He is easily embrassed but just easily childishly excited to do something he's never done before.

He fears isolation on a social level.
Jarius tends to assume quickly and without thinking, this easily leads to many misunderstandings on his behalf and then he finds it hard to lower his pride enough to say sorry after. As a result he tends to forgive those he cares about easily, since he knows how hard it can be to say sorry.


Father / Donor
Galleon Gideon (Disowned)
Mother/ Sire
Dahlia Gideon (Disowned)
Talia (Sister, Dead)
Ivy (Wife)
Patrick (Son), Grace (Daughter)
Close Friends
Odin (Best Friend), Jason (Best Friend), Braiden (Co-Worker, Dead), JJ
Decon (Brother in-law, Disowned), Cerec (Brother in Law), Corin (Family Butler), Halina (Neice, Dead)


Age & Sex


Year 1816: Jarius may have been born with a silver spoon on his mouth but his parents were never there to hold it. His father was always traveling to spread their amazingly powerful and popular buisness empire. His mother helped with Duchy buisness in place of her husband, and was also always busy as a result. This left much of hi raising to Corin, an obedient bulter to Dahlia who ping-ponged between her and the boy as needed. What little time Galleon does spend with his son is done looking at the stars. This starts Jarius love of astronomy but he does little with it since he wants to do it with his father - who is never home.

Year 1819: Jarius meets Odin and Jason at a birthday party held for Jason. The three end up friends.

Year 1820: Jarius' elder sister is married off to a Marquis in Sheedan with ties to a gem trade group. The move is entirely for the sake of buissness and Jarius knows it- but he has no power to STOP it either. In the same year a kidnapping attempt is made on him to hold him for ransom against his parents. However he puts up a fight and ends up falling into a lake near by, nearly drowning. This has caused him to fear swimming quite a bit.

Year 1823: Jason's parents die, Jarius has no idea how to support his friend so he just spends his time trying to distract him (with Odin's help).

Year 1829: While out on vacation in one of the baronies of Argent Jason and Jarius have a huge fight. Jarius eventually mocks Jason for the girly ring he always carries around and takes it from him. When the two fight over it the ring falls into the near by river and is carried away. It was only after that Corin told Jarius that the ring was Jason's mother's wedding ring - one of a kind now that she is dead. Jarius still feels he must make this up to Jason some how but has never found a way.

Year 1832: Jarius meets Ivy, who at first infuriates him and then he finds himself falling for her.

Year 1834: Ivy begins dating Jarius but is confessed to by Jason. In a moment of passion Jason kisses her and Jarius sees it. He denounces them both and tries to get them kicked out of the school. However Talia steps in, mediating for a comeptition between the boys - if Jason wins he and Ivy stay in school. If Jarius wins they both leave. In the end Jarius technically wins but has bonded with Jason enough to "let him have her". However by that point Ivy realizes she loves Jarius more and Jason sees that, letting her go. Shortly after though Dhalia begins to socially cripple the Jade Garden.

Year 1835: Jarius begins a private company to support Braiden's archeology in the hopes of having a bit of personal wealth should he have to take on his mother.

Then, towards the end of the year, Jarius' father dies. Reminded of how short life can be, Jarius asks Ivy to elope with him and marry him. She agrees but they don't get far before mercenaries who hate Jarius' mother catch them. They beat him savagely and when it seems he might take a fatal blow Ivy throws herself in the way. Thankfully the two are rescued by Jason and Odin - but Jarius is quickly escorted home by his mother's men while Ivy is left behind to recover.

When she gets back to the capitol though Jarius avoids her. It takes help from JJ and Jason to pin him down and when she does he dumps her - claiming he has to do what is right for his family. As a result she toys with the idea of resuming her relationship with Jason but never goes through with that.

Year 1836: Jason has a fight with Jarius and reveals that Ivy lost her ability to do ballet to save Jarius! Shocked, Jarius immediately seeks out Ivy. Ivy confirms the fact and Jarius is enraged (“why did you protect me, you idiot!”) and apologetic (“it’s all my fault”).

Then suddenly, two days later, Jarius goes to Ivy first thing in the morning (not having slept at all that night) and apologizes for all of it. He reveals his mother lied to him about his father's "death". The two become a couple again.

Once again he proposes, but this time he swears he won’t let his mother intimidate him anymore. He’s done, he’s his own man, this time he’ll marry her the way a lady deserves and take care of her!

