Jasper Promathea


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Royal Duke
Order of the Crown, Monster Hunters
Promathea Castle


Athletics (Combat Reflexes), Melee (Swords)
Keen Sense (Balance), Climbing, Mount Riding (Horse), Schooled, Knowledge of Politics (Aether), Dodge
Dancing (Ballroom), Language (Nazcan), Melee (Daggers)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Soul (Novice)
Hero Skills
Cry Havoc
Favored (Reail)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Long Sword
Other Weapons
Leather guards and chain mail, preferably as light as possible
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Iris Purple
Skin Tone
Pale Peach
He is lean but also athletic and somewhat muscular.
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Hair Style
He keeps it short and out of the way.
Height & Weight
5'8'' / 150 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Jasper likes clothes that give him optimal mobility, so his attire is a marriage between ‘I’m about to go riding’ and ‘oh, that court event was today?’ He enjoys lightweight fabrics, often going for a dark color or some pattern or embellishment. He does not often wear accessories, apart from his belt, as he finds them cumbersome.
Distinguishing Marks


Playing chess with his father, sword fighting, learning new things, a little rivalry and challenge, Xiphil (his best friend), Chestin, J.J. and Janos (his role models), Cloe (despite not being his actual sister, he has taken a liking to her), Chloe (He misses her, and feels that he failed her), spending time with Edward, spending the day in the woods, riding, being good at something (athletics, swordplay, anything)
Losing any sort of game or competition, racists (especially towards Nazcans), injustice, long boring ceremonies, being bored, death and people talking about it, being told what to do, failing at something (he really beats himself up about anything he fails at, and feels that he fails A LOT), not being able to protect Chloe (He always felt it was his responsibility), letting others down, feeling useless to the Royal Family
At court and around his peers, Jasper strives to be as mature as possible. He is very guarded with his emotions and attempts to keep them in check, trying not to appear overly affectionate to those he really cares about. However, Jasper will have moments, in actions and words, where his love and loyalty to others shines. He will often go to great lengths to keep those he cares for safe, and any failure to do so, haunts Jasper for years. He does not like to be told what to do, and can get angry when ordered about, even if he knows the move to be right. He feels a little useless when it comes to the Royal Family, and often diverts his attentions elsewhere. He would, however, do anything for them.
Being injured in a way that will prevent him from frighting, riding etc.; annoying J.J. so much it'll actually have consequences, getting into trouble he can't talk his way out of; the family seeing him as a failure and disowning him (as they did his sister).
He hardly ever laughs aloud but IF he does, it usually ends up in a laughing fit and he won't be able to stop for a while


Father / Donor
Janos Promathea II
Mother/ Sire
Belle-Madonna (Dead)
Therese (Sister, Dead), JJ (Brother), Cloe (Sister, Adopted), Chloe (Twin Sister, Disowned)
Leila (Secret)
Close Friends
Taren (Soul Mate), Xiphil (Best Friend), Karidee, Reginald (MIA), Edward
Christopher (Uncle), Demetri (Uncle), Kristen (Aunt, Dead), Magnus (Uncle), Lilla (Aunt, Dead), Tsubasa (Uncle), Fatine (Cousin, Dead), Kouryou "River" (Uncle), Kaida Asa (Uncle), Chestin (Cousin/Adopted Brother), Kendra (Great Aunt), Tsuhi (Cousin), Muramasa (Cousin), Nok (Cousin), Draven (Former Mentor), Citali (Former Mentor), Leila (Former Betrothed), Palden (Monster Hunting associate/friend kinda?)


Age & Sex


Year 1824: Born with his twin sister Cloe to Janos II and Belle-Madonna Promathea.

Year 1829: Parents enroll him into the Legacy institute. He meets Xiphil and the two become best friends.

Year 1834: His father gives him a choice of which foreign nation he'd like to be married into, but he WILL be betrothed to one of them. Jasper picks Phaira and is given the headstrong Leila as a result.

Year 1835: He is finally allowed on a trip to another kingdom, Nazca. He and many others go and he learns much about their culture with Xiphil as his guide.

Year 1837: Kristee and Jasper bond, Jasper begins to actually flirt with her and realizes she’s an easy mark. Jasper manages to get Kristee romantically in his pocket. Later, Kristee comes to surprise Jasper with lunch and finds him making out with another girl (NPC). Hurt she flees the scene. Jasper bonds with Chestin and Cloe in his attempts to create damage control when Karidee gets upset about it as well!

Jasper tests to become a knight, his test is at the same time as Edwards and the two end up competing the whole way through! They both pass but Edward is just a little bit “better” than Jasper which causes the royal duke (who is already not exactly thrilled with Edward) to become more passionate about rivaling Edward in the future. Afterwards, Jasper gets congrats from Noru, Janos, Chestin & Cloe. However Jasper is in a bad mood about the fact that he didn’t win in terms of points, despite being a knight officially.

