Kaija Soulspire


Died at: 52 | 200
Soul Name
Arcane Sanctum
Arcane Sanctum


Melee (Sword), Two Weapon Fighting
Ambidextrous, Athletics (Combat Reflexes), Child Care, Dancing (Ballroom), Dodge, Finances, First Aid, Gardening, Herbal Lore, Instrument Playing (Harp), Intimidation, Knowledge of Solarian Politics, Mathematics, Mount Riding, Multiple Opponents, Knowledge of Philosophy, Schooled, Unarmed Combat
Alchemy, Mounted Combat, Massage, Cooking


Species Powers
Empathy, Arcane Aptitude
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Spell Craft (Death), Ignore Pain
Death Spells

Control Undead, Death Speak, Sense Energy, Spirit Sight, Raise Dead, Rend Marrow, Rigor Mortis, Silence, Vampiresim

Ritual Magics
Spectral Travel


Main Weapon
Soul Blade (Sword)
An ethereal red sword with a wave like shape that has sharp points along it.
Other Weapons
Nightblade: An ornate but gothic blade of the Night Legion.
Nightfall Plate Mail
Grants a supernatural addition to stealth actions - basically negating the penalty heavy armor would naturally cause.
A red, maroon and gray armor set with a mixtuer of plate and scale mail. It comes with a large cloak that has a deep hood for concealing the wearers face.
Other Accessories
Waystone (Arcane Sanctum)


Eye Color
Dark Blue
Skin Tone
Pale Beige
Meaty & Muscular
Hair Color
Hair Style
He has long, gently layered, hair that falls to his ass. It has a lot of lift to it, causing the bangs to stand off his head a bit and it accentuates the part in the middle that naturally puts the length around his face instead of into his vision.
Height & Weight
6'5'' / 200 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He preffers to go shirtless when he can, wearing black breeches, some thick leather boots and gloves up to his elbows. However, when its colder (or Zanzas makes a fuss about it) he will wear a crop-top black vest that belts over the front.
Distinguishing Marks
He has a handful of arrow wounds and a large sword wound into his right chest that are the scars of his death.


He loves his family (mother and Zanzas particularly), he enjoys power (and things that make him feel powerful), he enjoys beauty (its part of why he loves gardening so much), a good fight, a worthy opponent, those who can agree to disagree with people (and respect the other's choices), sleeping around (though he's had to reign that in now that he's in a comitted relationship), flirting (its harmless if he doesn't sleep with them, right?), debating morality or philosophy with intelligent people, being master-less
People telling him how to think/behave, those who accept the control/authority of others without question, anyone insulting him or his family, feeling weak or reliant on others, taking favors, impossible fights (he never enjoys losing a battle), his Queen's madness (and how she inflicted it upon her own people), boredom, a lack of respect for the dead
Kaija is a charming and confident man who acts the part of the cunning leader with ease. He never doubts his choices, instead opting to comit to even the worst of them with 110% because he knows they were the best ones he could come up with the time. He is actually a very philosophical and complex thinker but his exterior often comes off as base and focused on lust. He is smart enough to question authority and tradition, but as a result his own morallity can come across as twisted to others. He is never, ever, ashamed.
He fears that Zanas will feel shamed by others and leave him. He also fears dying a second time before truly making a difference in the world.
Known to flip his hair or stare off into the middle distance while making dramatic points or talking about the best features of himself.


Father / Donor
Denathor Soulspire (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Talia Soulspire (Dead)
Zansaz (Younger Brother)
Zanzas (Lover)
Zanzas (Son)
Close Friends
Kariel (Former Lover), Ravengale
Raeil (Aunt), Vyella (Neice)


Age & Sex


Year 1659: Kaija is born to the royal family of Solaris, completely with all the demands and the insanity they come with. He has no siblings but his parents are direct land holders either so while the stress is always high he tends to have it a bit easier then most of his ilk.

He is always close with his mother, its from her that he learned music and to garden. To this day, gardening is a nostalgic hobby to be close to her.

Year 1673: His father, a Marksman, is killed on a mission. He and his mother are grief stricken and cling to one another for support - quickly this turns into a secret love affair. A bright child, and a clear thinking person, Kaija resents having to keep it secret but understands it would ruin his mother.

During this time he also takes up work as an apprentice Warrior to better defend those he loves.

Year 1681: Early tensions between the nations, which are all perculating towards the impending war, give Kaija plenty of experience to grow as a warrior. Since the jobs call him away often, his times home involve some rather passionate nights with Talia. Eventually she becomes pregnant. Naturally she is worried about her reputation, much to Kaija's fury, and thus takes a side lover to cover up the issue. Kaija's hatred for the political game and the lies grows.

Year 1700: More battles and more chances to be a hero, but Kaija's focus is constantly pulled away from being a father as a result. Worse, Talia begins to avoid him when he is home.

Nothing was harder then when he learned Zanzas had been taught he was a his brother (which biologically was technically true) and thus he'd been robbed of ever being a father. Given Talia feared his frank and shamless nature would cause him to reveal the truth to Zanzas as he grew older she alienated him more and more - which also robbed him of being a part of the family at all.

Year 1711: War comes to their home, Kaija and Zanzas died on the battle feild. Kaija had noticed Zanzas' death and thus staggered in his own fight - which consequently cost him his own life. When their regiment falls, the army slaughters the people in the area which included Talia.

Year 1766: He and Zanzas are amoung many war Champion's ressurected as souless vampires during the Night of Madness. They have no will of their own but their souls are now stirred in the Mists.

Year 1784: Him and Zanzas regain their freewill as their souls find their bodies within Xainath. He spends a lot of his newly liberated life chasing skirts and chumming up to others. His constant distraction makes it hard for anyone to promote him. Particularly given they find it unsettling the way he openly lusts for Zanzas (who they still know as his brother much less as his son).

Year 1799: The Reavers join the Arcane Sanctum as a whole and lauch into the void realm.

Year 1854: For years, Zanzas rebuked his father/brother's advances as sick and twisted. He event threw Kariel at Kaija, which worked to give him another love but failed as a distraction from Zanzas himself. The issue was, while Talia had betrayed Kaija, he had never been wronged by Zanzas - infact he was right there when he died, right there when he came back and now he fights along side him for the Night Legion. He didn't care about blood, he cared about what his heart wanted and it wanted Zanzas.

He also reunited with an old friend from his days as a royal: Ravengale. The two were never best friends in the strictest sense, more like Kaija was that sunshiny personality that never left Ravengale be.

Year 1858: Year 1858: Zanzas is given the title of Wraith Lord. In a moment of passion, Zanzas actually admitted his returned feelings for the other Reaver. He knows they are wrong but he doesn't care at this point. The two became lovers but have yet to be together long enough to see how their path together goes.