Jean Twilight


Aetherian (H), Keise
Soul Name
Knight (Commander)
Twilight Mansion


Melee (Sword), Knowledge of Combat Strategy
Athletics, (Mobility & Combat Reflexes), Dancing (Ballroom), Finances, Keen Senses (Hearing & Dark Vision), Mounted Combat, Mount Riding (Horse/Hippocamp), Multiple Opponents, Schooled, Seneschal
Anatomy, First Aid, Insturment Playing (Grand Harp), Music Composition, Penmanship, Unarmed Combat


Species Powers
Umbra Traverse (Shadow Walking)
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Water (Master)
Hero Skills
Godsend, Sense Ley Lines, Shaytan Affinity, Sockwave, Wild Strike, Spell Craft (Elemental Water)
Elemental Water Spells

Beginner: Aqua Tounge, Create Water, Purify Water, Sesne Water

Novice: Create Body of Water, Breathe Water, Detosify, Shape Water

Adept: Astral Projection, Dream Weaving, Oracular Visions, Water Siphon

Master: Become Water, Wall of Water, Transmute LIquid, Summon Undine

Pact of Water: Gives someone the abilty of the Elemental Gift of Water from the Aetherian Magic Page at Novice level.
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
He has a saber that is blue leather wrapped on the handle with a gold hilt. It is etched lightly along the blade with water designs.
Other Weapons
The Legionnaire outfit can be outfitted with metal plates placed in pockets along the torso of the main jacket.
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Light Beige
He is a tall semi-broad man with a toned body.
Hair Color
Dark Violet
Hair Style
His hair is a soft straight texture, cut short in the back with the bangs falling long around him to chin level. 
Height & Weight
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears his uniform for everything. It is comprised of a red dress uniform taiolored with white accents and golden embelishments. He has white pants on that tuck into red boots, also with golden and white accents.
Distinguishing Marks


Cross (Loves in fact), being awarded for his successes, high society, having social sway and power, his command over the 'above the law' Legionaries
Shattered Realm Group, disobedient soldiers, clutter, chaotic and unplanned action, the criminal element, how legal the Shattered Realm has become
Jean comes off as a stand-up sort of military man, a smooth talker and a strong hearted individual. He works hard to keep his code of honor and act upon it. However it is his code. He can change it as he sees fit, and expects those under him to follow suit. He is strict but not ridgid. His way of commanding is allowing those under him to have a moment of glory as he knows glory is the thing that encourages most men to try harder and be better. Jean does play favorites. He also loves to stomp out the Shattered Realm's plans and arrest their people. He hopes that if he takes away all of Cross' 'fire' he can try to tame him before he hurts himself.
Him and Cross will have to fight to the death.
He plays favorites despite being a 'straight arrow'.


Father / Donor
Mother/ Sire
Sheryl Delacrois
Barnaby (Half-Brother)
Cross (Lover)
Close Friends
Kibo, Keiran, Taren, Sarias, Marek, Xanthus (Contact & Sometimes Lover)
Fawkes (Co-Worker), Danielle (Pointless Waste of Time)


Hippocamp / Horse
Age & Sex
- / F
As a horse it is a strange blue-gray in color, huge in size, with bright blue eyes and cloudy blue-white hair. In it's true, Hippocamp form it has iridescent blue scales, purple fins and bright blue eyes.
Hiperion is an intelligent observant creature. It listens well and is fearless in the face of danger. It charges like the tide towards battle upon command and fights the enemy with hoof stomps, kicks, rears and throwing its weight around.


Year 1798: He was born to Sheryl, who was not expecting a child from the Keise she had been dating for only a few months at the beginning of the year. When he was born she kept him for a few years before handing him off to his sire.

Year 1808: He finished his training as a sentry and moved into training with Aetherian knights. He loved the aristocratic and stately structure of Aetherian nobility and knighthood. Being a romantic about it he wanted to excell in the ranks of the Aetherian military.

Year 1813 & Year 1814: Meets Cross while he fights along side the 'true king' of Aether against Lucien. Their friendship starts as sarcastic debates and marriage like squabbles. The night before the final push to win he purposefully seeks out Cross. Finding him smoking he decides to lecture him to pick a small fight. Cross plants a smootch on him. Having already found his friend rather attractive and not knowing if they'll live through tomorrow he gives his control a break and the two become lovers.

After the battle they are given accommodations for their great work. Jean could think of nothing better - he has a man he's fallen for and now a metal to prove he's worth the Crown's time. However he can't understand why Cross isn't proud to receive the reward and ultimately does not become a knight. The lack of passion for the military leaves Jean behind (in his mind) while Cross runs forward with a more chaotic and self-serving life. With Jean's heavy scheduled climbing the ladder and doing 'good work' he loses his closeness with Cross who vanishes from the capitol.

Year 1815 - Year 1820: Jean's loyalty to the crown and military skill earn him a special place among the elite. He is given a private sector to command but he has to build it from the ground up. It must be made of those who are willing to follow the Crown not the 'king of the moment'. The reasoning behind this, where it is nice to have knights loyal to who is king, it is essential to have a group that is loyal to the crown (and whoever is wearing it at the moment). They become the Legionaries. He is so busy with it that he stops attempting to contact Cross (not that he really knows where he's gotten to most of the time).

