Karidee Blackthorne


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Marquis of Merlose, Marquis of Phandaria, Viscountess of Horizon
Priestess (Uriel), Knight
Holy Knight
Personal Home in Shade's Run (w/ Husband)


Athletics (Combat Reflexes), Dodge
Armor Upkeep, Athletics, Authoring, First Aid, Knowledge of Etiquette, Melee (Sword), Mounted Combat, Mount Riding, Multiple Opponents, Schooled, Stealth, Unarmed Combat, Knowledge of Religion: Heavenly Host
Anatomy, Cosmetics, Dancing (Ballroom), Mathematics, Multitasking, Penmanship


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Spell Craft (Holy)
Holy Spells
Divine Protection, Dowsing, Healing Wave
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Sword x2 (Divine Redemption & The Healer)
She has two. Her longsword is a sword she quietly called “Divinity” after her mother’s sword, but she renamed it to Divine Redemption. She also has a sharper short sword she renamed “The Healer” because of her own personal journey in healing herself.
Other Weapons
Scale Mail
Light as she is, she prefers wearing a lighter scale armor mixed with leather for ease of movement.
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Slate Gray
Skin Tone
Warm Peach
Thin but with muscle in her arms and thighs from sword play.
Hair Color
Hair Style
Short hair that she wears in loose curls.
Height & Weight
5'6'' / 125 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Karidee wears a red V-cut dress with horizontal stripes on the arms and vertical stripes on the body and black pants covered in chainmail beneath the robe. Oftentimes, when she is out, she wears a hood atop her head.
She wears a necklace with the brotherhood symbol in the middle. Her Blackthorne engagement ring and wedding band is never removed, even in sleep.
Distinguishing Marks


She loves quiet hobbies, mostly reading, learning more about the Brotherhood and reflecting on her newfound religion. She likes spending time with Virgil and Sable, realizing how important they are now that her sister is gone. She enjoys making friends, is constantly learning more about the Holy Knights, and still loves swordplay techniques from all different cultures. She loves hanging around her Aunt Forint especially since they’re so close in age. She will drop everything if Edward calls him to her, which she knows is old fashioned, but oh well. She has a fond spot for her childhood friend Jasper, and Chestin who always gave her great advice and adores cats.
She dislikes the thought of turning into her mother, even though all her life she thought she was nothing like her. She hates failing her cousin who was attacked by thugs and can’t stand the guilt of failing her twin, but doesn’t know what else she could’ve done. She hates Clive as a result. She isn’t fond of fashion or pretty dresses because they remind her of her sister, which still hurts too much. She isn’t a fan of Taren although she appreciates and respects what he did. Dogs, she tolerates them because of Edward, but she’s not a fan.
Karidee is continuing her journey from young woman to adulthood. She’s at times girlish, bubbly and talks a mile a minute when excited. But then the woman appears, grounded with a strong sense of justice and a mind that wants to know more and listen before leaping. She tends to be careful, overthinks and is always afraid of offending someone. She’s currently trying to get over the habit of thinking the worst of people when it comes to how they feel about her, an insecurity she carried through her teenage years. The loss of her knighthood and her sister crushed her in a one-two punch, but she’s currently on the upward climb of rebuilding who she is.
Her fear of losing her sister came true and now she fears her father will never return as well. She’s also worried of losing her second chance in the Holy Knights and that she’ll end up in prison for the rest of her life.
She is an overly “friendly” drunk. She also has a tendency to be a crybaby in private life situations, something she hates.