Then there is a fluke accident, while the “boys” (Odin, Jarius & Jason) are out on the town for Jarius’ bachelor party, an out of control carriage nearly hits Jason. Without thinking Jarius reacts and takes the blow in his place, taking severe damage all over his body and coming very close to death.

It is four days before Jarius awakens. The support group has been taking turns at his bedside and the person with him at the time he wakes up is Odin. Things are good except something about Jarius isn’t quite right and Odin can’t place what it is until a messenger sent to retrieve the others brings in Ivy and Camellia at last (them being the last to get to the scene) and Jarius has no idea who the girls are. His memories seemingly end just weeks before he ever met them. Dante enters in and assures them memory loss is fairly normal with head injury and the loss of blood – however there is nothing to say when or IF his memory will return. Too hurt for words, Ivy has to leave the room and Jason comforts her.

Jarius is discharged from the hospital a day early.  Shortly Dhalia has arranged a very quick “marriage” for her son to a random noble girl. For Aetherians its almost a shot gun wedding as it will happen in only a month!

Halina’s birthday party becomes the site of a major show down. The royal duke and duchess walk into the party with everyone Dhalia has refused and between them and Halina (who likes Odin & Jason just fine) she is overridden about it. However, to her pleasure, Jarius immediately assumes that his friends merely “brought a date” and that Ivy is Jason’s girl.

A fight breaks out between Jarius’ to be wife and Ivy, the former pushing the later into the pool the location is held around. Jason makes to jump in after her – aware that Ivy’s injury may prevent her from getting to the surface fast enough – but Jarius suddenly remembers. He remembers wanting to save her and being frozen, unable to reach her. In a moment he snaps and dives in after her. The two reunite and Jarius calls off the wedding. He then asks Ivy if she’s up for a third “take” on their marriage.

Dhalia gives up, putting her time into caring for her husband and goes dowager. She moves out of the mansion to a smaller place in the country side with her husband hoping for his recovery and washing her hands of the Ivy/Jarius situation. Near the end of the year Jarius and Ivy finally are married.

Year 1837: Camellia, Jason, Ivy, Jarius and even Ki Lin hold an intervention on Odin’s drinking issues. They suggest he go to Rylin’s AA group for help.

Year 1842: Jarius learns his father is alive and well. Furious he goes to see him only to learn his mother hid this at his father's request. It isn't long after that his father awakens, but his first act is to denounce Ivy and demand his son either break it off with her or walk away from the family. Jarius becomes torn.

Year 1843: Ivy and Jarius part in an angry fit. She packs up to stay with Jason as a result, but a few months later learns she is pregnant. She says nothing until Jason finally convinces Jarius to make up with her. When she confeses though Jarius is sure the child is Jason's and renounces her, storming out of her life instead.

Year 1844: Patrick Gideon is born during Jarius and Ivy’s separation. The two agree to share custody.

Year 1853: After being persuaded by his father, Jarius claims Patrick completely and takes him from his mother. Patrick attempts numerous escapes and ends up breaking his leg, leading Jarius’ father to force strict confinements on the boy. This leads Patrick to resent Jarius.

Year 1854: Jarius struggles with keeping his son from Ivy, and so plans meetings in secret for mother and son. He disguises them as outings, so Galleon is unaware. This eventually results in Ivy regaining custody of Patrick.

Jarius is invited to lunch by Odin. He, however, does not realize that he has been set up and that Ivy and Cammy will be attending the lunch as well. Frustrated at this revelation, neither Jarius nor Ivy are pleased with the situation. Just when he attempts to leave, an earthquake rumbles through. Jarius instinctively goes to protect Ivy and subsequently gets trapped underneath the rubble. While they wait for help to arrive, they recognize. After this, Jarius and Ivy decide to work on their relationship.

Year 1855: Grace is born from their recognition into a now mended family.

When Jarius’ mother comes to see their newborn child, it is painfully obvious that Galleon did not. Jarius vows to go see his father and put an end to this foolish family feud.

Jarius and Galleon rage against one another when Jarius confronts his father at the Gideon Mansion. Galleon offers a deathblow of an ultimatum: Jarius must leave Ivy or be disowned from the Gideon family. In full fury, Jarius remains loyal to his family, vowing to be a far better father than his own. He leaves the mansion and is disowned.