Keita Roarak


Aetherian (H) / Ryuko
Soul Name
Royal Duke, Viscount of Centurion & Charcot
Roarak Mansion (w/ Parents & Siblings)


Knowledge of Research
Schooled, Knowledge of Culture (Ryuko), Dancing (Ballroom)
Strategy (Chess), Knowledge of Occult, Language (Ryuko)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Spell Craft (Arcane)
Arcane Spells
Arcane: Summon Familiar (Tyr), Arcane Blast, Counter Magic & Source Call
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
A smooth wooden staff with a bent crescent shape at the top - almost akin to a crab pincer. In the center is a oval shape with points at the top and bottom. All over the upper portion is thin ropes like webs that hold the central peice in the clasp of the pincer. There is a small spiral carved out on the thicker side of the pincer that has some tiny diamond shaped stones dangeling from it.
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Peach Beige
Hair Color
Hair Style
He has short hair that is cow-licked all over his head.
Height & Weight
5'8'' / 135 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He dresses in nice but simple suits that are in blacks and slate blues. He also loves having scarves on.
Distinguishing Marks


His family, playing chess with his brother, studying magic, getting answers to questions (he's very curious), reading
Anyone bad mouthing his family, when his parents fight (its very rare), when Lucy gets lost (he panics every time), that it takes so long to learn things (he's excited and impatient for new lessons)
Keita’s self confidence issues followed him into adulthood, though they have sent him a little toward the dark side. He feels some resentment toward his brother for leaving him behind. He still retains a likeness to his father as his socializing still suffers, though unlike his father he craves to push himself to be social, still using his scarf still as a shield of sorts.
He fears losing his family, be it to death or divorce.
He always has as scarf on, its a security thing so he feels naked without it.


Father / Donor
Amon Roarak
Mother/ Sire
Helen Roarak
Percy (Brother), Lucy (Sister)
Close Friends
Patrick, Monnique
Mira (Mentor)


Familiar (House Cat)
Age & Sex
- / M
A dark luminscent blue house cat with a pale blue tear drop shape on its forehead.
Lovable, Affectionate, Attention Whore


Year 1843: Just before the fall of Cardinal Meridian, Helen becomes pregnant once more. As a result Amon is given special leave by his superiors to get his family out of the city instead of joining the main fight against the monster that erupted in the town center. He ushers her safely away and a few months later their second son, Keita, is born. Percy is barely old enough to realize he is no longer an only child and is happy to have a play mate. The two brothers grow up to be close.

Year 1850: As the Crown vs Temple conflict is dying down she and Amon unexpectedly recognize a second time! They are thrilled about it of course. Their daughter, Lucy, is born that year. Being nine he realizes the responsibility of being a big brother and vows to protect his little sister.

Year 1852: Keita enrolls in AEGIS towards the end of the year to learn magic.

Year 1853: With three children in the house, Amon and Helen talk about how he should stay closer to home. After a talk with his commander, he is given a post as a personal honor guard to a Promathea – which should keep him very close to home most days. He is assigned to the newest member of the family, Kyshtari. Percy is glad to have his father around more. Around this same time he is recognized for his interest in machinery and is invited to train as an apprentice inventor.

Year 1854: Percy notices Chester working on documents for the newly made Consortium. When Chester offers him to join, Percy happily agrees and also asks to have Patrick on as his “assistant”. Chester refuses the assistant role but says Patrick can be his errand boy – assistants must invent! Percy tells his parents about his employment with the Consortium, which they are concerned about given the risks. Keita is upset that Percy is leaving him behind. The next day, Monnique notices Keita is down and takes the chance to get some hooks into the noble boy.

Year 1855: Keita asks to go to the Isle of Dragons and visit his father’s cousin, Eriko, since he’s so curious about the culture. Helen and Amon discuss it and agreed to let him go. Keita writes a letter to let Eriko know he’s coming to stay with her for a week.
Word comes back from Eriko that Keita can come visit. He is sent via a teleport site since boats are dangerous and they don’t want Keita out of school to long. The family say their goodbyes for now and wish him well. Upon arrival, Eriko meets with Keita. He wants to meet Kosuke but she regretfully informs him Kosuke has left. Eriko introduces him to some of the Mibushin Gumi, with Erisuke, Chisu and Yuki on hand for chatting with since the samurai were sparring while Yuki relaxed with some tea. Keita is mesmerized by bushido. When he mentions he’s looking to become a mage, Yuki suggests he should check out the local mahotsukai school to see how their magic works – though he can’t train there due to the laws around it. Yuki takes Keita to the Mahotsukai School of Water, headed by Yonisho. Keita wants to watch some lessons but is denied due to the ban on techniques being learned by outsiders. Yonisho says that while he could spar against a student or the like, he cannot let him watch any instructional lessons because its too much of a risk for the school’s honor. It’s the last breakfast between Keita and Eriko before he goes home. He thanks her for having him over. Keita returns to his family and tells them about all he learned while he was in the Isle of Dragons.

Year 1856: When a teacher is late to class, the students get unruly and begin fighting with one another (Patrick, Keita & NPCs). Upon returning to the chaos the teacher is furious and gives them all detention in a locked room. The children split into two groups, those who want to escape the room and those who want to wait out their punishment. The children are forced to choose sides in the conflict. In the end, Keita blows the door off, Patrick stays to get in trouble and Keita stays with him because of it. After, they are both scolded by their parents.

Year 1858: Shantrea, Keita and Ymira graduate AEGIS. Keita’s family has a party for him, with Monnique and Patrick also invited.