Father / Donor
Keyne Theramoore, Virgil Domace (Adopted Father)
Mother/ Sire
Caridee Promathea (Dead), Sable Collinwell (Adopted Mother)
Kristee (Twin Sister, Dead), Nicholas (Adopted Brother)
Edward (Husband)
Close Friends
Kendra (Former Partner), Emmalise (MIA), Violet, Taisie, Jasper
Kristen (Aunt, Dead), Chestin (Cousin), Nikkola (Aunt), Taisie (Aunt), Gracie (Aunt, Dead), Eriko (Former Mentor), Aryanna (Former Mentor, Dead), Kathleen (Former Mentor), Forint (Aunt/Mentor), Taren (Former Crush/Friend)


Peregrine Falcon
Age & Sex
4 / M
Gray feathers with a black head and bright yellow beak.
He is very protective and possessive of Edward, it takes a long time to get use to others, but he has gotten used to Karidee. Whisper is a quiet and stealthy hunter and sneaks up on people and prey easily.
Falas Wolf
Hunting & Guard
Age & Sex
3 / F
A light blond colored short haired dog with white paws and white tips on the point of her eara.
Ghost is a loving and cuddly dog, she loves to be in the center of attention. Such as when she sees Edward and Kari she will squeeze her way between them.
Mister Moon
House Cat
Age & Sex
3 / M
A black tabby cat with bright yellow-orange eyes.
Mister Moon is a cuddler and the type to just invite himself into someone’s lap no matter what, most of the type being Karidee’s but she’ll accept Edward and even Ghost. He’s very inquisitive and can often get into trouble, often when trying to ‘hunt’ Whisper. Seeing as Whisper is a falcon, it's a blessing Moon has lived this long.


Year 1824: Born with her twin sister, their life causes their mother's death. As a result Keyne honors Caridee's last request to name the girls in honor of her and her sister. He brings the twins back to the capitol and raises them there, but the crown refuses to recognize them as Promathea because Caridee and Keyne never married.

Shortly after Keyne vanishes mysteriously and the girls are left in the care of what SHOULD have been his wife to be: Sable Madrid. While the girls are never officially adopted via paperwork and the like, she takes them in because no one raises a fuss about it.

Year 1828: Nikkola returns to the capitol with news on Keyne. She also begins to voice a desire to take the girls away from Sable, who she dissapproves of.

Year 1834 & Year 1835: Placed under the care of Virgil and Sable, Karidee tried her best not to be resentful. The first few years were rough as she refused to call the pair anything but her guardians and snuck out to watch the knights train. She was seen by Aryanna to have some skill and is thus her unofficial squire. The Ryuko, Eriko has also taught her some techniques and even Jasper will spar with her at times.

Karidee grew to dislike Virgil the more he forbade her from her passion but things changed when she found out he was a Crusader. She didn’t have the guts to tell him she knew but she harbors that secret in her heart. When they family was ambushed by a thief, Karidee finally overcame herself and started to see her parents as just that, parents. She also grapples with a hardcore crush on William Promethea but is afraid to act on it as she thinks she’s too young to think on such things.

Year 1836: Kristee is used and ditched by Jasper, putting strain on Karidee's freindship with him. During this year Sable brings home a new baby that is adopted as their brother, Nicholas.

Year 1838: Kristee begs Karidee to be her model, which naturally Karidee isn’t huge on. That’s a crowd of HUNDERDS of people!

Year 1839: Keyne is drafted to the war front when the Phairan-Aetherian War begins. Keyne says his goodbye to Karidee and she flips out, not wanting him to go. Karidee goes to Christpoher to beg him not to send her father but the King will not budge. Kathleen approaches Karidee about how she is qualified to test as a knight. This is the moment of truth, does she want to be a knight or a lady?

Year 1841: Karidee and William are warming up to each other. There is obvious romantic chemistry but they don’t admit any feelings. However William's family is heavily opposed, enough so to force William into a betrothal with Halina! Karidee mentions her feelings growing for William to Keyne and he suggests that IF she wants to get serious about the boy maybe Nikkola can help.

Karidee takes up Crusading, but in disguise as a young man instead to throw off Virgil. On her first night out she runs into Fallenmoon, doing her own vigilante gig. The older woman assures the “young man” that he has potential. She offers to work together, show the kid the ropes a bit.

While looking for a sparring partner she bonds with Edward who is very impressed with her prowess. The two agree to do sparring once a week to keep each other’s skills up.

