Jason Meilyr


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Count of Corcesa, Viscount of Exudos
Cheif Doctor of the Clinic
Meilyr Mansion (w/ Gen)


Melee (Sword) & Athletics
Medical Knowledge, Anatomy, Keen Sense (Detials), Ambidextrous, Mount Riding (Horse Racing), Dancing (Ballroom), Schooled, First Aid, Unarmed Combat, Block, Herbal Lore (Medicines)
Slight of Hand (Magic Tricks), Two Weapon Fighting, Massage (Theraputic)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Wind (Undiscovered)
Hero Skills
Favored (Rafiel)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Short Sword x2
Other Weapons
Plate Mail
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Dark Blue
Skin Tone
Light Peach
He is athletic and well toned.
Hair Color
Golden Brown
Hair Style
He has short feathered and layered hair with blonde highlights. He wears is parted from his face.
Height & Weight
5'11'' / 170 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears nice but casual suits with more elegant over coats and gloves when working.
Distinguishing Marks


Nobility, strength of heart/character, doing things he has never done before, affection, memoirs of his parents, helping others (as a knight or a doctor), medicine (and bonding with his uncle through it), horses, doing magic tricks for others to cheep them up, Ivy (he loves her), working alongside Ivy
Talking about his past, anyone touching his parents things, servants muddling around the house while he's home (he even has the servant schedual set up so they come when he isn't home), honorless actions, pain comming to some one he cares about
Defined by his own guilt, Jason is a somber but noble man. He often acts as though he is not apart of events around him, as though lacking interest, but in reality he is always listening and watching. When he cares for something he does so deeply enough that the loss of it can break him in half. He is quiet, reserved but dedicated and kind. He has a hard time letting go of the past and doesn't like others meddling in it, but he wants that wound to heal and cannot do it himself. While he smiles rarely he has a kind of room lighting warmth when he does so. Deep down he is very much so the white knight.
He fears, by accident or otherwise, costing himself more people he loves.
Jason lives in the past more then the present. Everything in Jason's world comes second to Ivy's needs.


Father / Donor
Dartanion Meilyr (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Adora Meilyr (Dead)
Gen (Lover)
Close Friends
Jarius (Best Friend), Odin (Best Friend), Ivy (Former Girlfriend/Love of his life), Camellia, Braiden (Dead), Doria (Dead), Desdemona, James, JJ, Aros, William
Dante (Uncle), Ashton (Cousin), Clive (Cousin), Yulie (Cousin), Donaovan (Cousin), Eshana (Aunt), Balor (Uncle)


Age & Sex


Year 1816: Jason's parents were happy together and they adored their child. His father was a magician in private, entertaining friends with his tricks and taught many to Jason. His mother teaches him to love horses and he takes up medicine not only to help people but to impress his detached uncle Dante.

Year 1819: Jason meets Jarius and Odin at his birthday party. The three end up friends.

Year 1823: Jason's parents die in a hunting accident. Little Jason had run off, thinking it a funny game to make them come find him, and as a result his parents were hit by friendly fire from other hunters in the expedition. Jason never forgives himself and Dante writes him off, leaving him with no direct family.

Year 1829: While out on vacation in one of the baronies of Argent Jason and Jarius have a huge fight. Jarius eventually mocks Jason for the girly ring he always carries around and takes it from him. When the two fight over it the ring falls into the near by river and is carried away. It was only after that Corin told Jarius that the ring was Jason's mother's wedding ring - one of a kind now that she is dead. Jarius still feels he must make this up to Jason some how but has never found a way.

Year 1834: He meets Ivy by random chance while she's at the school and in need of help. When he saves her he finds she is wearing his mother's ring! After he takes an interest in her only to find Jarius likes her as well.

At first he ignores his feelings towards Ivy but after being snatched into "Otherworld" he was made to face himself and admit he loved her so he resolved upon return home to confess to her. It was made easier by learning that in the time he was gone Jarius was betrothed to Zoey! It seemed perfect and so he kissed Ivy - but Jarius saw and was furious.

He tried to force his friend and Ivy out of school as a vengence tactic. Talia, Jarius' big sister, stepped in and offered a solution: A competition. Who ever won two of three would get their way. The first was hunting, which Jason was hanicapped at and thus Jarius ultimately called for a tie. The second was swimming, between Jarius' handicap and an accident where in Ivy had to be rescued, Jason called for a tie as well. The final was rock climbing and while Jarius won he forfeited the match and gave up his grudge - allowing Jason and Ivy to be together with his blessing.