After the Black King is killed, and a counter strike is planned, he finds Cross and sends him a request to assist in the strike. Cross comes but he punches him for losing contact (like he was the only one that didn't try?). He uses the building of the Legionaries as a reasonable excuse for why it was 'all his fault', far more interested in working with Cross as his feelings for him light back up. Once more they explore their relationship. Cross accepts working with him but refuses actual knighthood.

Year 1824: Jean and Cross are living together as roommates and are basically married (though not officially nor publicly known about). Jean has to protect his social standing so he doesn't admit it or deny it when asked.

The execution of Bezel and Neph take place. This strips the elves of their Elemental Heritage. Everyone around them lost their elfin powers. Him and Cross did not. Jean choose to hide that he still had his. No point in rattling cages and creating jealousy. Cross didn't agree. He would not see reason to the logical that Jean offered. There were witching hunts happening. The King had just hung two _children_ for 'strange powers'. They had a social standing and future to think about, plus they didn't even know where their strange adaption to these powers had come from.

Cross called off their relationship and walked away. This left Jean nearly incapable of his duties for the rest of the month since it hurt like a death would. All he wanted was to live with Cross and not cause people to tear them apart for being different. He would never suspect that Lucious would show up with his Light powers down the line (and even when he did he noted that the newly appointed Lord Spiritual choose to hide them as well).

Year 1833: Jean has a bout of dreams relating to Cross, all of which raise up his stress and stark loneliness. He takes a personal trip and for no better reason decides to follow the major rivers to the ocean as his 'break'. A few weeks of travel he finds himself at the ocean. Sitting down to rest on a sea rock he accidentally falls asleep. When he wakes up the waves are all around him and they're crashing down on him. When he nearly drowns he finds that he can breathe the water, he has webbed fingers and his lower body has fish scales and fins on his legs. He decides to spend the rest of his time in the ocean exploring the fact that is isn't just 'gifted' with the heritage of water, is IS the God of Water, and he can pass this gift as desired. He also summoned a hippocamp to become his horse so he could travel through water faster and have a friend to lean on when no one was looking.

When he returns he begins to offer trusted and loyal members of his group a pact with him. They gain the Gift of Water.

Year 1841: The Legionaries are well established. Though Jean can see the issues with their new King (Christopher) he also remember the reason for the group. He stands by the speaker of the Crown (which is what their group references as the King in many occasions). When the oppression against mages begins his group was left out of the menial task of rounding them up. They were only sent to get Kevin Promathea and imprison him.

Year 1843: After the catastrophe that was the last Commander of the Knights of Shade's Run, he is given Commander. Where his people find this to be a sign of power and a great boon he sees it as another damn baby to wipe the ass of.

Year1844: Akira is taken and no one in the Shattered Realm knows it until Jean brings him back.Jean dresses down and brings Akira back to Cross as a “gift”. He knows he himself cannot spend the day with Cross so he offers to give his little group back its “heart”. The two rekindle their old flame, spending a short time together ravenously before parting ways again.

Year 1845: Cross lets Taren catch him. However he asks that he be allowed to confess something important to Jean in private. Once Jean is brought in, Cross seduces him in the cell. After, Cross breaks out of the cell and Jean makes no attempt to stop him.

Year 1854: Cross decides he needs to know if he can stay in this city with his enemy or not. He confronts Christopher who make it clear tht he knows he's destructive to the kingdom and make it seem he wants Cross to stop him or save him. He fights with Christopher but the King calls in the Legion - along with Jean himself. Later, Jean and Cross discuss the aftermath of what happened in the throne room. Cross warns that if Christopher turns this into an actual fight he will kill the King. Meanwhile, Jean thinks they should try to help save Christopher instead.

An army of Slada'sha creatures come to attack Shade's Run from Cardinal Meridian. While they city had some forewarning, thanks to Leorajh, the preperations are not quite complete. Just as the wall network is finished the armies show up on the horizon. They must do everything they can to defend the city while the grid goes online. Two captains of the black-blooded zombies arrive but the Shattered Realm (Akira, Marlene, Emeline, I’Frit & Cross) and the Legionaries (Taren, Sarias, Kibo, Jean, Fawkes & Marek) show up to take one each. In the end the shield rises and the city is saved.

Later, Virgil talks to Jean about joining the Legionaries. Jean admits a certain concern given how friendly Virgil has been with Christopher in the past. However, he says if Virgil asks after Christopher is out of office he will consider given Virgil’s prestigious resume.

Year 1855: Virgil talks to Jean about it again and is accepted – particularly since his standing in Dawnbringer gives the Legionnaries a foothold into the Fotress.

Year 1857: Akira is stolen by the Cult of Asoth. When the Shattered Realm go to get him back in turns into a God versus God battle in which no one stands to succeed - much less win. After, Jean and Cross talk about what it means for them if those twisted bastards have a God of their own.

Year 1859: Danielle is arrested by Marek and brought to Jean for questioning. It has come to their attention, from an anonymous source, that Danielle is fraternizing with the Shattered Realm – just as her father had before her. When asked if this is true, she favors integrity and admits it is since she’s been with Marlene. As a result the investigation is re-opened and she is placed into the dungeon until the truth is found.

Jean’s resources come up with a lead to the living location of two suspected Cult of Asoth members. Jason and Gen ask to read Phaedria into the case. Jean isn’t thrilled but he ultimately relents so long as she is of use instead of a burden. Jean, Jason and Gen acquire Phaedria and explain the situation to her. They depart to follow the lead – which is apparently a small rural far house? (Naturally Phaedria has to ask for time off from her master since it’s a few days carriage ride out.)