Later, Emmalise, Karidee and William are hanging out and Emma is on and on about her wonderful hero. William expresses his disapproval of vigilantes and Karidee gets uptight for “seemingly no reason”. Emmalise begins sneaking out at night to “run into” her masked man. William sees her, also out to catch the crusader but to STOP them, and tells her to go home. When the two get into a fight Karidee sees it but doesn’t realize who they are since they are BOTH heavily cloaked (not supposed to be sneaking out at night n’ all) so she comes to the maiden’s defense. When she realizes what she’s in the middle of she’s trapped with Emmalise defending her and being her fangirl while William is trying to yell at BOTH of them to go home and stop acting like crazy people! The whole scene is interrupted by Gareth, who rushes in to stop “the Crusaders” from making more trouble in the streets at night! After, Karidee meets with Fallenmoon (both in disguise) and rants about her two “issues”.

Kristee learns the truth about what her sister is doing. Karidee makes her promise not to tell anyone. This leaves poor Kristee torn between wanting to tell her father and wanting to protect her twin and keep her trust. Karidee shows up to the weekly practice with Edward and is clearly frazzled. He decides instead of practice to take her out for something to eat and cheer her up. Karidee starts getting a crush on him.

Year 1842: Karidee talks with Fallenmoon about wanting her help to go after Clive. She suspects he killed Chantelle Starlight and wants to bring him to justice - especially since he's dating her precious twin sister! They show up as Crusaders andd attempt to kill Clive. They accuse him of the crime and he admits to it but explains that the woman was a pawn of a demon out to harm the nation. In the end the conflict isn't decided by guilt or logic, but by Kristee denouncing her twin. Hurt to the core, Karidee flees and Fallenmoon follows after.

Year 1843: Kendra returns to her noble life, leaving Karidee on her own as a Crusader. Then, her, Edward and Taren go on a job to stop a mage only to lose track of Taren. They end up rescuing him from a mage but he's become spliced with a dahhak. She has a hard time reconciling his change in apperance.

Year 1853: Karidee's secret is uncovered but a case of mistake identity causes them to think the mentally untable Kristee is at fault! The arrest causes stress that seemingly aborts Sable's pregnancy before Karidee's eyes. Then, to put a strawberry on top, Taren (formerly William) comes to arrest her so they can exonerate Kristee. During the moment the two realize they've changed to much to ever go back to their previous feelings for each other. They are essentially strangers.

After a drunken knight with Edward where Karidee confessed her feelings to him without knowing it, Karidee met her Aunt Forint who became a new light in her path. Forint talked to Karidee about possibly joining the Brotherhood during a sparring match and Karidee agrees to consider it, though she’s wary of religion due to her mother’s legacy. Forint also arranges a sleepover with Kristee with disastrous results. Karidee asks her twin if she’s over Clive to which Kristee says no. With that, Karidee resolves to leave as nothing will change. It’s the last time she ever sees her sister alive.

Later that month, Karidee is brought before JJ and Kathleen and admitted into the Brotherhood, much to her glee. Her second chance is finally given to her! The only requirement is she must be an acolyte under Forint for a year before becoming a full member in the faith.

Year 1854: Kristee commits suicide before her wedding day and the loss destroys her twin.

Karidee meets with Kathleen and JJ, since the church reclaimed Divinity after the attack, to talk about her vision of Uriel. She feels she is meant to help redeem the blade and yet she is afraid of being too weak to accomplish the task – just like her mother.

Virgil hosts a full family dinner (Sable, Karidee, Nicholas, Shanti & Forint) and announces his intent to marry Shanti. Nicholas takes this revelation poorly, given Shanti is his own age, and he walks out of the dinner. Karidee support Virgil’s choice because her family is already dysfunctional, this doesn’t surprise her at all.

The Temple un-anchors itself to flow over to the arms and dispatch fighters to disrupt/slow the enemies. Forint, Trisha, Kathleen & Karidee fight here and during the battle Forint manages to use Smite for the first time as she saves Karidee’s life.