But by then Ivy realized she loved Jarius and Jason could see that. He gave her up and wished her well.

Year 1835: Jarius' father passes away and as a result Jarius tries to elope with Ivy to finally marry her without Dhalia interfereing. However mercenaries kidnapp the two and it falls to Odin and Jason to track them down and save them.

When they arrive a bad blow has been dealt to Ivy and Jarius is badly beaten. Jason takes out the enemies and they try to get help only to find knights, hired by Dhalia, who demand to take away Jarius. Odin and Jason stay with Ivy, during which time Jason learns Odin is rather bitter about all the trouble Ivy brings.

When they return home, however, Jarius has taken to avoiding Ivy like the plague. Confused, Jason works hard to come up with a way to force the two to talk and finds an unlikely ally (and friend) in JJ.. The royal duke sets the two up in a prison cell and forces them to talk. However it just leads to Jarius admitting he needs to dump Ivy and focus on his family. Furious, Jason says nothing but instead provides support for Ivy - even suggesting they date again. If Jarius is dumb enough to give her up Jason will happily be with the woman he loves!

Year 1836: The sad truth comes out. The blow Ivy took for Jarius damaged her should and she will never do ballet again. Jason tells this to Jarius who acts like its not his problem and the two get into a very literal fight.

Since Ivy needs a doctor, and Jason is mostly trained for it, he asks Dante to let him work under him. Dante agrees and the two begin to slowly mend things between them. He resigns as a knight.

Later, when Ivy is depressed and unsure of her future, Jason suggests she could also take up medicine. The hospital is often short on nurses. She agrees and Jason is secretly pleased to be working along side her now.

In a fluke accident, while the “boys” (Odin, Jarius & Jason) are out on the town for Jarius’ bachelor party, an out of control carriage nearly hits Jason. Without thinking Jarius reacts and takes the blow in his place, taking severe damage all over his body and coming very close to death. Jason is horrified to watch another person he cares for take serious injuries because of him and rushes him to the hospital. It is four days before Jarius awakens.

The support group has been taking turns at his bedside and the person with him at the time he wakes up is Odin. Things are good except something about Jarius isn’t quite right and Odin can’t place what it is until a messenger sent to retrieve the others brings in Ivy and Camellia at last (them being the last to get to the scene) and Jarius has no idea who the girls are. His memories seemingly end just weeks before he ever met them. Dante enters in and assures them memory loss is fairly normal with head injury and the loss of blood – however there is nothing to say when or IF his memory will return. Too hurt for words, Ivy has to leave the room and Jason comforts her.

Jarius is discharged from the hospital a day early. When Ivy and Jason look into why they find he was intentionally removed by his mother. Upon going to the residence they are stonewalled by Dhalia. She plans to use his memory loss to set “right” the wrong of their relationship and will not allow Ivy to see Jarius under _any_ circumstance.

Dhalia arranges a very quick “marriage” for her son to a random noble girl. For Aetherians its almost a shot gun wedding as it will happen in only a month! Talia warns Ivy, Odin, Camellia & Jason. All of them are “banned” from the house though. That’s when Zoey and JJ show up with an offer to FORCE them into the party happening on the 19th for Halina’s birthday.

Halina’s birthday party becomes the site of a major show down. The royal duke and duchess walk into the party with everyone Dhalia has refused and between them and Halina (who likes Odin & Jason just fine) she is overridden about it. However, to her pleasure, Jarius immediately assumes that his friends merely “brought a date” and that Ivy is Jason’s girl. A fight breaks out between Jarius’ to be wife and Ivy, the former pushing the later into the pool the location is held around. Jason makes to jump in after her – aware that Ivy’s injury may prevent her from getting to the surface fast enough – but Jarius suddenly remembers. He remembers wanting to save her and being frozen, unable to reach her. In a moment he snaps and dives in after her. The two reunite and Jarius calls off the wedding. He then asks Ivy if she’s up for a third “take” on their marriage.

Year 1837: Camellia, Jason, Ivy, Jarius and even Ki Lin hold an intervention on Odin’s drinking issues. They suggest he go to Rylin’s AA group for help.

Year 1840: With the outbreak of the Phairan-Aetherian War, Dante assembles his team for the front lines: James, Ivy, Jason & Doria. Desdemona suggests coming but her condition makes that suicide. While out at the front lines they have to face harsh situations and even harsher decisions.

Year 1841: Dante up and vanishes, again. This time he leaves the clinic in Jason's hands.

Year 1843: When the capitol falls Jason was running the clinic. They offered aid to all sides in the devistation and as a result the King nearly had them executed for treason. Jason negotiated their survival by swearing fealty to the Crown only.

