Kariel Darkfallow


Soul Name
Voidmancer - Void Lord
Hand of Chaos
Arcane Sanctum


Knoweldge of Void Beasts, Knowedelge of Sex Techniques
Knowledge of Demons, Languages (Ancient Elfin, Daibolism), Meditation, Melee, Penmanship, Ranged (Casting), Schooled
Alchemy, Authoring, Herbal Lore


Species Powers
Empathy, Arcane Aptitude
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Spellcraft (Void & Unholy), Tame Void Beast, Tame Demon
Void Spells

Burn Psyche, Charm, Disorient, Mindless Fear, Rend MInd, Shadow Fire, Summon Darksness, Summon Guardian Beast, Summon Lesser Beast, Void Bolt, Void Form, Void Storm, Walking Nightmare

Unholy Spells

Agony, Black Lightning, Bloil Blood, Demon Fire, Drain Soul, Hellfire, Inspire Shadow Self, Pain Lance, Pestilent Sores, Rend Body, Shadow Lightning, Summon Guardian, Summon Lesser Demon

Ritual Magics

Entangled Emotions, Psyche Shield, Tame, Void Realm

Corruption, Curse, Portal to Hell, Submission, Summon Hell's Army, Summon Succubus/Incubus


Main Weapon
Staff of Shallowed Light
It has a constant Psyche Shield active at all times while it is within vacinity (50 square yards).
It is a large ornate purple and black staff that has a strange warped eye like topper that pulsates a violet-blue void energy. Purple tassles fall from rings that come off the eye's spike like spokes.
Other Weapons

Dagger of Agony
It has the ability to inflict Agony (the spell) per each wound it makes on the target, stacking the spell.
It looks like a broken feather with a green glowing blade.

Robes of the Void Dancer
It halves all physical damage done to her person and redirects the fifty-precent back to the attacker as leathal, bleeding wounds.
It is a scantly purple and dress of lace that bearly holds her breasts upand comes down around her hips. It has slits up the legs and a high collar.
Earings of Quickening
They allow her to half her spell casting time and ritual time, casting a total spell with just its title and not needing as much time concentrating for rituals. They are green glowing gems on black metal.


Eye Color
Bright Green
Skin Tone
Pale China-White Peach
She is thin boned with a full bust and hips.  
Hair Color
Hair Style
Her hair falls around her shoulders and down her back in waves. She never pins it up as she loves the feeling of it falling around her naked shoulders and back.
Height & Weight
5'4" & 130lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
She loves to wear clothing that advertises what she's about: Sex and Danger. She wears lace over her body and when that is too cold (and it must be lethally too cold) she wears anything body hugging and showy. She lights light heels, glowing jewels and dark but ornate accessories.
She has a lot of accessoreis that have no magical powers. She has on clevage highlighting necklaces with complimentary bracelents. She will put on chains that are decorated for belts if the outfit can work with it.
Distinguishing Marks


She loves sex and sensuality. She enjoys flirting and making people want her or very uncomfortable. She loves Celisdane. She enjoys talking about men and shopping with Chantria. She enjoys all the vices she can get her hands on. She enjoys getting revenge on people, even for little things. She enjoys having power over others through fear.
She hates Shaynessa and her three babies. She doesn't care for Ravengale but she does not out right hate him, more to say she needs him to make Celisdane happy. When she is not allowed her vengence.
Kariel is a free spirit with a malicious bone in her. For her power is not everything, but it is something important. She is far more concerened with her comfort and pleasure over power. She flaunts her looks and her darkness without shame. Kariel is full of herself in her looks and evil department but is not the standard entitled Solarian. She sees everyone as pretty much equal, which explains why she has no issues sleeping with non-Solarians.
Celidane leaving her behind, Chantria turning against her after all they've done together.
She is shameless in her lust. She perfers the male title of Void Lord over Void Lady.


Father / Donor
Mother/ Sire
Mortiga Darkfallow
Open (Half Siblings)
So many...
Close Friends
Chantria, Celisdane, Kaija (off/on lover)
Ravengale (Annoying necessity), Shaynessa (Enemy)


Void Beast
Age & Sex
Dominance is a huge wafting, two armed, wraith that has no solid form to its body. It has large, strong, claw like hands and is legs fade out into void-smoak. It has no face but it has a large maw that can open. It wears armor on its upper toso made of orihalcum and lined with void gems. It can attack physically, phase to avoid attacks, and cast basic void magic spells.
Dominance does not have a personalty to speak of. It follows her around and does her will because it is a broken creature. Its only goal is to please is master and defend her.


Guardian & Lover
Age & Sex
Ageless / Male
Bracksar is a large humanoid demon with four horns wrapping around his head, a long spiked tale and long claws. He has a muscular body and stands around 8' tall. He has sharp fangs in his mouth and burning yellow eyes that are strong against his dark orche skin. He wears only armor on his shoulders, forearms and arouns his hips. His body is covered in scales which serve as armor.
Brakscar is a sarcastic and caustic creature. He dispises everyone and truely wishes to do harm to Kariel but she is the master so he is barred from it. He gets some of his anger out during angry sex, though, enjoying to chew on her and claw her skin up. She loves it, which he enjoys. The two are not in love but he enjoys ramming into her often in the sheets and she will take him up if she has no other takers (he is entirely her back up).


1717: Kariel was born to a voidmancer and a peasant merchant. Neither lived past her first year. The voidmancers took her in and raised her. She was taught from the first time she could learn how to work with void and unholy energies. She learned to worship herself and to enjoy her body without shame.

Year 1741: The Summer Festival of Slaughter destroys the world as they all knew it. Kariel was in the streets that day looking over festival goods. She was not a rich noble so she was not able to get in close to the events at the square. She escaped with the others who survived the event. Kariel finds the whole event amazing though she also starts to study hard to join in the war effort as she would rather have the Shaytan from Xainath as pets than enemies. She goes from being a Voidmancer to a Void Master at this time.

Year 1744: Divinity's Peak opens up to others to come in, as a nuteral territory between all kingdoms to fight the Shaytan. She sets up shop in there, woe to the Order of Heaven who tries to find where the Voidmancers are hiding in their city. It may be open for everyone but they still forbid the use of unholy magic, which is half of what a Voidmancer is about! Kariel and the other voidmancers manage to pratice their art and carve out a section of the under part of Divinity's Peak for themselves without getting caught.

Year 1746: The Radiant Sun's alliance is drawn up and being she is a Solarian, she is drafted to it.

Year 1763: The Underoot attack. She is part of a team with Theos, Chantria, Celisdane and Ravengale. Their mission was to either have sucessful peace talks to at least fight the invasion off. They ended up fighting it off. She finds Ravengale and Celisdane's romance issue interesting and attempts to help wingman for the two of them.

Year 1766: The Night of Madness came and she was with the usual suspects during the fight to hold Divinity's Peak.

Year 1817: Chantria introduces her to Zanzas and Kaija. Her and Kaija become casual lovers, being both sensual people.

Year 1835: She finishes her training and becomes the next Void Lady, however she prefers the title Void Lord. She takes up her new role and cows her people, as per the usual ceremony. She starts drafting up ideas for sex toys to start marketing since there is nothing on the market for a woman to use to get her itch scratched!

Year 1856: The void engine reacts to a strong Slada'Sha presence. Sadly it is malfunctioning and they cannot breech the void realm to enter into normal reality for another three years!

Year 1859: The Arcane Sanctum comes from the void into the world once again.