Towards the years end Chestin’s world exploration group departs on the AS Ambassador. She is the largest military ship made by any nation and is designed with a cargo hold full of several months of long staying food. The crew is huge, including the following characters: Chestin (captain), Shikojiro, Akiha, Rylin, Sachiko & Jasper.

Year 1838: Death tolls begin to pile up on the voyage. Jasper is sick among others but is not as bad off as some. Chestin spends some time at his bedside trying to cheer him up.

Year 1839: Upon reaching land they immediately organize into scouting groups to set up a base camp. Groups discover the same thing: Old small tribal ruins that are destroyed and haven’t be used in ages. Signs of animals but very skittish and sparse. Separated into some setting up base camp (can gossip about what was seen). (Chestin, Sachiko, Jasper & Zan). The hunters bring back the intel. Chestin says once everyone is healthy again they’ll scout further for these creatures and signs of life.

Year 1842: Chestin’s voyage group returns home COMPLETELY exhausted. They don’t share much of their voyage with anyone so much as crash in their beds content to be home. Once he recovered enough he shared time/stories with Cloe and Janos. Sadly though the first thing he learns is that Cloe has run away from home to avoid being married to William. She flees to Nazca but doesn't remain there long before running again - this time with no one knowing where to.

Shortly after Jasper is put in charge of an expedition to validate if Mikayla is a Godess or not. When they go to the sardor isle though they find it overrun with undead. Jasper and his team use an experimental teleporter to get home but it backfires. He appears outside the capitol on his own and when he enters the city he runs into a woman that could only be Cloe! Instead she assures him her name is Carol and sends him on his way.

Upon returning home he finds Cloe is back and rushes to her, but she isn't acting right. When he demands answers he learns the royal family knows that this Cloe is a fake but they dont care. The real Cloe can have her free life and the royal family can have their obedient daughter, everyone wins.

Year 1843: Jasper rushes to save Cloe during the fall of the capitol. Cloe is hardly greatful since he is making it too obvious he knows her!

Year 1844: Knights Tournament is held. Edward loses to Jasper. Jasper is honestly somewhat smug about it, having been furious about his loss a few years before, but to his shock Edward is honestly happy for him and offers to take him out drinking later. While out drinking, Jasper realizes his jealousy towards Edward has sort of lost its point. Cloe no longer focuses on him AT ALL and they are pretty much on even standing in swordsmanship.

Year 1853: Jasper agrees to work on a mystery case with Leila, which results in them working together on a more permanent basis as monster hunters.

Year 1854: Palden rejoins Monster Hunters group. Jasper isn’t all too thrilled about it, and questions the move before accepting Leila’s decision. Jasper finds he grows jealous of Palden when Leila pays the man attention, leading Jasper to realize he might have feelings for Leila.

-Jasper finds the real Cloe at AEGIS and after much persuading, convinces her that she should get her old life back. This move, however, does not go smoothly. Cloe is brought before the entire family and the decision is made to disown her, adopting her double instead. Cloe is stripped of her name, and then referred to as ‘Chloe’. Jasper has a very difficult time fighting on her behalf, and is given an ultimatum: Remain a Promathean and stay or leave with Chloe and be disowned as well. It is a heartbreaking moment for Jasper. He loves his sister, but the dread of disownment is overwhelming. He escorts his sister to the gates, where he says his good byes. Jasper tends to avoid family time for the remainder of this year, fearing to be a further disappointment. He focuses on working with the Monster Hunters.

Year 1855: While walking to the stables to fetch his horse, Jasper comes across Cloe. She asks to join him on his ride and he agrees. Jasper has been avoiding time with her because of his actions against her and his fear of being a disappointment yet again. The two bond.

Out on a hunting trip with Edward, he discovers that Edward’s marrying Karidee. He asks Jasper to be the best man, which Jasper accepts. They talk about the marriage and Edward asks if Jaspers going to bring a date. Jasper starts talking about Leila and decides he’d like her to go with him.

Jasper shows up on Leila’s doorstep to ask her to be his date for Edward’s wedding. She agrees, to his delight, and even suggests they go on a date prior to the wedding. The two start dating.

After a family meal, Jasper decides to share Edward’s good news with his father and Chestin. They cheer the happy couple and talk about marriage (or the fact that Chestin and Jasper aren’t married). Janos II mentions Jasper’s original betrothal to Leila, and what a political disaster it would have been. Jasper decides not to say anything about dating Leila.

Jasper and Leila agree to keep their relationship a secret.