He meets Gen when he was kidnapped by mafia goons. Gen decides he'll get him out while he's exiting the scene of the crime. Gen has lost all ability to sleep and it is affecting him psychologically as well as physically. Though he doesn't need it to survive, he doesn't know that. What does help him is a heavy dose of mercury and salt, but at this point he hasn't really tried eating straight up mercury. Jason promises to help him with his condition as repayment.

But later that year Kelase’ comes to kill Cammy since Jason doesn’t have anyone for him to steal and time is up. Gen gets in the way and when he learns the score he claims to be Jason’s lover. He is taken by Kelase’ instead. Camellia runs to tell Jason what happened. Jason resolves to go rescue Gen, despite knowing he doesn’t have the skill to do so. Kelase’ throws the fight since he’s not that much into murder anymore. Gen and Jason talk about what happened and about if they want to be an actual couple.

Year 1844: Ivy receives a missive from the clinic that there is an emergency patient waiting for her. Upon arrival she finds nothing but the receptionist suggests she check her desk for any notes left for her? When she goes in the door is closed and locked behind her and the room starts to smell strange. She attempts to get help but its late night. Thankfully Jason was staying late and as he heads out he hears the sounds of her struggle just as she collapses. He breaks in and gets her out. Gen tells him after that he has warned Ivy away from clinging to him.

Year 1846: Taisie suggests to Jason that she’d like to promote the idea of research that could remove taint/corruption. While shaky at first about this, Jason yields. But it will require specimens and that will make some people very uncomfortable.

When the courts end up abuzz about it Christopher calls her in to explain (along with Jason). Ultimately he tells her that if she succeeds he’ll take over (which steals her thunder) and if she fails he’ll shut her down because of the danger. After, Taisie rants to Jason about having her work snatched.

Year 1850: The supplies the Shattered Realm raided belonged to Jason and he accuses Gen involvement. Of course he’s mostly just upset because the shipment had a drug meant to save a patient’s life. Without it he doesn’t think he can. Gen says he’ll get the drug, one way or another. Gen goes to Cross and asks for the part of the shipment he needs back.

In the end,Gen gives Jason the supplies to save the patient. Jason admits he was wrong to accuse him in the first place.

Year 1851: A beggar brings his daughter into the clinic for help but has no money to pay. The clinic is funded by the royal family, despite being owned by Jason, and payment is typically required. When she mentions this, the father snaps and takes her hostage! One of the nurses informs Jason and he and Ivy both have to talk the father down from doing something stupid.

Year 1853: Words comes from the knights that his parents death was no accident - it was murder. Jason becomes commited to learning who and why.

Later Ivy talks to Odin and Jason about how Jarius took her son away (He was there for the incident but unable to stop it.). Naturally Jason is upset, but this time Odin realizes something isn’t right about this either. He’s always tried to stay on the fence about it because Jarius is his friend but he starts to realize Jarius is ruining his own life at this point.

Jason takes Ivy to appeal to Jarius’ mother on the matter. Sadly the woman admits her husband has been out of her control since his awakening. She tells them she fought to break Jarius and Ivy up because she was trying to make this softer on them by giving them a mutual bad guy to blame for it all. However, her husband will force Jarius to BE that bad guy every step of the way until it breaks him.

Year 1854: Dante shows back up and seemingly demands everything Jason has done is wrong and should obey how he would do things. He blows up on him and sends him away from his clinic.

Later, Cloe goes to the clinic and talks to Jason and Ivy about Dante. She learns he can be difficult, even with family, but that his efforts are usually for the good of the people. Ivy highlights his work in counter the plague that followed the magic loss in Aether.

Year 1856: Phaedria’s appointment with the chief doctor finally arrives. However, she quickly reveals her issues were a ruse to get his attention since she wants to meet Gen. He doesn’t much like her methods but since Gen is his lover he agrees to set up the meeting at a time that works for both of their schedules. Phaedria meets with Jason and Gen. They compare notes on the situation and Jason passes a word of caution to Phaedria in searching too hard – after all his search got the Legion down his neck rather quickly.

Year 1859: Jean’s resources come up with a lead to the living location of two suspected Cult of Asoth members. Jason and Gen ask to read Phaedria into the case. Jean isn’t thrilled but he ultimately relents so long as she is of use instead of a burden. Jean, Jason and Gen acquire Phaedria and explain the situation to her. They depart to follow the lead – which is apparently a small rural far house? (Naturally Phaedria has to ask for time off from her master since it’s a few days carriage ride out.)