Year 1855: Clover is asked by a nobleman, along with a team of others, to clean out a ghost infested Cathedral in the Dark Woods – which winds up being the same place the coven once lived. The team is made of: Karidee & Forint (warriors of faith to bless the location and protect them) and Mira (incase magic is needed to destroy the ghosts instead). Upon arrival Clover and her group encounter the spirits of the coven. They recognize Clover but instead of wanting to kill her they try to imprison her as punishment.

Karidee, Forint and Mira attempt to work together to save Clover. They try to communicate with the house to make a deal. However, the deal is this: One person must remain in the house at all times and care for it. So long as this is done then they will kill no one. Though they refuse to allow men inside the dwelling! Clover agrees to be the one to stay and offers to make the place a safe haven for women who are abused by spouses or societies and need a place to go. The catch? If Clover is ever away for more than 7 days her life is forfeit (and the nearest town is 2 days away so that’s not a lot of time outside!)

Given the sacrifice she is making, Mira and Clover talk about creating a teleport to the home. However, the art of making new teleport sites was lost with Kevin Promathea’s disappearance. Instead, Karidee suggests they talk to the Isle of Dragons – they have magic users too, right? Since it’s too far for Clover to go without breaking the deal, the other three agree to go in her place.

Mira, Karidee and Forint arrive in the Land of Dragons and speak to Yonisho about how to create a teleport for Clover. He suggests that instead of a teleport site as the capitols have it, create something more private. He sends them back with a stone that connects two points. When first activated it saves the point you are standing at. Then, when activated again it will take you back to that first site from anywhere in the world. That way Clover can travel outwards but always return home before the 7 days expire. She still can’t go OUT very far but it’s a start and the best he can offer.

Mira, Karidee and Forint return the Cathedral and give Clover the news, and the stone. She accepts it for now, aware that things may change in the future and give her more flexibility in time. She thanks the women for their help and asks them to spread the word, she dubs the location Ravenwood.

Karidee runs into Eriko in the mourning crowd for the Isle of Dragons and offers her support. She also offers her sympathies to Chestin.

Edward buys an ornate dagger for Karidee while Quentyn is with them, in an attempt to see if Quentyn will make a move because of it. Instead though, Edward ends up admitting his feelings while Quentyn is trapped into being an audience to it all.
Edward and Karidee have dinner that night. They become a couple.

Later, after Edward loses the duchy to Quentyn, he goes to spend time with Karidee. The two do a horrible job of flirting before having a short talk about his feelings on the matter. She reassures him and the two take comfort in one another.

While celebrating Edward’s birthday together, Karidee makes him promise to stop being everyone’s knight in shining armor and focus on being hers. During this talk, Edward ends up blurting out a proposal to Karidee. He asks her to wait though so that he can get her father’s permission first!

Edward asks Virgil for the right to marry Karidee. Virgil agrees but threatens the younger knight’s life, promising no one will find the body if Edward dares to break his daughter’s heart. Edward officially proposed to Karidee, who happily accepts. Edward and Karidee tell Edan and Quentyn about their being engaged. Edward asks Jasper to be his Best Man while Karidee asks Forint to be her Maid of Honor. Karidee asks Virgil to give her away at the wedding.

Karidee and Edward discuss wedding planning, covering a wide range of topics from Karidee’s old “relationship” with the now best man Jasper to Edward’s issues with Quentyn. They also discuss needing to find a home to start their family in.

Year 1856: Edward brings home a puppy his mother gave him but Karidee is not thrilled – mostly because she brought home a cat! The two have their first couples fight over it. Edward and Karidee find their bedroom time invaded by their new “children” in the house.

Sable helps Karidee move a last few things from the Temple. Karidee informs her about the marriage in the process. As a result though, Sable shows Karidee something she never knew about: Kristee had made a wedding dress for her!

Karidee and Edward are married.

Virgil has a farewell to Forint and Karidee. He asks Forint to look after his daughter and for both of them to try and “help save” Nicholas from his own darkness.